Never mind the bomb

Beware of Islamofascism


Never mind the bomb
by Amil Imani

The National Intelligence Estimate regarding Iran’s bomb project has stirred a great deal of controversy. Some say that there is now reason to abandon the war posturing and start negotiating a live-and-let-live deal with the Mullahs, since they have “abandoned” their quest for the bomb. At least that is what the not-so-reliable report seems to imply. Others, with good reason, remain skeptical of both the validity of the report and the ever-cheating, conniving Mullahs.

This controversy aside, the irrefutable fact is that the Jihadist belief of Islam itself poses existential danger to the world. Beliefs energize and direct actions. Beliefs are as indispensable as the air we breathe. Even an atheist is a believer, with his own system of disbelief. Not believing in anything is mental breakdown. There is something about humans that demands a belief. A belief can be anything or a combination of many things; it can be well-defined and even rigid, or a loosely put together hodge-podge with considerable latitude. It can be magnificent or the most abhorrent. But, it has to be there. Beliefs steer our vehicles in the journey of life.

A peculiar thing about beliefs is that they don’t have to be based on reason. Rationality does not have full charge of the human mind. Emotions, fantasies, misperceptions and a host of other operations make us the muddling fuzzy-thinkers that we are. A constant upheaval rages in the arena of the mind where all kinds of clashing forces and conflicting information vie for a place. All along, some mysterious housekeeper of the mind works at maintaining a semblance of coherence and order.

It is in the chaotic, fallible and conflict-ridden battlefield of the mind that beliefs are subjected to constant assaults as well as reinforcement. Somehow, usually in early life, the foundation for a belief system forms. Once this happens, the person tends to build on that foundation and protect it against anything that aims to change or undermine it.

The importance of early years in belief formation was recognized centuries ago by Saint Augustine, who said something to the effect: give me a child until he is seven and he will be forever mine. Sigmund Freud’s entire theory of Psychoanalysis is based on the primacy and importance of childhood experiences and education. The famed behavioral psychologist J.B. Watson went even further by declaring:

“Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors. I am going beyond my facts and I admit it, but so have the advocates of the contrary and they have been doing it for many thousands of years.”

What Watson said may not hold perfectly in every case. Yet, the essence of his boast is indeed supported by numerous studies. Early environmental influences play the primary role in programming the mind and setting it on its course. In actuality, the brain seems to say: first come, first served. It is for this reason that Muslims are overwhelmingly born to Muslim parents, Hindus to Hindu parents, Catholics to Catholic parents, and so on.

This is not to say that changes, even major changes, are not possible after the early years. They are possible and they do happen in some instances. However, in order for significant changes to occur, major re-working must take place in the mind. Change is effortful and the law of conservation of energy also applies to the working of the mind and mitigates change unless the incentives to do so overcome the default mode of inertia.

The parents, other adults and children, as well as the prevailing culture are powerful teachers and trainers of the young mind. In the Islamic world, for instance, Islam permeates every aspect of life with overbearing severity. The young mind has little access to competing non-Islamic input. As the child’s foundation of belief forms, the mind works to protect it, further reinforce it, and bar, falsify, or dismiss any ideas that may clash with its already in-place contents.

As humans, we lack comprehensive pre-programmed software, instincts, to direct us in life. We, however, are born with predispositions which are the rudiments of software programs that will be further elaborated in interaction with life. We are, therefore, importantly dependent on how we and others, and in what fashion, further elaborate the rudimentary software. Somehow, there has been a trade-off. As our brain evolved both in size and power, what few instincts we may have had gave way. In a real sense, we took more and more charge of our own destiny.

As humans became more autonomous, a brain operation called “Confirmation Bias,” evolved to maintain internal harmony within the mind. Studies have shown that when Confirmation Bias is at work the brain areas ordinarily associated with rational decision-making are inactive. By contrast, an elaborate network of brain structures that process emotion and conflicts are highly activated. In short, confirmation bias has its own brain resources that shut out the reasoning parts in order to protect the already in-place beliefs and preferences.

The Confirmation Bias protects beliefs, values and ideas, be they political, religious, or of any other type; it is also helped in the discharge of its functions by the mind’s defense mechanisms such as rationalization (faulty reasoning) and denial (refusing to accept the reality of the irrefutable). Allocation of extensive faculties of the brain to content protection demonstrates the critical importance of the mind’s belief to its normal functioning.

The mind, concurrent with fiercely protecting its belief, actively seeks to further reinforce it with whatever supporting evidence it can muster. Total or major replacement of beliefs, particularly as one gets older, becomes less likely, yet it happens occasionally. Ideas, on the other hand, are much more amenable to change, replacement, or discard as long as they do not substantially undermine the integrity of the overall belief.

However, if a person’s ideas keep on changing gradually, they may swing the balance in favor of a total belief change. This is how Muslims usually become apostates, for example. Therefore, it is imperative that the belief of Islamofascism be challenged at every bend to make the Muslims start thinking and re-examining their ideas of faith.

Forming a religious belief is primarily an emotional undertaking. Therefore, reason must work extremely hard to override the emotion-based belief. Yet, it can be done.

There is nothing inherently wrong with religion. Religion can be a tremendous force for the good. However, when religion, this feeling-based belief, is filled with superstition, intolerance and hatred, then the observer of that religion embodies those qualities and becomes a menace to the self and to others. Feelings energize actions. Destructive feelings energize destructive actions.

Muslims living in theocratic states, in particular, are victims of their religious brains. Their religious brains are indoctrinated from the moment of birth by an extensive ruthless in-power cadre of self-serving clergy who are intent on maintaining their stranglehold on the rank and file of the faithful who are their very source of support and livelihood.

The mullahs and imams, as well as parents and others, envelop the receptive mind, feed it their dogma, and shield it from information that may undermine or falsify their version of belief.

Islamofascism is a pandemic fiercely-promoted belief system that enjoys a huge advantage over the competition. Some of the reasons for Islamofascism longevity and success are listed below.

* It is a crusading belief. Early on, it forced itself by the sword and as time went on it employed any and all schemes to promote itself while destroying the competition.

* It mandates prolific procreation on the faithful. It allows a man to have as many as four wives concurrently, in part to cater to the lust of the men and in part to produce more children who would, in turn, swell its ranks.

* It gets the first crack at imprinting its dogma on the blank slate of the child’s mind from the very first day of birth. The imprinting is usually deeply engrained and makes it difficult for the person to fully erase it, or replace it altogether. Even when successful, an ex-Muslim, or a “cultural” Muslim retains on his slate some traces of the early imprints. It may take more than one generation to fully erase the Islamic imprints.

* It does not allow anyone the choice of leaving its fold at the penalty of death for apostasy.

* It holds that the earth is Allah’s and no non-Muslim is entitled to the same rights and privileges reserved for its own members. Even the “people of the book,” Jews and Christians, must pay the religious tax of jazyyeh to be allowed a subservient place under the Islamic rule.

* It campaigns ceaselessly at propagating itself by any and all means, while banning other religions from so doing. Islamic proselytizers invade the lands of the unbelievers and work relentlessly to convert others while non-Muslim faiths are even barred from having a place of worship in lands such as the cradle of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

* It is anathema to many of civilized humanity’s values, such as those enshrined in the first amendment of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.

* It is a caste system where the male believer enjoys valued privileges denied to all minorities, women and slaves. This discriminatory provision guarantees generation after generation of avowed in-power adherents who would shirk at nothing to maintain their privileged status granted to them by Allah.

* It is a powerful carrot-and-stick system of belief. It maintains its stranglehold on its obedient followers by promising them unimaginable compensations, if not in this world, then assuredly in the next, while anyone who strays from the mandated path is threatened with a raft of unending horrid torture from a vengeful Allah.

* The extortion-high oil prices that oil-rich Muslims extract from the addicted and oblivious non-Muslim world fuel the Islamic jihad throughout the world. Muslim kings, emirs and sheiks enjoy opulent life and aim to have it the same in Allah’s next world by funneling a portion of their huge parasitic income to madresehs (religious indoctrinating schools), mosques, storefront recruiting centers and charitable outlets that would enlist and hold masses of choiceless and fanatical believers. By funding these activities in the service of the jihadist Islam, these in-power Muslims believe that they can have it both ways: a material existence of great enjoyment here and an eternal life of hedonism in Allah’s promised paradise. In the bargain, these ringleader menaces of the world, aim to assuage their guilt feeling resulting from oppressing the impoverished exploited masses of Muslims with the delusion they are furthering Allah’s cause.

The danger of the bomb in the hands of the Mullahs has not disappeared, in spite of what the mainstream media and the Useful Idiots claim by misrepresenting the NIE report. The NIE guesses that the Mullahs seem to have ceased the construction of the warhead in 2003. How can the CIA be sure that this is the case and that the Mullahs are not secretly constructing it? Yet, the IRI, by its own admission, is on a crash program to develop long range missiles and operates cascades of centrifuges to make enriched weapon-grade uranium needed for the bomb.

The handwriting is on the wall. Huge numbers of Muslims, overwhelmingly poor, under-educated, and deeply indoctrinated in the jihadist belief are invading the world. It is this human bomb that must be diffused as well as keeping a vigilant eye on the other one that Iran’s Mullahs are relentlessly pursuing.

In short, never mind the nuclear bomb, if you like. But, we must do all we can to erase the suicide-homicide belief-vest that Islamofascists straps on their masses of the poor, the undereducated, and their deluded followers.

“Think globally, act locally,” is the rallying cry of the environmentalist movement. The same exhortation even more urgently applies to the fight against the deadly spread and menace of Islamofascism.

Amil Imani is an Iranian-born American citizen and pro-democracy activist residing in the United States of America. Imani is a columnist, literary translator, novelist and an essayist, who has been writing and speaking out for the struggling people of his native land, Iran. He maintains a website at


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by Anonymous4now (not verified) on

I see you throw your “exaggeration” defense at everybody. Back in 1979, we were naïve, Carter was naïve and the whole world was naïve about Islam, and Khomeini’s intent, in particular. The American doctrine of strengthening the Shah to withstand an attack from the Soviet Union, long enough for the U.S. forces to mobilize themselves, shifted in Carter naïve mind and transformed into an Islamic Iran, after seeing the popularity of the movement. Little did he and the rest of us know what the true nature of this revolution is. Khomeini’s victory over the Shah inspired Osama Bin Laden to go to Afghanistan as a fighter. There is truth to your argument that the West helped create this monster of Islamic jihadism, but this was not out of some grand conspiracy. It was out of shear naiveté. Thinking Islam could be a barrier to Communist expansionism, and thinking Islam was the religion of peace, with Islamic terrorism as an aberration, the West and in particular the U.S. helped Islamists win the battle against the Soviet Union. 30 years later the world is 30 years wiser and the intent of the Islamists are known to everyone. The apologists can no longer hide that intent covered.

So what is your point? Would it have been better for America to let the Soviets win? Should the world sit idle while these Islamists have their way, because the U.S. inadvertently aided them to beat the Soviet Union? If they win, opinionated people like you will be amongst the first to go. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, the way the rest of the world did.


Anonym7, the Afghanistan

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonym7, the Afghanistan fight was only one part of these Islamofacists worldwide fight. Their movement started with the rise of the Islamic regime in Tehran. These types of alliances have been formed all over history between blocks from different views and backgrounds, such as the alliance between U.S and USSR against Nazism. So I’m not sure what your point is here, but U.S never “empowered” them to become a worldwide movement. IRIs Islamic fundamentalist ideas and inspirations and Saudi money helped that. And it’s not about “listening” to the U.S, it’s about picking your fight. The least these fascists should do is to be grateful to the U.S for helping them liberate their country. I mean if they believed U.S to be so “evil”, why did they accepted its help in Afghanistan?


the U.S helped (Re: Kashani)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "Anonym7, the U.S helped those Mujahedeen to fight the Soviets, not to come back and around and declare war on it in 1996."

Kashani you are doing much better, effectively you are admitting US helped/empowered Islamofaschists, ....
you see the problem is that they are Islamofaschists they are not expected to listen to US and be "good" fascists all the time (fascists that only fight US enemies)... what goes around comes around Farhadjan


Anonym7, the U.S helped

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonym7, the U.S helped those Mujahedeen to fight the Soviets, not to come back and around and declare war on it in 1996. So U.S is to blamed for helping them liberate their country? Shouldn't they be grateful to the U.S forever for that? Plus, like I said before, the problem with Islamic Facism does not start or end with “Mujahedeen” in Afghanistan. Every country has its own “Mujahedeen”s.


who empowered "Islamofaschists"? (Re: Kashani)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani, as I explained to you the fact is that US Reaganists pumped $billions to Wahabi Sunni fanatics in Pakistan and Afghanistan during the cold war and empowered them, of course at that time the Americans called them "Mojahedin Freedom Fighters" and "Arab Afghans".
Reaganists and the evolved Reaganists (neocons such as your Monarchofaschist friend Imani) bare most of the responsibility for empowerment of these disasters (i.e., "Islamifaschist").


Anonym7, it is the support

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonym7, it is the support that you and people like you provide for Islamic fundamentalism ideas and its center of inspiration and support, the IRI, that has weakened Iranian people’s struggle against this regime and world’s struggle against fundamental Islam, which is getting stronger by the day because of these supports. So if the regime decided for example, to arrest 500,00 women (according to its own statistics , please refer to them, they are easily available online) because of “bi-hejabi” within a period of 2-3 months, you guys are partially to blame. Again, out of jealousy against U.S, here you blame U.S for things like “providing Iranian troop position to the Iraqis”. That’s so incredibly naïve! By the way, what do you expect the U.S to do when your beloved Khomeini waged an holly war against it when he took power and hijacked our country? Wake up and see around you, the wars today are not conventional anymore, they’re not only fought using tanks and helicopters. These are different kind of wars. When you people gonna realize this? When there is nothing left of our country? Like I said before, look at the French revolution history and see what happened when they had the idea of “exporting the ideas of revolution” to other countries, starting from Francs’e neighbors. It doesn’t even matter if those ideas are democratic in nature or not. The issue is you create enemies for yourself. Look around you, how many friends does the IRI truly have? The only friends it got are the ones who support it to be able to plunder its wealth (i.e. China and Russia). I think besides you and leftist and pro IRI Iranians, and maybe a handful of governments, all extremely undemocratic in nature (Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, China,….) These facist lost the respect of everyone.


Amil - you are truly an embarassment and a phony!

by Iranhadnothingtodowith9/11orotherterroristacts (not verified) on

Just visited your website and I must say, you might as well create a swatztika for your followers representing the elimination of Islam! I am surprised that you haven't yet done that.

Here're a couple of things that you and your shyster AIPAC, fish-eyed, stinkin, schnase fucks should know: Mullas in Iran are business people, they rather get the money than spread their beliefs everywhere. You can do deals with those guys behind closed doors. Israel and Iran have traded goods and information many times since the revolution. Also, they do not have the suicide bomb mentality. And they know that if they attack anyone with an A-bomb (which they yet do not have), it is actually like committing suicide. So don't fuckin mix them in with the Saudis (which by the way were solely responsible for 9/11), the Pakistanis and Kuwaitis ... all of these countries, the countries that have killed so many Americans and your jews (you are NOT a Zoroasterian! I will bet on it!) over the years, are the US allies! So take your BS and hypocrisy and shove em up your stinky ass.

Americans are starting to realize that this freedom crap is BS. No one hates the freedom that Americans have, no one wants to take away the Constitution, no one wants to nuke the Americans ... what some are demanding is that please get da fuck out of my country and quit telling my people how to live, what to do, at what price to sell the oil and which jew to kiss up to! They are willing to conduct trades and do business as long as all parties don't try to meddle into and change their cultures. And by the way, I'm mostly talking about the Arabs and their countries and how they feel.

Iran doesn't wanna attack your Israel. Iran wants to make sure that your shyster country and its puppet, the US, don't attack Iran for the oil.

And by the way, you talk about freedom and democracy ... a democracy is led by MAJORITIES. The majority of Iranians are MUSLIM. Live with it!

Your website is such a shyster creation, its not even funny. Wolfowitz and Perle probably suckin your little dick eh? Or maybe you're just jerkin off to Lieberman. Take all of those and Abram and Kristol and Feith and Guiliani and H. Clinton and the rest, and shove em up your ass. Most of them ruined the Republican party and now they've got their protoges ruining everything else.


rise of "Islamofaschism" (Re: Kashsni)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: " ...........
Finally , like I said before, Khomeini's regime was at fault for starting the war although Saddam fired the first shots, and here's how..."

Kashani, I am very well aware of the damage that Saddam inflicted on Iran, and some of IRI's mistakes in handling the war. However, I don't agree with you blaming IRI for the whole thing or almost the whole thing.
Your theory that IRI rhetoric (export of revolution) was the factor would been valid if Saddam had not initiated the Kuwait war.
With initiating the Kuwait war, Saddam invalidated your theory and to a large extent vindicated IRI's not trusting Saddam's war machine.
Saddam betrayed those who indirectly supported him (e.g. Kuwait) and even those who helped him to the level of direct participation in war against Iran (e.g., US providing the location of Iranian forces to his army) (see: //

So Farhad chAkhAn, you and this Monarchist Imani, can exaggerate as mush as you want, you can even blame the rise of Taliban and Wahabi "islamiofaschism" on Iran, but the fact is that US Reaganists pumped $billions to them during the cold war and empowered them, of course at that time the Americans called them "Mojahedin Freedom Fighters". What goes around comes around .....
The predecessors of neocons (such as MR. Imani) are directly responsible for rise of "Islamofaschism".


Anonym7, first of all,

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonym7, first of all, thanks for showing us your true face by showing intolerance and calling me names. Second, according to IRIs own statistics, close to 500,000 Iranian soldiers died in the war. Offcourse, as we know, anytime IRI comes up with a number , you have to double it..we're not even gonna do that, lets say 700,000. And like jamshid said, do you know how many wounded we got? And did you know that there are people still dying today from injuries during the war? Plus, I said those numbers include executions and other things. Finally , like I said before, Khomeini's regime was at fault for starting the war although Saddam fired the first shots, and here's how : One of the most important assignments this regime has assigned itself to is the export of revolution i.e: Spread of Islamic fundamentalism. Khomeini's first target was Iraq, for obvious reasons relating to the shite population and shite sites in Iraq. In the time between the revolution in february of 1979 and september of 1980 when the war started, Iraq saw a shite uprising, not as intense as the 1991 uprising, but still an uprising. So facist Saddam scared and frightened about losing his power, went bullistic and used force against Iran. There are similar examples in the history when it comes to revolutions like that, remember the French revolution and the idea of exporting it? Well what happened? All neighboring countries got frightened and attacked France. This has nothing to do with what ideas those revolutions are trying to "export". Let me just say this, didn't you know that things that one says, and not necessarily does, can have disasterous consequences? Didn't you know that case is specially true with us Iranians through the history?



by jamshid on

On what basis? 

If it walks like a duck, it it eats like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

And also, in IRI's world a "reformist" duck is still a duck.


so you extremists (Re: Jamshid)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Jamshid says: "But to you Islamists, these are all a natural cost to be paid for your stupid ideolog"

First of all on what bases you assume I am an Islamist?
Secondly, Farhad chAkhAn's statemant does not have the same meaning as your statemant (which is not totally as exaggerated as his statement).
Thirdly, the topic here is not the Iran/Iraq war but if you are really interested in knowing the facts about that watch the very accredited and objective PBS Frontline US made series of documentaries about it.
... and finally, IRI has and is doing many wrong things such as stoning (although few cases of it) .... that it can be criticized or condemned for, so Farhad chAkhAn does not need to exaggerate.



by jamshid on

  1. You are false. The war is to be blamed on Saddam for the first year. After 1982, when khomeini did not accept the peace offer which included gharaamate jangi, the war is to be blamed on khomeini (not the entire IRI, as many mullahs wanted the war to end). So the last seven years of the war, which was the most costly, was due to khomeini's imposed "ideology".

 Khomeini, zahaakeh zamaaneh, did not care for his people's lives.

Futhermore, the war cost was far from more than a million dead. Because we had double that number who lost a limb or an eye or other permanent injuries. That is not all, you should include the orphaned children, the forever grieving mothers, the jang zadegaan...

But to you Islamists, these are all a natural cost to be paid for your stupid ideology.


exaggeration has some limits! (Re: Kashani chAkhAn)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

ChAkhAn climes: "1- IRI in Iran (Responsible for the death of close to 1 1/5 million Iranians in war, revolution and executions.)"

Kashani, unlike you and Imani there are many (including many Americans) that despite their dislike for IRI have some integrity and don't hide the fact that Saddam Hossein's war machine initiated the war with Iran and then with Kuwait....
Kashanie_chAkhAn ye_chizi_bego_ke_bogonjed!


Anonymous-2, let me tell you

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonymous-2, let me tell you what Islamofacism that Mr. Imani is talking about is. And please don't be answering a question with a question. Let's pretend for a second that "Judeofascists" and "Christofascists" do exist. Well, those are bad , but so is Islamofacism. Islamofacism is the idea of creating an Islamic empire by uniting all the muslims in the world under one rule in order for 2 ultimate goals: 1- Spreading Islam around the world and converting all human beings to Islam. 2- Applying fundamental Islamic law in the world. Thats the part that makes it Islamic, now here's the part that makes it facist: sanctity of human life means absolutely nothing for the sacrifice of achieving those 2 greater goals. As evident during the last 30 years in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia, Algeiria, Pakistan, Afghanistan......killing infants and then planting their dead body with bombs to kill the police officer who is about to pick up the infant's dead body is only one out of thousands of facist tactics they use. Here are some of the groups working under the Islamofacism umbrella ideology in the world:1- IRI in Iran (Responsible for the death of close to 1 1/5 million Iranians in war, revolution and executions.) 2- Ekhvan Muslemin (Mulism brotherhood) in Egypt: Responsible for the death of close to 100,000 innocent Egyptian and foreign tourists in Egypt in the 90s infamous terrorist campaign. 3- Jebhat al-inqaz al- Islamiyah (Islamic Salvation front) in Algeiria: Responsible for the murder of close to 200,000 citizens in Algeiria in the 1990s during a barbaric terrorism campaign. 4- Jebhat al-amal al-Islami (Islamic worker front) and now Al-Qaeda in Maghreb al-arabi goup in Morocco and Tunisia : Reponsible for murder of thousand of citizens in those two countries using terrorist attacks starting in the 1990s. 5- Various Islamic groups in Pakistan: Responsible for murders of thousands of Pakistanis in Sunni-Shite fights and suicide bombings. 6- 35 shite Groups, Heyat al-olama al-muslemin, and numerous other Sunni groups in Iraq: Since 2003, responsible for murder of close to 600,000 Iraqi citizens. 7- Abu Sayyaf group in Philippines: Responsible for murder of thousands of citizens using terrorist attacks. 8- Taliban in Afghanistan : Responsible of murder of thousand of its citizens and genocide of shite groups in Afghanistan. 9- Lashkar e Tayebeh group in Pakistan and Indian Kashmir: Responsible of numerous terrorist attacks in those 2 countries resulting in thousands of deaths, specially in Kashmir and more lately, the Bombay train bombing. 10- Jamaat Islamiah in Indonesia : Responsible for Bali bombing, and many other famous terrorist acts resulting in death of thousand of citizens. These are just to name a few. These are the famous ones. There are tens, maybe hundreds, of other little groups working in Gulf states, Lebanon (Remember Fathol Islam recently?), Syria, Jordan (Ekhvan Muslemin), and others.


who empowers is "Islamofascism"?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mr. Imani as you neocons are aware, the strongest and the most extreme "Islamofaschists" with global reach are those associated with the Wahabi sect of Islam and not the Shiite sect. So by encouraging more US/Iran confrontation in direction of your desire for regime change, you are actually weakening US war on the worst "islamofachists" and terror. Of course that is not a concern for you. The objective of you and rest of the monarchist Iranians is to convince the Americans to do the fighting for you and install you in power.
And Mr. Imani... I say that is also understandable and I commend your shrewdness. However there is one thing that I don't like to see, and that is the replacement of partially corrupt IRI with totally corrupt (albeit brand new) monarchists.


To: Amil Imani - How do you define Islamofascists?

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Please explain what you mean by Islamofascists? and while you are at it since you seem to know alot about "isms" also give us the definition of "Judeofascists" and "Christofascists".

Second what is your aim and objective in writing this article?

Third who is your target audience and whom are you trying to convert?

If your agenda is to bring some type of knowledge to the readers then you are also responsible in responding to the questions raised!!

No response would mean you have no clue what you are talking about.


Re: Louis or something!!!

by Salar (not verified) on

NO, you'd think?!?!?

you can find some my most prestine thoughts and start reading them on this site:



Brilliant, Imani. The world

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Brilliant, Imani. The world is finally waking up to the threat of Islamofascism and there is growing movement against it all across the globe though still in its infancey. The more fantaic the islamist get, the more this movement will grow.


TO: Salar

by Louis Dis Nef (not verified) on

the bottom line is that you are against Islam and you admire what condemns Islam.

Let me read some of your thoughts, where can I find them?


go on with your rants

by an Iraninan american (not verified) on

Imani, like your spiritual leader (Mr. Bush) keep going with anti Iranian rants, it is not going to
--improve US economy which is in/or in the verge
of recession.
--defeat Afghan Taleban (which are gaining strength)
--improve Pakistani nuclear mess
--elevate the situation in Iraq from damage control to the promised victory
--reduce $1.6 billion US deficit (debt to China etc.)
--reduce increasing power of Hezbollah in Lebanon
Imani even Arab gulf friends of your spiritual leader (W) don't take him serious (check the news about his trip).
Even Arab friends of you spiritual leader don't want to or are hesitant to invest in the US despite him urging them.
Imani Bushani, you neocons have really f*** up the US, do you have the same dream/nightmare for Iran?


Islam vs Islam

by Salar (not verified) on

Islam needs to be fought against with Islam. Thanks to IRI that has showed the true face of Islam to our people. As Mr. Kasravi said once: Iranian people owe a government to the Mullahs to truly get to know them and know what savage animals they are. We have paid a very high price for this but hopefully at the end our people will benefit from this hellish experience and learn their lesson from islam nab mohammadi and its dire consequences if it is mixed with government and politics.
Good Article by the way. just one thing It doesn’t mention, who brought and used Islamofascism in the region, in particular iran and Afghanistan to fight progress and communism??? I think the writer should devote an article explaning that aspect as well.


neocons's arorogance (to A.Parsa)

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

Dear Parsa, this guy is very deeply involved with US neocons (visit his web site // I don't think your words will have any impact on him. Luckily those he is associated with are discredited and humiliated nationally and internationally otherwise he would be even more arrogant.


Mr. Imani, excellent

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mr. Imani, excellent article.


You are on Target Amil

by cyrus khan (not verified) on

The Air Force has a saying: When you get flacks, you are on target. See, you are having all the Islamists out shooting at you. Take heart. You are on target.


Hey jerk, I read your hymn

by Anonymazed (not verified) on

Hey jerk, I read your hymn of praise to "our" America. How touching.

Are you aware that we (does that really mean you?) Americans massacred tens of millions of the native inhabitants of this land so that we could build more McDonalds and Walmarts? Did you know that?

Are you an avatar for what's his name Timmerman, and his good buddy Josh Muravchik who want "our" United States to drop bomb on Iran? You sound an awful lot like them.

Half of the population of "your" United States was similarly indoctrinated into a system of religious beliefs, based on Judaic homocentric thinking: man is the centerpoint of history; the entire universe works in order to make man have a cozy sense of "meaning" and "identity."

The original inhabitants of the land you now call home did not think about the world as revolving around man; America's native peoples understood that mankind existed within the context of the whole universe and the cycles of nature; nature didn't didn't exist to rotate around man.

Your lovely America believe profoundly, and Americans are trained and drilled much as any madrassa or corrupt mullah would teach, that the world revolves around HIM (the masculine is used in the generic sense). Americans, and even moreso Jews, think that not only does the entire universe exist to serve mankind, Americans & Jews are the most exceptional and "chosen" above all other mankind.

Your essay might have had some interesting things to say if you hadn't gone off on a totally over-generalized rant about "every Muslim" is an Islamofascist. But it didn't. Because you did.

Try again when you grow up.


Islamists: Get a dose of your own poison.

by :-D (not verified) on

All attacks here are coming from Islamists who are financially backed by Saudis mafia king families and Hajj caravan mafia/charlatans in Iran.


Re: Imani

by jamshid on

Whenever Islamists swarm and attack an article, then there MUST have been something good about that article.

Therefore, I read it again more intently, and I emailed it to all my contacts as well, thanks to the Islamists acting as a flag.


X-PASDAR ........Hell with all MULLAH

by Navid agha (not verified) on

Khomeini(KILLER)=khamenei(Satan)=khatami(fox)=rafsanjani (kuseh) =ahmaginejad(Ugly inside& out)


to Imani

by Zartoshti (not verified) on

“think globally, act locally” ??
but this article is more like
think lowcally, act digitally.
an article with a bunch of decayed stereo types
wrapped in “philosophical” ‘cocoon’.



by A.Parsa (not verified) on

You have been spreading misinformation for a long time on this site. When are you going to stop? It looks to me the answer is Never! To tell you the truth I have never read more fanatical points of view like yours. When will you ever learn? The irony is that you claim you are enlightening us!!
That is hypocrisy at its worst. Your extreme fanatical views drew me to your website where I discovered that you are a Zoroastrian. With my previous regard for contributions of that religion to our country I could not believe my eyes that there could also be a Zoroastrian like you. Your tubular view of religions and singling Islam as the the worst could not be farther from truth. My unanswered question is why a person continues on his fanatic path and ignores all historical facts. I see no answer other than selfishness and shear disregard for all of us and the assumption that we are all ignorant. That makes you arrogant in addition to being ignorant.
Go read the history with the intention of getting informed rather than being a mouthpiece of those who are disgrace to human race-the war and hate-mongers who do anything for a buck including selling their souls.
If you search for truth, you will discover that all religions have had their positive and negative aspects. You are the most bias to claim that Islam has not contributed anything to our world. Just read you history that Islamic scholars were the protector of every aspect of science and humanities and saving them from the ravages of Dark Ages and giving them back to Europe.
As a Zoroastrian you should also know that it was the abuse and excess of religious authorities in Sassanid era that turned the Iranians off and prepared a fertile ground for the spread of Islam to Iran. This is historical fact regardless of our adherence to either religion.