Iranians deserve better

Islam & the Iranian Dilemma


Iranians deserve better
by Amil Imani

Since its inception fourteen hundred years ago, Islam has been at war with the people of this planet. Millions of people have been literally butchered with the sword of Islam.

Some may argue that all religions at one point in time have committed crimes against humanity. That may be so, but none of the existing world religions' foundation has been based upon shedding the blood of its innocent conquered. Islam lives, breathes and grows on blood. Once we take away this red element from Islam, Islam will vanish completely. Islam cannot possibly live in the hearts and minds of its believers. Islam needs to shed the blood of the infidels, meaning all non-Muslims. Islam is about world domination. Fear of pain and punishment for non-conformism is part of being a Muslim.

Muslims are radical even in their intrafaith dealings. Various sects and sub-sects pronounce other sects and sub-sects as heretics worthy of death; women are treated as chattel, deprived of many rights; hands are chopped for stealing even a loaf of bread; sexual “violations” and “indiscretions”, as defined and delimited by Islamic Sharia is punishable by stoning, and much much more. These are standard day-to-day ways of the mainstream “moderate” Muslims living under the stone-age laws of Sharia (Islamic jurisprudence). The “moderate” mainstream of Islam has been outright genocidal from inception. Their own historians record that Ali, the first imam of the Shiite and the son-in-law of Muhammad, with the help of another man, beheaded 700 Jewish men in the presence of the Prophet himself. The Prophet of Allah and his disciples took the murdered men’s’ women and children into slavery.

Ali, who is the successor of God on the earth, and known to fight with a double edged sword, ordered the warriors to cut off the heads of the nonbelievers. Zobair assisted him in finishing this job. Ali also ordered the distribution of the captives and their property [i.e. the ‘booty’] among the Muslims, in accord with Sa’ad’s (b. Mu’adh) decision regarding the fate of the defeated Jews [i.e., the Qurayzah]. After the battle [and executions], Ali ordered everyone [of the Muslims] to return home. Sa’ad (b. Mu’adh) who had been very anxious during the battle, was now happy and praised God upon completion of his task. Then [later] they [i.e., the Muslims] celebrated and enjoyed beautiful women.”

Muslims are taught deception andlying in the Quran itself -- something that Muhammad practiced during his life whenever he found it expedient. Successive Islamic rulers and leaders have done the same.

Khomeini, the founder of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, for instance, rallied the people under the banner of democracy. All along his support for democracy was not a commitment of an honest man, but a ruse. As soon as he gathered the reins of power, Khomeini went after the “Useful Idiots” of his time with vengeance. These best children of Iran, having been thoroughly deceived and used by the crafty phony populist-religionist, had to flee the country to avoid the fate of tens of thousands who were imprisoned or executed by the double-crossing “imam Khomeini.”

Throughout centuries, Iranians continued to prevent Islam from making inroads into their cultural identity and divesting them of their heritage. Knowing their culture well, they influenced events and paved the way for posterity to turn the tide. From the beginning, three lines of resistance has become distinct: administrative manipulation, political resistance, and intellectual nonconformity.

Almost three decades after the tragic Islamic Revolution of 1979, the suffocating rule of Islam casts its death-bearing pall over Iranians. A proud people with enviable heritage is being systematically purged of its sense of identity and forced to think and behave like the barbaric and intolerant Muslims.

Iranians who had always treated women with equality, for instance, have seen them reduced by the stone-age clergy to sub-human status of Islamic teaching. Any attempt by the women of Iran to counter the misogynist rule of Muhammad’s mullahs is mercilessly suppressed. Women are beaten, imprisoned, raped and killed just as men are slaughtered without due process or mercy.

One must pay attention to how Islamists engage others in discussion. When they don't like what they hear, they resort to ridicule, accusations and name-calling. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these people would, for once, were to abandon theirprimitive mindset and use a civilized method of dialogue?

What are the facts the Islamists dispute? The truth that they don't like? Well, that's tough. Truth is often unwelcome. If truth were to spread, it would reveal the true nature of Islam -- something that is unacceptable to an Islamic ruling class. Yet, it is light to our feet. We really must be truthful even if it hurts and often it does. Are there any questions about the facts?

1. Muhammad died and did not leave a written will (he was illiterate, that's understandable). So, his high-ranking disciples began scheming for leadership. The Shias claim that Muhammad verbally indicated that Ali was to lead his Ummah. Well, 90% of the Muslims say, no he did not and the Caliphate system was the way to go.

2. Shortly after Muhammad's death, Ali was killed by some disgruntled Muslim, for whatever reason. Violence was part and parcel of Islam from the get-go.

3. Then, there was a battle between Yazid's forces and Hussein, wasn't there? Hussein and his band of relatives-followers got butchered. Well, friends, that's the nature of the beast called war.

4. To this day, Shias bloody themselves, their children, even their babies with self-flagellation in a most horrid way in aza dari (mourning) for what happened to Hussein. What good does this do, other than perpetuate a sense of defeatism and fanaticism that mitigates against Iranians freeing themselves from the yoke of the conniving mullahs? In fact Hussein’s decree to murder and enslave the “inferior Iranians” has been recorded in history, but is kept a secret from the average Iranian Muslim -- part of the culture of deceit that is built into Islam. Yet, Iranians are told by the mullahs to go out during the month of Ashura and beat themselves over the death of Hussein, their sworn enemy!!!

The long-suffering Iranian people must put the past behind them and use their excellent talents to not only join the advanced world, but lead it. What a shame to remain stuck in this horrid mentality of victimization. Iranians deserve better than being manipulated by a bunch of mullahs who have been having a great ride on the back of the ignorant poor by deceiving the poor and the ignorant with empty promises of all the goodies, promised in the afterlife.

Forget the afterlife and pay attention to the plight of the suffering masses. Stop playing politics with the lives of the people. Those responsible for this sham have no heart and no shame. Let the bad bygones be bygones, and use the marvelous human potential of Iranians to provide, opportunities to better themselves and their families.

The most important step in the direction of emancipation of our people is the establishment of the rule of law -- not the barbaric Sharia -- to grant all Iranians, male and female, young and old, of any and all beliefs, equal rights.

We Iranians don’t have a dog in this fight. In fact we should rid ourselves of all Islamic stains, Shia, Sunni, or whatever, and with it stop playing victims of one power or another. Playing victim may give psychological relief but doesn’t solve and problems on the ground, and problems on the ground we have aplenty.

Let's look forward and do something about the sorry plight of the Iranian people today so that future generation can recall this generations of Iranians as trailblazers who had the courage to break from the bleak past and launch a bright future.


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Dariush, you wrote” About

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush, you wrote” About the polls Iran being number 169 and U.S. 12
No I do not believe the polls. Most of these institutions have been coffupted.”. My friend, those are not polls. Those are analysis’s based on Universal declaration of human rights done by neutral and respected by all organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty Intl, Reports without Borders, among others…Any argument to discredit those organizations will simply not fly. You wrote” They were for anglos. Many minorities and a few fair anglos have fought and have been killed to make the changes. You can still see the discriminations all over west. When economy goes bad they blame on mexicans, when there is crimes they blame on blacks, when there is a explosion they blame on foreigners.” Where do you get this? Who claimed that? Which U.S official claimed that? As a matter of fact, which mainstream media claimed that? No country such as the U.S uses political correctness, so where do you get this from? So what do you say about these “Anglos” voting in record numbers for a “poor African” to run for president? Haven’t Obama won majority “Anglo” states? Or to vote for a Latino (Richardson) to become governor? See what is really happening the more the U.S gives in, some of you guys push it back, the more the U.S pushes in, the more you guys bash it. I bet you if Obama becomes president, more and more of you guys will say it’s either a conspiracy or you will intensify your bashing of the U.S. The reason is you see these “giving in” on part of the U.S as sign of weakness, or a “minority revolution”, or some other communist propaganda aspect.


Mamad, you wrote” After 29

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mamad, you wrote” After 29 years of the IRI, try to be in Iran on an Ashura day, to see what people do to commemorate it, from the largest cities to the smallest villages.” I’ve actually been to one of those in a small village. Please note that even the regime itself says these days that the people who attend these ceremonies, have turned it into a big party. When I attended Ashura, young people were drinking so much like it was rave night! In a country where laughing and smiling and fun is illegal, people turn every opportunity to a big party. As far everything else you say, I actually find myself agreeing with you, most of it, not all. I do not agree about those you named that supposed to be “Islamic intellectuals”.


Dariush, you wrote” meant

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush, you wrote” meant in general. However the war prisoners can be considered political prisoners that are being tortured since they were not even fighting anyone And the prisoners are being picked up from different countries..”. Aziz, that’s not true. Please do not mix definitions. Political prisoners are civilians, not military. These fascist groups do not wear a uniform, do not fight in a battle ground, and do not belong to an army. So there are absolutely different that army soldiers. That being said, I’m absolutely for those fascist militias being triad in a court of law, either U.S or U.N. You wrote” You say why all these people leave their country and come to west if it is bad? Because west makes living in those country so miserable due to war and sanctions and etc that people run away to have some peace some where else.” I found you to be a more reasonable man than that, but that sounds ridicules. We make our country unsafe for ourselves, that’s why we leave our countries. Remember that even in the U.S now, many Iranian communists have fled and found refugee here. Offcourse now they bash the U.S on (!!) and other sites, but nonetheless, that means something. You wrote” As per our success. They didn't give us anything, we worked hard for it. we would have succeeded any were.”. Are you serious? They give us a country, a passport, a land, refugee, and the best facilities and resources in the world to succeed. What the U.S has gave Iranian none of our governments has ever done for us ever in our history.


Dariush , offcourse I blame

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush , offcourse I blame Israel for its wrong doing. I blame anyone for wrong doing. I belive the amount of wrong doing the U.S has done in its history is not remotely close to what communist regimes and Islamic regimes in Iran and Afghanistan done in their brief histories. I always said Israel is occupying Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian lands that it needs to give back and compensate the people for what it did.I am well aware how much Islamists and ultra socialists use the Israeli occupation cause to further their dark and repressive agenda.I do belive that you're not narrow minded enough to think that anyone who talks positive about U.S or bad against the regime in Tehran must be automatically pro Israel. Thats something the leftist and Islamist media and propaganda machines have cooked up and fed to people around the world.



by Dariush (not verified) on

In palestine when christians stand in front of jews they were killed. The reason they are not killng each other is because they have not violated each others country and rights. As they both have done that to muslim countries. They both have similar agenda and that is ONE WORLD ORDER. It is the politic that has united them and propaganda is stregthening them. They label any country and religion that doesn't want to be with them. It is he oil we have that has made us important part of this strugsle. Do you think if it would matter who was in power in Iran? Good that we have seen number of example in our lifetime. Just in our country,Dr. Mosadegh for one. They are control freaks. I have said this number of times. Once they take the oil and crush OPEC we are all done. Yes what Ahmadinejad said doesn't help muslims. This is one of those threats used in Quran and often we all do to prevent a disaster or get justice done. What he did is asking for justice, what some Iranians are doing in Iran and they are not listened to either and they are punished for it. The problem I see is how can they demand justice from others, when they dey that to our own. Shouldn't they know better? Just as Israelis should know better after what happened to them in Germany. As they say, what goes around comes around. we must see where and who started this fire and put off the source. Most people believe if Israel goes back to the agreement they violated 50 years ago most of the problems will be solved, But that is against their plans of ONE WORLD ORDER RULES BY ZIONISTS AND SLAVERY FOR THE REST. Did I just pure more fuel to the fire? I just said what I see.


Dear Dariush

by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

Your comments about Ahmadinejad's reason to make crazy statements don't look very solid to me. I admire your sense of tollerance towards other beliefs and that in fact is one of the most important issues in relations between people. I am not saying who is "TRUE MUSLIM" or who is not but if true muslims are really different from what is commonly seen by some muslims these days and is justified by their preachers based on Kuranic verses and teachings then they should speak up and stand up against this wave of madness by other fellow muslims instead of attcking and killing someone like Vangough who reflected some of the truth about followers of their belief.

You may not know it but even old testament which is the holly book for both Christians and Jews has a lot in common with Kuran as far as violence but today none of the followers of these two religions follow those teachings and no one tries to kill others for drawing a cartoon of Jesus or Moses.

Bringing stories of "zionism" into this discussion does not make this argument less credible that most terrorist and violent acts in today's world are committed by muslims not only against others but also against their own fellow muslims.

I am against violence in general and do not condone any format of it (no matter by whom) and I think what Mr. Ahmadinejad and many others who think like him have done or said up to now, has not helped the cause of "peaceful Islam" in any way.



by Dariush (not verified) on

I can not deny that there are number of discrepancies in Quran, but there are many other positive teachings. I have not been able to understand the discrepancies myself. The reasons I was given wasn't sufficient neither. I don't think it should be there. But when people see what the jews are doing they say oh, maybe that was the reason. Then they see what christians are doing, they say oh, that must really be the reason. Majority don't know what has happened many years ago that Mohammad has said that in Quran. But the other teachings that are positive gives the assurance that everything he said must be right. But I can tell you if someone practice the positive points of Quran it is hard to believe that he or she can even harm a fly let alone another humanbeing. That is why I don't think the people committing any crime are true muslims. This controdictions are one of the reasons I am more zarosterian because it is more simple without need for iterpertation. I don't have to put anything but humanity first. But I can not deny the positive points of Islam, chistianiti or jewdisim or any other meaningful believes and ask for it's destruction. As I do not belive that the crimes happening today is by the religion, rather using the religion as a cover or reason and I even believe Ahmadinejads comment is from the injustice he sees toward muslims by the zionists and that is why he made such comments which he probably means the state of Israel not the people.
I understand the minaroties position and women activists rights I am for them, but some people expects some freedoms in the name of freedom that is just leveling the field for them to commit crimes without respect to other peole's rights and being punish for it.
That is why the laws in Iran should be a common natinalist law to cover all Iranians wellbeing with respect to everyones believes.



by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

I suggest you read your own post again in which you wrote:
"What makes you such an "expert" on Islam and Shiism, other than your overt hatred of muslims, to qualify you to make such sweeping statements?

Do you have formal education, like doing a thesis on Islam and Shiism? Are you a scholar of Islamic studies, studying and researching Islam in a well-respected research center? Have you done scholarly research on Islam, by which I do not mean the so-called analyses that you post in isolated, mostly pro-Zionism sites, but one that is well-documented with references, and has compared different opinions and interpretation of Islamic teachings? Can you even read Arabic to read Ghoran, about which you write so much nonsense? If you read Ghoran's translations, have you read at least a few books and scholarly articles that give various interpretations of literal translation of Ghoran? Not those that have been written by people like you - those who have made up their minds and only want to justify their thinking at any cost and by any means - but by objective and well-recognized and respected Islamic scholars?"

and then read my previous post too.

Another question to me is: how did you come up with this conclusion that Mr. Imani is "Bahai"? Where did he say that he was Bahai (maybe I missed it?)? IF he did not say he was Bahai then why did you make such statement with such certainty? If being "Bahai" does not matter then why do you bring it up out of blue? WHat was the point of mentionening that?

One more time, I say this: If you want to defend Islam then do it with logical response rather than trying to discredit others because they are "Bahai" or "Christian". YOU do not have a valid argument and it does not matter even if Mr. Imani is just a tree and believed in a goat! The fact is that Islam is religion of hate not peace and evidences to support this claim are available in abundance, all you need is an "open mind". I am not saying that there is no problem in other religions but what the world has seen from fanatic Islamists as far as "peace", has been very far from that and can not be interpreted to anything but "HATE".

If you want to debate or not it does not matter to me because I know people like you who have already made your mind are not in this discussion for debate but to push your illogical and baseless points through playing with words without saying anything valuable and sound. You have no real point to make other than trying to discredit others based on their religion (or maybe because you don't like their name?) because you do not like their arguments.



by Mammad (not verified) on

That Imani is a Bahai does not matter. I specifically said that it does not matter, and I even mentioned an episode in which I helped another Bahai in order for him to be able to apply to a major university in the US for graduate studies. That should have shown you that it does not matter to me. But, apparently, you had stopped reading after the first paragraph.

I also did not say that only experts can talk about Islam. I also did not say that one must know Arabic in order to do that. Read what I said; it does not seem to me that you did. What I said was, if you read translations (I highly doubt that Imani has ever read Ghoran), did you read its various interpretations, etc. No where I said or even implied what you claim I did.

But, there is a difference between people expressing their own personal views, and one who acts like an expert by posting all sorts of "articles" that are simply collections of fabrications, exaggerations, outright lies, etc., on various sites, the way Imani has been doing.

There is also a major difference between criticizing Islam, which is certainly fine and welcome, and speaking about it with a language full of hatred, and a language which was, and still is, used by racists, like the Nazis. What would you call a person who called a critic of himself a SUB-HUMAN merely because he criticized Imani? This is exactly the language of the Nazis, and this is what been used routinely by Imani.

These are major differences, and if you cannot recognize them, then, with all due respect, we do not have a debate, but a one-sided diatribe by you.

Just saying that something will happen does not make it happen. Unless one has a realistic picture of what is going on, one cannot confront the problems. Saying that Islam will disappear from Iran is pure wishful thinking, and represents nothing other than generalizing one's own personal feelings to a vast scale.

Like you, I firmly believe that the IRI will disappear in not so distance a future, but I also believe that as a result Islam and religion will go back to their rightful places, namely, private and personal matters, as a result of which they will not disappear, rather will be strenghtened as moral guides.


for Mammad and other bigots who hide behind their degree

by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

I don't know if Mr. Imani is able to read Arabic or not but I have to say this to you, you can not claim that no one can speak about Islam unless they are "expert" by your standards and standards of those who say nothing about Islam except the LIES which are directly in contradiction with what is clearly written in their book and is understandable by simplest minds! There is a big number of Kuranic verses which are clearly in promotion of violence against non-believers. There are many places in Kuran where it speaks in contradiction of historical proven facts which can not be interpreted in any other way but being prepared by a misinformed person.

I presume your claim about Mr. Imani being Bahai is correct, why should it matter if you can not confront his claims with logical explaination rather than asking if he is an expert on Islam or not? Why anyone should be expert on Islam and why one should go and study in your Islamic institutions to be able to speak about Islam? Why does it matter if someone speaks and reads Arabic to be able to criticise Islam? Why is it that people can be accepted as such a devoted muslim "wihout understanding a word of Arabic" but it is not accepted to speak against Islam without knowing Arabic? isn't that a contradiction?

IF you are really looking for the words of Islamic shcolars then I must tell you that plenty of them are available who have spoken about Islam and from which Mr. Ali Dashti was one. why don't you go and read at least his book and then write an article to enlighten us about that? What is "formal" Islamic studies that you are talking about? Islam is a religion for "ordinary people" why do you need to be a scholar and have certain formal studies to understand it and talk about it? How do you know that Islam does not have any Arabic speaking critics who have said or are saying the same things that Mr. Imani is saying?

I find this being absurd that in a world which mankind has been able to read and interpret and understand some ancient writings carved in stone thousands of years ago in "dead languages", making excuse about knowing a language which is currently being spoken by tens of millions!

Islam is definitely under scrutiny especially by Iranians who feel they have been cheated of many of their values by leaders and teachings of this religion. Calling this a religion or cult or whatever you like it but the truth remains the same. It is obvious that those who criticise it the most should be the one who do not believe in it and this goes for any subject! It would be stupid if someone still believe in a religion which he/she thinks is wrong!

Islam in Iran today is still holding with the help of government forces but once these forces vanish, Islam will follow them gradually but certainly.


Farhad jaan

by Dariush (not verified) on

I missed two of you questions.
About the polls Iran being number 169 and U.S. 12
No I do not belive the polls. Most of these institutions have been coffupted. You see there are different pies for different people. For koofi Annan comes in the shape of peace nobel prize to aprove war on Afcanistan, for some is power, money, citizenship, sex, then if none of these work terror and war.
Why I dont believe? I can not close my eays on the truth, look who become the un representetive for peace in middle east. Tony Blair. Or the world bank. Wolfovich and other facts on the ground.

About the good things you are enjoying in west. They were not meant for you. They were for anglos. Many minorities and a few fair anglos have fought and have been killed to make the changes. You can still see the discriminations all over west. When economy goes bad they blame on mexicans, when there is crimes they blame on blacks, when there is a explosion they blame on foreigners. When everything is good it is the anglos. But if you look closely the only group among all is the anglo that kiils for pleasure. Look at the seral killers to the government empoyees in guantanamo and Iraq.
with all the crimes they are commiting, yet the polls say they are number 12.


Farhad Kashani

by Mammad (not verified) on

I need not to respond to your response, other than pointing to one of your statements, which should be sufficient. That is:

Your sweeping statement that, "his [Imani's] ideas is a reflection of public opinion in Iran."

In my opinion, this statement only goes to show how prejudiced you are. This statement is based on what? A poll? A credible article? Or, simply your own thinking and your like-minded friends?

After 29 years of the IRI, try to be in Iran on an Ashura day, to see what people do to commemorate it, from the largest cities to the smallest villages. I am not saying what they do is wrong or right, but just pointing to the sentiments of the people, even after 29 years of the IRI. In my opinion, they are far ahead of people like you. They are capable of separating their own beliefs from the official lines of the mullahs and the ruling elite, something that you do not seem to be capable of doing.

As for your last statement: I am a practicing muslim by choice, not because I inherited it from my parents, but because I have studied it. Over the last century alone, there have been too many scholars of Islamic teachings who have analyzed the teachings in enlightened ways, from Naini, Bazargan, Ahmad Nakhshab and Peyman, to Shariati, Rahmani, Soroush, Mohsen Kadivar, and others. They do not always agree among themselves on many subject, but that only goes to show the diversity of opinion even among the enlightened people. I have also read many opposing views, to see what they say about common subjects that the above people said. It is based on my studies that I firmly believe in what I believe in.

This is not exclusive to Islam. We have liberation theology (among christians) in Central and South America that has always sided with the poor and oppressed, but we also have christian fundamentalists in the US who espouse some of the most reactionary interpretations of the teachings of Bible. We have Zionist Jews that are the source of much of the chaos in the Middle East, but also anti-Zioinist Jews, and many many enlightened Jews who are totally opposed to what Israel does, some of whom do not even believe that Israel should exist.

Finally, just read the last short paragraph in Imani's last response, entitled "You tell me." Paraphrasing him, you tell me what his thinking is!



by Dariush (not verified) on

I said Iran has commited crimes against political prisoners in Iran and U.S. has commited more crimes. I didn't mean to political prisoners. I ment in general. However the war prisoners can be considered political prisoners that are being tortured since they were not even fighting anyone. And the prisoners are being picked up from different countries. Also there are political prisoners in U.S. One is an American Indian leader. And a black leader. I don't remember their name. ask around.

You say why all these people leave their country and come to west if it is bad? Because west makes living in those country so miserable due to war and sanctions and etc that people run away to have some peace some where else.

Why they let them to come here.
U.S. has taken 5000 refugies from Iraq. England has taken 900. Iran 1,000,000
And this is for reputation not help.

As for other nations. It is politic. with each person they bring, they win hearts and minds of 10 people around them. And often is the brains they bring.

As per our success. They didn't give us anything, we worked hard for it. we would have succeeded any were.

we think so different that even if I answer all you questions for the next 10 years we still does not agree on much. Just that you know I am more a zarosterian than muslem but I will never take side with the enemy of my country even if I don't like my government and Islam. You are right I am brain washed. See if you can overwrite it.


Amil, the fabricator

by Mammad (not verified) on

What makes you such an "expert" on Islam and Shiism, other than your overt hatred of muslims, to qualify you to make such sweeping statements?

Do you have formal education, like doing a thesis on Islam and Shiism? Are you a scholar of Islamic studies, studying and researching Islam in a well-respected research center? Have you done scholarly research on Islam, by which I do not mean the so-called analyses that you post in isolated, mostly pro-Zionism sites, but one that is well-documented with references, and has compared different opinions and interpretation of Islamic teachings? Can you even read Arabic to read Ghoran, about which you write so much nonsense? If you read Ghoran's translations, have you read at least a few books and scholarly articles that give various interpretations of literal translation of Ghoran? Not those that have been written by people like you - those who have made up their minds and only want to justify their thinking at any cost and by any means - but by objective and well-recognized and respected Islamic scholars?

The answer in all the cases is no. You are simply a bigoted, full of hatred man who uses the same language that racists use. You never respond to anyone with rationale and reason, rather you simply attack them and immediately label them, the way you first responded to my original comment.

You are a Bahai. You being a Bahai is your personal choice. I am a practicing muslim, and have no problem with you or anybody else being a Bahai or an atheist for that matter. But, your behavior and mental state are totally repugnant.

A few weeks ago, I had a Bahai in my office who wanted me to do two things for him:

(1) Write a letter explaining the situation for the Bahais in Iran, and the fact that, due to official discrimination, they cannot get into universities in Iran and, therefore, they have set up their own secret university, and

(2) "accredit" his list of courses that he had taken in his field (which is the same as mine), as I am a professor in his field in a major university in the US, by stating that what he has studied in his courses are what are taught in any accredited institution of higher education.

He wanted to get admission for graduate studies into my university. Before he sent me an e-mail asking for help (based, according to him, on my reputation as someone who helps all Iranians, regardless of who they are), I had never ever known or met him. I did both for him. But, far from the full-of-hatred personality that you always exhibit, he was a very nice and pleasant young man. Of course, I cannot rule out the possibility that he was behaving like that simply because he needed me, and that he is another copy of you that was keeping quiet, but I highly doubt it.

When you say, "the terrorists are doing exactly what Muhammad demanded them to do," what are the "things" that the Prophet demanded them to do, and based on what document, book, etc.?

You call Islam a cult. A cult with 1.2 billion people? That is another of your "inventions". The exremist armed Israeli settlers in the West Bank
who steal the Palestinians land, the same Zionists that you are so much in love with (which is simply because you are a Bahai) do not constitute a cult, but Islam is a cult?

You are simply what I have stated in my previous comments: A bigoted man, full of hatred, totally imbecile when it comes to Islam and Shiism, who is devoid of anything meaningful in his life other than propagating his hatred who, in order to do so, uses the same language that the worst racists use, like the Nazis, utilized.


Farhad jaan

by Dariush (not verified) on

When American and British bombed Iraq in the first few days there was no extremists to be blamed for the hundreds of thousands of killings, including the shock and awe. You never condemn the wrong doings by west and Israel. You always take their side and deny the truth. If you want to be listen to at least please be resonable!



by Dariush (not verified) on

You say terrorists are doing what Mohammad said. Most people say the terrorists are killing innocent people by dropping bombs on civilians and killing, raping, turturing in hundreds of thousands!!! Then there are some civilians who are defending themselves any way they can not for money, not for oil, not for power, only for their rights, freedom and justice. Mohammad doesn't provoke violence, but says if you are violated you must defend yourself! Wouldn't everyone do that?

Yes in Islam, Allah is the center of everything.
Do you think it should be Gold as is for Jews or Sex and money as is for west?

No you don't have to addoped United states to any of Islamic laws. Just don't force your laws to Islam! Islamic laws are for prevention of crimes rather than cure. You seem to be very proud of your laws? Take a look around you! How many murder, rapes, abduction,child abuses,theft,robbery and etc happens every minutes in your lawfull country. You can not even let your children play in your frontyard alone! Doesn't your laws executes criminals? What makes you think your ways are better than theirs, considering your countries crimes against hmanity since your discovery untill today? Are any of the people commiting crime in Your country true Muslims? NO Are any in Iran commiting crime true muslims? NO I have never seen a criminal stop at 12 oclock for prayer before rubbing someone or dealing drugs. Islam is practiced different in various Islamic countries, so it can be moderated and Iranians like to do that with peace to suite them not by threaths and wars to suite west.

Your problems are too deep. Just because you read a book and learnd a few names doesn't make you a prophet! You seem to have made yourself a homemade prophecy and the only follower you have is your shadow. Based on your political views, you seem to be one of the professor yave goo's students. He is a zionists. I gave him this name in my previous postings for talking none sense about Iranians. Your view is align with his views.


Daiush jaan, You wrote” As

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Daiush jaan, You wrote” As for Mr. Farhad, he nenies any wrong doing by west and as the west, he thinks the shock and awe that killed over 100,000 civilians in a few hours was just a fourth of July fire works party gone bad. He blames Iraqi civilians for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As I had said before, It is amazing what a piece of pie can do!!!” You misunderstood me. How can I or anyone else blames Iraq civilians for what’s going on in Iraq? The rightest of the right and the leftest of the left wouldn’t claim that. I said there are religious militia groups backed by Iran, and some by Saudi Arabia, who are engaging in a religious war which kills Iraqi civilians. Whets amazing is what “communist manifesto” and ‘Towzihul Masael” can do, the ultimate brainwash!

Amil Imani

You tell me

by Amil Imani on

The terrorists are only doing exactly what Muhammad demanded them to do, and his demands were not suggestions and they were not ephemeral. They were “perfect”, eternal ultimata. The terrorists are faithful and true to what is written in the holy Quran. A Muslim is forbidden to think critically about the Qur'an. He must blindly obey it and accept it passively and should memorize all of it. Hence, being filled with the spirit of Islam, he instinctively walks in accordance with Allah's law in his daily life.

It would be wonderful to believe that if a quiet reform could mend the hearts of Muslims, then much of their sacred writings could be overlooked and forgotten, or perhaps just re-interpreted, and all of the Islamic world could join the community of modern, civilized man. Unfortunately, this plan can never work. It might work for a while, but then some Muslims might take to reading, and the whole Jihad, terror, coercion and Sharia force would start over again. You cannot reform that which is central to a religion.

The fundamental point is that Islam cannot reform itself in any form or shape in a lasting way, because Islam has no source of authority apart from its life manual, the Quran. In any civil debate between radical Muslims and putative moderates, the radicals will have the Quran on their side and will ultimately win the debate.

If I am right, then Islam will always be a “bete noir” to the West. Even dopey secularists and leftists will realize that fact one day, perhaps only after their delusions sink all of us. But realizing the fact that this religious power is at eternal war with you is not an act of hopelessness, and therefore it is not a call to pollyanishness. It simply means we must always be on our guard and never self-deluded. It may mean we have to leave the Islamists alone and hope that their people slowly convert to another religion or become unaffiliated. Until then, we should keep our powder dry.
I have refused to join several organizations that seek to combat or expose the antics of “radical” or “extreme” Islam, because I know that it is not extremism that is causing the’s mainstream, typical, normal, traditional, specified, canonical Islam.

Islam is a cult under the direct law of Allah. All facets of life are specifically controlled by a multitude of regulations. Allah is the centre of everything. This is certainly not what I would like to foresee for the future children of America.

So what is the answer? Should we call upon all the branches of the United States government to adopt, in the spirit of our national interest, a resolution or an amendment that would curb an evil cult that is eroding our country in the name of a “Religion of Peace”?
You tell me.


Iranians deserve better

by Dariush (not verified) on

I couldn't agree more with this title"IRANIANS DESERVE BETTER". It is exactly what I said in one of my postings a few weeks ago. But how can we achieve that today? By hating each other or by uniting despite our differences? Who will benefit from the division? You religions are bad. Then the communist who are against religion must be good, right? Then you say communist is bad too. So, what happened? Then you say west is good. Well, they claim to be religious too! They admit that themseves and says on their money "IN GOD WE TRUST". So now the religion becomes good since west is? why are you giving all these run arounds? Just say what you really have on your mind which is we should dependent on west and be their "nokar".
No governments or religions are perfect. The purpose of religion was to free people from worshiping man maid gods that were causing division and wars and abuse as there was prior to these religions. Slavery, sacrifying humans specially women, killing their newborn daughters, adultery, theft and etc. If your purpose for argument is religion not division in Iran why don't you criticize chistianity and the west for the crimes they have are commiting? Doesn't democracy mean we should tolerate other's believes rather than destroying them? There may be some issues with all the religions, but that shouldn't be used as an excuse to commit crimes whether muslim or christian or jew!!! If infact it was the message of Islam to kill none muslims, there wouldn't be any minorety alive in Iran or palestine or other muslim countries. Minorities even have representatives in Iran's parliament. Do muslims have representatives in U.S. congress? As for Mr. Farhad, he nenies any wrong doing by west and as the west, he thinks the shock and awe that killed over 100,000 civilians in a few hours was just a fourth of July fire works party gone bad. He blames Iraqi civilians for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As I had said before, It is amazing what a piece of pie can do!!!



by Anonymous123 (not verified) on


Mammad, your comments are

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mammad, your comments are not by any means, shape or form backed by facts. Remember now, not every book or an article is a fact. You can write things based on your ideology and how you see the world. The best way to analyze something is to see the outcome of the action, and by outcome, I mean the ultimate outcome. As far Mr. Imani goes, I read many of his posting. He is not any of the things you mentioned, by far. All I can say is we need more and more of like minded Iranians such as Mr. Imani to come out and speak out. His ideas is a reflection of the public opinion in Iran, the public who has to deal with the fascist regime and the 24/7 oppression of their basic human rights and dignities. Conspiracy theories and blaming others is not only baseless for them, but irrelevant cause everytime they get sent to the komite, everytime they get harassed by Hezbollahs in the street because of petty things, they see Iranians, just like them, just a fascist version of them , oppressing them in that manner. You wrote: “Secondly, each and every one of those that I listed were committed by Christian nations. It does not matter whether they were officially done under the name of Christianity although, most, if not, all of them were done EXPLICITLY under that name.” It does matter, A LOT. How can you claim it doesn’t? Its different if you were born a Christian and then because of greed for oil, power, or for true belief in promoting democracy and human rights values, whichever you pick, kill other people and whether you were born a Christian and kill people in the name of Christianity. Whats at stake here is not your reputation merely, but your religion’s reputation. Now like I said, millions of people have died throughout the history in the name of Christianity, just like they did in the name of Islam, but the U.S have never had that policy. They never fought a war in the name of religion. That’s a fact! You wrote: whereas most Muslims live in undemocratic nations, often supported by the US and the West.”. Again, you guys need to understand some day that the people are responsible for the government they have. People in the Savak, the shah, the basidj, the komiteh, the Mullahs, ..those groups that have been responsible for the oppression of our people the last 50 years or so were and are all IRANIANS! The Hezbollahi guy who splashed Acid in your and my sisters face because they don’t have the Islamic hijab is Iranian, isn’t he? The head of our caliphate (i.e. government) is an Iranian, isn’t he? So how can you blame other people? You wrote” Tens of thousands of leftists in Latin America were murdered by thuggish regimes supported by the US, and justified to the population because "they were Godless." All sorts of crimes were committed by the West during the cold war, most often under the name of "fighting the Godless communists," including killing two million Vietnamese. George Bush explicitly said that God told him to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, with the result that we know. Ronald Reagan often invoked God to justify the aggression of his administration in Central and South America. I ask: What God were they talking about?”. Again, making up stories. 1- as far as the supported regime, just read what I just said about responsibility for our own action and over exaggeration of U.S involvement in the world. 2- What the world did, including the West, in fighting communism led to our planet right now living under its most democratic conditions in its history. Communism, regardless of being “godless” or not, was at worst the most brutal and unjust form of government (next to Islamic fundamentalism) and at its best, unrealistic. Everyone fought communism, for the better of human being so Russian, Chinese, and other “communist nation” next generations can have a better life (Look at China, went from a starving nation to a world giant, whether they admit it or not, it throw out core communist principals to achieve what it has achieved). You wrote” man who knows nothing about Islam, but constantly and savagely attacks it and all Muslims’. Ok tell me mamad, what do you know about Islam? Lets challenge your claim! Lets see what is your interpretation of Islam? What do you consider Islam to be? Let me hear it!


Amil Imani

by Dariush (not verified) on

It is very covenient to blame everything on Islam from your point of view just as it is from the mullahs to blame everything on America. No religion or goverment is perfect. You complain Ali killed 700 jews. They don't give "halva" in war! Perhaps they didn't behave themselves. Moses himself killed many jews for betraying him/God! This should give you an Idea who they are. Perhaps since you reminded them now, they are going to ask for compensation! since all they do is whining. You say Ahmadinejad said this and said that. Most people with a little brain would say a country shouldn't be punished for what they say! They should be punished for what they do! Ahmadinejad/Iran made a remark about Israel, but Israel is doing the same thing to otherts. So who is the criminal here? As people know your comments are not from love for Iran. They are same old British strategy of Divide and concure. I don't think it really matter for you, who was in power in Iran, even if it was Moddadegh you would critisize to take him down! So stop pretending! We can smell the rat. And don't worry! once we get the Imperialism off our bach, we will take care of the mullahs too. Because the history has showed west or east are there for their interest not our wellbeing. But untill then, we will stay united! We take the lesser freedom to an invasion like Iraq or bombing. After all, what good freedom of speech do to a dead man?


why are you so obsessed with ...

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Imani says, "90 percent of the Iranians want to replace this Islamofascist regime."

Mr. Imani I could care less that you hate Islam to such an obsessive level (I don't believe in any religion), however as you claim 90 % of Iranians don't like this theocracy. So you don't need to exaggerate dangers of Iran and provoke direct or indirect attack against Iran. do you?


Great work Amil

by Sohrab (not verified) on

every rational person who has least familiarity with history of Islam knows very well that this religion was invented out of older Abrahamic religious materials mixed with Arabs pagans rituals which are still being carried out by muslims without knowing what they really do it for. No doubt that religion, no matter what kind, has been and will continue to be one of hardest taboos to deal with and analyse. This matter that Islamists think that their religion is superior to others and everyone should go by their rules can only be a proof to dept of their ignorance towards reality of the religion which has served one purpose only and that is to create and install a class of royalty for Mohammad and his dependents based on this religion which could feed on earnings of working people through "khoms" and "zokaat".

Undeniable historical facts and documents reported by multiple historians and researchers indicate that this religion is based on ancient pagan worshipping traditions of Mesopotamia which was also not welcomed by Arabs themselves in the beginning. Mohammad could not find more than a few dozens of followers through out the first 15 years from the day that he came up with the idea and his success came only after his first looting of the Meccan caravan which provided him with enough wealth to hire more of poor Arabs who could get rich easily by receiving their shares of lootings, mostly from rich jews who had helped them to integrate in Yathreb (Medina) when Mohammad arrived there. Obviously use of extreme violence against non-followers and looting of Iranian treasures later helped Mohammad's followers a lot in expanding their authority over a vast area which stetched from western Africa to western India. Egyptians have horrible stories about treatment of their people by Arab muslims who attacked them initially. This is despite ridiculous claims of some Islamists about the peacefulness of their ideology which is nothing but a shameless lie. These muslims can not explain why MOhammad's wife, Khadija, a woman, could achieve such high and respectul position in Arab society before Mohammad while nothing of that sort happened after MOhammad took over the peninsula. They can not explain why Mohammad's father's name was "Abdallah" which means "slave of Allah" that predates Allah's presence in Arab culture to Mohammad's claim and basically means that Mohammad took the old Arab gods and gave them the same characterisitics as Yahvah of Jews. He originally prayed towards the same side as Jews (Jerusalem) in exact same manner as Jews and later adopted many other rituals from their religion like fasting and mixed it with older Arab pagan rituals like haj pilgrimage and running between Safa and Marva. All this information and much more is availble through sound and strong rsearch work of many scholars and researchers.

One of the easily accessible sources which provides a lot of good information about Mohammad himself and Islam from many reliable sources is the book written by Ali Dashti named 23 years. //

Another one is "eslaam shenaasi" by Ali Mirfetros: //

and there are plenty more available in Persian and English and other languages for research oriened people to find and read.

Amil Imani

Khar Gir

by Amil Imani on

Is that how humans mourn? Mourning for whom? For someone who died 1400 years ago? A sworn enemy of Iran? That is not mourning, that is insanity…you are confusing human emotion with acting like wild animals.

Victimization is an Islamic disease. Islam, irrespective of sects, either victimizes the people it can, or plays victim to the real or imagined oppressors. This victimization mentality is at the root of Muslim’s backwardness and primitiveness.

Muslims living in theocratic states, in particular, are victims of their religious brains. Their religious brains are indoctrinated from the moment of birth by an extensive ruthless in-power cadre of self-serving clergy who are intent on maintaining their stranglehold on the rank and file of the faithful who are their very source of support and livelihood.

That Mullah is not a human being. He is a killing machine that would not hesitate to kill if someone insults his Hussein or the rest of the gang. Islamic terrorists, who wrap bombs around their back and kill innocent people, are not humans. Not even sub-humans. They are walking missiles.

Humanity is a quality that Islamists do not possess. Islam has taken that away from you.

We true Iranians in spirit—free people of the world--greatly cherish liberty, where the mind is imbued with enlightenment, and every individual by the virtue of being born human is afforded measured freedom. It is within the open expanse of liberty that each and every person can be at his or her best. And when the individual person is at his best, humanity is at its best.

Khar Gir

Did you all understand what a 'sub-human' is?

by Khar Gir on

I am really glad Amil told us who a sub-human is. So everyone, if you like someone and you are mourning for his/her death, make sure you don't show emotions and do not hit yourself in the head as Amil has kindly showed to us in his video. If you do .... God help you, you will be a sub-human!

Amil Imani


by Amil Imani on

Do you consider this person a human being? You Islamists have lost it. Humanity?? What don't even know the meaning of being human. A sub-human is someone who looks like human, but he is not. Someone who does not possess human qualities, like Khomeini, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and some of you Islamists on this board.. That is not an insult, it’s the truth.



Imani when was the last time .... (well said mammad)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

mammad says, "If Islam is done in Iran, why are you tearing yourself apart Imani? ....."

Mr. Imani I also asked you the same question down below, phrasing it differently (I was less blunt). With all of your claims I also want to know when was the last time you were in Iran?


Imani continues to fabricate

by Mammad (not verified) on

The Khomeini quote was a fabrication by Amir Taheri, another ex-Iranian who, like Imani, has sold his soul to warmongers. Everyone that follows the news knows that. It was first used by Norman Podhoretz, the Jewish guy who advocates bombing Iran on behalf of Israel, just like Imani who advocates war with Iran, on behalf of Israel. But while Podhoretz was exposed quickly, Imani continues his campaign of mis- and disinformation.

If Islam is done in Iran, why are you tearing yourself apart Imani? Who gave you the mission to "speak on behalf of Iranian people," except people like yourself who have made a deal with devil to start a war with Iran?

Imani called a person who criticized him in this column a "sub-human," exactly the language that the Nazis used with Jews, the American whites used with African-Americans, the French, Portugues, and British colonizers used with the people of their colonies, Zionists used with Arabs, and Imani now uses with muslims.

All of this is not surprising. What can we expect of a man who is full of hate and racism, and his name stands for

I'M A Non-Iranian


It is called - Constructive Critism.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Kudos to your brave essay. If you would not have been around to tell Iranians the naked truth, they would have had to invent you.

In any civilized society, your comments would have been welcomed with open arm. After all, this type of self criticism and zeal to correct them, is the very reason which had brought the western countries and Israel to the highest crest of human achievement.

It is utterly astonishing to read some of these like Muhammad do what Muslims do best. Blame others for own failures. deflect the the spotlight on someone else.

The irony is, when the constituency in a country is far ahead of its own government, it results with oppression and depravation of individual freedom to keep the country in check..

Soon or later, this Iranian regime, will follow the example of other totalitarian regimes such as USSR. Where people there, were also forced to dress a like, speak a like, and behave a like, and worship a cultism figure or an institution. Luck of freedom, and secret service watching every step you make.

From what one can see and conclude, this regime is going nowhere. Too many people around the world want them gone.

The key is in the hand of the Iranian femel students to free up the country from these Mullahs. All they need to do, is to remove their head covers, and expose their arms and beautiful legs. All 10 Millions of them around the country and at the same time.

Chant Hey little Ahmadinejat bi-yah ve-maa-tchem kon.
Let see how the regime is going to shoot un-armed woman.