Ahmadinejad Phenomenon

Putting forward IRI's vision for global Islamic domination


Ahmadinejad Phenomenon
by Jahanshah Rashidian

Among the IRI's seniors, president Ahmadinejad is more famous for his fierce rhetoric and odd behaviour. His absurd comments, lack of rationality, revolting habits and odd gestures suggest personal immaturity or even abnormality.

In his speeches, he usually sinks himself into a hectic and incoherent stance in which his words go so beyond the limits of decorum that even some of his companions feel embarrassed about him.--even the most inexperienced and insecure politicians rarely engage in spontaneous outbursts like him.

Ahamadinejad exposes the ability to deceive, manipulate, and con the unwary, while seeming to be perfectly sincere. His self-proclaimed "street cleaner of the people," can rise a bogus enthusiasm. However, his words echo hate, threat and terror for others. His words have caused the entire world to raise its eyebrows. Even his supporters in the regime are shaking their heads. And yet, as loony as he may seem, it would be a grave mistake not to take him dangerous.

Ahamadinejad's gaffes in speech are famous. Some of his verbal blunders or odd phrases are more than simple mistakes. At Columbia University of New York, last September, he claimed that no homosexuals lived in Iran. For the word "homosexual", he spewed out a vulgar word "hamjensbaz" in Persian, what brought his Iranian audience to laugh out.

Then, in front of people who could not speak Arabic, Ahamadinejad started reciting verses from the Koran in Arabic. He launched into 20 minutes of cheap sentiment in Arabic. Then boasting as "an academic," he went on that from his perspective, the role of science is to serve Islam and that any science that does not serve Islamic goals is corrupt. As he described it, "Science is the light, and scientists must be pure and pious. If humanity achieves the highest level of physical and spiritual knowledge but its scholars and scientists are not pure, then this knowledge cannot serve the interests of humanity." Elaborating on this notion, he argued that a great majority of scientists are corrupt because they serve corrupt governments who reject the pure and pious path of Islam.

He went so far as to describe, "A cause for the world's woes is the world powers' rejection of Islam". As he put it, "The second and more important factor is some big powers' disregard of morals, divine values, the teachings of prophets and instructions by the Almighty God... Unfortunately, they have put themselves in the position of God!"

Since the hard-line president cannot accept critics, he mocks and enjoys that everything is owed to him as a right to publicly call his own internal critics "goat or traitors", including those from his own conservative party in the government. In a speech on November 12, 2007 at Tehran's Science and Technology University, he denounced what he called "traitors" to Iran's nuclear programme. He went so far as to threaten to name and to shame these internal critics unless they end pressure to change Iran's nuclear policy.

Followed by a "Holocaust denial conference" in December 2007, Ahamadinejad denied in October 2005 that the Holocaust ever happened. His repeated comments suggesting that Israel be "wiped off the map" is stirring international ire and even caused some Iranian officials to play down his remarks, saying that Ahmadinejad did not mean to speak in such sharp terms.

Ahmadinejad's bellicose remarks, at a moment when Iran is under increasing world scrutiny for its nuclear programme, suggest that the man does not care about war and catastrophe for his people. In reality, his threatening words mirror the kind of options that lead to the survival of the unpopular IRI because it needs external enemy to keep control over its own people. Ahmadinejad serves the survival of the regime, no matter how weird he is, no matter that he has failed to rally the majority of people, but in the absence of democracy, he gains more blind adherents, more Islamists in the world, and more IRI's apologists for the regime.

Ahmadinejad is putting forward IRI's vision for global Islamic domination. The vision of Islamic domination cannot coexist in any manner with peaceful rhetoric. Consequently, Ahmadinejad's words are the direct consequence of the world view the regime propounds. As such, he is supported by the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenaei, Hojattyeh-sect and some international Islamists despite his weird attitudes and uncontrolled speeches.

The IRI cannot satisfy its people; therefore, it applies the policy of carrot and stake. The regime is reaching deep into a dusty bag of tricks to rally a part of people while frightening the rest. Ahmadinejad's crying "wolf" simply threatens the frustrated people of Iran, not the armies of foreign powers. The IRI, which cannot offer the possibility of a decent and democratic life for the majority of its angry people, despite record high oil prices and almost 29 years of promises, needs to keep the hazardous man, at least, until the end of his first term in office.

Ahamdinejad does not serve only the IRI, but his words are served as excuses for both the Bush administration to militarise the region and the Israeli government to play down its aggressive policy in the region. Ahmadinejad's provocations serve one or both of them to stoke the argument and prepare the context for military conflict with Iran.

Mr. Ahmadinejad's language is a symptom of his personality disorder, suggesting how deep he is preoccupied with his own fantasies. Normal politicians may correct their words, but an abnormal politician like Ahmadinejad would give an explanation devoid of intellectual of moral justification because it is enough for them that their words help them do what they want to do.

Ahmadinejad needs to seek refuge in his unreal world. He views himself the direct vassal of the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, of Shiites, for whom he prepares the reappearance after more than a thousand years of occultation. He propagates the idea that he is in permanent contact with him and receives advice from him.

Whatever one may think of Ahmadinejad, any perceived insanity or instability can be best explained by his unshakeable belief in the ethos of the Shiite sect-- with a messianic idea of world catastrophe leading to the coming of the twelfth Imam and Islamic rule over the world. If one analyses this religious belief, his words make perfect sense but only within the strict context of this belief system. When he believes the Mahdi protects him with a "halo of light", then his words must mirror this belief.

The belief in the imminent return of the Mahdi has not only influenced Ahmadinejad's words and attitudes, but also driven his foreign policy brinksmanship. According to him, "a historic war between the oppressor, non-Muslims, and the world of Islam" is under way, and the IRI is on the front lines. Thus, as Ahmadinejad told a closed-door session of the "majles"(Iranian parliament) foreign policy and national security committee in January 2006, Iran must abandon its decade-and-a-haft-old policy of "detente" with the West in favour of confrontation.

Ahmadiniejad's constantly deteriorating behaviour can be threatening even for his colleagues who can witness more signs of abnormality in his attitudes, language lapses, and ridiculous gestures. It is said that the way he behaves his colleagues leads to the repeated change of ministers and staff.

Psychopaths are social predators who may charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plough their way through life. They have traits such as glibness, grandiosity, lack of guilt, and shallow emotions, as well as social deviance traits such as impulsiveness, lack of responsibility, and antisocial behaviour. Completely lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, Psychopaths are found in every segment of society, including in fields of religion and politics. Throughout history there have been many psychopaths, even with the norms of generally accepted behaviour, who brought obscurantism, wars and catastrophes for their people.

Institutional psychopaths, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler imposed restraints on progress and evolution of their societies. Each considerably set back democracy, civil right, and free thoughts in their totalitarian states. And of course, they killed millions of people. As an Islamist, Ahmadinejad is in the same position to bring the same degree of harm for his people.

It is believe that Mr. Ahamsdinejad follows a psychiatric treatment, but he acts as if he were not aware of his personality disorder.


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Jahanshah, you are ignorant

by 4antiImperialism (not verified) on

Jahanshah, you are ignorant and biased, Stalin and Mao ware leaderes of lower classes, they were communist. Their political aims and efforts were fundamentally different than those people like Khamenehi,Ahamadinezhad, Hitler, Bush, Reagan, Thatcher,Shah,and the rest of representatives of capitalist and imperialist world, they belongs to totaly different and opposite classes. The world is not a place or battleground for ideas, but for objectively recognized class interests, The history of mankind shows us that political power, acts and struggles have root in class interests. and sociey, everywhere, is divided. State power is an extension of that division, and all states,regardless of their apperances, are obigated to use everything at their disposal to maintain the order which is in accordance with the objectives and interests of that class they represent.
USA killed 2 mil. Vietnamies for the capitalist- Imperialist class, one case of many. And this is true of other states, be in the west or east, be in the modern times, or past 2000 years.
Your analysis is based on Liberalism doctrine, ideological cover for imperialism and capitalism, class rule.Your democracy will be the same as almost every " democratic states", class rule of capitalist class, and in a third world country like Iran, it means under the domination of Imperialism.Dependent capitalism, as loyal as Shah to Imperialism.


Jahanshah Rashidian phenomenon

by Dariush (not verified) on

You are more of a phenomenon than Ahmadinejad!
You speak of being freedom loving and pro democracy only when it comes to criticizing IRI. When it comes to west and Israel you are against the freedom and democracy. Because you are a paid zionist, you think those who are not agreeing with your opinion are paid IRI supporters. The problem is your double standard views about freedom and democracy that people do not agree with. There are plenty of proof in these postings by others, but if you don't want to accept the truth then learn to live with them!
Unlike you, we want freedom and changes in Iran without kissing and bending forward and backward.


How low can one sink to keep defending the un-defendable!

by Areyo Barzan (not verified) on

This is pretty amazing to see how low, do the sympathizers and closet supporters of IRI are willing to sink in order to defend the un-defendable records of these genocidal morons.

Every time someone mentions the short comes and crimes of IRI these people try to divert our attention form the main issue by blaming the West or pointing the other more hideous crimes committed by other regimes around the world.

Well guys in case you did not notice we are not talking about other regimes here. Right here and now it is the IRI and its records that is on trial . Nowhere in the world, in any court (or even kangaroo court) would one be able to dismiss the crimes of the accused on the ground that there has been more horrific crimes committed by the others in the past.

Each person, government or organization has to answer for its own crimes and murders and the fact that we will never be able to bring all the criminals in the world to trial does not mean that we should overlook the crimes of those that we can bring to justice.

And finally to anonymous

and about your argument with Behrooz!. I must admit that I am really amazed by the level of your ignorance (or may be arrogance) to even continue this discussion. The fact that you have been reduced to defend the IRI and its records against genocidal monstrous organizations such as the Khmer Rouge and Nazi Germany, only shows the level of your logical moral bankruptcy and points to the fact that you have already lost the bigger argument.

It is about high time for you people to drop the dead donkey and stop making excuses for the monsters in Tehran. While it is perfectly alright to be in difference with each other over many more important issues such as governing methods and ideologies, economic goals and many more, this is very naive and pretty pathetic to side with such monsters and incompetent clowns as Ahmadi Nejaad and their acts of cultural genocide or records of economical devastation, and all for what? Just to argue for the sake of arguing and bashing on each others head?

Truly sad and laughable

If we are to find a way out of the mess we are in. the first thing we need to do is to identify the enemy and the cause that is distributing to this misery. And if after 30 years of economical and political bankruptcy, humiliation ,defeat , execution and torture you are still arguing about the nature of this regime and its henchmen as if you still do not know what you are dealing with, then I am afraid you are either grotesquely naïve and politically immature, or you have a hidden pro IRI agenda


Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. World not willing to tolerate?

by Anonymouse on

Are we living in the same world?  Are we?  I didn't want to comment again but my point was about being CHARITABLE to world mass murderors, not stitching ideologies to come up with a comparison for those who "are not smarter than a 5th grader".

World not willing to tolerate another mass genocide scale?

How about Darfur? Rwanda? Former Yugoslavia? in Europe no less. These are the comparisons you can make.  When you fail to understand the capability of man's ultimate violence on a genocidal scale, then I for one am not willing to listen to the derivative outcome.

It is as if this is a game to see who can call himself a more "freedom loving person" and who is more fighting the Islamic regime in Iran.  This is not a contest, you can play (fight) with your fellow playmates as much as you want.  Criticising the Mullahs and finding more tongue twisting names to call them is not a sign of understanding the history.  Even those who chant for Mullahs in Iran don't really believe in what they say.  They are just going with the flow for now.

Anyway, good luck to all freedom loving Iranians.  Besheen, befarma and betemarg all means the same thing.  Really.

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

According to Dr. Noghrehkar Ahamadinejad suffers from a series of diseases like schizophrenia, narcissism, effective depression, mania...--see his article in his acount in Iranian.com

To be more clear, I improve the last paragraph as I put it on my blog.

"Institutional psychopaths, Stalin, Pal Pot, and Hitler imposed
restraints on progress and evolution of their societies. Each
considerably set back democracy, civil right, and free thoughts in
their totalitarian states. And of course, they killed millions of
people. As an Islamist, Ahmadinejad seems to be in the same
psychopathological stance to bring the same degree of harm for his
people if he were politically in their position."

Regarding his dubious terrorist activities, the current psychopathological traits and personal and apocalyptic world view of Tewelth-Sect, Ahamadinejad can commit the same crimes.

Those who are Islamists or on IRI's payroll, are not supposed to side with our oppressed people. No matter how we argue the facts, they must make nice to their Mullahs. See their defamatory personal attacks on me and other freedom loving iranians on this site.


Salaam Mehdi. They are

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

Salaam Mehdi. They are *still* saying that stuff about Shah. (Makes you wonder ...) But bravo for your cogent and correct analysis. The Doctor is not as backwards or dumb as the author would have it. He is merely not in the pockets of the ruling elite. CFR actually had him over for a 'a look at the native leader' session of their upper ranks. Apparently they were impressed with his brains.


Anonymous, It is not about the numbers

by Behrooz (not verified) on

I am sorry anonymous, but you do not seem to get it
When one talks about the nature of a fascist suppressive regime, it is not about who killed the most number of people. This not a contest or a game of numbers. It is neither about any one individual but, the whole regime and its suppressive and murderes system

This is rather the suppressive nature of these regimes and the way they act to suppress the opposition. It is about the way they show no respect for the other point of view and the utter disrespect they show toward human right of the opposition and denial the fundamental right to disagree.

The nature of a fascist regime is in the way their disrespectful attitude toward humane right of anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with or even criticises they way. It is especially abusing the rights of women and children, by killing and imprisoning them, about prosecuting and indiscriminate killing of political opposition orreligious and ethnic minorities, all without a fair trial or proper due process

While This may be true that the number murdered by IRI could be less than the number killed by Nazis or Pol Pot, however this has noting to do with the difference in their nature or their henchmen and this definitely does not make IRI more humane. This is rather due to the geopolitical situation in Iran and especially the global political climate, which is not willing to tolerate another genocide of the same scale or at least the fact that they are not willing to close their eyes to such crimes being committed by an unfriendly and trouble maker government.

But in the end people have to make up their own mind and one has to feel the need to know, before opening his/her eyes and mind to the truth and see what happening around them. So I again recommend to you to go back and read that book along with any book about Holocaust and then judge for yourself


Rashidian’s axiom of the KHAR – KHAR khodati

by Kalvoks on



Agaia Rashidian chra inqadar drooq megeei - Ma ka medanim chea khabara



Response to your lazy intellectual critique is a lazy response










Iranian Islam Is Wrong! Ahmadinejad wants to be the next Cyrus!

by Sunni Indonesian (not verified) on

Again and again, Iranian's or Shiah's views of the world does not represent the Islamic's world views. Shiah is a schism in Islam, a wrong path of Islam, Un-Islam and Un-Muslim. If President Ahmadinejad wants to create his personal or his country's view of Islam, It is a Persian Revivalism, to revive the great Persian Culture while backriding Islam and Muslim Greatness. He wanted to be the next Great Cyrus, Xerxes, and Nebucadnezzar. Mr. Ahmadinejad, your Islam is Wrong.


I like Ahmadinejad because

by Darvaze doolabi (not verified) on

He acts as he preaches;
He has balls of steal;
He does what he thinks is right;
He is polite and does not give in to his anger;
He sets his priorities and follows them;

Here is a nice critique:

دكتر محمود احمدي‌نژاد، رئيس‌جمهور ايران، در مدت دو سال و نيم گذشته، توانسته است افكار بسياري از انسان‌ها را چه در داخل ايران و چه در خارج كشور، متوجه خود سازد، تا جايي كه به عنوان سومين چهره محبوب جهان عرب شناخته شده است و بسياري از نخبگان جهان، اكنون در حال تحليل ويژگي‌هاي شخصيتي اين چهره مشهور ايراني هستند. چنين شخصيتي، قطعا ويژگي‌هاي منحصر به فردي دارد كه قطعا يكي از اين ويژگي‌ها، زيركي خاص دكتر محمود احمدي‌نژاد در برقراري ارتباط با مردم و تأثيرگذاري بر افكار عمومي است. شايد با اين مقدمه، بهتر بتوان سخنراني ويژه روز گذشته ايشان در جمع مردم قم را تحليل و بررسي كرد.

براي تحليل درست اين سخنراني، مهم آن است كه به شرايط ايراد آن توجه كنيم. اين سخنراني، درست در زماني بيان مي‌شود كه با گذشت يك ماه از سال جديد، جامعه همچنان گراني و تورم بالاي 20 درصد را لمس و تجربه مي‌كند و از اين ناحيه هم انتقادهاي بسياري بر دولتمردان نهم وارد شده و مي‌شود، تا جايي كه به نظر مي‌رسد دولت تحت فشار قرار گرفته است. خوشبختانه دولت و دولتمردان اكنون پس از گذشت مدتي، ديگر رويه گذشته را كنار گذاشته‌اند و ديگر به انكار مشكلات از جمله گراني‌ها نمي‌پردازند. هرچند اين امر زماني كه اقشار مختلف مردم و گروه‌هاي گوناگون سياسي به اين مشكلات اذعان دارند، طبيعي است، اما پذيرش آن از سوي دولت، به هر حال يك گام رو به جلو به شمار مي‌رود و به دليل آن‌كه دو سال و نيم هم از روي كار آمدن دولت نهم گذشته، نسبت دادن اين مشكلات به مسئولان سابق و سكانداران دولت‌هاي قبلي، چندان مورد پذيرش افكار عمومي قرار نخواهد گرفت.
در همين شرايط است كه روز گذشته رئيس‌جمهور در سخناني از اجرايي نشدن سياست‌هاي دولت نهم خبر داده و همكاران اقتصادي خود به بانك‌ها و گمرك و ... را مورد انتقاد شديد قرار مي‌دهد.

هرچند ممكن است بار ديگر اين سخنان كه در نوع خود، شديداللحن بوده با واكنش‌هاي برخي رسانه‌ها و نيز نهادهاي قدرتمند به تعبير رئيس‌جمهور واقع شود، نخستين پيامد آن، اين است كه دست‌كم براي چند صباحي، به جاي آن‌كه ناله و انتقاد از گراني و مشكلات اقتصادي و بحران مسكن، سوژه بحث‌هاي محافل خبري و تحليلي و مردم شود، اين محافل و نيز بخشي از افكار عمومي، به دنبال سرخط‌هاي مطرح‌شده توسط رئيس‌جمهور بگردند و در پي كشف هويت مافياهاي پنهان كه اين بار گويا در دولت نهم هم نفوذ كرده‌اند، بگردند.

سخنان دكتر احمدي‌نژاد اين بار نيز به رغم حمله شديد به مفسدان اقتصادي و اخلالگران در برنامه‌ها و سياست‌هاي دولت، بدون معرفي اشخاص و گروه‌ها، پايان يافت، در حالي كه به نظر مي‌رسد افكار عمومي، مردم و به ويژه حاميان دولت، منتظر معرفي اين مفسدان و اخلالگران هستند و پرسش اساسي اين است كه آيا پس از گذشت دو سال و نيم از عمر دولت عدالت‌محور نهم، وقت آن نرسيده تا اين افراد در پيشگاه ملت معرفي شوند؟ دليل اصلي معرفي نشدن اين اشخاص كه به گمرك و بانك‌ها و حتي مراكز قانونگذاري كشور نفوذ كرده و قصد داشته‌اند تورم 70 درصدي ايجاد و آن را به دولت منتسب كنند، چيست؟

شاهد بر اين ادعاي نگارنده، فرياد مردم قم در سخنراني ديروز دكتر احمدي‌نژاد است. آنها پس از آن‌كه رئيس‌جمهورشان با كد و نشاني و نقل‌قول درباره مافياي سيگار در كشور سخن گفت، فرياد زده و خواستار معرفي وي شدند، اما رئيس‌جمهور در پاسخ با خودداري از معرفي اين افراد، اظهار كرد: به زودي صداي او بلند خواهد شد و او را خواهيد شناخت.
اين پاسخ زيركانه از يك‌سو مدتي افكار عمومي را براي كشف هويت افراد و جريانات مذكور به خود مشغول مي‌كند و از سوي ديگر، هر كس كه به اين سخنان انتقاد كند، خود در افكار عمومي متهم شناخته مي‌شود.

البته مردم ايران پيش از اين هم نمونه‌هايي از چنين اعلام‌هايي را به ياد دارند. حدود يك سال پيش، شخصي به عنوان اخلالگر اقتصادي معرفي شد، اما ديري نپاييد كه نام وي از ليست تقديرشوندگان يكي از عرصه‌هاي اقتصادي سر درآورد، هرچند از آن جلوگيري شد. همان زمان، مدير يكي از بانك‌ها هم به عنوان اخلالگر در نظام و سياست‌هاي مالي دولت معرفي شد، اما او هم پس از چند هفته به عضويت در كارگروه تعيين سياست‌هاي تحول بانكي منصوب شد.
اكنون معرفي نكردن اشخاص و گروه‌هايي كه به نظر رئيس‌جمهور بر پايه گزارش‌هايي كه به دست ايشان رسيده، اخلالگر اقتصادي و برنامه‌هاي دولت هستند، با پرسش‌هاي بسياري روبه‌روست.

به هر روي، مردم كه گراني بيش از 20 درصدي را در كالاهاي اساسي خود لمس مي‌كنند، اكنون بيشتر منتظر پاسخگويي دولت و چاره‌انديشي آن براي تورم هستند و انتظار دارند اگر عده‌اي يا گروه‌هايي در برنامه‌هاي تورم‌زدايي دولت اخلال مي‌كنند، نه تنها به طور واضح و صريح به مردم معرفي ‌شوند كه مورد بازخواست و پيگيري قانوني هم قرار گيرند.
اين سخنان رئيس‌جمهور قطعا مباحث جديدي را در مطبوعات و رسانه‌ها و افكار عمومي ايجاد خواهد كرد و شايد سبب شود تا مقداري از فشارهاي ناشي از تورم و گراني‌ها از دولت كاسته شود.

رئيس‌جمهور احمدي‌نژاد همچنين با شجاعت به خاطر عمل نكردن بانك‌ها به دستورات دولت از مردم عذرخواهي كرد؛ بنابراين مردم هم انتظار دارند دولت با شجاعت مثال‌زدني رئيس خود به معرفي باندها و افرادي بپردازد كه سياست‌هاي آن را برنمي‌تابند و سبب مي‌شوند افرادي يك شبه ميلياردها پول‌ بادآورده به دست آورند.


Exaggeration disorder!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Rashidian says: "It is believe that Mr. Ahamsdinejad follows a psychiatric treatment, but he acts as if he were not aware of his personality disorder."

Jahanshah, One of Ahmadinejad's disorders is exaggeration disorder, exactly the same disorder that you have. You display that disorder very consistently, this paragraph is an example:

Rashidian says: "Institutional psychopaths, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler imposed restraints on progress and evolution of their societies. Each considerably set back democracy, civil right, and free thoughts in their totalitarian states. And of course, they killed millions of people. As an Islamist, Ahmadinejad is in the same position to bring the same degree of harm for his people."

Please go read Pol Pot's Wikipedia before you make such chakhanistic analysis.


Reality sucks

by Anonymous347 (not verified) on

Whatever Ahmadinejad is, I think he is praiseworthy just because he is HONEST and sincere.

He is presenting to the world the real image of the Islamic Republic. What in reality this creature is.

He is making the world see IR as it is, not what they want to believe it is and not as what that phony charlatan Mammad chakhan was trying to portray it as.


Amusing Comparison

by Mehdi on

"Among the United States seniors, president Bush is more famous for his fierce rhetoric and odd behaviour. His absurd comments, lack of rationality, revolting habits and odd gestures suggest personal immaturity or even abnormality."

You get the idea, just change the name, locations and event and this could easily be an article written on Bush, Olmert, Castro, etc. And even then it would be extreme exaggeration beyond any sense of reality.


Behrooz count the numbers, if nothing else

by Anonymouse on

How many people did Hitler killed?

How many people did Pol Pot killed?

How many people did Stalin killed?

How many people did Ahamdinejad killed? Use your own link.

If the people who were murdered at the hands of the above 3 were given a choice to live in Iran under IRI or live in Cambodia, Germany or Russia under the above 3, where and who do you think they would choose?

No one is saying IRI is the answer or clean, but don't compare it to the most horrific crimes in human history and become charitable to mass murderors by the MILLIONS. 

Then again we are free to do whatever we want, we are not living under "IRI".  So compare at will.


What is sacred

by Mehdi on

Finally we find that there are in fact things that are sacred on this site. The rights of those who completely disassociated from reality, open their mouth and repeat what the likes of western imperialism, MEK, Zionism and the rest of the criminals rant all day long. It is fashionable to just blame somebody else. It seems to me all those who point finger have the least level of responsibility. I am not sure why Rashidian left MEK, it seems to me his views are exact duplicate of the MEK and Zionists as well as Bush, Cheney and other such respected gentlemen. It's all Ahmadinejad's fault. If your car insurance runs out, blame Ahamadinejad! Why take responsibility?

1979 repeats. The commies and agents of Russia, western imerialism, loosers who couldent make it in the society and the super-greedy Zionists spreading rumors and falsehood that Shah was the worst dictator that the world had ever seen; that Shah was killing our youth thousands a day; that Shah was ripping us off - he was stealing all the oil money and building palaces for himself in foreign countries. A bunch of irresponsible liars. Traitors and criminals.

If Ahmadinejad is dumb, at least he can be excused a little if we were to look at his upbringing, his environment, his superstition-filled, backwards surroundings. What can we say about people with so much education and contact with the modern world, such as our own super-intelectual, Mr. Rashidian, Mr. Olmert and his gang, Bush and Cheney and the rest? Makes you want to write a letter to Ahmadinejad and thank him for being at least decent! And that is a sad day when we find that Ahmadinejad has to be complimented, compared to the rest! Sickening.


To Anonymouse

by Behrooz (not verified) on

Well sir

I believe that you have already answered you own question
You simply do not know and DO NOT want to Know

Iif you want to know the extent of IRI's crimes there are may books and memoirs writen by ex political prisoners in Evin and other places.

I dare you to read only a few chapter of this book and then come here and tell me if IRI's gang are not as bad as Hitler or Poll Pot



No nation is inherently

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

No nation is inherently Great. Iran or America did not become great civilizations because they were programmed by some external power to become great...A handful of people with vision, love of their country, love of humanity, justice, and freedom set out goals and objectives to make their civilization great and most prosperous...

It also takes a handful of people with psychopatic tendencies, antipathy for life and living things, hatred of other cultures, religions, ideologies, delusional dreams of doomsday and caliphate, pitting Islam/Christianity against other relgions and civilizations, extreme self-rightousness and malignant narcissim to drown those previously great nations into the cesspool of medieval backwardness and perversely base animilistic and evil tendencies in our evolutionary history as human beings.

Nations are not intrinsically great, it takes actual people who love their country(not ideology or religion) to plan and strategize for greatness and remove/expose/watch anything that hinders and impedes their struggle to achieve greatness.


Mister Roshanfekr

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Hey Rashidian:
Analyze this on your next article




by Anonymous347 (not verified) on

To anonymous1234

Seems like these harfhaye maskhreh have a lot of buyers on this site particularly after Payvand.com apparently dismantled its forum and the gang transferred.


When you don't know, you don't know

by Anonymouse on

In farsi we say an kas ke nadanad ke nadnad ta abadol dahr dar jahl bemanad.  The one who doesn't know that he doesn't know that he doesn't know, will remain ignorant for ever.

Compare Ahamadinejad (heck even Khomeini) with the likes of Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and other mass murderors of history.

Be charitable to mass murderors.  In the end it shows how clueless you are and how clueless you will remain.


Ahmedinejad rants

by Ahmed from Bahrain (not verified) on

It is true that Ahmedinejad sounds like a lunatic and that is just it. He has no power to download his views onto the world. Yet hearing Bush and his cabal, they have very similar views of Armageddon and the return of Christ when all Jews return back to Israel.

The difference is that Bush has shown he can control the world through this evangelical belief. Ahmedinejad neither has the billions nor the support of majority of Iranians to act on his beliefs and invade other countries killing thousands and driving millions away from their homes.

The crazy thing is the world salutes one crazy lunatic and takes the other lunatic too seriously, almost baiting him.

We are better off without lunatics with a lot of power but pure lunatics provide entertainment.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Dear Rostam / Jamshid

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Yes, we need national legends like Rostam, Babak... to empower us patriotism and encouragement to free our country from the new Islamo-Arab occupiers. Any kind of struggle or resistance agains these evils, including deranged Ahmadinejad, is vital and national duty.

Today, all true Iranians or even true humans are sadden to witness a great nation like Iran is suffering before their eyes. As you see the regime and its devotees and sold apologists on this site have nothing to justify their parasitic survival except empaty accusations on freedom loving people and aberrant distractions from the main evil, the IRI.

I propose to all those who have no our peopl's blood on hands to join the fair struggles or resistance of people agaist the evils.


Islamist and IR supporters

by Jesus (not verified) on

No wonder they support IR, and have an affinity for Islam. They don't think, they have no logic, and ironically enough, they tell the rest of us to think, and be rational.
ONE and LAST TIME: Christianity bad, Bush evil, Cheney and West really ugly! What does this have to do with Ahmadinejad and his action?
I will add to Jamshid's points, another tactic is to cover up IR's criminal behavior to always point at something else! As if our criticism of that nutjob Ahmaghinejad is a somehow defense of the west, Bush and their action. Listen, the crimes in Iran is IR's responsibility. I can not ask the "West" to change its behavior just so bunch of ignorant mullahs don't have an "excuse" to kill and murder people. That argument is so absurd, and it makes me think you people must have failed kindergarten! If mullahs are killing people and using the west as excuse for that and for their corruption, it would be absolutely irrational to think that if west left Iran completely alone, the mullahs would suddenly become bunch of nice and civilized group of people...NO body is buying you crap anymore....



by Rostam on

Excellent analysis of a backwarded and mentally derranged Ahmadinejhad. He is an embarrassment to our country, and as you said it, even to his own IRI people.

Thank you for another fine article and another sharp thorn in the eyes of IRI mentals. We need more people like you.


JuST listen to these

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

JuST listen to these pathetic attempts by these IRI guys, the worst is from this Mehdi character who says Iran is "going through its evolutionary steps. We keep wanting to destroy it,"

Who are you trying to fool? evolutionary? Did you mean DEvolutionary? Yes, that's what iran is going through a devolution.

We kep wanting to destroy it? It is already destroyed you moron, and is keeping on getting more destroyed thanks to people like you.

baba in harfaye maskhareh digeh kharidar nadareh, melate iran bidartar az in harfast ke goole in arajifo bokhoreh.

Good article rashidian, still i think you were too generous to this ahmadinejad character. And why is it that these islamists got a grudge with you? Actually that is a very nicee complement. Keep your voice loud rashidian. the more people hear the more you have acomplished against these animals.



by Mehdi on

Maybe we are all just afraid of change, after all. Maybe we can't tolerate our country growing naturally and going through its evolutionary steps. We keep wanting to destroy it, offering ridiculous excuses.



by jamshid on

Thank you for your response. By the way, my previous post was not targeting you.

You still did not answer my question. What is the ultimate goal in wanting to be independent, be treated equally, and be a dominant power in the region? Why do you want these? Again, I want the same too, but it is the reasons behing these wantings that makes us people different.

You must take an extra effort and try to think a bit deeper. Answer the question to yourself first and then to me if you don't mind. Your answer cannot be "I want independence because it gives us independence"! That's cyclic and meaningless. I'll give you my answer to this question after I read your reply.


Dear readers, please observe...

by jamshid on

... Read my post farther below. I explained how the IRI uses a "foreign" threat as an excuse to divert attention from IRI's crimes, failures and bankrupt ideology.

Then read "Dariush's" comment, and compare notes.

The IRI is the root cause of all our miseries. It is not protecting Iran's citizens against foreign threats, and in fact it is endangering them against foreign powers.

After 30 years, the IRI and its gang of parasitic supporters have successfully colonized Iran, exploited its people and plundered its riches, have made Iran a totally dependent country, even for its gasoline, stopped Iran's great potential for progress, isolated Iran from the global market, violated its most basic and fundemental human rights, imprisoned and killed any opposition, and taken an entire nation hostage to their failed and bankrupt ideology.

The IRI and its criminal band of supporters has hurt and consumed Iran more than any colonial power had ever done in Iran's history.



by Abarmard on

It's not too complicated. I like Iran and her wishes to be respected the same as any western country. Not because Iran is the Yes man of the west, but because it's an independ country. Not independent in a sense of economy. Plus, as a nationalist, I like to see Iran to have a more dominant role in the region and ultimately have a united region that work for the benefit of themselves rather than...you know the rest.

Am I dreaming? I guess I am a dreamer. I get bothered by the fact that we are never left alone and toyed with. I don't blame anyone, not even IRI but us, the people. I think we need to mature up and agree what our obsticles are. By the way, this might not be a good day for me to logic my ideas, since I am a bit under influence (Scotch) :)


Re: Abarmard

by jamshid on

Can you tell me what is the ultimate goal in wanting to have independence and freedom from dominance of foreign forces?

I know my answer, but I am asking you this question because the answer varies from one individual to another. You'll be surprised.

I'd like to know your answer. Please respond.