Cut the Nonsense

Ending subsidies and the Iranian opposition


Cut the Nonsense
by Ardeshir Ommani

On December 19, 2010, Iran began a much-expected economic reform plan, cutting heavy fuel and food subsidies.  In an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Iran Cuts Fuel Subsidy,” Farnaz Fassihi writes, “The subsidy cuts are part of a phased five-year economic overhaul” that serves the dual purpose of reducing the government budget by as much as $100 Billion and curbing the wasteful use of energy.  According to the World News Section of the Financial Times, “Iran has paid large subsidies on basic commodities for decades, leading to unsustainable over-consumption and an inflated budget deficit.”  The latest data by Iran Parliament’s Research Center estimated the cost of energy subsidies to be more than $50 Billion annually, from which $32 billion goes for diesel and $18 billion for gasoline. 

To demonstrate how inexpensive the diesel fuel has been in Iran, let us consider the cost of a bus trip from the City of Isfahan to Tehran, the capital.  The distance between the two cities is 414 kilometers or about 258 miles, which is equal to the distance between New York City and the upstate city of Syracuse. A one-way bus ticket for the trip is about $8.00, which includes some beverages and snacks.  It is good to know that the buses, at least some, are made by Mercedes Benz and are very comfortable.

It is true that most of the 100 million liters of diesel fuel consumed daily are produced domestically and are not exposed to the U.S. sanctions and pressure.  According to the Financial Times of London, there is a huge gap between the fuel’s production costs and the subsidized price for domestic consumers.  According to data available, diesel production cost is 44 times higher than the subsidized rate of 165 rials per liter or 6.6 cents per gallon, which is less than 2 percent of the cost in the U.S.  At the same time, the plan will cut down on illegal activities by Black Market sellers who purchased cheap Iranian fuel, transported it out of the country and sold it at a market price, which ended up a loss for the Iranian people.  Thus, the elimination of subsidies, without a doubt, will raise not only the cost of all kinds of transportation, but also that of electricity, agriculture, food and the cost of housing construction and home heating.

Since Iran is sitting on the third largest oil and second largest gas reserves, some Iranians argue that cheap energy is part of their birthright.  According to this assumption, Brazil, South Africa, the United States and many other countries around the world with ample oil, gold and gas should make these products or their monetary equivalent cheaply available to their own populations.

An important provision in the subsidy elimination plan is that half of the savings from the cuts will be given back in cash to that section of the public whose wages do not suffice for a decent living standard.

Until last week the government had subsidized the cost of flour used by bakeries for daily bread production, whose price to the public was extremely below the real market level.  According to some estimates one-third of the bread purchased for consumption ended up in waste baskets.

But rationalizing Iran’s economy, reducing its avenues of waste and cutting down its budget deficit is not good news to the U.S. State Department, western mass media and anti-Iran groups comprised of old monarchists and also to the self-styled “left”, and liberal groups. To them, the worse the socio-economic condition of Iran and its people, the better for the realization of their hopes for “regime change”.  Therefore, they consider each and every step of economic reform as an opportunity to incite the people and use them as a vehicle to come to power.  But the working class of Iran is clear-minded and sharp enough to distinguish between friends and enemies, the interests of the nation and those of pro-western free-marketeers.

For supposedly such reasons as misallocation of resources and the need for capital investment, the Iranian opposition groups for years criticized the economic policies of Iran for the “hand-outs” to the lower income families.  Just last year, during the national debates on Iranian TV between the reformist candidates, Mousavi/Karoubi and Ahmadinejad, they referred to the subsidies as “creating a beggar class in Iran.”  When last week President Ahmadinejad announced that all subsidies, including those covering fuel and consumers’ goods, would be cut, the same social strata, in the name of supporting the working families, began blowing the trumpet from the wrong end, claiming that the president is doing a terrible thing, and now they are on the side of the poor and working class.  These groups have to make up their minds where they stand. 


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Cut the nonesense "no fear"

by Benyamin on

you are not looking for a new solution, you are offering submission. I believe you are either blind or illiterate. I am a religious minority, your belief leaves me short changed why would I want to deal with you?  Why should I agree with you or your kind? I keep telling you I have no rights under your constitution. your constitution has shut every door of hope on me, and you are asking me to submit?

No fear, if you don`t have a solution other than what you said earlier please don`t bother.

Just listen to "saeb" on this very site you will know how stupid an islamist sound.

No Fear


by No Fear on

If in a hundred years you still haven't reached your revolutionary goals, maybe you should try a new approach.


No thank you I have heard enough of your view!

by Benyamin on

I am sorry for myself and Mr Arshi and Neda and Sohraab and....and all of those young people that got executed by the IRI or tortured by the IRI because of people like "you". Yes people like you by believing and suppoting the IRI phylosophy ligitimizing the action taken by the IRI against the people of Iran.

I am a minority and since I am not a muslim based on your view and constitition in which you support I will never get a chance to live in peace in a country that perhaps my ancestors lived longer than the most of the ones with Islamic affiliation.

I am sorry for myself and all of those minorities. 9 million Dervishes, one milion bahaiis, 3 milion Yaresan, 2 hundred thousands christians or Jews or zorastrians and perhaps 5 milion Sunnies?

I am sorry that people like you want to run me over and kill me because you don`t believe in revolustion. Velayat e fagheeh is a failed experience and what we need is "democracy"

I wish the religious people in Iran could see the suffereing of others or they are part of the problem!

I have news for you, we (Iranians) started a revolution over a hundred years ago and have not finished the job yet. you can sit aside and do nothing or join the river in float.


No Fear


by No Fear on

First of all, changing the constitution is very possible in the Islamic Republic. Out of the six judges from the Guardian Council ,three are chosen by the parliament and three are chosen by the leader. I believe the current constitution has given our parliament a lot of power to work with. If the elected president is also in favour of changing the constitution, then this will become a reality.

Whether you are a leftist or right leaning activist, there are many groups in Iran for you to be active. Some are advocates of the VF ideology, others don't mention at all but respect the law.

I don't believe in another revolution. No one can predict the outcome. Read my " revolution is not a solution " blog. I have given few reasons on why this method is outdated.



"no fear"

by Benyamin on

hum, "no fear", you have no idea how disappointed I am in you after what you said in your last comment! you said:

"I believe in our constitution, right or wrong. And i believe in order to
change it, we need to gain majority votes in the parliament and the a
determined administration to be effective"

Let me clear something for you. You believing in IRI constitution means you actually not only agree that they could take away my freedom(minority) and rights but also they are entitled to it! You expect me to respect that?

because the current constitution was not assembled by revolutionaries but it was done by "Rafsanjani" at the end of the war and not by the people but by the elits or the "khobregan".

You are either very uninformed individual or you don`t care what happens to your fellow country men or women which either way you are nothing but a Hezbollahie to me.

The current constitution has immense protective measures carved in for the "leader" and what he can do with the country. He can choose the "Gaurdian council" which could reject anyone from cancidating him/herself for Parliament or "khobregan" or "presidency". As you see knowing that you "believe" in this constitution and that you only seek change through the majority of parliament then I have no choice but conclude that you are the same as those criminals running Iran since you claimed you are an informed person.

This constitution allows only those views get in the power seat that are closest to the leader. It means no place for leftiest liberals and it means no change and it means chaos, it means no majority concensus since Iran is not made of only "no fear=coservative" type views. Iran is even made up views that are conservative but not close to that of the leader. so there will never be an economy that will be sound since many people are shut out of participation.

Iran is sick and "marham e dardash kami aazadi ast"

No Fear


by No Fear on

I'm sorry to leave your post unanswered. I just felt a bit disappointed in the way you described my political views. You didn't even bother to go to my earlier blogs and read a few before jumping to conclusion so hastily.

Regardless, I believe in our constitution, right or wrong. And i believe in order to change it, we need to gain majority votes in the parliament and the a determined administration to be effective.

I am anti revolutionary and i consider my political views to be aligned with the current administration of Ahmadinejad as a modern right wing. I have supported Ahmadinejad from his early days in our politics and i will continue to do so as long as he stays on the course of pushing tangible reform forwards. I support the actions and the methods, I do not support the personality.



Yes, they called

by norooz on

Yes, they called Ahmadinejad "Geda Parvar" and now that he is cutting subsidies they criticise him for it. Very much like the democrats and republicans and how they are against each others in every plan except helping Israel.  proposals.  I guess it is politics as usual.

But this raises a question. Why distribute food one day and take the food back another day?  Of course , the reason is clear. Then what is with unnecessary projects in times like this? Nuclear energy is understandable. It will pay off with cheap energy, but what is with sending spaceship to moon and etc? Don't we have better use for such investments?

Naturally, if the prices increase on anything that will automatically prevent some waste, but it also creates more difficulty for many who couldn't even afford the old prices. As I understand subsidies are are to help people and buy time for government to improve the economy and cut the subsidies gradually as the economy improves.   If the prices increase even more, there will be even less waste, but is that the right approach to prevent waste? Will that improve our economy or create stagflation and recession?


یکی یه پوله خروس

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

از مشاهدات استاد سید جواد بدیع زاده  در خصوص پروژه  هدفمند نمودن یارانه
ها : ".... ای بچه لجوج ،...دیگر مخور از گرانی مرغ افسوس، آقا جان ...." و
همچنین "...کز صنعت وی مات شود کل نفوس، آقا جان ..."  //


"no fear" you make me laugh

by Benyamin on

At least there is something positive about you.

No Fear


by No Fear on

Khatami had the same power as Ahmadinejad today, if not more. During Khatami's presidency, the parliament was also dominated by reform MPs. Can you name a few bills that were introduced by Khatami's administration , approved by parliament but disallowed by the guardian council?  I mean, aside from the bill related to the press, the reformist government does not have anything to show for controling two powerful institution. Where are the attempts? Remember, they were in power for 8 years!

What kind of a president would blame small pressure groups in the country over his failure as a president? Why didn't he resign if he couldn't handle the pressure? Is that the kind of leader you like to have? Why do you have an issue calling him incompetent?

Ahmadinejad is facing the exact same pressures ( if not more, both from the leader, reformists and conservatives ) but he is pushing forward with the biggest reform in our economy while not backing down from our nuclear rights. In comparison, Khatami gave up our nuclear rights ( accepted indefinite suspension for confidence building ) and doesn't have anything to show for fixing the biggest problem in our economy which is the subsidies.

And in regards to social reforms, allowing the press to publish views that are aligned with your views can not be considered a milestone. The reformists just helped the publications of presses that were supporting their views. Unike Ahmadinejad administration which is facing criticism from the majority of published press in the capital. It was also Ahmadinejad who challenged the conservatives by preventing the " monkerat" bill to be passed in the parliament. As a result, for the first time, the government and its sub organizations are not responsible on how people are dressed or etc. This is what i call reform. I can go on and on here if you want more examples.

And giving billions and billions ( not millions ) of dollars to people like Karbaschi, Galibof and Mehdi Hashemi and expecting them to do a job , doesn't make them good managers. A person like Karbaschi collected billions in taxes from businesses and also received government funds for planting pot plants all over the city. Wow... i guess he was a good manager. ( Are you a member or fan of the " Kargozaran sazandegi" group? ).

And finally you said; " It all starts with ideas and slogans" in support of Khatami.

I like to correct that by saying;

It all starts by decisive action and the will to push forward.



No Fear

by Abarmard on

I indicated the points regarding the economic policies and results that are available today during Khatami presidency. To simplify please note this point, every president in away represented a part of the Iranian population. Rafsanjani was backed by Bazaar, as did most of the previous presidents. Bazaar used to support clergies in that path, that supported policies, which helped them become more prosperous. Khatami was the only president that was supported by a different sect of society. That sect along with others who joined in for more social freedom, won his presidency.

He was there to promote production in Iran. To do so, as he mentioned in many of his speeches, he needed calm policies and better international relation. To do so, he needed more norms and less of death to this and that. His policy made sense. He was able to promote Iran as a more civilized country to bring in more foreign capital. Conservatives argued that Iranian problem was only economy, but reformists believe that without social freedom, better economy would not be realized. At the time, if you were to recycle the existing funds, which Ahmadinejad is doing, then you are correct to assume that his policies failed. If you were to bring more money in the economy, then Khatami was right. Take your pick.

All of his policies, taking harsh words of death to this and that, better banking to provide funds for investments and loans, which helped small business and middle class was a success during his first term. The second term was a different story. As the system realized the popularity of reformists vs conservatives, they blocked all his moves to implement his remaining policies. He said then that every nine days there is an "issue" created [by conservatives]. If he had the similar power that Ahmadinejad enjoys today, would you say that he would have done nothing?

Karbaschi was a great manager who developed Modern Tehran. He was push aside because he endangered those who wanted to keep the money in their pockets. I do not believe that Karbaschi was corrupt and don't buy it. I am not in any way arguing that there was no corruption during Khatami, but we are arguing the comparison between the two parties. 

How many times today do you hear freedom of expression, freedom of press, democracy madom salariye dini...etc as we did then? 

Now they may have focused on economy alone, but Iranian society wants social freedom as well. They want room to breath and feel hope for young. What happened to Shayesteh Saalaari? 

It all starts with ideas and slogans. Khatami was against "bot parasti" and believed in democracy. He was arguably not as successful for reasons mentioned earlier. That however does not say that he failed, it indicates the conservative policies to take over with or without the people.



moft khors

by alx1711 on

does cutting the subsidies include MOFT KHOR Hezbolah, mollas & Arab Tazies in Lebenan & Palestine?


Yeah, I dont think so.


during the war we all agreed to not disagree and just unite.

by Benyamin on

I have always been against the IRI. I never agreed Theocratical government. I just wanted to say that and put it aside. When Mousavi was running Iran because of war everyone with the exception of the communists and the MKO shut up and said nothing and controbuted in giving a helping hand to the national crisis which was war.

I remember at the age of 17 I got volunteered for war but my parents refused to sign "rezayat naameh". I said that to point out how important Iran and its well being was/is/will be for all of us and even though I never agreed with an islamic state but I was ready to die for Iran.

Unlike people like "no fear" I never agreed with "Rafsanjaani" or "Khatami" but I thought they acted a bit better in the frame work of the IRI and even after Khatami era experience everyone agreed and recognized the problem was the constitution of the IRI and that it needed to be changed .

When Rafsanjaani was in power people like "no fear" defended him. when "Khatami" was in power people like "no fear" defended him and now the very same people have turned against them. I understand it better now. I believe these people have no brains of their own, they have "submitted" to their "leader" and no matter what he says they will agree with it. Even if he declares their own mothers haram to them they will agree to it. but for the rest of us we need to think and act.

just to clear everything for "no fear" the notion of taking the subsidies off the people`s table first started by Rafsanjaani but the timming was wrong since we were fresh out of war. The second time it was seriously offered by the "leftist reformists" in Khatami`s time but "no fear`s" friends in conservative camp those close to Khameneii killed that notion and that is why the reformists are so disappointed at Khameneii and their conservative camp.

Everything in iran is up for grabs by the leader. It is more resembleing "Ali baba`s phylosophy" except Ali baba did it for the poor and Khameniee does it for???????!!!!!!

Maybe, Ahmadinejaad needs another slap on the face but this time not by the Gaurds corps commander hand but by the people. 

Abdy Sadri

Cut the Nonsense, Ardeshir Omani

by Abdy Sadri on

It is refreshing to see an honest opinion distanced from politics and emotions.

I completely agree with your view, I think it is a pill Iran has to take, This should have been done just after the revolution, it is 35 yeras overdue. Iran has no other choice but to end the current senseless and wasteful economy. Past presidents failed, I hope A.N. seriously addresses this problem, then he can claim to have been brave and having taken Iran a big step forward

G. Rahmanian

Hameh Cheez Aaroomeh?

by G. Rahmanian on

Are you sure this is Iran? What is the proof? And questions such as, "What is your proof?" do not seem to constitute an insult to a nation suffering under the yoke of the murderous regime in Tehran.


همه چی آرومه، همه چی آرومه

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

All quite on the Iranian Front, Happy New Year.


Hame Chi Daghoone.

Warning:some of the images are graphic depiction of state imposed violence in Iran.

No Fear


by No Fear on

It seems in your reply, you have listed anything you could think of in defense of the reformist government. But lets just focus on the reformist inept economical policies and leave the rest of their accomplishments for another blog.

The reformist came to power by beating candidate Nateq Nouri ( who wanted to continue the policies of the previous rafsanjani's government ). Needless to say that the rafsanjani government was tainted with corruption charges such as the Karbaschi scandal, the petropars scandal and the statoil scandal. Rafsanjani's economical policies had also created an elite class of bourgeois with family and religious links and ties together. One of the biggest problem with rafsanjani policies were the unfair distributions of subsidies in our society. It was no surprise that the reformist won with decisive victories both in our parliamentary and presidential elections.

However, after the reformist win, we witnessed only lateral changes in the management of organs related to our economy. Many managers from the rafsanjani era became advisors in the reformist era. This could only mean that the reformist were in agreement with rafsanjani's economical policies or they simply didn't have a clue or a plan in regards to the economy.

I believe they were clueless since the reform movement in Iran has never been about the economy. You could also find reformists who are right leaning while the majority are leftists.

But many think the reformists are the followers of rafsanjanis policies since in the recent election campaigns, they repeated the same criticism as of rafsanjani against the reform plans of Ahmadinejad during the election campaigns. The reformists family and class ties and links to rafsanjani's clans seems to support this idea as well.

PS: during the last election campaign, both election managers for mousavi and karroubi belonged to the " Kargozaran e Sazandegi" political group headed by rafsanjani.



Not sure why you talk about reformists or "balls"

by aynak on


but the discussion is really about 2 ways of governing:

1-Democratic way

2-Despotic way

Iran's history has been about the latter, with the change that has started pre-Mashooteh to enforace the democratic way as THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A SUSTAINABLE government.

Contrary to "The Fear"  the issue is not with Balls, but with a represenative government.   It is about lack of brain, and not lack of "balls".  But to speak with a language he understands:

Ahmadi-Nejad probably does not have "half" as much balls as Reza Shah.  For the simjple fact that Reza Shah was a military guy with hands on experience.   What finaly became of his system?   Going further back and with even more balls than Reza Shah, was Agha Mohamad Khan (who surprizinggly had no Physical balls) but brought Iran together.   Yet we know what happened to that.

Still before these guys with "Balls" was Shah-Abbas, who is arguably responsible for creating Iran as we have it today, with some forged shiat identity (and that's how he took Iran away from the Ottamans).   He  had So much "balls" that beheaded all non Shiats and created a new Iran based on SHiaism.  

Yet, we know what happened after Safavi's.

So now this Mijid, called Ahmadi-Nejad, want to be a "ball" owning arse, like the ones prior to him?

A great philospher once said, history repeats itself, the first as tragedy and the second as a comedy.   Ahmadi-Nejad is in fact the absurd repetition of this endless problem which has ONLY one solution:


Balls will be crushed, and Ahamdi-Nejads will be no different than the others I mentioned.


"reformist completely lack any sort of economical plan"

by Abarmard on

I don't agree with this statement. The reality on the ground in Iran is clearly against reformists and their lack of support from higher leadership had blocked any possible moves that needed to be taken.

Mr. Khatami had brought in a better solution to diminish Iranian isolation, increasing the Foreign Direct Investment that resulted in 6%+ economic growth per year, making the twenty year economic plan a reality. The country was gradually blossoming to a healthy production in a developing rate acceptable for a third world country. During the refomist movement of Khatami, the concept of "ta'ahod" gave in to "takhasos" since production and development requires those policies.

Also softening social rules and regulations to promote tourism and cultural exchanges were becoming a reality. The bank reserves were increasing in a higher than expected rate because of proper policies and less paper work.

The blossoming of arts including books, music, movies, galleries, and news papers are the clear indication that society was healthier than today and economic prosperity was moving to reality.

The concept of better economy has to do, also, with hope in society. Hopeful youth and people were increasing in numbers that for the first time since the revolution many people felt easy to breath! 

Reformists however were challenged by the extremists and powerful organization that saw a threat in empowering the middle class, which for the first time after the revolution was not shrinking.

All that took steps back for a despotic style of leading the country. As President GW Bush had said, it is easier to run a dictoatorship (Despotic) than a democracy, meaning you can pass your rules and regulations easier if you have no one to challenge you. Khatami had a more democratic system to deal with than the current president.

And of course, I can go on and on... 


No Fear


by No Fear on

Talk is cheap and while Khatami was against the subsidies, he did nothing to address the problem since he was worried about social unrests due to the rising costs. There is a word for a politician with no balls to do the right thing, its called incompetence. And we witness his incompetence for a disappointing 8 years.

Other reform politicians displayed similar attitude towards these economical reforms. If you go back and look at the presidential election televised debates between Ahmadinejad and mousavi and karroubi, you will notice both karroubi and mousavi refer to Ahmadinejad's cash handouts to the lower income families as " Gedaa Parvari". ( this word was first used by rafsanjani to oppose Ahmadinejad's cash handouts ).

Needless to say these handouts are for the exact same reasons that reformists were warning about. To prevent too much hardship on the less fortunate segments of our society. Hasn't it occurred to you that reformist completely lack any sort of economical plan and the means to implement it in our country?

Now, the reformists are supporting this plan.  Which we are grateful to have everyone on board to push this reform forward.


Dear Aynak

by Abarmard on

During the depression the government injected money into economy by hiring workers and development projects, increasing government spending, which Iran is currently doing. Cutting cost, if possible, would always help the economy at the expense of the middle class. The rich and very poor generally won't be as sensitive to changes in capital structure and spending.

The government spending has been on the increase since the presidency of Rafsanjani. What has helped to increase the spending is also related to sanctions too. If this project is managed properly, which many are doubtful, it is beneficial to the entire nation. Iran is one of the most wasteful countries in resources because the population does not value these goods and has become a culture to waste carelessly.  


"Ardesheer" you are the funniest leftist I have ever seen

by aynak on


during rough economic times like great depression in U.S and even now, the collective wisdom is to inject money into the economy and help the welfare aspect of the system.   However, Ahamdi Nejad is doing the worst of austarity measures.   In another word, while the economy is at its worst shape for average people in Iran, they are cutting subsidies.

Ahmadi Nejads position (economic plan) matches and goes even further to the right than even position proposed by the ultra right in the West.

The definition of working class, in this day and age in countries like Iran, are the government employees, teachers, nurses, bus drivers as well as the traditional factory workers.   People on fixed income.   Ahmadi Nejad's economic policies directly hurt this people the most.

This is already established by high prices for meet, vegtables and even bread, which would hit all the people across the board.   By paying a 40,000 (less than $40 up front, and for a few months), the Ahmadi Nejad government is pulling the rug from underneath most people who will not be able to afford food and other basic necessities.  (An average just the electricity bill would become as much as 20-30  U.S dollar and more!, so there goes the upfront money)!

It is rather bizzar for someone who labels himself as the "leftist" and "anti-war" to be so unconditionally a supporter of Anti-worker anti-wage earner pro war policies of Ahmadi Nejad.

Exactly what kind of "leftist" are you?   Or in your damaged brain, is left equalt to whoever says something against U.S (even though they are secretly negotiating with U.S)?

But far worse is the latest news, by a member of commission that overlooks budget (Paliamentary rep of Zabol).   He stated that surplus funds, supposedly for the --develoment-- and addition for reserves have not been added this year by Ahmadi-Nejad regieme?!!   And there is no accountability.

What kind of "leftist" would  find this redirection/stealing of national wealth acceptable?  Do you believe in checks and balances, or do you think Ahmadi-Nejad regime should somehow be exempt, like their earlier intervention in "Divaneh Mohasebat"?

Please -rename-- yourself as a spokesperson for Ahmadi-Nejad and save yourself from further embarassment.




Desparate times, call for desparate blogs.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Essemtially, from now on, only the regime hard core supporters will be "subsidised" by the islamist government. So dont waste your and our time by these long blogs trying to find an economic rationale for this. Remember we are talking about a regime who follows the "economics is for Donkeys" doctrine!

I reject these articles as ultimate hypocricy of someone sitting comfortably in west, trying to justify the economic and social hardships that Iranian people are going through, due only to incompetence, corruption and arrogance of this fascist islamist dictatorship. 


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Cost is value

by Abarmard on

If you value something, the price must reflect that value. If they are too cheap, then waste becomes norm. 


Dear Ardeshir

by Benyamin on

I believe your analysis is correct and the way you wrote your column it sounds perfect and you made Ahmadinejad`s plan flawless.

But I want to point out that Mousavi and Karroubi are "not" against the removal of subsidies and so are most "leftist liberals" and you just conviniently changed their standings at this time to your advantage point of view. What they are against the most is the "timing" of implementing of that policy and not it per se!

You(Ardeshir) and Ahmadinejad and most "tondro-osoolgara" seem to forget that because of the IRI`s policies most factories or private(the one`s not connected to Sepaah or Bonyaad mostaz`afaan) companies are closing down due to "crippling" sanctions. Paying people "hand outs" is the worse and most degrading way of dealing with people.

I guess my question is: since in the past 5 years ahmadinejad has been in power he blamed "previous" governments in power for the state of economy in Iran, then how do you explain the state of Iran`s economy in the past 5 years? Who would you like to blame now? would you want to say5 years is not enough?  would you like to say the leader is not cooperating? would you like to saythe Gaurdian coucil is not helping?or perhaps the Parliament has been too difficualt to deal with? 

Ardeshir, No one in their right mind agrees with Subsidies in Iran. But in a country when the economists are jailed for their opinion on economy or the managers are jailed for saying the wrong thing about grand economical policies( wrong from the Osoolgara point of view), what would you expect but a totyal chaos?

You are supporting a government that fired its Ministery of Foreign affaire while doing his job in a foreign soil(not that I am defending that minister) or calling Iran a non parliamentary country? What I get from your analysis is more like this: A family is driving a car and suddenly they encounter a flat tire and every one stays aside either by force or choice and let the 5 year old boy to take over and fix the flat tire. The moral of that story is that "every one" knows that the problem is flat tire including the 5 year old boy but not everyone agrees who should do the job.


The price of Meat in iran

by jasonrobardas on

is more expensive than in the united states . The price of all essentials have quadrupled , gas , Meat , Bread and every other item of consumption  , you can think of .

    It is easy to live in US and applaud the termination of iranain subsidies .

    Talk to the Iranians in Iran and you will hear their endless grievances against the price hikes and the horrible state of ecconomy ..

   Where does Ardeshir Ommani live? That is the question???????????????? 


sanctions won't work

by mahmoudg on

it is just a stop gap measure, and will force the regime to spend its petrodolalrs elsewhere, as on its foot soldiers it imports from Palestine (those worthless arabs have their hands out to anyone who will give them a few dollars).  So sanctions alone will not deter this regime, but bombing their assets, their leadership hideouts, and their basij, IRGC and military bases will definitley get the people aroused and the regime annihilated.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

You have, in the past four decades, spent only a few months in Iran. How do you get your data? You want us to forget about The sufferings of Iranisns by talking about how US State Department reacts to the situation in Iran? Read the news you worthless demagogue!



by Fred on

In defense of the “When last week President Ahmadinejad announced that all subsidies, including those covering fuel and consumers’ goods, would be cut,…”

That is not true at all. Direct monthly “cash subsidies” have replaced the former subsidy scheme.

With the dwindling petrodollars, Islamist Rapists need every cent to keep their own people happy.

In other word, Islamist Rapists now can cut off the “cash subsidy” to anyone they choose to and keep paying their own goons.