Hoder's recent problems

What matters is that his postings are interesting and thought provoking.


Hoder's recent problems
by karineh

Less than a month ago one my favorite blogs, Editor: Myself, held by Hossein Derakhshan (aka Hoder) was first butchered and then shut down by its hosting company (Hosting Matters). After several days of camping here and there, hoder.com was settled in its new house and our attention was deflected to more important issues. Nonetheless, for the well-being of our blogging community, we need to ponder about some of the issues surrounding this event to prevent similar things from happening in the future.

For the reader who doesn't know what is all the fuss about, the story started when Hossein posted an article on his blog about Mehdi Khalaji, a fellow of Next Generation at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (check out the website to see what their activities are about), calling him a traitor for advocating regime change in Iran by means of economic sanctions and military intervention. Afterwards, Khalaji's lawyers filed a complaint with the webhosting company claiming that Hossein's remarks were "defamatory". In the complaint they asked that all the "offensive" materials to be removed, a letter of apology to be submitted and a sum of $10,000 be payed to Khalaji towards the costs of his investigations! A series of emails were exchanged between Hoder and the Hosting Matters and eventually the blog was shut down. More details about what happened can be found at Hoder's blog and elsewhere.

The moral of this story was that freedom of speech can only exist as long as the speech is in-line with the policies of certain groups. Otherwise, it is a source of trouble and better be silenced, even if it is in the price of false accusations. If you take the time to read Khalaji's complaint, you'll notice that the points he has raised are quite inaccurate and sometimes ridiculous. They are mostly based on mis-translations of Hossein's original article and were only aimed at scaring the hosting company. In his defense, Hossein has recently written a detailed article pointing at all the inaccuracies in Khalaji's complaint. Of course, he has the right to sue Khalaji, but that won't change the fact that what has happened is unjust and very alarming. Let's ask ourselves, who is in charge of defending the freedom of speech of a blogger?

Moreover, the attitude of the Persian blogosphere was quite appalling toward this event. Hoder has helped many bloggers to stand up and survive from the early days of Persian blogging phenomenon. It is utterly unfair that when now he is in trouble, very few are offering a helping hand without mixing their personal agenda into the equation. How sad it is that we let our personal opinions about someone blind our sense of justice and drive us into silence and even worst, towards retaliation. Along his six years of blogging, Hossein, like many of us, has changed ideas and has evolved. He believes in things that once he condoned and apparently his new standing is not pleasing some of the so-called intellectuals. In his writings he uses a sharp language, he is bold, direct and he sometimes gets too passionate - in the sense, that he writes what he has in mind without thinking twice. Personally, I see no problem with any of these. What matters is that his postings are interesting and thought provoking.

Critics argue that Hossein is passing the line of free speech and he is accusing people left and right without basis. Where is the line of this "free speech" anyway, and who should punish the offender? As far as I know, we in the civilized world, claim that one can not take a gun and kill someone just because (s)he find them guilty. How is Mr. Khalaji's approach different? I have no idea what the law says about bloggers who accuse others, but I guess the logical way would be to blog-back and get into a dialogue. If you don't have time for this, then go to court but don't take the gun yourself.

Although this Mafia-style game caused some trouble for Hossein in terms of forcefully changing a webhost and several days of adventures with Linux, but I am glad it happened. First of all an alarm was raised in the blogging community about how safe are controversial bloggers? Secondly, by his bullying tactics, Mehdi Khalaji damaged his "reputation" far more than Hossein could ever do. Thirdly, in the Persian blogging community, the true face of many solders of democracy was revealed. It is ironic to boast about how one loves democracy and free speech and yet in practice they act similar to totalitarian regimes.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Since when does exposing you for what you are constitute belittling?


You simply cannot accept the fact that you have been repeatedly exposed as a hypocrite, a bigot, a pathological liar, a traitor to Iran, a co-conspirator and advocate of Arab terrorists and of an illegitimate criminal regime in Tehran responsible for the countless murders of THEIR OWN CITIZENS, who were duped into believing that they would have a true democracy by that half-Indian son of a daahaati jendeh sociopathic murdering bastard Ruhollah Moussavi Hendi.


You represent the typical Arab parast and vatanforoosh, all of you reading from the same operating manual. You act like an Arab, think like an Arab, and probably smell like an Arab as well. And when you are cornered ideologically, you do the same thing as every other Arab does...............Israel this, Israel that. Look at what the Israelis have done, blah, blah, blah. The US and the UK are acting in concert with Israel, blah, blah, blah. None of this has ever had ANYTHING to do with Israel. You incessantly whine about it like some nagging bitch, which is fitting, since you are clearly a bitch for the IRI. You are like one of those people in a residential neighborhood who constantly complains and criticizes his neighbors, all the while you have the dirtiest, foulest, ugliest, most broken down house on the block, single-handedly driving down the property values on the rest of the street.


Come up with something original for once in your obviously miserable and pathetic excuse for a life.



Like Shah, like Son

by dariushabadi on

You are just like your Shah, thinking that you are right solely by belittling others. Maybe thats why your children in Iran don't want you guys back.


And you know damn well that you want the best of relations with Israel, turning a blind-eye to all their injustices just so that Iran can look like "a nation of Peace" the same way Israel is a "nation of Peace" according to Bush and Blair.


Don't lie, come out of the closet. You guys all love Israel and wish to imitate her.

Kaveh Nouraee

You are on the wrong planet

by Kaveh Nouraee on



I originally thought no one can truly be as stupid and as patently ignorant as you are, but you are actually proving yourself to be dumber by the syllable. Every word you say is costing you IQ points.


If they had you as a lackey the IRI wouldn't last 28 minutes let alone 28 years, so don't pat yourself on the back.


But you are indeed a typical Arab Parast. When faced with the facts, you pull Israel out of your ass in a last-gasp act of desperation. Fact remains, I never mentioned Israel, let alone advocated Israeli involvement in anything. Nor American involvement for that matter. But, of course all of that is lost on someone like you, so stupid that you can barely pass the entrance examination to kindergarten.


Now, be a good Arab Parast and let the grownups talk. This is way over your head. Someone will come read you a story in a minute.



you are in the wrong crowd

by dariushabadi on

racists and dogmatics like Rostam and Kaveh are deep down rooting for an American-Israeli take-out of the Islamic Republic. "Any means necessary" for them. "Ends justify the means"


They will probably respond with either some racist remark like "only Arabs hate Israel, Arabs this, Arabs that" or "you are an IRI lacky" but we all know they love Israel more than they love themselves.

 Go on Kaveh and Rostam, respond with the truth and say you do, or respond with a lie claiming you don't, you just want a "better Iran for Iranians"


But in reality, you don't mind seeing an Israeli-American invasion of Iran. Cuz you hates Arabs more than racist Persians? ISRAELIS. Common enemy, friends for life. 


But what if he's right (in this case)?

by pivotoftheuniverse on

In fact, all of those who are gleefully clapping their hands about Derakhshan's problems here are missing the point. He's wrong about a lot of things, so what? What if he's right about Khalaj? In fact, he is. Check out Khalaj speaking about the "Iranian threat" with neocon pro-Israeli speakers... //www.youtube.com/user/calnen

What does it look like to you? He's giving justification to those who advocate war on Iran. And in what he's done to Derrakhshan, Khalaji shows he is a coward, as well as being a stooge for those who want to attack Iran and make it into another Iraq. How sad, how sad the Iranians abroad are. All some of us can do is cheer the fact that through duplicitous means he's taken out Derakhshan's site -- whatever you think of Derakhshan, the way to challenge him is to do so through reasoned arguments, not through trying to threaten to sue him. I'll say it again, Khalaj is a stooge and a sycophant for Israeli interests, and advocates war against Iran... moreso he is a pathetic coward as well. I'd spit on him myself if I met him.


Kaveh Nouraee

Freedom DOES have limits

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Perhaps I am the only one who has said that this guy has the right to say whatever he wants, however freedom of speech and freedom in general indeed has its limits, which you clearly have an issue with. Freedom of speech does not extend to yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater when the results are scores of people being injured or killed. Nor does freedom in general extend to imposing your twisted ideology or warped sense of morality upon everyone and retaliating (either with or without violence and force) upon those who do not share your view. The latter should be of specific interest to you as you are clearly the foremost proponent of imposing your idea of morality upon people, at least among those who have contributed at one time or another to Iranian.com. For your information, I don't expect to be respected anywhere I go. I earn respect everywhere I go. It has nothing to do with my nationality or the complexion of my skin. It is based upon character. That is why I have White Anglo-Saxons, Blacks, Iranians, Mexicans and others who work with me and for me in a variety of functions and capacities. They have my respect and I have theirs.


What is truly hilarious is that you think that I would want to put IRI supporters in some kind of hell hole. The fact is that they are already there, in a deep and seemingly bottomless hole dug for them by their own ignorance, stupidity and greed. Invariably, members of the IRI and the vatanforoosh Arab parasts who place them on a pedestal such as yourself are truly miserable empty people, who have taken holy scripture, words that are meant to guide, sooth and comfort man's heart and soul and turned them into a how-to manual for inflicting pain and inciting chaos and war upon fellow human beings, even your own countrymen. ESPECIALLY your own countrymen. You claim that the Iran is more democratic under the IRI than it ever was before. Democracy is not defined as the government being free to do whatever the hell it wants to the men, women and children it is supposed to represent and protect. Government is not a parent, nor is it the master of the people. It is a system of checks and balances designed to serve the public's interests. The people are the master. And if you think for a second that your pet chimpanzee Antarinejad, his keeper Khamenei, or the rest of that barrel of brain-damaged monkeys have the true interests of the Iranian nation and the Iranian people as their singular priority, you are profoundly stupid as well as ignorant, and that combination is truly dangerous.


The fate that awaits them (the IRI) has nothing to do with violence, and it has nothing to do with religion. It simply means that when Iran progresses forward, they will be left out. They will no longer reap the benefit from the fruits of everyone else's labors as they have been since 1979. They will be outcasts in their own country. The Iranian version of the Untouchable, from the old Indian caste system.


Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US? So what? Who cares? The manner and customs in how a person chooses to pray is not the issue at all. It is how they respect those who do not subscribe to the same belief system. But if your perception of Islam is to be critical of those who have had any measure of financial success, then you are the one who is disrespectful. After all, envy is one of the seven deadly sins, is it not? Then again, the IRI seems to have cornered the market on the other six as well, but, hey, they're your heroes, not mine.

By the way, you might want to bear in mind that once the IRI is gone, Hezbollah will disappear quickly as well, as they will have lost their ATM that is known as your beloved IRI. Then perhaps the Lebanese people will get their country back too. Wow. Two for the price of one.


Dude, aren't you tired of being exposed so many times by so many people? Have some modesty, will you? You have been exposed so much that your doodool is showing.


Dariush EXPOSED ...

by Rostam on

I nominate Dariush for the title of "King of Deceptions".


You don't lie Dariush, but you cleverly manipulate words with half truths in order to get your point across. You take us for fools don't you Dariush? Let the "expose" party begin:


Dariush says: "I can't wait until you gain power in Iran and impose those limits on everyone. " I can't wait either Dariush, those "limited" freedoms will be vastly more than the IRI offers. EXPOSED.


Dariush the lackey says: "You guys have no respect anywhere you go, so you try your hardest to become more anglo-saxon ..." Even assuming that this is true, that definitely beats becoming more and more arab like you, does it not Dariushe khod bakhteh? on ham khod bakhteh be arab. ey bichaareh. EXPOSED.


The lajan then says: "they still consider you a dirt bag from a foreign coutnry... " Really? What do they consider you? a dirt bag from a foreign arab culture who has INVADED our country. EXPOSED.


The Iran foroosh says: "We've even lived in the West as Muslims, and didn't need to imitate foreigners... " Of course you don't need to imitate foreigners, you only imitate your arab master's culture such as stoning. You DO imitate foreigners Dariush. EXPOSED.


The poor soud then asks: "Maybe that is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US". Really? Why the US? Why don't you consider Iran? Iran in which Islam is the fastest SHRINKING religion among the youth? EXPOSED.


The idiot then says: " when Americans encounter real Muslims, they tend to want to be like us." LOL! No comments on this one!


The vatanforooshr then says: "all you like to do is disrespect others belief to make yourself feel and look better...." This is what you and your mullahs are doing in Iran, not only you are disrespecting everyone who may oppose your ideology, but you are putting them in chain and throwing them in jail, if not executing them, and you do these so YOU you can FEEL AND LOOK BETTER.  EXPOSED.


The guy has lost confidence. The imbecile says: "if you guys touch Iran and no Iranian defends Iran, you will have Lebanese Hezbollah defending the IRI..." WHAT? You are suggesting that Iranians may not defend the IRI? tsk tsk tsk.... We are losing confidence here, aren't we Dariush? EXPOSED.




Dariush, you have sold your brothers and sisters to a bunch of mullah and their foreign ideology. The days of the corrupt and nokare arab IRI is numbered. You will soon be flushed down the toilet where you will stay happily ever after.




by dariushabadi on

kaveh, finally you are the only one that stood up and gave this guy the right to free speech. yet you titled it "freedom has its limits". I can't wait until you gain power in Iran and impose those limits on everyone.


It is hilarious though what you are writing. You are a reactionary and I think you yourself know it. You want to put the supporters of the IRI into the same hellhole you've been living the past 27 years, which is an outcast in a foreign country. You guys have no respect anywhere you go, so you try your hardest to become more anglo-saxon or white-american as you possibly can.


but no matter how big your mansion, no matter how expensive your clothes and cologn is, they still consider you a dirt bag from a foreign coutnry.


so you want to be a reactionary and impose that same thing on us? it won't work, because we don't have confidence issues like you guys do. We've even lived in the West as Muslims, and didn't need to imitate foreigners and got the respect we needed from those we cared for it. We didn't need to prove ourselves through our wealth, but through our actions.


Maybe that is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US? Because at the end of the day, no matter what the Shaheees say, what FoxNews says, what CNN says, when Americans encounter real Muslims, they tend to want to be like us.


You can say all the crap you want about Islam. You can cuss out everything you want (because you have no adaab, and all you like to do is disrespect others belief to make yourself feel and look better).


But when it comes down to it, it is the world that is converting to Islam faster than any other religion (and yes, in some places like Europe it is based on high-birth rates of lower class Muslims...but we are taking over). Even in the Middle East the tides are turning, because while secular nationalists like Nasser, Sadaat and Saddam couldn't do anything for their country, you have people like Sheikh Nasrullah that have kept Israel out of their land.


And if you guys touch Iran and no Iranian defends Iran, you will have Lebanese Hezbollah defending the IRI, and you guys would run away so fast if you saw sight of one of these true soldiers that we have nothing to worry about.


If the Israelis couldn't handle them more than 3 days (Israel called in reserves after 3 days, even though their were only 3,000 Hezbollahis versus 150,000 Israeli soldiers with modern weapons), then you can't stand 1 day.


Good luck


not one person?

by dariushabadi on

Germany is not the hallmark of "liberal democracy". Neo-Nazis are allowed freedom of speech in the USA. Even thieves, murderers and rapists are allowed to voice their freedom of speech.


You can even kill someone in the USA and write a book explaining why and how you did it (remember OJ Simpsons, haha)? But that is an extreme example.


But just as thieves, murderers and rapists are granted the same FREEDOMS you are, you should grant people that disagree with you the same freedoms.


While freedoms usually limit people based on hate speech, you guys try to shut me up and I've never expressed any hate speech under any western free speech law.


Again, it is amazing that NOT ONE person is willign to stand up for freedom speech, yet you all speak of FREEDOMS and DEMOCRACY.


The difference between an intolerant akhund and someone against the IRI is just reesh va amameh. Nothign else. Just superficial differences.


Right you are!

by Parkhash on

Thanks Kaveh for your witty and insightful observation. After all, life would be so boring without such jokers, as tasteless as they are, like hoder and abadi. Come on guys, give us a laugh!

Kaveh Nouraee

But Parkhash.......

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Consider the source of the entertainment! Two apologists for the price of one!

Honestly, can you take either one of these people seriously? One engages in libelous attacks and the other is so afraid of females he needs to see rocks being thrown at them in order to achieve sexual release. If nothing else, that should clarify the mentality of the typical IRI apologist.

Kaveh Nouraee

Even freedom has its limits

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Hoder can say whatever he wants to say. After all, the Constitution in this country permits such speech, no matter how objectionable it may be. The intellectual scum of the earth, those mental midgets who have difficulty even spelling IQ have to be protected so that those of us who have values are afforded even better protection.

Whether Hoder is just playing a role or is truly an IRI-loving Arab parast, this brand of camel dung is getting very old, very fast. If you take a moment and listen quietly, you will begin to hear the ticking of the clock counting down the last days of the Eye Are Eye. Even when you take all of the outside rhetoric out of the equation, Iranians are getting sick and tired of this bullshit regime and their criminal ways.

When the day comes that Iran is delivered from this 30 year hell, each and every one of those maggots who sold out their own country to the mollahs and the Arabs are going to pay dearly. Not with their mortal lives, as we are above that kind of thinking. But they will pay with their souls, as they will be cast aside like the trash they truly are while the rest of us will prosper.

So, let this douchebag say what he wants to say. Why do we really care? Look at him! If you looked like him would YOU be taken seriously? Honestly, that piece of shit isn't worth the attention.


Re: Dariush EXPOSED....

by Rostam on

There is not a single democratic society that would or should allow torturers, rapists and murderers and thieves like your IRI masters take advantage of freedom of speech. That is why in Germany, Nazis are not allowed to take advantage of freedom of speech.


In a future democratic Iran, you Dariush, and your masters in Iran should NEVER be given a chance to express yourselves. You already expressed yourselves for almost 30 years and that's enough.


You bastards do NOT want to benefit from freedom of speech, you only want to ABUSE it, and then step on it. We are not fools.


Dariush you are so very EXPOSED.



Free speech is being abused to promote a hate-filled ideology

by jigsaw on

Giving hoder or any other IRI apologist a platform tantamounts to giving the KKK or the Neo-Nazi a platform to peddle their hate-filled , bigoted and murderous ideology of exterminating all those who oppose their way of life and thinking. Remember, Hitler was also a democratically elected leader and millions of Germans voted for him because they were Nazis and hell bent on dominating and imposing their will on the rest of the world by any means possible. So, in the name of "free speech" would we let neo-nazi or KKK to promote their hatred of jews, blacks, or non-whites on this site? The Islamic Republic in deeds and rhetoric promotes a militant, bigoted totalitarian ideology. In fact, David Dukes, the co-founder of KKK was a special guest of Ahmadinejad last year....Why do we need to allow the indefensible and the intolerable in the name of free speech? Why isn't anyone bothered that noone can raise any criticism of IRI in Iran without getting tortured or jailed? What kind of double standard is that?

p.s. Even the Sunni muslims are getting sick of IRI's sectarian spread of their khomeinist version of Islam and disgracing real Islam in the eyes of the world.


Not one person?

by dariushabadi on

I can't find one person in the opposition that believes Hoder should have the freedom to give his viewpoint without trying to be stifled and muffled?


You should all be called the "Shahee Baseejees".


I just want to see one person stand up and say "I support Hoder's right to free speech and his right to oppose my views"



by dariushabadi on

I personally believe in limiting free speech (even in the US, free speech is bound by limits given in law, such as laws against slander, threats against the president, etc.)


However, for you guys, who are pounding the drums against the IRI's political repression and banning people like you from giving their viewpoints, I'm curious why you are so hypocritical that you wouldn't at least pretend to allow Hoder to be given the freedom and respect of free speech.


At least pretend you guys are democratic, and allow freedom of speech. Otherwise why would the people of Iran replace one intolerant regime with YOU GUYS who are just as intolerant, but 180 degrees on a different political spectrum?


That is all I am saying. I am asking you guys why are you intolerant to Hoder's opposing viewpoints. I just find that ironic, because you guys claim you want democracy and "freedoms" for Iran, yet you cannot even tolerate opposition from a guy who is a nobody.


Tolerating intolerance - give us a break!

by Parkhash on

It is laughable when the supporters of the Islamic regime, in all it shapes and shades, speak of tolerance. Suggesting that apologists like dariushabadi or hoder and their coworkers should be free to lecture us on tolerating the intolerance of the IRI and its fan club, is like giving ahmadinejad and his gang a platform to deny holocaust or practice anti-semitism in the name of tolerance!!. You got to be kidding.


Dariush Exposed....

by Rostam on

A pro-stoning brute like you talking about tolerance? That'll be the day. EXPOSED.



freedom of speech?

by dariushabadi on

why should we get rid of the IRI, when people like you championing the overthrow of the IRI cannot even tolerate views that differ from yourself?


No freedom of speech now or after the IRI is removed? Our nation is doomed because our people are intolerant. Religious and secular.


Hoder, defender of IRI

by Rostam on

Hoder is a defender of IRI, a defender of murdering and raping of  Iranians. Not only his blog should be shut down, but his mouth too.



hoe down

by bnamus on

AS much as I find Hossein's convoluted and insipid commentary distasteful and at times offensive to those who are struggling for change in Iran, I have always believed that ignorance is best when exposed to the air, and thus I would always respect hossein's right to spew his bilge; it is our choice whether or not we want to read or listen to what he has to say.


Hoder = Horribly offensive drivel equals rubbish

by Parkhash on

I feel pity for those who find Hoder's level of intelect worthy of notice.


Hey Hooder...!?

by Abgousht on

Hey Hooder:


What do do for living? Do you work? What is your source of income? How much does Rafsanjani pay you? Can someone please ask Hooder these questions?




Crossing the line?

by Hami on

I wish there was a way freedom of expression could be defined. I do understand, however, that any attempt to define freedom of speech and its range and scope will virtually be synonymous to curbing and limiting it. Therefore I am not willing to say that Derakhshan's use of his "family jewels" - his left gonad in particular - as a way of referring to people, whose opinions he did not particularly like, was - is - a breach of freedom of expression. He is duly exercising his right to free speech when he employs the type of language - "thought provoking!!!?? - that he uses in his postings. But then I also acknowledge the right of others to be offended by that kind of language and to resort to legal means to stop Mr. Derakhshan's slander and vilification. This is a civil society that respects free speech but also gives people the civil and legal means of protecting themselves against unfounded accusations and defamatory remarks.

I reviewied Mr. Derakhshan's remarks about Mr. Khalaji. On the one hand I did not find any of Mr. Khalaji's activities to warrant him being referred to as a "traitor," and on the other I did locate many instances of the use of unfounded remarks by Derakhshan that could well be basis for litigation against him.

By the way, I do not approve of Mr. Derakhshan's political stance and his steadfast defence of the reformist movement in Iran. I believe that the reformists are the flip side of the same old rusted coin called the "Islamic Republic." Mr. Derakhshan has time and again received money from sources within the Islamic republic by his own account, and as such is not a credible source of information when it comes to expressing opinions about other Iranian dissidents.

Having said all this, I am enraged to see his weblog shut down by "Hosting Matters" prior to proper court proceedings. I am sure Mr. Derakhshan can file a lawsuit agaist this company and pursue the matter through legal means and way, which is what he is probably doing.

Homayoun Abghari