The patriot

I am in awe thinking what Benazir Bhutto stood for


The patriot
by hamidbak

I didn't know what it meant for a long time and even when I did find the true meaning of it, I was away from my country for so long and left at such early age that I didn't really feel "patriotism".

Benazir Bhutto was a patriot, to its truest meaning. She, knowing that her life was in danger, went back to her home country and died where she was born. When she was asked why, she said that it was her calling.

Quite incredible, I think.

My generation has been hearing rhetoric of love for the mother land and how this one specific goof ball or another was going to fix what is wrong with Iran. So many losers pop up in the Iranian televisions across the world and dish out nothing but bull shit.

There was even one plan promising 52 planes landing at Mehrabad Airport, all at the same time. These planes were to bring thousands of Iranians back home to change the regime and fix what ailed Iran. This is the airport that cannot handle 4 planes at the same time.

So many call themselves patriots and make promises to lead Iran. Bhutto showed how you take steps to lead your motherland.

It was an amazing feat for one woman, born into politics, lived by her word and at the end died for the cause.

Today I wish to be like her, when I grow up. I am in awe thinking what she stood for, how she lived, what she sacrificed and how she died.

During the so called "revolution" or days leading to it, I sang songs of what I would do for my country. I read and even distributed tear jerking fliers of how to set the country free. I knew of those who died in prisons and in torture chambers of SAVAK with CIA blessings, but I never felt what it was like to love your country so much.

She will be remembered as a lover of her mother land and a dedicated patriot. Without a doubt, she was a unique human being.

I don't know nor can I even guess what will happen in Pakistan. But if the country falls to Muslim extremists, what then? What would the US do? Perhaps attack Syria or some other country, which has absolutely nothing to do with Pakistan.

All you bleeding heart Iranians who still drawing from those huge bank accounts started by money you brought from Iran, this is Patriotism. Just remember, she was only a quarter Iranian and she was that brave. All you, self acclaimed full-blooded Iranians, get out of your studios and hill-top homes in Malibu and show some guts.


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blah blah

by Anonymously (not verified) on

to all the chickens, stop making comments


love of country or love of power

by markux (not verified) on

Another wish for being a monarch, Let's not look for a person who can do good for the country and it's people , no no, we don't that. We keep the power in our family and lets select her son under the corrupt dady. What an dishonorable family, what a joke.



by MRX (not verified) on

>>She was a true patriot, likes of which we have not >>seen in any Iranian

seems to me we had and may still do more patriot than you think Mr. critic. how about Dr. Bakhtiar, General Ayat Moghaheghi and nobel member of armed forces who lost their life's try to liberate iran, freydon farokhzad, akbar mohammadi, tens of thousands and may be up to one hundred thousend of people who faced the execution squad and many many more.
why go far. why don't you look at the miror and start doing some thing yourself?


It's a win win for Taliab and Al-Qaeda

by aaj sr (not verified) on

It's easy and simplest things to deny killing a woman now that the whole world is condemning the barbaric act.
It's on the news that Taliban rejected Mehsud'd membership in Taliban organization, because of many acts he did which are not conforming with Taliabn's policy. They further mentioned, soon they will reveal what those acts are all about.
Mehsud's spokeman, Omar said ".. we don't strike women.." as reported in this site. Aren't these the same people who were beheading women or shooting them on their heads in football stadium?.
Aren't they the same people who are dragging girls from schools and killing them because "girls are not supposed to study"?. Listening to some Binazir's recent speeches, she was talking against fundamentalists and claiming she will go after them with or without outside help if elected.
It's to advantage of Taliaban and Al-Qaeda to deny the act and open a new front beating Musharaf and weakening him by accusing his involvement prior to election. That's only win win situation for Taliban and Al-Qaeda and total lose for Musharaf.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Poor Muslims

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

The sneak attacking on “unbelievers” by Islamists has been going on since the creation of the IRI into a new phase. The West has not noticed until 9/11, when Bin Ladin violently got their attention. For whatever reason Bin Ladin and his cronies did the job, some Christian fundamentalists also seem to be happy with all the carnage. The US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq was an implicit result of this happiness.  

The American public were said that they are helping backward societies into a democratic society. However, the fact is that what Saddam and Mullah Omar look liked would reappear as long as the social conditions are kept.

The religion is all over, especially in the Islamic world, the most destructive condition for the backwardness.

Its miltant section, Islamism is kept functional and the Islamists like Omar, Khomeini, Ahmadinejad and further criminals can be the inevitable future leaders of the poor Muslims.


REPLY : BI NASIR.................

by Farbors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

the fact is: She was not killed by Al Qaida. Please acknowlledge the following: Al-Qaeda denies killing Bhutto
Sat, 29 Dec 2007 16:57:43
Al-Qaeda-linked militant Baitullah Mehsud denies being involved in the assassination of Bhutto, accusing the government of killing her.

"I strongly deny it. Tribal people have their own customs. We don't strike women," said Mehsud's spokesman Maulvi Omar who is also the official spokesman for the Taliban in Pakistan.

The government said on Friday that Mehsud was responsible for Bhutto's killing as she left an election rally in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, close to Islamabad, on Thursday.

But the militant's spokesman said Bhutto was a victim of President Pervez Musharraf's security apparatus, repeating a conspiracy theory many Pakistanis are willing to believe.

"This was a well-planned conspiracy carried out by the intelligence agencies, army and government for their own political motives,"Omar said.

Mehsud also issued a swift denial of any involvement in the attack on her homecoming parade that killed at least 139 people in Karachi after suspicion fell on him.
It was from beginning clear that it can not be al Qaida. The operation method was just too unlikly to the way al q. has ever "worked". For some poeple was the Bi Nasir ( a very nice name for Woman! ) just the Pakistani Farah. I think it could be possible that she had to die in order her Party could win the votes. Greeting


Hamid, it's just you and a

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Hamid, it's just you and a bunch of chickens talking!


valid point

by Amigo (not verified) on

With due respect, Naazokbin has a valid point. Raising too many issues in such a hodgepodge way prompts this kind of reaction from caring readers.



by Iran Ghotbee (not verified) on

I disagree with you. What patriot? She was greedy, vengful, ambitious. She could not settle with a life of a political sideliner, she wanted to have it all.

Now, in politics, calculations go wrong, she played a deck of card that worked against her. That does not make her a partiot. You are entitled to your opinion, but don't blast Naazokbin for injecting his opinion.

Either way, partiotism is not equal to suicide, she committed suicide.



by hamidbak on

Perhaps you ought to be more "koloftbin". Nebulous ha? Big word for someone who cannot understand this article!

She was a true patriot, likes of which we have not seen in any Iranian. Duhhhhh



by Naazokbin (not verified) on

What is it that you are trying to say?