Iranians deserve better

Islam & the Iranian Dilemma


Iranians deserve better
by Amil Imani

Since its inception fourteen hundred years ago, Islam has been at war with the people of this planet. Millions of people have been literally butchered with the sword of Islam.

Some may argue that all religions at one point in time have committed crimes against humanity. That may be so, but none of the existing world religions' foundation has been based upon shedding the blood of its innocent conquered. Islam lives, breathes and grows on blood. Once we take away this red element from Islam, Islam will vanish completely. Islam cannot possibly live in the hearts and minds of its believers. Islam needs to shed the blood of the infidels, meaning all non-Muslims. Islam is about world domination. Fear of pain and punishment for non-conformism is part of being a Muslim.

Muslims are radical even in their intrafaith dealings. Various sects and sub-sects pronounce other sects and sub-sects as heretics worthy of death; women are treated as chattel, deprived of many rights; hands are chopped for stealing even a loaf of bread; sexual “violations” and “indiscretions”, as defined and delimited by Islamic Sharia is punishable by stoning, and much much more. These are standard day-to-day ways of the mainstream “moderate” Muslims living under the stone-age laws of Sharia (Islamic jurisprudence). The “moderate” mainstream of Islam has been outright genocidal from inception. Their own historians record that Ali, the first imam of the Shiite and the son-in-law of Muhammad, with the help of another man, beheaded 700 Jewish men in the presence of the Prophet himself. The Prophet of Allah and his disciples took the murdered men’s’ women and children into slavery.

Ali, who is the successor of God on the earth, and known to fight with a double edged sword, ordered the warriors to cut off the heads of the nonbelievers. Zobair assisted him in finishing this job. Ali also ordered the distribution of the captives and their property [i.e. the ‘booty’] among the Muslims, in accord with Sa’ad’s (b. Mu’adh) decision regarding the fate of the defeated Jews [i.e., the Qurayzah]. After the battle [and executions], Ali ordered everyone [of the Muslims] to return home. Sa’ad (b. Mu’adh) who had been very anxious during the battle, was now happy and praised God upon completion of his task. Then [later] they [i.e., the Muslims] celebrated and enjoyed beautiful women.”

Muslims are taught deception andlying in the Quran itself -- something that Muhammad practiced during his life whenever he found it expedient. Successive Islamic rulers and leaders have done the same.

Khomeini, the founder of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, for instance, rallied the people under the banner of democracy. All along his support for democracy was not a commitment of an honest man, but a ruse. As soon as he gathered the reins of power, Khomeini went after the “Useful Idiots” of his time with vengeance. These best children of Iran, having been thoroughly deceived and used by the crafty phony populist-religionist, had to flee the country to avoid the fate of tens of thousands who were imprisoned or executed by the double-crossing “imam Khomeini.”

Throughout centuries, Iranians continued to prevent Islam from making inroads into their cultural identity and divesting them of their heritage. Knowing their culture well, they influenced events and paved the way for posterity to turn the tide. From the beginning, three lines of resistance has become distinct: administrative manipulation, political resistance, and intellectual nonconformity.

Almost three decades after the tragic Islamic Revolution of 1979, the suffocating rule of Islam casts its death-bearing pall over Iranians. A proud people with enviable heritage is being systematically purged of its sense of identity and forced to think and behave like the barbaric and intolerant Muslims.

Iranians who had always treated women with equality, for instance, have seen them reduced by the stone-age clergy to sub-human status of Islamic teaching. Any attempt by the women of Iran to counter the misogynist rule of Muhammad’s mullahs is mercilessly suppressed. Women are beaten, imprisoned, raped and killed just as men are slaughtered without due process or mercy.

One must pay attention to how Islamists engage others in discussion. When they don't like what they hear, they resort to ridicule, accusations and name-calling. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these people would, for once, were to abandon theirprimitive mindset and use a civilized method of dialogue?

What are the facts the Islamists dispute? The truth that they don't like? Well, that's tough. Truth is often unwelcome. If truth were to spread, it would reveal the true nature of Islam -- something that is unacceptable to an Islamic ruling class. Yet, it is light to our feet. We really must be truthful even if it hurts and often it does. Are there any questions about the facts?

1. Muhammad died and did not leave a written will (he was illiterate, that's understandable). So, his high-ranking disciples began scheming for leadership. The Shias claim that Muhammad verbally indicated that Ali was to lead his Ummah. Well, 90% of the Muslims say, no he did not and the Caliphate system was the way to go.

2. Shortly after Muhammad's death, Ali was killed by some disgruntled Muslim, for whatever reason. Violence was part and parcel of Islam from the get-go.

3. Then, there was a battle between Yazid's forces and Hussein, wasn't there? Hussein and his band of relatives-followers got butchered. Well, friends, that's the nature of the beast called war.

4. To this day, Shias bloody themselves, their children, even their babies with self-flagellation in a most horrid way in aza dari (mourning) for what happened to Hussein. What good does this do, other than perpetuate a sense of defeatism and fanaticism that mitigates against Iranians freeing themselves from the yoke of the conniving mullahs? In fact Hussein’s decree to murder and enslave the “inferior Iranians” has been recorded in history, but is kept a secret from the average Iranian Muslim -- part of the culture of deceit that is built into Islam. Yet, Iranians are told by the mullahs to go out during the month of Ashura and beat themselves over the death of Hussein, their sworn enemy!!!

The long-suffering Iranian people must put the past behind them and use their excellent talents to not only join the advanced world, but lead it. What a shame to remain stuck in this horrid mentality of victimization. Iranians deserve better than being manipulated by a bunch of mullahs who have been having a great ride on the back of the ignorant poor by deceiving the poor and the ignorant with empty promises of all the goodies, promised in the afterlife.

Forget the afterlife and pay attention to the plight of the suffering masses. Stop playing politics with the lives of the people. Those responsible for this sham have no heart and no shame. Let the bad bygones be bygones, and use the marvelous human potential of Iranians to provide, opportunities to better themselves and their families.

The most important step in the direction of emancipation of our people is the establishment of the rule of law -- not the barbaric Sharia -- to grant all Iranians, male and female, young and old, of any and all beliefs, equal rights.

We Iranians don’t have a dog in this fight. In fact we should rid ourselves of all Islamic stains, Shia, Sunni, or whatever, and with it stop playing victims of one power or another. Playing victim may give psychological relief but doesn’t solve and problems on the ground, and problems on the ground we have aplenty.

Let's look forward and do something about the sorry plight of the Iranian people today so that future generation can recall this generations of Iranians as trailblazers who had the courage to break from the bleak past and launch a bright future.


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Re Crimes by Christians

by jimzbund on


when someone criticises Muslim fundamentalsist , it doesn't mean he is christian or a Jew, in my opinion all kinds of fundamentalism and extremism should be criticised and stopped. Muslims are not doing themselves a favor by keeping quiet about radical Muslims who terrorise people in the name of religion . I can argue that even radical muslims are just following up what they have been ordered to do in the Quran but the same will be if the jew started stoning and eye for an eye or else but they have passed thoise days and accepted the reality , it is Islam's turn to throw away the havbits and culture of 7 th century Arabia and join the free world.


Amil Imani


by Amil Imani on

You Islamists do not know the difference between race and Islam. Islam is a not a race and Muslims are the most racist people in the world. Just because I told your Islamist friend he is sooooooo uneducated, you call me racist? You cannot compare Islam with other religions. Islam is not a religion, it is the cult of death, it is the cult of a narcissist, highly mentally unstable, and extremely horny Arab man by the name of Muhammad.

Islam must be dismantled completely and it will.

Iranians are not Muslims and never have been. They were forced to become sub-humans like you. Not to worry, there are only 10% of you who are Islamic racists. We will change that. Soon, very soon. That is a promise.

If you know so much about Islam, why don’t you educate us? I will be happy to refute everything you say based on Quran and Hadith…the problem with you Islamist is that you have never read Quran, the book of terror. So don’t try to fool the innecent.

Calling me a racist is like calling your father, mother.


To all of you

by Blue-eyed Canadian Sheik (not verified) on

Join the growing movement - no religion!!!! Yes, feel the freedom that you will gain when you cast aside the ignorance, superstitions and biases and violence of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc and etc.

Each one of these religions is based on the subjugation of its followers and the enrichment of its leaders. Wake up everyone!! All religions are fraudulent and all are based on lies.



by amirkabear4u on

According to democracy you can express yourself but do not need to be racist. It is clear you have no idea what islam is and that is why generalising so much. Your comments are very racist and I bet you will not talk about other religions this way. I can guess what type of person you are.

Amil Imani

It is Islam, dummy

by Amil Imani on

Mammad, you are the most uneducated person I have ever seen. Most Isamists are. We are talking about a bunch savages who have hijacked Iran and you are dancing “baba keram” as if people would pay attention to your idiotic childish irrelevant rambling about Christianity. What in hell the two subjects have anything in common? So with your extremely puny intelligence tell us what does killing of million of Iranians by the Mullahs in Iran have anything to do when the US, not Jesus Christ who lived 2000 years ago, dropped two bombs during the WWII? Common, are you really that DUMB or you just think the readers of the have no brain of their own? What is it? At least call the IRI attaché in Washington and ask for a little help before cut and paste and insult Jesus who lived 2000 years for dropping two bombs in Japan.

Really, why are you making such a stupid comparison? Iran at this point is the center and core of terrorism and they are following the book of hell called Quran. Quran is a terrorist manual and the world will not let this go away, just get used to it. They will eradicate sub-humans like you sooner or later. Just wait.

OK, akhunzadeh, let me educated you a bit, the Islamic Republic has ruled over defenseless Iranians for 29 years with iron fists and absolute power and are not ready to relinquish this power before taking down millions of innocent lives with them.

The 7th century barbaric ruling of Sharia has caused millions of Iranians to flee their country. Those remaining have been subject to mass slaughtering, thousands upon thousands of fabricated arrests and thousands more torn away from their homes and their families. They have been subjected to tortures, made to confess to crimes they never committed, and then been either exterminated or sent back to medieval Islamic torture chambers where they simply faded away. It is difficult for many people to even talk about these horrible tragedies and genocides, which continue to exist to this date in Iran.

Similar to the Nazis who possessed a vast and destructive power apparatus, its new rival, the Islamic Republic, is on the same path of destroying the civilized world. Why the world "looks the other way" about the homicidal, genocidal actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a very good question many Iranians would like to have answered. Had the Nazis won the war, they would have slaughtered tens, perhaps hundreds of millions more around the world and enslaved the peoples of Poland, France, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, something the Islamic Republic is dreaming about.

In 1979, upon returning from his long exile, Khomeini set the stage for gaining absolute power via primitive 7th century Sharia or Islamic law and by employing hundreds of thousands of overzealous revolutionary guards and militia police to repress the opposition elements within the country. The year 1979 was the beginning of the rejuvenation of the evil empire of Islam in Iran.

The execution of thousands of prisoners of conscience by the direct order of the founder of the Islamic revolution, Khomeini, reached its pinnacle in the summer of 1988. In his famous speech in 1988, Khomeini said, "Those who are in prisons throughout the country and remain committed to their support for the “Monafeqin” (anti-revolutionary) are waging war on Allah and are condemned to execution....Kill the enemies of Islam immediately. As regards the cases, use whichever criterion that speeds up the implementation of the [execution] verdict."

The terror and death inflicted on humanity is not the work of radical Islam, neither the political Islam, nor the militant Islam. It is Islam, period. Get it? And the perpetrators are not fringe elements confined to brainwashed Saudis, loony Taliban, or some know--nothing Pakistanis who have hijacked Islam and are now in the business of mass murder. The latest project of the practitioners of the “religion of peace,” aimed to blowing planeloads of innocent civilians to smithereens in midair over the Atlantic, - ought to finally drive the point home: It is Islam, dummy. Get it?

How could people calling themselves sincere God-fearing religionists bring themselves to even think of acts of such barbarity, yet plan them methodically and cold-bloodedly proceed to execute them?

The answer is Islam. The life manual of Islam, the Quran, is a document of exclusion, hatred and violence that shapes the Muslims’ thinking and behaving. This stone-age document is optimally suited for people of stunted development; people who prefer to follow than to think for themselves, to hate than to love, and to seek death rather than to celebrate life.

Sadly, Muslims themselves are the ones who are most victimized by Islam. They have inherited this viral psychological disease of hate and violence; they live by it, and transmit it to their children as well as to receptive others.

A puzzle to non-Muslims: why any intelligent and reasonably sane person would live his life by the dogma of Islam? It is particularly disconcerting when this Muslim lives in a secular non-Islamic society. The befuddlement becomes mind-boggling when seemingly educated women in free societies voluntarily submit to the yoke of Islamic misogyny.

There are a number of possible explanations to the enigma of believing in Islam and even propagating it with zeal and violence. Some possible explanations are treated here.

For one, Islam is stamped on the impressionable mind of the child from birth. The parents and immediate members of the family are the ones who make the very first impressions on the tabula rasa of the young mind. These early impressions are the grid-work for further formation of the person’s mind and belief system. It is by far easier, as life goes on, to incorporate “items” that readily fit into the grid-work, than to modify it or dismantle it altogether and begin anew. It is in recognition of the importance of early training and education that people such as Saint Augustine and Freud considered the first few years of life as critical for molding the person. “Teaching the very young is like etching upon my youth is when your stones in the stone,” says an Eastern proverb.

Another reason is the herd mentality—stay with the group, be one of them, and don't strike out on your own. This strong disposition to belong is reinforced by privileges that the group bestows; social pressure, as well as the fear of castigation by the wielders of power. There is security and power in numbers—in any numbers.

Islam is also appealing for giving purpose and order to the person’s life—both the life on earth as well as an immortal life after death. Islam is an omnipresent and omniscient father figure who draws the boundaries, points out the path, dictates the terms, holds the carrots and the sticks. It absolves the person, for most parts, from the often demanding tasks of dealing with difficult questions and choosing what to do with oneself—a highly attractive trade off for many. Accept Islam as your guide, follow its path and you will never have to suffer the agony of not knowing and having to make decisions by yourself; you will be guided along the path of eternal happiness and salvation. Just follow the unerring guide given to mankind by the seal of the prophet, Muhammad.

An elaborate package of mostly illogical and bizarre prescriptions and proscriptions comes with the Islamic offer, covering every imaginable aspect of life. In the matter of being a good Muslim, nothing is left to chance that one needs to figure out for himself. “I think, therefore I am” said Rene Descartes in substantiating his claim to existence as a conscious being. “I don't think, I have faith; therefore I am an automaton,” says the Muslim in absolving himself of the need for independent thinking.

Even the minutest detail of the Muslim’s life is rigidly structured. He is to perform the obligatory prayer, for instance, five times a day at the exact appointed times. He must drop everything and go through the prescribed gesticulation and recitation of the verses while facing Mecca. Before saying his prayer, however, he must perform ablution. The Ablution, using water, must be carried out in a precise manner and sequence. In the absence of water, the faithful can substitute soil for water and go through the practice of “purifying” himself by running soil over his hands, arms, face and feet. After completion of ablution, as prescribed, he may proceed to say his prayer unless he commits flatulence. In that case, he must re-perform the ablution all over again.

Being a good Muslim, particularly a good male Muslim, is indeed a full time job. Male Muslims are obligated to go for Hajj—women don't have to do so. Islam is a man’s religion, through and through. Women are to please men erotically, to attend to them like chattel, and birth them boys. Going on Hajj and accumulating merit points for admission to Allah’s paradise is reserved for men. Women may also go to Hajj, if they are lucky enough to afford the journey or allowed by their owners, men, to do so. For women, there are no promises that by going on Hajj and paying tribute to the house of Allah they endear themselves to him. “Women are calamities, but no home should be without one,” is an old Islamic characterization of women. Hence, a woman is a necessity and not much more.

In short, Islam treats its believers as children irrespective of age. An extensive cadre of mullahs and imams, who themselves are thoroughly indoctrinated, minister to the children. These professional leeches—the mullahs and imams—systematically program the minds of their charges through liberal use of fear, threats of hell, and occasional promises of eternal life of bliss in Allah’s paradise if they be obedient good children.

A Muslim is born Muslim, yet he acts as if he independently and through his own labor has discovered the great find; he clings to it as his cherished security blanket; and, would part with his life, rather than give it up. It is, therefore, understandable what a recent poll has found. Fully 81% of British Muslims consider themselves Muslims first and British second. The 81% know full well that there is absolutely no chance of being harassed, much less persecuted, in Britain for professing their highest loyalty to Islam. So, they come out and admit it. The other 19% are even more Muslim. They are practicing what the Quran teaches—dissimulation. Muslims are taught to lie. They lie when they have to and they lie when they don't have to, just to stay in practice.

The bottom-line is that the non-Islamic world has a huge problem on its hands—the ever-encroaching Islam. For as long as there are mosques, madrasehs, and Islamic centers; as long as vast cadres of well-paid, highly indoctrinated and strategically placed mullahs and imams; and, as long as there are people who prefer to be treated as children, Islam will flourish anywhere and will pose an existential threat to unbelievers. All the excuses, grievances and reasons given for savagery of the jihadists and Islamofascists are side issues. It is Islam, dummy. It is Islam itself. Get it?


"If Muslims unite, it will be easy to take action," Mahathir was

by lucifercus (not verified) on

One reads and hear likewise Formulations very often. So I think it is better to ask oneself: just why so often and just why since 1978 and not earlier? WHY?


Crimes by Christians

by Mammad (not verified) on

In order to attract Iranians to his propaganda, Imani insults their religion, misinterprets the teachings of their religion through his imbecility, as well as misinterpreting about religions in order to prove that they are benign.

Let's see: In the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st:

1. The Christian US dropped the first two nuclear bombs on Japan, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, with long-terms effects that still persist today - the only time any nation has used a nuclear bomb against another nation.

2. The Christian French and US killed 2 million Vietnamese before they were defeated and expelled.

3. The Christian France killed 1 million Algerians before it retreated and Algeria gained its independence.

4. The Christian West and the Jewish Israel both supported the most evil regime on the face of earth, namely, the apartheid regime in South Africa.

5. The Christian US supported all sorts of dictatorships in Iran, and in south America.

6. The Christian and Chruch-attending Augusto Pinochet of Chile and Jorge Videla of Argentina, together with other church-going leaders of the US-backed military dictatorships in south America killed tens of thousands of people through the CIA-supported Condor operations, whereby they would throw people off aircrafts in the ocean, or kill them in soccer stadiums.

7. The Christian, church-going Ronald Reagan supported and armed military dictatorships in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, as a results of which hundreds of thousands of civilians (200 thousand in Guatemala alone) were murdered by the fascist forces, including Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador by thugs that were supported by the US.

8. The CIA, the intelligence agency of the US, supported the Contra thugs in Nicaragua by helping them import narcotics into the US.

9. The Christian, church-going Ronald Reagan created the Afghan Mojahedin, proclaimed them the moral equivalents of the American Revolutionaries, and armed them to fight the Soviets. Once that war was finished, the Church-going Bush, Sr., left them on their own, and they became Al Qaeda to attack the US on 9/11. It is, of course, Islam's fault that the Mojahedin made the transition to AlQaeda, not the US that armed the Mojahedin, not Saudi Arabia (a US ally) that paid for it, and not Pakistan (another US ally) that trained them.

10. The navy of the Christian US shut down Iran's Airbus, killing 290 civilians.

11. The Christian, church going Bush, Sr., and Bill Clinton, imposed the harshest sanctions on Iraq, killing at least 500,000 Iraqi kids dying of diseases and mulnuitrition caused by the sanctions, with Madeleine Albright staring into the cameras of CBS 60 minutes program, and telling Leslie Stahl that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was worth killing those children.

12. The Christian fundamentalist, church-going George W. Bush was ordered by God (according to none other he himself) to attack Afghanistan when Al Qaeda leadership had already left the country, and Iraq, killing in the process over a million people, creating a refugee problem of several million displaced people, occupying illegally Iraq, and destroying Iraq's infrastructure.

13. The Christian US supported Pol Pot and his killing fields that murdered 2 million, giving his regime a seat at the UN, simply because it was against Vietnam.

14. The Jewish Israel created another refugee problem with several millions, created the largest jail in the world - the Gaza strip - and killed, and continue to kill, thousands of women and children because their men and their fathers resisted occupation.


These happened only over the last 60 years! I do not even mention what the Christians did during 17th-20th centuries before WW II.

By the way, the Nazi Germany and the Fscist Italy, particularly the latter, were both Christian nations, and are responsible for killing of 47 million, including six million innocent Jews.

Yeap! Islam is simply the worst!


Arabs still in Iran!

by Kamangir on

The reality is that after the fall of Sasanid empire, besides all the cultural and social damages caused by the savages of arabia, at a later stage, many arab tribes were relocated and stablished all over Persia, in order to minimize the intensive Persian resistance. This got to a point that in most major cities, there were arabic and Persian speaking people and the arabs called the Persian subjects 'ajam' or 'mute' as the Persian couldn't speak arabic. Persians were treated as second or third class citizens. In some instances, Persians had to leave their homes behind and went to the Eastern provinces (now Afghanistan/Tajikistan) the city of Qom is a good example of this. It was at this point when the racial mixture between the two races, inevitabely occured.  Some others from Mazandaran and Khorasan went to other lands such as India (the Parsis)

These events were cataclismic and left a very deep effect on Iran as our land lost its original essence. Ferdowsi says:

Ze Irano, torkano tazian

Nejadi padid ayad dar mian

Na dehghano torko tazi bovad

Sokhanan be kerdare bazi bovad.

Note: by saying, tork he is refering to the turkeman tribes, descendants of the Moghols who invaded Persia and the Dehghan, are the Persian and Tazian, the arabs.  What you see in Iran nowadays, is simply the history and the way of life and the sub-culture of the descendants of those arabs that once brutalized Persia and the Persians. This is the continuation of the same fight, between the two antagonig existances. Iran is still under occupation.

Ba sepas


It really astonishes me

by Anonym (not verified) on

It really astonishes me every time I hear an Iranian say that "we made a mistake" when it comes to the revolution of 1978 and the outpour of thousands in the streets of Tehran chantig "marg bar shah" and "khomeini rahbar". I was only 7 years old, but do remember the climate very well. Let's say I was traumatized like many others in our beloved nation.

You compare this mistake to a bad marriage or an unwise choice in friendship. Those decisions do not lead to bloodshed like the one our nation witnessed and continues to witness to this day. Thousands were executed overnight without trial or any judicial proceeding. Please do not insult their memories by saying that "we made a mistake."

You talk about misinformation. Perhaps that's true for the masses of uneducated ignorants that believed the promises Khomeini made. However, that is not true of the masses of educated liberal women and men who ran into streets of Iran calling for a religious Muslim leader to come rule their flourishing and fairly modernized (especially for the middle east) country. These "educated" "liberal" women even CHOSE to wear scarves during the demonstrations out of respect for KKhomeini.

No, it was not a mere "mistake." Iranians, many of the parents of the youth who are suffering the consequences today, made a choice. They chose this revolution. They made a drastic choice going from Monarchy to a non-secular religious uneducated ruler. Now, the world, not just Iranians, suffer the consequence of that choice. There is a blame and it must finally be placed where it belongs: on us, Iranians. We make a habit of blaming others: the Western powers, misinformation, etc. Let's take responsibility for what we allowed our nation to become. Let's take responsibility for the choice that took us back a hundred years.


.Khomeini lied through his

by Anonymousmm (not verified) on

.Khomeini lied through his teeth. He lied about Hejab, freedom of religion, political and social freedom.
People were deceived by this monster.

خمینی می گفت ملت متمدن یعنی ملتی که آزاد باشه ، روحانیت در سیاست دخالتی نمی کنه ، دلخوش به رفاه معمول نباشید ( آب و برق و اتوبوس مجانی ) ، می گفت همه حتی کمونیستها هم ازاداند ، میگفت... هرآنچهباید می گفت تا خام شویم.



چطور شد که

Anonymousll (not verified)

چطور شد که اینطوری شد؟

شاید برای بسیاری از جوانان نسل حاضر که پس از انقلاب بدنیا آمده‌اند٬ فهمیدن این موضوع سخت باشد که چگونه مردم ایران در سی سال پیش٬ چنین اشتباه بزرگی را کردند و در همه‌پرسی دوازده فروردین به جمهوری اسلامی رای «آری» دادند؟

عرضم بحضور با سعادت شما٬ قصدم دفاع از اشتباهات گذشتگان نیست. بلکه مرور تاریخ است در حیطه یک وبلاگ. نه قرار است کسی را محکوم کنیم و تقصیرات را به گردن کسی بیاندازیم و نه اینکه خودمان را بخاطر اشتباه تاریخی‌مان تبرئه نماییم.

آقاجان٬ روز دوازده فروردین سال ۵۸ یک سوتفاهم بود٬ یک اشتباه٬ یک سادگی٬ یک بی‌تجربگی٬ مثل خیلی از اشتباهات متداول در زندگی.
مثل اشتباه در انتخاب یک دوست که بعدا به شما نارو میزند. یا ازدواج با کسی که بعد از ماه عسل٬ زندگی را برای شما تبدیل به جهنم میکند. مثل اشتباه در شراکت با افراد ناباب در یک کار اقتصادی که موجب ورشکستگی مالی شما میشود و...
البته خسارتهای اینگونه اشتباهات فردی در قلمروی کوچک و محدود اتفاق می‌افتند و بعضا قابل جبرانند ولی جبران اشتباه بزرگ یک ملت در رفراندم جمهوری اسلامی به این سادگی نیست.
وجه مشترک همه اشتباهات٬ چه فردی و چه اجتماعی٬ نداشتن اطلاعات صحیح از آن موضوع است. مثلا اگر کسی در امر ازدواج با کسی دچار اشتباه میشود٬ دلیلش نداشتن اطلاعات و عدم شناخت کافی از طرف مقابل است. دوران نامزدبازی٬ دوران پیداکردن شناخت است. یعنی باید سعی کرد خلق و خوی طرف را شناخت. کسی که در دوران نامزدبازی٬ حواسش فقط بفکر لب و لوچه طرف مقابل است و چشمش دنبال چیزهای قلمبه او٬ ممکن است وقتی که کار از کار گذشت و آبها از آسیاب خوابید٬ متوجه شود که ای دل غافل! چه کلاهی سرش رفته. طرف نه لب و لوچه درست و حسابی دارد نه چیزهای قلمبه‌اش مالی است. از همه بدتر اینکه ادعایش هم هرروز میره بالا. به شما زور میگوید و زندگی را برای شما تبدیل به زهر مار میکند.
توی در و همسایه و فامیل‌٬ از اینکه همسرتان اینقدر بی کلاس و بی‌فرهنگه خجالت میکشید و سرتان را نمیتوانید بالا کنید. منزوی و پژمرده میشوید. زندگی با او برایتان غیر قابل تحمل شده. بفکرتان میرسد از دستش فرار کنید. دل‌تان میخواهد یکروز یک ماشین تریلی به او بزند و او را به لقا الله بفرستد تا شما از دستش راحت شوید. آرزو میکنید یک مرضی ناشناخته یا یک درد بی‌درمانی مثل سرطان به سراغ او بیاید و او را برای همیشه با خود ببرد.
یکروز با خودتان که خلوت کرده‌اید و به گذشته فکر میکنید از خود می پرسید: «این» که اینقدر بدجنس بود٬ چگونه من او را همان اول نشناختم و چطور چنین اشتباهی را کردم؟

حالا برگردیم سر موضوع اصلی خودمان.
چگونه مردم ایران در سی سال قبل چنین اشتباهی را کردند؟
ممکن است عده‌ای بگویند مردم اینکار را نکردند. رفراندم الکی بود و از این حرفا.
خیر. اینطور نیست. اولا برخلاف انتخاباتهای چمهوری اسلامی در سالهای اخیر٬ برگزاری رفراندم واقعا آزادانه برگزار شد. درست است که فقط یک گزینه را به همه پرسی گذاشته بودند و از گزینه‌های دیگر خبری نبود ولی اصولا معنی همه پرسی همین است. یک چیزی را به معرض رای عموم قرار میدهند که جواب آری یا خیر میتواند باشد.
اشکال کار٬ به همان عدم شناخت کافی مردم از مقوله من‌درآوردی «جمهوری اسلامی» بود. مردم از سلطنت خسته شده بودند. از اینکه عده‌ای بعنوان خاندان سلطنتی٬ امتیازات ویژه‌ای داشته باشند کلافه شده بودند. از اینکه تمام تصمیمات کشور توسط یکنفر به نام «شاه» گرفته میشد خسته شده بودند. از اینکه ساواک و نیروهای امنیتی آزادی بیان را از مردم سلب کرده بودند به ستوه امده بودند. مردم فقط «آزادی» میخواستند. این دروغ بزرگ تاریخ است که میگویند مردم برای اسلام قیام کردند. مردم تشنه آزادی بودند. تشنه زندگی آزادانه.
وقتی انقلاب پیروز شد٬ همیشه اطلاعات غلط به مردم میدادند. خطر حمله شوروی. خطر حمله آمریکا. خطر تجزیه ایران. خطر کودتا. خطر تکرار دوران مصدق و بازگشت شاه و سلطنت پهلوی.
بخاطر این چیزها و این ترسها بود که مردم میخواستند هرچه زودتر انقلاب به مقصد برسد. نظام جمهوری جایگزین سلطنت شود. اوضاع به حالت عادی برگردد و مملکت سر و سامان گیرد. خطر تجزیه کشور از بین برود. وسوسه حمله نظامی توسط شوروی و یا امریکا از سر آنها بیرون رود و...
توی این شرایط و توی این فضا بود که مردم به جمهوری اسلامی رای دادند. ای کاش همان موقع آمریکا به ما حمله کرده بود.



interest rant

by Freidoon (not verified) on

Please analyze Christianity for me now.

How about this -religion is a method of mass control and brain wash.

Iranians chose this Islamic Republic. It was not the man from mars that push aside the Nationalist (Bazargan and his party). Those people were Iranians. Lets stop fooling ourselves. Iranian twist everyone in the wind including themselves.

Talk to any Iranian who lives in Iran and you meet at Local Starbuck. They like the IRI, they will tell you the government in Iran is still popular.

Orange County , San Jose and etc.– let it go- you are not there anymore.

Move on and embrace your new place on this earth


Islam is

by islamismercy! (not verified) on


Tragic Iran "The Khomeini

by Anonymousn (not verified) on

Tragic Iran
"The Khomeini Perversion"
By: Roxie Howard
The Ayatollah transformed women into less citizens
See the sadness in their eyes?
His Basiji proudly beats mothers in the street
See their hate-filled eyes?
His Special Clerical Court dispenses venom
See its blood-stained fangs?
His Islamic Revolutionary Court is a sham
See injustice reign?
No words can begin to portray
The pain and sorrow of those who have refused to be enslaved
Husbands tortured in the name of Allah
See the wives tears fall like rain?
Fathers slaughtered like animals
See the children weeping for the missing?
Families threatened by State thugs
See the greater harm?
Women beaten in the street just for showing hair
See the blood and bruises all these women bare?
No words can begin to portray
The pain and sorrow of those who have refused to be enslaved
World leaders appease these vile beasts
Legitimizing the abuse of humankind!
Appeasers worldwide minimize the barbarianism
Allowing the slaughter to continue!
The United Nations covers its eyes
Allowing darkness legitimate reign
Christian leaders refuse to condemn
The perverted Islamic extremist sins!
No words can describe the abomination
Of such pain and sorrow imposed upon the Iranian nation.


Iranians deserve better

by jimzbund on

Iranians have the din-e nab-e Mohammadi, what else do they deserve ? Islam is the religion of peace and there is no compulsion in religion. Until the emam zaman comes out of his well then he will make Muslims ( Shiites) victorious but will be killed by a bearded woman !!!

just a note Khomeini was not the founder of revolution but the misguided revolutionaries made him the leader to get the people's support for the revolution and paid for their mistake by their lives.

they forgot the popular saying in Persian :

kari keh Mollah mikoneh

adamo dollah mikoneh ..