Iran vs. the Empire

NIE report is a victory for Iran


by Ardeshir Ommani

Although the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report on Iran, made public this week, is already an old story, the reasons for its public disclosure remain to be discussed and understood. The report: stated “…that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program” and “that Tehran at a minimum is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons” in the future.

For a clear understanding of the report the two interwoven arguments in the assessment, with different implications, must be dissected and separately analyzed: 1) that Iran has not engaged in procurement or production of parts and materials necessary for the building of a nuclear device of any sort, and 2) that Iran had a nuclear weapons program before 2003 and it may decide to restart such a program in the future. Between the two aspects of the report, the former is essential and the latter mainly involves future speculations, and the period before 2003 for which there is no proven documentation provided by the NIE that Iran had a nuclear weapons program.

The former implication contradicts the claims by the U.S. government since 2003 that Iran has been using its right to civilian nuclear energy as a cover for its real intentions, that is, the production of a nuclear bomb. As far as this clear dichotomy is concerned, the U.S. government has willfully abused its position in the United Nations Security Council, and hence the Resolutions 1737 and 1747, based on falsified information, lack credibility and in fact are illegal. To redress the injustices committed against Iran, the United Nations must declare the sanctions, invalid and null.

Before opening the discourse about the underlying causes of the release now of the report, it is important to point out that it reflects the consensus of almost the entire U.S. ruling class, regardless of President Bush’s emphasis on his old redundant claim that the report shows that Iran has had a nuclear program before 2003 and it may keep the option open for the future. Furthermore, the disclosure of the report dismayed some foreign governments that have been involved in the US-Iran nuclear dispute. The U.S. intelligence estimate was characterized as “unfathomable” by the European diplomats who just two days earlier were involved in a strenuous effort to persuade the Russian and Chinese representatives in the United Nations’ Security Council to agree to a draft of yet another UN resolution requiring much tougher sanctions against Iran.

To what extent the British, French and German diplomats were unaware of the U.S. (NIE) findings prior to Dec. 2, 2007, remains to be seen. This question will be among the topics for research by current and future historians. What is crystal clear is that it took four drawn out toxic years for the U.S. government and its European allies to realize that the endless stream of lies and cover-ups by the Bush Administration, mouth-pieced by the conservative majority in the U.S. Congress and attuned by the puppet Zionist regime in Israel, about Iran’s alleged nuclear threat to the international safety and security of the world will in the long run work against the strategic interests of the U.S. empire. In fact, this policy of unilateralism has worked in favor of the establishment of a global regime of multilateralism, an international structure whose formation the U.S. “Superpower” has tried so desperately to prevent.

Why the Release Now?

For quite a long time, more likely since the ascendance of Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to power, many developments in Iran, the Middle East and around the world were clearly indicating that the U.S.-U.K. policies of intimidation, threat and open bellicosity, resting on a mountain of lies have gone against U.S. imperialist domination! But the White House, with the tacit agreements of the pro-Israeli Democrats and neo-con Republicans who were completely consumed by their mental deception and self delusion, emboldened by a subservient mass media, chose the course of ever higher tension and conflict, which was dubbed as the “war on terror”.

Among the factors that have influenced the U.S. decision to reveal the intelligence assessment were the unshakable unity of the Iranian people in their support for Iran’s right to a peaceful nuclear energy program and the uranium enrichment process, the perseverance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his resistance not only to the American dictates but also to the selfish demand of the pro-U.S. Iranians who wanted the Islamic government to retreat and give in to the U.S. pressures.

Iran’s expanded economic, political, diplomatic and defense relations with Latin American countries as Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, and in Asia strong ties with Russia, China and the Caspian Sea states and in the Middle East with the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine were not small factors in reshaping the current formulation of U.S policy towards Iran.

To demonstrate the steep rise in foreign investment in Iran, mostly in oil, gas and materials sectors, one must point out that such investments hit a record $10.2 billion in the Iranian calendar year ending March 20, 2007 from $4.2 billion in 2005 and merely $2 million in 1994. The most active investors have been Germans, Chinese, Turkish, British, Norwegian, French, Japanese, Russian, South Korean, Swedish and Swiss concerns. It is important to mention that in recent years the largest amount of foreign investment was in the industrial sector, including food and beverages, tobacco, textiles, leather, clothing, steel, chemicals and oil derivatives. The totality of this picture shows that the Bush Administration in trying to “isolate Iran” has, in fact, excluded the American companies from investing in the profitable markets of Iran.

Another factor that has frustrated the U.S. ambition in undermining Iranian sovereignty has been the relatively independent diplomacy of Europe, China, Russia and even Japan from U.S. unilateralism. Instead of paying U.S. dollars for its purchase of Iranian oil, as it did for decades, today Japan, ignoring the disdain of the U.S. Congress, pays the Iranian government in Yen and avoids a loss of holding the U.S. dollar with its constantly shrinking exchange value. Today, Iran receives 85% of its oil revenue in currencies other than the U.S. dollar.

With regard to the U.S.-Iran nuclear issue, the positions taken by the United Nation’s Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon, in favor of dialogue, and the recent report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), headed by Dr. Mohammed El Baradei, that there is no evidence for proving the existence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, added to the damage done to the U.S. reputation and credibility, if there were any left to be squandered by George W. Bush.

NIE: A Victory for Iran

The turning points in the course of events were President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Iran and his amiable talk with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the successful gathering of the Caspian Sea heads of State in Tehran and ultimately the visits of Iran’s National Security Secretary Saeed Jalili and Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki to Moscow.

The developments of the course of events in the last few years have shown that in the absence of major changes in U.S.-Middle East policy, Iran would apply and most likely gain the status of a provisional membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The growing economic, political and military muscles of China and Russia have overshadowed the invincibility of the U.S., suffering from a host of financial, economical, and, for sure, credibility problems.

Considering the significance that the Bush Administration in its world foreign policy attributed to Iran’s nuclear program, the revelation of the National Intelligence assessment (NIE) represents a major setback for the U.S., along with unimaginable global implications. In turn, the U.S. retreat and its admission of perjury with regard to Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program, at least since 2003, is a clear sign of great victory for the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the entire nation of Iran that did not cave in under the relentless threats and pressures of world imperialism, headed by the United States.

While the disclosure of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report was a great source of joy for the pro-peace and progressive individuals, parties and governments around the world, it pained the minority of humanity that sides with war, exploitation and big business. This tiny faction of the world’s population is still crying foul and has wasted no time regurgitating the old allegation that “Iran is still a threat” to the U.S. Among these characters are former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, an infamous architect of the war in Iraq, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, a war criminal who starves the civilian population in Gaza while threatening to drop nuclear bombs on Iran, and President George W. Bush who should have been impeached years ago for murdering one million Iraqis and using American soldiers as cannon-fodder.


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Mehdi - Oil Prices

by Hooman (not verified) on

Hi Mehdi,

I am interested in knowing where you got your information that the mullahs have been selling oil 10 times cheaper for the past 28 years. Do you have some links to data? I am not trying to pick a fight, or trying paint you into a corner. I am simply interested in where you got your information.



capitalist Ommani

by Mike (not verified) on

Ommani and associates, while enjoying their shameful US comfort, support a very brutal reactionary regime in Tehran. In addition, they want the US imperialist corporations--"investments"-- back in Iran too. These new enthusiasts of capitalism forget that the socialist majority in Iran kicked the US corporations out of Iran in 1979. Although many are murdered by Ommani's bosses in Tehran, still there are many living socialists in Iran and they won't allow Ommani/NIAC/Brzezinski/Exxon to go back to Iran to steal again. Shame on capitalist Ommani who likes to hide behind the US left.



Asghar Nazok: Look at the article's title

by Mehdi on

I am talking about the article here and the questions I raised before you went off about MKO and now about zionists (whatever that means). This article and my comments are not about MKO or zionist. Do you have anything to say at all about the article or my comments?


To: Mehdi (Re: Is that Your Final Answer Then?)

by Asghar Nazok (not verified) on

Mehdi Koskhol,
You didn't have a question. You were as usual ranting all over the place, and supporting your zionist masters (subliminally of course -- which is the technqiue usually used by zionists to create trouble for other nations!). Go have fun with them and their children!


Asghar Nazok: Is That Your Final Answer Then?

by Mehdi on

So, you have nothing to say about my original comments or this article?


To: Mehdi (from: Asghar Nazok)

by Asghar Nazok (not verified) on

Baba to kheili koskholi. Boro vaghte maro nageer bacheh. Rajavi may have a job for you (may be the job is f***ing Maryam in Paris -- in their terms to contribute to the "resistance")!


To: Asghar Nazok

by Mehdi on

I am not sure why you insist on changing the subject to MKO. i am not sure why you have so much hatred for the MKO. Your ranting is non-stop about them. You must have murdered some of them or something very criminal otherwise why so much hatred? Why are you so intent on presenting yourself as history? Don't you think history can speak for itself?



It is comical how you think Mosadegh's removal was the work of CIA but the so-called "Islamic Revolution" was the works of people. So when did exactly the CIA decide that Iran had no resources useful to them and decided to leave iran alone? You obviously have documents to demostrate this, right? The fact that Iranian oil prices have been being sold ten times cheaper than when Shah was in power for the past 28 years, I suppose, is not something the CIA would have been interested in, right? Your logic is impecable!



You still haven't said a word about this article or the  comments I made originally. Once you are done blaming the MKO for everything including maybe your inability to have sex, then please reply relevant to this article and my comments.





Wonderful thoughts Hooman.

by Hooshang (not verified) on

I could not say it better.

Thanks Man.


To; Mehdi (again!)

by Asghar Nazok (not verified) on

Your writing and thinking is why you are called a "koskhol". You do not understand that the 1953 coup that brought the shah to power and removed an elected prime minister (Mosadegh) WAS NOT an iranian wish. It is was a CIA-sponsored act (worse than an act of terror and treason against a great nation). You and the rest of MKO membership don't know HISTORY. That is why you are stuck in your poop still thinking you can be liked and voted in by the Iranian Nation. You are just a poop in the history of Iran. You cannot even manage a "mostarah", not a great nation. Your leader Rajavi is fucking the young girls in Ashraf City in Iraq and his "wife" is pussing around in Paris. Not much different from what Shah and Farah were doing when they had power in Iran.
By the way there is nothing wrong to be member of an "opposition". Problem with MKO as an "opposition" is that their heads are stuck in zionist asses. They take Arab money, call saddam their "pedar", and work for a bunch of blood sucking zionists and against the will of a their great nation (Iran).


No need for any excuses to crackdown

by sz (not verified) on

You say: 'So, before we can reform, a de entente with the US is necessary to create a "calm" climate. After that, the regime has no excuse to crack down'. Besides it being the standard argument of all dictatorships, that an illusive calm and security is a prerequisite to an evolutionary, culturally compatible Democracy, you simply forget that eight years of smiley who the West loved to the point of adulation and no one was threatening Iran or the Islamic Republic. The historical fact is that Islamic Republic does not need as you put it “any excuses” to crack down, it is in its nature to do so and the moment it stops doing it, is the moment that it ceases to exist.



by Hooman (not verified) on

I'd like to frame this heated debate in a different manner if I may: if Ahmadinejad was a "reformer", and was advocating a move away from religion in Iran (i.e. Freedom of Speech, We love gays, etc, etc), would we give him (and the rest of the political elite over there) more credit?

The truth of the matter is that no Iranian wants to see Iran destroyed (at least none that I know). No one likes it when a leader decides to play poker with the well being of the motherland. But, to monkey boy's (and the rest of the political elite's) credit, this WAS the time to play poker with the US given it's pre-occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Another thing that we must recognize is that for Iran to become "reformed", it must first be secure. If it is not secure, then it gives the political elite in Iran an excuse to crack down on any "reformer" and label them as "vatan-foroosh, khaen, etc". I recall that just after 9/11 in the US, if anyone voiced a concern about the Iraqi invasion was automatically labeled "not patriotic, etc". Anyone remember the Dixie Chicks? The point is, as my dear mother loves to say, "the sky is blue no matter where you go."

So, before we can reform, a de entente with the US is necessary to create a "calm" climate. After that, the regime has no excuse to crack down on anybody. The country will slowly reform on it's own time-table.

Democracy, Freedom, all the good stuff, need time to mix with the notion of being Iranian (Iraniat). I don't know about you folks, but when I have relatives visit from Iran, I do not understand how they "think". Trying to ram this stuff down a young population's throat too quickly will not give us the results we are expecting. Small moves. Small moves...

But, the trouble is the country sits on a lake of oil and it is telling everyone that wants to take advantage of it to F-off. Not much has changed since 1953. Except, of-course, a missile defense program and a nuclear program with which to bargain with...

Thoughts, anyone?


Re: Ashraf

by Mehdi on

I am throwing slogans? In one paragraph you have accused me of everything that could think of with no evidence. And to what end? So what if I am a member of MKO? Why don't you reply to the comment or the article. So members of MKO are not allowed to talk? And you decided that?



And you are showing your intellect by choosing proper pseudonames and using such vulgar language? If we have been in control of our destiny, then you mean, we wanted Shah, we wanted Reza Shah, we wanted Mossadegh to be taken out and we wanted everything that ever happened in Iran? You must be very happy with your life too ha?



I do wish to thank you for introducing your character as "mullah khor" though. So you are getting along well with them ha? At least we know what kind of personality we are dealing here.


To: Mehdi

by Ashraf Kosgoshad (not verified) on

Obviously you are "koskhol". Who the hell has power that you are refering to? On this forum, we are just sharing opinions and hopefully demonstrating our level of intelelct and experience on history and our take of it. The point that I was making in previous post to you (specifically), was that YOU (probably an MKO member -- since most of them that I know have your attitude) don't want to look at evidence and based on logic and facts decide what is right and what is wrong. You just know some slogans borrowed by Rajavis and keep repeating it like a "tootee". You also lack confidence in yourself (as do most MKO membership) and don't understand that as Iranians, our destiny is in our own hands. We can do whatever we have to do to advance our nation. There are "mullah khori" around in Iran today, but hey, this sort of clansmanship exists everywhere that there is power and money. Live with it or learn how to live with it.. . Or get out of the way...


Re: Asghar "Bi-Adab"

by Mehdi on

See, you prove my point precisely! The ideology of domination! Either you win and the other side is destroyed or they win and they destroy you. You cannot even consider coexistence in your mind. It's blasphemy, isn't it?



For your information, the Iran-Iraq war was a made-up war and whoever created it, it was not a real war, if there ever is a real war. Neither Iran no Iraq were not supposed to win. They were supposed to just deplete each other's resources and make their countries weak, which they both did greatly. This gave the superpowers what they wanted, cheap oil from two desparate government urgently needing money. So don't be so proud. The only reason you "survived" was because you serve the purpose well - your were meant to survive.



I still clearly remember that at a Friday Prayer, Bani Sadr, said that yes we should fight the war with Iraq but we should also see who is starting and fueling the flames of war. He was removed the next day!



The article here is in fact laughable and it clearly shows that most of you guys have still not realized why you are in power. You do look around and see that you are definitely not qualified to be in charge but somehow "magically" you are! Well, guess where that magic is coming from? No, it is not God's miracle!


do u live in the u.s.?

by bravest man (not verified) on

i hope not.
if so then please go back and live with ahmedi joon.
he may need ur ingilisi to bash others.
in the process pls grow a beard and cover up ur wife, u may be disqualified from holding a job.
take care man.


It is all about the mighty $

by Anonymouso (not verified) on

Islamic republic’s lobby, NIAC & CASMII are asking Congress to “reprogram” the Iran democracy fund. Perhaps it can be divided up between Ardeshir Ommani and the balance going to NIAC & CASMII to continue defending the peace loving, human rights upholding Islamic Republic.



by Izad (not verified) on


Bush did murder Iraqis. IRAN supported Bush to bring down Taliban and Saddam Hussein.


To Mehdi (RE: Ahmadinejad Did Not Win - People Did)

by Asghar Kirkoloft (not verified) on

You seem to have forgotten that when the Iran-Iraq war started in the 80's, the anti-Iranian parasites said, "this is the end of IRI regime". When Iran pushed the enemy back, the parasites like you said " the war was started by Khomeini so that he can survive". After the US attack on iraq and overthrow of Saddam, the Parasites became deaf and speechless, since it became clear that the Iran-Iraq war was in fact started by Saddam with the encouragement from US of A. I guess we are now with the Nuke issues in the same situation we were some 20+ years ago. Here is my advice to you in case you are confused: Go lick your masters bottoms Mehdi. They are called Zionists in case you are confused!!! Iranians are smart and know how to manage their affairs. That is why we are survivors, and hopefully will soon kick your masters' asses to get them out of the middle east. That day will come sooner than you think!


Thanks for your thorough Analysis

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

Thanks Ardeshir. Your writings are thoughtful and nicely organized. Great work.



stop name-calling FRED

by 'Fred' is unintelligent (not verified) on

stop name-calling ppl with whom you don't agree. FRED!

"islamist cheerleader"? gimme a break



ساده د لان (not verified)

ساده نباشید. اگر باین سادگی بود که هرکسی سیاستمدار میشد!


Ahmadinejad Did Not Win - People Did

by Mehdi on

It is comical how some people like yourself or even to my amazement some of the opposition to the IRI misplace credit to the IRI when in fact such credits should be given to thousands of brave, intelligent and aware individuals across the world who fought hard for any such victory.



You are obviously completely unaware of the thousands of articles written across the world, not even just by Iranians but a lot of them by decent Americans and Europeans, exposing the lies of George Bush and Cheney gang. It is beyond laughable to then take the credit away from them and give it to a dumb witted shy charactered and generally confused man like Ahmadinejad.



Ahmadinejad won? Don't you think he lost? Didn't he do all he could to start a war? Didn't he stupidly generate international upset by announcing that he was going to wipe Israel off the map and giving the whole nation an image of a dangerous "terrorist-supporting" country? Ahmadinejad is incapable of peaceful victory. He cannot exist in peace; his ideaology is a domination ideology. Only Islam is rightious and everybody else has to convert to Islam or be destroyed. The only way he has for winning is anhilation of others. His ideology does not permit coexistence with others.



No, my friend, do not misplace the credit of this victory, if in fact this is a victory on Ahmadinejad and his gang of "the-dumber-you-are-the-better-it-is." The "victory" is not for Iran to have nuclear power or enrichment technology. The victory is for the people of Iran for "hopefully" averting a potentially disasterous war that Ahmadinejad and his gang were hoping for (in the hopes of increaing their internal power, and also based on their domination ideology). Of course some of our "opposition" were also hoping for that - the same ideology of domination-only. 



The idea that Ahmadinejad "defeated" the west by ONLY being pig-headed is beyond ridiculous. You think the CIA and their buddies are little children and got scared of him? Get real. The CIA said, "oh, no! We can't win against Ahmadineja because he has the ultimate weapon - he knows how to say no! Oh we now shiver in fear!" OK, I have to give it to you, you do make me laugh. That's got to be worth something. :)



A lot of the things you say about George Bush and his gang is correct; the domination policy of some US officials, etc. Also the fact the Iran is improving, I think, is correct. But the problem is you misplace the credit for such successes. And that is dangerous. It was in fact the hard work of "people" of Iran that generated some improvements in Iran, not the hardliner gang. It was even the hard fights put up by some Iranians outside that curbed the dominating and repressing desires of the "hardliners" in Iran and gave Iranian people some room to breath in. There is ample evidence that the hardliners were forced to allow these improvements (including foreign investments). There is NO evidence that the hardliners wanted this. So this hopefully is a victory for the people of Iran against the hardliners (fundamentalists, pragmatist, etc) and NOT a victory for Ahmadinejad and his gang.


Iranian people's victory will be the day to be Iranian again

by Iran and Iranian (not verified) on

The day we can freely be Iranian in our own country is the day of celebration.


Islamist cheerleader

by Fred (not verified) on

It would have been a sign of your evenhandedness if you had condemned the Islamist Republic's leaders for their well documented crimes as forcefully as you condemn others. And yet again asking for that would be asking too much of a card carrying Islamist cheerleader