Beyond reason

Continued ideologically inflamed rhetoric of the “battle of Armageddon”


Beyond reason
by Davood.Rahni

The Bush administration has once again ratcheted up the drum beating of a “Preemptive War” against Iran, on the presumption of the now familiar saber rattling pretext of “weapons of mass destruction.” Many believe his motive as a dire hope of passing on the White-House-Baton to another neo-conservative warmonger, John McCain, as his successor. While the court of public opinion worldwide, including the U.S., is unanimously against waging another bloody war of transgression costly to all sides concerned, President Bush, at least on the surface, seems to have been orchestrating another false image of “an international coalition” relying on his political lackeys and lapdogs, and poodles and patsies in Europe, Israel and the Middle East, as they are referred to by the independent press and the populace.

There has been repeated number of unannounced inspections (over 3,000) and live camera surveillance by the IAEA of the so-called nuclear sites in Iran; Iran, unlike other intransigent regimes in the region, has signed onto the NPT and the UN conventions for nuclear non-proliferations. There is no proven evidence to substantiate the frivolous claim by the Bush administration that the Iranian nuclear development, which Iran states is for peaceful energy and medical applications, has or is leading toward nuclear weapon development. It is believed that the Iranian regime has ostentatiously showcased its nuclear projects seeking security guarantees from outside while orchestrating and exploiting a domestic unified sense of nationalism and pride.

Iran is a highly diverse and historically rich nation, with archaeological monuments dating back to 10,000 years, and with a continuous form of government within the past 2,500 years. The struggle for democracy, modernization and socio-cultural and political reform in Iran has actually labored on for over one hundred years, only to be hindered by external colonial intervention, albeit the Americans since World War II, and their internal native cronies so as to exploit the natural and strategic resources of the country.

In fact, the first democratically elected Iranian prime-minister, Dr. Mohammad Mosadegh, the internally acclaimed lawyer who nationalized Iranian oil and defended Iran’s sovereignty against the Anglo-American Oil consortium was overthrown by a CIA sponsored coup in 1953, followed by the reluctant return of the Shah to in effect reinstall the absolute monarch on the Persian Peacock throne, that had been abolished fifty years earlier. The modest degree of domestic reform and international engagement achieved in Iran during the 90’s, has now been replaced by some of the harshest repressive measures unseen since the midst of the revolutionary fervor of the late 70’s.

The credit for such socio-political regression goes to Bush and his denigrating label of Iran as a member of the “Axis of Evil” and his continued ideologically inflamed rhetoric of the “battle of Armageddon” that has in essence resurrected the ultra-, and neo-conservatives everywhere. The current annual U.S. financing of up to 100 million dollars of covert ethnic unrest and interference in Iran’s internal affairs, as grotesque as it may seem to most honorable Americans, has further antagonized, and as result disenfranchised the political hierarchies of the Middle East region.

The press and media as well as the populace in both countries should, therefore, remain vigilant by expressing their conscientious objections to war and terrorism, and repression and bloodshed, and their staunch advocacy instead, for negotiations, justice and peace; otherwise, we may be facing a horrifically calamitous outcome that could engulf the entire Middle East, thereby pushing the price of oil astronomically and an economic contraction to follow.

As treacherous as the long-term intertwined national interests of the Americans, the Iranians, and the Israelis, may be portrayed by those with ulterior motives from all sides. They can harmoniously achieve credibility and economic competitiveness for the U.S., legitimate security and progress for Israel, and homegrown democracy, justice and development for Iran, if and when a mutually respectful multilateral negotiation convene to resolve all outstanding Middle Eastern issues.

The time to resort to human basics of logic and reason, rationale and justice, over belligerence and confrontation, and hegemony and adventurism, is far overdue. This paradigm, as counterintuitive as it may seem to the sold-out political powerhouses and lobbying think-tanks, is nonetheless, congruent with the longing aspirations of the peoples of the U.S., Israel and Iran who have reaffirmed their desires for CHANGE.


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Farhad Kashani

Nioulfar azeez, I am against

by Farhad Kashani on

Nioulfar azeez, I am against leftism, as an ideology, not against leftists as people. I don’t engage in their character assassination against them like lot of them do against us, and I will defend their right to express their opinion. I never said that should ban any leftist or Islamist from posting articles. I don’t even remotely think like that. But I have right and I believe I should, express my content and opposition to the views they promote. I’m looking at this from a historical perspective. In the last 50-60 years, the ideologues of these two groups bullied everyone who disagrees with them as “Gharbzadeh”, “CIA agent”, “Zionists”, “khod forokhteh”,and other things. They even do that today, just read some of the postings on this site. I never call any of them “communist agent”, or “IRI agent”..Or anything like that. That’s different between the two characters. The fact is, these two groups hijacked the Iranian intellectual movement and were promoting views that were and are contrary to the mainstream Iranian views. But they were very active and silenced everyone else using scare tactics and in many times, force. During the 1979 revolution, they joined forces to hijack the revolution and bring destruction to our country. What we suffer today in Iran is a result of those two groups getting their way in Iran. But that is changing. It’s not just me speaking up and being active. The silent majority is. Regards

Niloufar Parsi

Farhad jaan

by Niloufar Parsi on

I am curious: what is your problem with the 'left'? I noticed some of you guys use it like a swear word. What is it based on? I am extremely proud of being a 'leftie' and it makes no sense to me how you try to be insulting with the word. It's like calling someone 'lovely' with a nasty tone: it's a contradiction in terms.

Is it an American thing? You are Irani, right? So why do you insult the politics of other Iranis? You support democracy, right? So why are you so full of contempt for the politics of others? I thought you were a gentleman.

Farhad Kashani

Mr. Nassery, you’re

by Farhad Kashani on

Mr. Nassery, you’re absolutely right. These leftists and IRI apologists spare no effort to twist realities. These guys actually were fooled to believe that Bush is some religious nut job who waged wars based on his religious conviction. The best they can come up with is something Bush said that was mistranslated by media into portraying him as some religious fundamentalist. When Bush came to office, he had no desire nor any plans to stage any “Armageddon battle”. These guys are either so naïve or deliberately just to bash Bush as much as they can, have hypered this argument that Bush wants to attack Iran because he believes in Armageddon! The reality is many of the religious conservatives in the U.S are unhappy with the fact that Bush never delivered any of his conservative agenda he announced to get the religious vote. Many of them are speaking out and feel betrayed. Obviously Bush fooled those guys to get their vote. He had no intention. Even if he did, he is well aware that U.S president does not have authority like that to make those changes. After his 8 years, abortion is still legal, gay marriage is being legalized in different states, church is still separate from state, medical marijuana (and later marijuana) is being legalized in some states, religion is never been attacked as much as now in mass media, more mosques, synagogues, Hindu temples, other religious sites are being built, U.S still produces more porn than nay other nation…and how did Bush’s religious convention stopped any of those? Obviously none. The reality is these guys will use every excuse in the book, just like they did with the Iraq war, to victimize the Iranian regime if a war were to break out. I bash Bush too, but I will never , ever bash him or any other U.S president, or any other world leader, to justify what the regime is doing in Iran. One day they say Bush is looking for Armageddon, then they say he’s looking for oil, then they say he is doing it for Israel, next they say because U.S is an “imperialist”, then they say because U.S “hates” Iran (And they cite the movie 300 for it!), then they say because Iran is “standing up” to the U.S….and on and on. I really wish they can make up their mind.

Niloufar Parsi

Very well put

by Niloufar Parsi on

Great piece Davood!

All the talk of 'national interests' is lies. Something else is going on to make sure that people everywhere are enslaved. Power over the people is clearly objective number one for elites everywhere, and until the day we wake up and take our lives into our own hands it will not end.

Tolerance and diversity are inherent to human nature and there is absolutely no need for anyone to force their constructed 'truths' on anyone else. If we cannot get a basic consensus to live and let live, there will be no peace. 


K Nassery

Change for the better, I hope.

by K Nassery on


 This article makes me sick, but there is so much hatred from the Islamics that ordinary people in the West are reacting illogically.  How can you reach an agreement with people who want to kill you?  How do you find a path to agreement with an Ahmadinejad?