Ahvaz University Female student

Makes brave speech in front of regime representative

حتی با وجود اینکه درها به روی بسیجیان از ساعت 11 باز بود و بسیجیان داخل و خارج دانشگاه بر روی صندلی ها نشسته بودند و باز هم صندلی ها پر نشده بود، سبزها را تا ساعت 12:15 معطل کردند ولی ما سبزها با پا فشاری به سالن دانشکده مهندسی راه یافتیم و همه را از حضور خود شوکه کردیم. این فیلم ها دروغ پردازی خبررسانی های کودتا ار آشکار می کند که ما اغتشاش گر بودیم و تنها 50 نفر


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American Dream


by American Dream on

How are they putting their lives on the line?

All that will happen is that student protesters will be expelled from the University.  Without a University degree they can't get a job.  And God knows there are a lot of taxi drivers with doctorates in Tehran.  These expelled students will end up as refugees in europe never to be heard of again in Iran.  If they are smart they will tell the immigration officer in europe that they converted to Christianity.  That is a sure way to gain asylum in Europe these days as an Iranian.  Let me add, please read the whole bible in Farsi and start attending church before you venture this path.  The immigration officers in Europe are even aware of the locations in Tehran where homosexuals congregate.  And let me tell you that there are a lot of Iranian homosexual refugees in the United States and Europe. Not all of them are really homosexuals.  Religious persecution and homosexuality have become a get out of jail card for Iranian incarcerated in Iran.  And refugees in Europe do get paid well.  They get room and board and a monthly stipend.  And that is much better than waiting for someone to die in Iran in order to get a free plate of khoresh ghaymeh polo.

Thanks for the response HollyUSA.


American Dream

by HollyUSA on

"Someone should get better footage."

I agree and I nominate YOU to go to Iran and start putting YOUR life on the line like these students do everyday. I promise we'll all sit here in our comfy chairs abroad and cheer you for the 'better footage' you upload.

No? Don't wanna do it? Then shut and put up like they say. Por rooyee ham haddo hessab dareh.

American Dream

The footage is very poor quality

by American Dream on

the footage is very poor quality.  It could be from Ahvaz, tehran, london, hamburg, paris...

Someone should get better footage.


Courageous Ahvazis

by ahvazi on

I am proud of you...


Real Princess/ Prince & leaders...

by Emil on

These young girls an boys are the real Princess / Prince of Iran, NOT Reza Pahlavi...

These young girls and boys are the real leaders NOT criminals like Sazegara or Ganji etc...



by yolanda on

Wow! They were bringing down the house. They have plenty of energy and endurance! I wonder what Nov 4 will look like!

Thank you so much for the great protest videos!