Winning the War on Terrorism

Bush has acted like a musician blowing his trumpet loudly but from the wrong side


Winning the War on Terrorism
by varjavand

After 9/11 the insidious pessimists like Dr. Grant Jeffrey, a prominent teacher of Biblical prophesies, tried to exaggerate the power of Islamic fanatics and proclaim that the terrorist actions are the necessary indications of triumphant return of Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God upon earth. This is a quote from his Website, "The strategic goal of Islamic terrorists is nothing less than the annihilation of Judeo-Christian Western civilization." But, he reminds the Christians around the world that “these remarkable prophetic events are unmistakable signs of the soon coming of our Messiah to set up His eternal kingdom of righteousness on earth forever. While we are naturally filled with concern for the physical safety of our family, ourselves, and our nations, we need to realize that a time of unparalleled troubles was prophesied to occur throughout the globe in the time preceding the glorious and triumphant return of Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Hosts”.

Realizing that the number of extremists is very small, the great majority of Muslims does not support them, share their ideology, or even sympathize with them. The danger they may pose to the United States, however, has been always inflated by many including some politicians to legitimize their unrealistic theory that Islam is a credible threat to the West in general and to the US in particular. Therefore, we have to deal with it forcefully and promptly. Dr. Jeffrey continues to profess that the crisis in Middle East must be utilized by the US to create an atmosphere conducive to the world government which is the groundwork to the second coming of Jesus and the establishment of his kingdom.

Thus far, the so called war on terrorism has not produced the ideal outcome the Bush Administration had hoped for. Administration officials believe that any back down such as the partial withdrawal of US troops out of Iraq may be construed as defeat and will embolden the extremists. Therefore, the US has to continue for as long as necessary at whatever cost. In his speech in 9/07, Bush stated that further terrorist attacks are invited by the perception of weakness; a show of force is needed to minimize such attacks. I believe such argument is fallacious at best. The terrorists do not attack the US because they think the US is weak or strong. On the contrary this mentality may provoke more attacks.

I believed Bush has acted like a musician blowing his trumpet loudly but from the wrong side. To treat the terrorism, first we need to know who they are and what inspire them to engage in or to commit the acts of terrorism. In other words, to cure a problem, you need to explore the causes and treat them not the symptoms of the problem. Terrorism is a symptom of much deeper problems driving some Muslims into despair and anger, and taking revenge out of desperation. We want to make sure the sources of terrorism do not remain undetected or untreated.

I don’t believe in the notion that the perception of weak American bolsters terrorism or make extremists bolder. First we need to define what do we mean by A stronger America; economically, militarily, or morally. When it comes to the strong and ruthless response to so called terrorism, Israel is the Oscar winner. Does that mean that Israel has been immune to such attacks? of course not. There are almost daily deadly attacks against her. Israel’s long term experience shows that bullying and the use of force does not work. It is, on the contrary, counterproductive. Imposition and the use of force make people, resentful, defensive, and more determined. What makes extremists more determined is not the perception of strength or weakness. It is their judgment about how Muslims are treated by the US; it is the US policy of double standard and, it is the US politicians saying something in public and acting differently behind the curtain.

Bush’s failed attempt, to bring stability, democracy, and freedom to Iraq should make us think and to start an impartial inquiry about what went wrong? Did war with Iraq weaken terrorism? Does the US have now more or less friends throughout the world? Has the position of the US in international community weakened or strengthened? Is anti-American feeling around the world stronger or weaker? Are we better off economically, and otherwise, now?

There are some lessons we have learned deplorably in a very costly way:

1. The fact that the US has enormous military and economic power does not mean that it should undermine the sovereignty of other nations and invade a country on the whim of the administration. In the world of increasing interconnectedness, unilateral foreign policy does not work. US cannot establish the criteria for invading other countries. The UN should have that authority.

2. The doctrine of preemptive strike based on inaccurate, or deliberately falsified intelligence has cost the US government its creditability and its truthfulness.

3. War is not an economic enterprise. War is not a hostile take-over of a country for economic gains. It should be just and reasonable

4. The aftermath of war must be carefully studied. War should not create what it intended to promote or to prevent.

I believe the best way to reduce tension, which has been aggravated by the Bush’s war in Iraq, between Islam and the US is to open up dialogue between Muslims and Christians, to educate Christians about the best kind of Islam, the kind that is moderate, pacifist, inclusive and spiritual, the positive sides of Islam; its rich heritage which have been overlooked or misconstrued in the west by sheer ignorance or suspicious. The more we educate other people about this kind of Islam, the less intimidating it becomes. When they find out that Muslims worship the same God, believe in the same principles, they will not be afraid of them any longer. I believe we, the educated, the more moderate Muslims, have a unique opportunity here in the US, where the freedom of speech is guaranteed, to bring some of these issues into the public focus with the purpose of clarification, fair and impartial analysis and not to spend any more time on rehashing the old stories, repeating the already known mostly negative stereotyping, but to focus on the positive themes of our religion.

Although the terrorist attacks are carried out under the name of Islam, The terrorists’ religious zeal, their misguided desire to sacrifice their lives for obscure causes, makes it doubtful that there is no defensible link between the religion of Islam and such attacks. A deeper inquiry into the socioeconomic conditions in the Muslim countries reveals that the real reasons for the terrorism are the frustration over economic hardship, obsession with the past, anger with their own poverty, long years of repression and operation, and believing that the western countries, especially the US, has to do something with it. The fact that they have to depend on the western technology, science, and financial assistance to reform their sagging economies makes the matters worst, furthermore, the humiliation to see that their culture, once triumphant and dominant in the world, is now being undermined by the western culture. Therefore, the terrorist attacks, I believe, are as much about other things than they are about religion.

Muslims must understand that violence, confrontation, and antagonism are not the solutions. T they create more problems. Playing the games of rejection and denial are disadvantageous and further delay the badly needed modernization of Islam and the economies of Muslim countries. Muslim countries can explore means through which they can integrate the western technology and science into their societies without jeopardizing their national heritage and pride. It is neither productive nor sincere to hold on to the position of denial any longer. The Muslims themselves might be the ultimate losers of status qua. They are denied a chance of developing a modern democratic political system which is necessary for their economic growth and constructing progressive societies. The Muslim countries should work together in the spirit of cooperation to improve the living conditions so disappointing which allows terrorism to take root and to spread. The conditions which have been exploited by some, coupled with apocalyptic religious messages, to recruit and to train terrorists. Social and economic conditions such as: poverty, youth unemployment, inequalities, corruption, etc. If people are taken out of the poverty, given jobs, shown care and respect and success stories, something to hope for, something encouraging, something which give meaning to their life, then, they don’t resort to terrorism. Most of those young people who are drawn to terrorism are poor even though many are educated but have no hope for a promising future.

Just as price control is not an effective solution to the problem of inflation, crackdown may not be a long-term solution to the evil of terrorism. Fighting terrorism through economic reform and dialogue is a more effective long-lasting solution even though it might be painful and slow. Terrorism, above all, is the result of stagnant economy, unemployment, poverty, and deprivation. Western countries can help by removing the trade barriers and increasing imports from these countries, helping them to strengthen their banking system and their currency, helping them to improve their health care system, and so on. The terrorists must also understand that the very same people that they are trying to help are paying a high price for their destructive passion. Once oil-rich nations, infested by corruption and the effects of sanctions, are suffering, the talented people in these countries are being suppressed and denied resources that can help them to excel and achieve their potential. The most talented ones like doctors, engineers, college professors, etc flee to the western countries and to the United States especially and serve the same countries that terrorists try to destroy. The vast resources that are being devoted to military spending in these countries could be used otherwise to improve the badly needed infrastructure.

As Muslims in the United States, we are facing some tough challenges. We should clarify what Islam really is and how it should be practiced in the democratic societies, and how its teachings can be adapted to suit the needs of the Muslims and the norms of these societies. We need also to assume a clear position with regard to violence under the name of Islam. In the United States, we are able to read and write and express our opinion without the fear of reprisal, and obtain the tools of research easily and expediently. People may have their own prejudice, but we can overcome that through quality researches and presentations and move forward.


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by Dariush (not verified) on

Yes, it is the U.S. foreign policies causing all of this mess!



by FAIR (not verified) on

I don't know why nobody here talks about the injustices that Mullah rulers of Iran are doing to their own people. Why nobody says anything about what Mullah Omar and Talebans were doing to Afghan people while they were in power.

Both are/were butchering their own people. is it because of America they are/were torturing and murdering their own people?!


The good consequences of Bush's war

by frieda (not verified) on

You said, "ideal outcome the Bush Administration had hoped for"

I beg to differ. Look on the development that has happened since 9/11.

Libya gave up his WMD.
Syria is out of Lebanon and Lebanon has a better future because of that.
Pakistan changed side, from Taliban to America.
Kurdish people are free and also free of fear of execution by having Saddam there.
And the most important part is that Middle East will have a 3rd option as a government choice. Iraq will become more democratic than any other Arab country. so people have choice now; Saudi style government, Iranian style or Iraqi style.


Dariush, you wrote”

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush, you wrote” Perhaps the creation of terrorism has to do more with injustice in general, and poverty and economy are part of that”. There are much poorer people in Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Bolivia, Cuba, Chad, Ethiopia,.and tens of other places around the world. How come they didn’t become terrorists? Explain please. You wrote” As Bush said:
"I am president of war, I have war on my mind"” You are well aware, and don’t tell me you’re not, what he meant by that. He meant the country is in the state of war, not that he “wants” war. Don’t you remember Bush himself said that the U.S shouldn’t meddle with people’s business when he was running for office and prior to 9/11? Don’t you remember him saying “no one wants to be a war president”? you wrote” If you don't do as they say that makes you their enemy and your 5000 years old culture, religion, laws and etc doesn't count” who claimed that? What makes you come to this conclusion? What logic are you using? Furthermore, 5000 years of history brings lot of things, but it doesn’t bring progress. Have you been to Egypt? Have you been to Guatemala? It doesn’t bring liberalism, it doesn’t bring justice, it doesn’t bring economic prosperity, …that has nothing to do with being pro or anti west. One mistake by a leader of a 5000 year old country, and generation has to suffer for it. So what logic are you using here? You wrote” From the slave trades by British to the Genocide in Lebanon and Palestine and Iraq. Achieving peace is very easy.” How do you define genocide? Did you know Palestinian population will exceed Jewish ones in Israel in the upcoming years? Dariush jaan, does logic, reason, facts and reality matter anymore or should we use hatred and ideology to get to the truth?


This article is

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

This article is astonishingly misleading. First of all, why would an opinion of a single individual be considered the opinion of all? When did Bush say anything negative about the religion of Islam? Every speech he makes he says how peaceful Islam is, yet, people like the person writing this article and the ones who posted in support of his dark and backward beliefs, state that Bush is promoting war against Muslims. How do you “promote” for a war? Shouldn’t the first step be actually coming out and saying you are fighting Islam? The writer says” Thus far, the so called war on terrorism has not produced the ideal outcome the Bush Administration had hoped for”. Neither Bush nor anyone with an ounce of logic and intelligence claims or claimed that fighting Islamic fundamentalism takes 7 years! Everyone who understands the true nature of this savage enemy knows it will take at least a generation if everything is going according to plan (and its definitely not!), to make some changes, but it is a fight needs to be fought. Your beloved Khomeini poisoned the world with his fundamentalist revolution and now the whole world is paying the price for it. The writer says “As Muslims in the United States, we are facing some tough challenges.” What challenge? As an anti U.S, siding with Islamist Muslim, what challenges did you face in this country, under this “religious” president? Please enlighten us.



by p (not verified) on

Why do you try to make sense out of such an obvious and commonsensical issue? The U.S has raped people's land, wives,kids,mothers, ect and you are trying to make sense of why the people affected (terrorists) turn violent on the culprits?? The reason is obvious, any sane person with some pride will respond in this manner. It is not so much that the Americans don't know or can't understand why terrorists act the way they do, it is simply because they don't care and are psychopaths, egotistical,racist rapists.


Splendid and timely piece!

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Splendid and timely piece! Thank you.

Unfortuantely, similar to Islamic Fundamentalist who hijacked the Iranian Revolution, the far-right evangelical Christians are on a "crusade"--they refer to it as spiritual warfare in the same vein as a Hizballahi does--to hijack democracy in this country and turn the united states into a Christian Theocracy. As we have witnessed these past several years, this group, though a minority, has become increasingly powerful and politically active, since very early childhood by homeschooling and church indocrination...(just like the mullahs). They comprise almost 25% of this country and they have conviction and they claim that they have "God" on their side...

Having said that, I don't think the problems of Middle East are directly related to colonialism or American foreign policy. America has only existed for the last 200+ years while the entire muslim world was had fallen behind industrial, cultural revolution in other continents....Bin Laden at one time, had more than 90 stock brokers working for him...he was not poor. Theories on the etiology of terrorism are abound, however, one thins is for certain, Fudemantlist of all stripes (christian and Muslim) do not serve their peopel and their socities. They thrive and exploit the emotions of their constituents using one of the most potent tools, Religion. Both IRanians and Americans have a tall order and have to take the fundamentalist on both side of the isle to task by introducing reason and continuous dialogue....



by Dariush (not verified) on

United States has denyed any wrong doings to the chrges made by the Iraqi court to the killings, rapes, torture of the Iraqi civilians by U.S. and allies. U.S. said they will not pay for any of such damages since they are there to help!!!


Bush has acted like a musician blowing his trumpet loudly but fr

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

from his own point of view - so I mean - he has acted correct and proposely. he had had no other chance. he knew it would not functiond against any body and he knew it would make more profit for speciasl sources, and it did. Greeting.


Cause & Effect.

by Reza3 (not verified) on

Perhaps you have lived in the US too long friend.

Since most terrorism in the world is funded or originates from some facet of US foreign policy - be it direct or indirect.

What the US needs is a revolution to remove the vile murdering plutocrats who have laid waste to tracts of the Middle East, South East Asia, Southern & Central America and Africa.

It is hegemonic war waged for profit and plunder.

You see - In other parts of the world the crimes of the Bush junta arent diluted by a bought and paid for press.

Whether you are secular or religious - you should be contemplating how to defeat this evil.

Why should the should the world suffer so a small cadre of criminals can lives the lives of Roman emperors?

Bush, Rice & Cheney are war criminals - and should meet the same fate as their victims.

Islam has nothing to do with it - The 9/11 terrorists were from a country which is allied to the united states.

It could have been American's or Vietnamese or one of a thousand countries in the 3rd or 2nd worlds that the US has raped or bombed.

Religion has little to do with it.

The US props up an oppresive dictators, stifles democracy and meddles without impunity in the affairs of other countries.

9/11 was unfortunatley simple cause and effect.
Im sure that when New York or/and Washington are vapourised in a nuclear fireball in the future that it will be some son of Iraq who witnessed his mother and father being killed or his sister being raped by US soldiers.


cowboy attitude towards problem solving

by IRANdokht on

"... to cure a problem, you need to explore the causes and treat them not the symptoms of the problem. Terrorism is a symptom of much deeper problems driving some Muslims into despair and anger, and taking revenge out of desperation. We want to make sure the sources of terrorism do not remain undetected or untreated."

it's a shame that the ruler of the biggest power in the so-called "free world" didn't have this basic knowledge!


thank you for the article





by Dariush (not verified) on

Perhaps the creation of trrorism has to do more with injustice in general, and powerty and economy are part of that. To have a more effective and long lasting peace, justice must be served. By throwing a pice of pie to people and creating a self interest as west has done to her public and some countries, justice will not be served and it will not last long. Some of the people called terrorist were millionars, but that didn't stop them from becoming a terrorist! This is a two way street. Peace can not be achieved when one side has war on their mind. As Bush said:
"I am president of war, I have war on my mind"
There is no such wishes as peace, democracy, better economy for Islamic countries or any other country for that matter from west! If you are not with them you are against them! If you don't do as they say that makes you their enemy and your 5000 years old culture, religion, laws and etc doesn't count. What is funny is that all these claims about democracy and human rights are coming from those who have violated such freedoms in the past and present toward many other nations and races and religions and commited the worst crimes against humanity. From the slave trades by British to the Genocide in Lebabon and Palestine and Iraq. Achieving peace is very easy. All Israel should do is to stop violating and stand by the agreements signed 50 years ago. Countries should be held responsible for what the do not what they say!Peace and democracy were excuses to invade Iraq, pump millions of uncounted barrels of oil for free to supply west and crush OPEC. Oil being the main source of their income, it will not take long before their economy claps and starvation take place. Then they can be taken out and invaded one by one, nice and easy! As it is now in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and etc. Most of the job will be done for the west by using the same old British strategy of "DIVIDE AND CONCUR". So the plan for "ONE WORLD ORDER BY ZIONISTS AND SLAVERY FOR THE REST" must be replaced with "JUSTICE FOR ALL" before any of the Idealistic wishes turn into reality. This will automatically dissolve terrorism!!!

Ali A Parsa

Needed a War on Ignorance

by Ali A Parsa on

Thanks Dr. Varjavand for your enlightening article. It is very hearwarming to find you in complete agreement with what I have come up with as a solution to terrorism. With all due respect for Massoud who is also entitled to his opinion as the rest of us, the issue of terrorism, for most parts cannot be blamed on either Democrats or Repulbicans. Terrorism has its roots in ignroance that is an equal opportunity attribute with no border nor party affilication, etc. Both parties, knowingly or unknowingly flame the fire of terrorism through their misguided foreign policies based on ignorance, arrogance and greed that I call the real axis of evil. Alas, the innocent American public is conditioned to become apathetic to this great issue by the very same leaders whose responsibility is to protect them. Terrorsim will get worse until the American public is well-informed about the issue and its roots. In other words,  the government of the people only succeed if people rather than the government is in charge! Fortunately America is barely awakening to that fact and there is room for optimism. I believe the best service that we can render to this adopted homeland of ours is to help it in that direction. The alternative is to let the extremeist bomb Iran before they get out of Iraq and make the reign of terror global that will make the crusades, world wars and holocausts like picnic. Let us do all we can to prevent America from destroying itself and the world that follows it. Let us not blame the ourside world for all our ills. As Thomas Jefferson said, "An empire collapses more from withing than from without."

Please see my website:



Are You kidding ??!!!

by masoudA on

Let me give you the birdseye view my friend since you seem to be lost.

The war on Terror will be a long war different than any other.   For years, The Arab terror network grew under the unwatchful eyes of Clinton in the White house, and by playing USA and EU gainst each other.   Look where we are now.   Look who is in charge in France and Germany.   Look how Taliban is gone and how Islaimts are being systematicaly derooted in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.  

Dear Varjavand - in fighting your bi-partisan struggles against the Republicans you are coming dangerously close to find yourself sided with those who are responsible for centuries of misery in the middle east and especialy in our beloved Iran.

best wishes.