Not again!

Territorial issues with Iraq


Not again!
by Shahriar Zangeneh

The President of Iraq Jalal Talebani has been quoted as questioning the legality of the Algiers Treaty.

First some hurried background.  

Under the auspices of the Algerian President Houari Boumedian, the King of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and vice chairman of the revolution command council of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, held two lengthy meetings on the sideline of the March 6, 1975 OPEC meeting in Algeria. The meeting culminated in the declaration of the Algiers Accord and the subsequent signing of the Algiers Treaty on 13 June 1975.

Under the terms of the Treaty parties re-recognized the Shatt al-Arab waterway (Arvand-rud to Iranians) as the natural frontier marker. Specifically, the Thalweg Principle, the deepest point of the channel, was once again recognized as the governing principle in delineation of the border between the two countries.  On 18 September 1980, in a televised broadcast Saddam Hussein, by then the President of Iraq, tore up a copy of the Algiers Treaty calling it null and void.  

Five days later on 22 September 1980 Iraq launched a full-scale invasion of Iran touching off an eight year long WWI style trench warfare. After million-plus lives lost and devastation of both countries economies number of clandestine meetings, initiated by Iraq, took place.  Sirouse Nasseri the personal representative of Hashemi Rafsanjani, the President of the Islamic Republic at that time and Barzan Ebrahim Takriti, the half brother and personal representative of Saddam Hussein met principally in Vienna Austria. About the same time number of personal letters was being exchanged between Saddam Hussein and Hashemi Rafsanjani which were later published by the Islamic Propagation Office in Iran under the title of Documents of the Glory.

Next to the final letter dated 14 August 1990 begins by Saddam Hussein stating: “With this decision of ours everything is clear now and you therefore have acquired all that you wanted and were insisting upon, all that is left is the exchanging of the documents”. In the responding letter Hashemi Rafsanjani states: “Your renewed acceptance of the 1975 Algiers Treaty paves the way for the implementation of the {UN} Resolution 598 and substitution of the current cease fire with a permanent and lasting peace”.

Of the players mentioned above, Saddam Hussein was tried, convicted and executed by the new Iraqi government. So was his half brother and former head of the notorious secret police, Mokhaberat, Barzan Ebrahim Takriti. Sirouse Nasseri who was briefly in the news as the Islamic Republic Nuclear negotiator has apparently fallen out of favor and is facing a number of criminal charges by the Islamic Republic judiciary related to his dealings in oil business and is residing in Vienna. Hashemi Rafsanjani is now simultaneously heading two leading Islamic Republic bodies, the Assembly of Experts and the Expediency Council.

And now the new president of Iraq is quoted by Al-jazeera network as saying: “This agreement {Algiers Treaty} was between Saddam and the Shah of Iran not between Iran and Iraq. We want good and excellent relations with our Islamic republic neighbor of Iran and we have talked with our brothers Iranians before about it".

Should that be true, that a President of Iraq has once again unilaterally declared the internationally recognized and binding treaty null and void --  moreover, has previous to this occasion talked about its nullification with as he puts it: “we have talked with our brothers Iranians before about it”. Then it would be yet another signal that the current players have not learned a thing from the history that some of them were intimately involved in.

The Islamic Republic needs to take this provocation a lot more serious than it has which has been limited to tepid friendly denunciation statements by low level functionaries. The Iraqi government needs to step back from the abyss which certainly awaits them should they continue with this line of provocations.

The United States too needs to reflect on its infinite lack of knowledge of the local politics and yank the chain of their Iraqi clients. For affirmation, the U.S. needs to review the current history of its involvement in Iraq. Due to manifestly callous, bordering on negligent policies, in short order it has turned a grateful Iraqi populace off who were initially ecstatic about their emancipation.

Being well plugged into the national psyche, the territorial issues are one thing that the Islamic Republic has again and again turned to to help it out of a bind. Should the U.S not publicly affirm the legality of the Accord and distance itself away from Talebani’s odious statement, then the U.S. will once again be played by the wily Islamic Republic. This would be to the detriment of Iranians who alongside Israelis are the most pro-Americans in the region and U.S. can’t afford loosing their affection.  


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This Is Their Ultimate Sick Plan (Them being Israel/US/UK)

by ShamshirH (not verified) on

First they plan to add Iran's Kurdestan to Iraq's and Turkey's Kurdestan and declare an independent Kurdestan country. Israel is training Pishmarg Kurds to attack Iran and Turkey right now with Jalal-Talibani's knowledge. He calls Iran brother until Kurdestan gains enough power to separate from Iran, and then Talibani starts calling Iran occupiers of Kurdestan!
Next they plan to take over southwestern Iran's Khuzestan/Persian-gulf region and add that to Iraq and across Arvand-Rood.
Then they add South Azarbaijan to North Azarbaijan and separate that from Iran. And Finally, if Israel's plans go well, within the next 50-100 years, from Israel to southern Kurdestan and western Iran border(which now ends around northern khuzestan) and in the south all the way to North Africa's Nile will be occupied by Israel forming a square-shaped Israel map that includes 6-7 of today's arab countries plus part of western Iran.
Ofcourse they have to go over our dead body before doing that :)


What's up Doc Malek? Can't you remember horrors of war?

by Setiz (not verified) on

Before you turn on your devilish propaganda machine and place it in high gear, you need to remember that your arab brothers already tried several times to divide and conquer iran. They are in fact culturally occupying iran as we speak and have been imposing their atrocities on iranians on a daily basis according to their customs and traditions.

You need to get an IRI visa (or maybe you are already part of IRI propaganda machine, aren't you?) and go to iran.

In iran you need to visit iranian hospitals across the country, and see iranian ex-soldiers still suffering from arab chemical weapons; they cannot move, they cannot breath, they just count minutes for their lives to end. Make sure that you notice that their Muslim government of IRI is nowhere to be seen to help them or their families. They are forgotten souls in pain with their loving families.

Then go to border cities and towns in western iran, and talk to villagers, see those beautiful iranian young girls and boys, disfigured from the chemical weapons delivered by their muslim arab brothers. Nobody wants those girls, nobody wants to marry them. They are disabled and cannot work either. They simply suffer day in day out with severe poverty. BBC had a report on them a while back.

Make sure that you talk to any middle-aged cab driver, as most of them were on the front at the time of war, and can tell you unbelieveable stories about muslim brotherhood of the arabs. Ask them about rapes and murders by your dear arab brothers. This is what one was telling me with anger just this past summer in tehran: Arabs would capture iranian boys who were there to sweep for mines, then they would rape them, then they would kill them, then they would insert bombs into their anuses and stomachs, and then they would leave the corpses laying there. When iranian soldiers went to collect bodies, bodies would explode as soon as touched or moved.
Yeah, these are the realities of nature of your co-religion arab brothers, not your wishful thinkings and trivializing arab threats.

Arabs owe us a lot, they owe us a huge, long-overdue, debt for 1400 years of savagery and murder, for turning a civilized first-world country that was once pride of every iranian into a third-world non-achieving country, waiting for return of a never-returning Emam, which is a shame to be associated with out of the context of its rich old history. During that time, from first days of Omar to today, religious leaders have murdered, raped, robbed, and took to slavery, in the name of arabs and islam. That is exactly what they are still doing in Darfur to the weak and desperate muslim blacks. As long as arabs continue to be uncivilized and have not paid that debt, they should be viewed with utmost suspicion and distrust and as outsiders and as our enemies.

Now you can preach forever and theorize about how nice arabs are and how media is so devilish. But empirical data proves that devilish are your arab muslim brothers and their supporter within and without iran; and their threats should be taken seriously, very seriously.

Ze shire shotor khordan-o soosmaar,
arab raa bejaii residast kaar,
keh taaje kiaani konad aarezo,
tofou bar to ey charkhe gardoun, tofou.

This is the gift of an arab to you doc. Enjoy:



by Nother Anonymous (not verified) on

Are you an arab? Are you really an M.D.? How come you are so BOTH uneducated and biased for arabs and IRI? Are you out of your mind? You forgot that your friend, saddam, started by similar claims followed by invasion followed by bombs and chemical weapons pouring on iranian heads and homes? If you like arabs so much that you are willing to risk another disastrous war in the long run, why don't you move to where your beloved arabs are buried in iraq or arabia? Amazing that a so-called educated M.D. (if you really are an M.D.) living in the west be so anti-iran and pro-arab, so naive, so uneducated on history, and so biased based on religious fanaticism and 1400-year-old mambo jumbos and approve of mass murder of iranians by arabs and arab-loving IRI.
The only way to guarantee the safety of iran from her proven aggressive vicious uncivilized neighbor is to make sure that they divide into such small pieces that would not pose any threat to the poor iranian nation. Iraqis lost their sovereignty and dignity and respect for them and trust in them the day that they attacked iran and a true iranian would not forget the disasters that arabs brought upon iranians, who are still suffering from the impact of the war. the poor youth who had to protect their land and their family from uncivilized arabs, lost a limb or a hand in war with their so-called islamic brothers, were prisoned by arab chemical weapons and can hardly breath with their arab-chemical-damaged lungs, or were arab-raped or arab-murdered. All arab nations lost respect in the eyes of every true iranian when they supported the criminal arab, saddam, on his attack on MY country (not YOURS of course as seen by your arab-loving anti-iranian language).
No matter how religious one is or is not, an iranian is an iranian before anything else and must protect iranians from 1400 years of savagery. You cannot find any mulla-sympathizer around here or even in iran to buy into your conspiracy theories and let their guards down until raped or killed by your beloved arabs and islamic nations.
You appear to be more of an arab than an iranian by deed, otherwise no iranian cares so little about others and so blindly twists facts to provide propaganda for savages and murderers, let them be arabs or IRI criminal leaders and thieves.
Apparently education and living in the freedom of the west has had no impact on reducing your fanaticism for the arab religion and oppressors nor has it improved your sense of humanity mr. doctor.
Khare isa garash beh makkeh barand,
cho biyayad hanouz khar bashad.

Join the land and language of your arab brothers here:


REPLY : AGREEMENT 1975, Talabani & others....................

by Farbors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I think it is time to beginn to ignore all those devilish media which had been allways trying to separate and govern. Please acknowlledge the following, that is only one of the reaktions of Iraqis. The Government of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN has also reacted allready. The ones who judge neutrally and based on Logic will see that the news send by devilish media arround the world are only devilish motivated and have nothing to do with the facts, with the reality and with the truth: Talabani: Algiers remarks distorted
Fri, 28 Dec 2007 20:56:08
Jalal Talabani (L), Hassan Kazemi Qomi (R)
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has said that his remarks regarding the credibility of the 1975 Algiers Accord have been 'distorted'.

“My statements have been distorted. I strongly believe in the validity of this accord,” he said in a Friday meeting in Sulaimaniyah with Iran's ambassador to Iraq Hassan Kazemi Qomi.

“Any misunderstanding between the two countries should be resolved through friendly negotiations. Baghdad can not one-sidedly declare an internationally recognized treaty 'obsolete', he added.

“I do not want to nullify this accord. On the contrary I would like to establish stronger ties with the Islamic Republic,” Talibani concluded.

Under the agreement signed in Algiers, the Thalweg line of the Arvand Rud River has been set as the river boundary of the two countries.

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam violated the agreement and waged a war against Iran in 1980.
The Iranians - I mean the ones who live in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN, have founded it and are ready to protect and defend what they have achieved during the last 30 years - better do not click on the sites of the devils. And the US-Imperilism once being the "Great Satan" is now not so great any more. Greeting


To the American...

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

To the "American" who so cowardly hides his true identity behind his/her American title, you should care about what happens in that part of the world. As the Shah of Iran so eloguently educated Mike wallace in atelevised interview in the late 70's "what did they teach you in school about the name of the Persian Gulf." Apparently you "American" failed that course. The Persian Gulf has always been, is and will be called that and no amount of Arab rehetoric can change this historical fact.
Every one American cares about the sand and the drop of water in that area of the world. The sand stores the life blood of the Global economy, without which you and me canot call ourselves Americans (me with a hyphenation). So step back and realize that this area of the world is very precious to America, so much so that it would perhaps give up California or Texas before it gives up on Middle East. As is my conviction, America needs to cleanse Persia of its parasitic Islamic Regime and behind it Saudi Arabia, perhaps with surgical military precision attacks, before civilization can sense an air of normalcy.


don't jump the gun

by MRX (not verified) on

Talebani yesterday accepted the 1975 agreement which set the border between Iran and Iraq. Talebani is a kurd and he has more respect, knouledge and even love for Iran than that arab cockroach saddam hossein. If he says stuff like this here and there it's for domestic consumption among the arabs.


What is wrong with these people, the Iraqis?

by Another Anonymous (not verified) on

Their own house is falling apart and they are still barking at the bigger neighbor with historical ties to most of the land? And now, the kurdish leader, a victim of pan-arab atrocities of saddam, wants to bark at his iranian brothers to endear himself to the arab population of iraq and strengthen his position.
The answer: go to hell mr. talebani. Maybe we should set claim to our historical land of Ctesiphon and declare Tigris, rather than Arvand-roud, as our border with that british-invented country, whatever its british-given name is. No wonder IRI is interfering in their affairs; they are incapable of putting their own house in order instead of barking at others unprovoked -- maybe they really deserved saddam and his henchmen.


Amazingly stupid

by farokh2000 on

I am not amazed at the stupidity of some of these "Americans", since they are kept in the dark intentionally by the U.S. Government so that they can run their dirty business around the World without people quetioning them at home here.

If you stupid "American" want to know just a little bit about what the U.S. Government has been up to and is, please read a very easy but informative book by John Perkins, called Confessions of An Economic Hitman.

You might learn a few things. It is easy read and I am sure even you can do that.


No way...

by American (not verified) on

This is totally between the new Iraq and Iran. The US shouldn't yank anyone chains. It's absolutely none of our business and I bet not one American cares one iota who owns a piece of sand or a drop of water on that border.

I guess you think we have an Empire too. Americans don't care about Empire so that land is of no importance to any of us.

Go ahead...jump up and down over the Gulf of Arabia....