Who's a threat to peace?

Iran's independent stance is hugely popular among Arabs


Who's a threat to peace?
by Edalat and Wilayto

The latest batch of Wikileaks revelations give the impression that, next to Israel, it's the Arab states that are most energetically pressuring the U.S. to attack Iran. In terms of the real threat to Iran, that 's definitely putting the cart before the horse.

In the first place, the Arab governments mentioned as being hostile to Iran – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates – are all undemocratic, unpopular regimes that depend on U.S. support to stay in power. As such, they seem to have absorbed the unrelenting years of U.S. claims that Iran is the region's greatest threat to peace.

A completely different view, however, is held by these governments' own subjects, among whom Iran's independent stance actually is hugely popular. According to a recent poll (1) that asked Arab people in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates to name two countries they thought were the greatest threat to the region, 88 percent said Israel, 77 percent said the U.S. and only 10 percent mentioned Iran.

Meanwhile, governments in the region that don't hold a hostile view of Iran include those of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, not all of which are hostile to the U.S.

As to where the real threat to Iran comes from, it should be remembered that, despite massive US arms sales to Saudi Arabia (2), not one Arab country has the military capability of launching a serious attack against Iran. Only one country in the region has that ability in the region: Israel.

But Israel is dependent for its continued existence on its $3 billion in annual U.S. subsidies, plus the diplomatic firewall the U.S. maintains for it in the U.N. Security Council. There is almost no way Israel could attack Iran unless it were first fully confident that it would be backed by U.S. forces, either because it had already received a green light or because it calculated Washington would have no other choice.

Without a doubt, Iran does represent a threat to U.S. imperial interests in the Middle East. Thanks to its large oil and gas reserves, and the fact that those resources are controlled by its government, Iran has been able to emerge from a devastating Western-supported eight-year war of aggression by Iraq as an independent economic, military and political regional power. Iran takes no orders from Washington or London, its natural resources are off-limits to exploitation by Western corporations and it has no love for the wealthy, corrupt, pro-Western governments that dominate the area.

As such, Iran represents an obstacle to the hegemony the U.S. desires. But openly declaring hegemony to be its goal would win no friends among either local governments or populations, so the U.S. has resorted to fabricating the myth of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, much as it promoted support for a war against Iraq by creating a myth about weapons of mass destruction, ties to al-Qaeda and links to the attacks of 9/11. President Bush also authorized support for a number of terrorist organizations to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran. (3)

Although the U.S. has been charging for some eight years that Iran is using its nuclear energy program as a cover for the development of nuclear weapons, it has never provided the first shred of proof. And yet, U.S. charges of an Iranian nuclear weapons program have formed the basis for four sets of U.N. sanctions against Iran.

The latest, implemented in June 2010, has been based on “evidence” the U.S. provided of alleged Iranian plans to redesign a certain kind of missile to accommodate nuclear warheads. However, as revealed recently by investigative reporter Gareth Porter, the “evidence” refers to an outmoded missile Iran had stopped using years ago. It is simply a fabrication similar to the fabricated evidence against Iraq (4).

Despite some disagreement over how much of its nuclear-related activities Iran is legally required to disclose, the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency, charged with monitoring compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, reported on Nov. 23 of this year that it “continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear materials in Iran.”

And in the Arab poll referred to above, 77 percent said that Iran should have the right to its nuclear program and should not be pressured to stop its activities.

No, the principle threat to peace in the Middle East, at least as regards to Iran is concerned, remains the United States, which for years, prodded by nuclear-armed Israel, has declared that, in dealing with Iran, “all options are on the table.” As such, the onus is on the U.S. to remove this threat once and for all.

On Dec. 5, Iran is scheduled to begin revived negotiations with representatives of the five permanent U.N. Security Council members, plus Germany. This would be an ideal time for Washington to make the following declaration: that it will not attack Iran, will not allow an attack by Israel, will end all sanctions against Iran, will recognize Iran's right under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty to pursue peaceful nuclear power, will return Iran's nuclear file from the U.N. Security Council to the IAEA in exchange for Iran’s stated pledge to allow the intrusive inspections of the IAEA’s Additional Protocol and will agree to discuss all outstanding differences in a spirit of mutual respect.

(1) //www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/rc/reports/2010/08_arab_opinion_poll_telhami/08_arab_opinion_poll_telhami.pdf

(2) //www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/21/us-congress-notified-arms-sale-saudi-arabia

(3) //www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/07/07/080707fa_fact_hersh

(4) //ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=53616

Abbas Edalat is Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at Imperial College London and the founder of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII)

Phil Wilayto is a member of CASMII's Board of Directors and author of “In Defense of Iran: Notes from a U.S. Peace Delegation's Journey through the Islamic Republic.”

A shorter version of this article appeared on Guardian's website. Another version appeared in the Guardian newspaper today.



VPK is right, Revolution was big mistake.

by siavash1000 on

"why should iranians follow the likes of you when they spent so much energy getting rid of your ilk through a bloody revolution?"

Because it prospers Iran. As VPK said one sign of maturity is ability to admit mistake. It was a big mistake. Iranians quickly realized that was big historical mistake. About 6000 people were leaving Iran daily after just few months.  We could work around some difficiency back then to improve the monarchy system to satisfy the need of everyone. Not overthrowing it.  Stinky mullahs took advantage of the situation. Mr. Bee Edalat, the writer of this article, says stinky mullahas are the only hope of Iranians for control their natural resources. No one else can do that task. Good grief.

These Islamic bastards can't even control their personal hygine and their body odor. Now they claim they the only hope of million Iranians to control their natural resources.

The other one call the resistance of our brave Persian women against barbaric laws of lizard eater Arabs as "Moaning". These are either on payroll by stinky mullahs or they are jenuine "Retarded" 
Once Carl Marx said history repeat itself. Why not Iran? The history can repeat itself and we re-establish monarchy as it was the wish of our ancestors. Iranians were well respected by other nation during shah's days around globe including communist countries. (Mr. Beeedalat says lizard eater Arabs respect Iranians now). By Reza Pahlavi comes to crown we walk on the right path of the history. You're on wrong side of the history my friend.

"such outlandish anti-iranian claims such as yours are music to the ears of aipac and uncle sam apologists like yourself"

Arabs are Arabs and Persians are Persians. What is outlandish anti-Iranian claim about this? our differences started during our king Yazdegard III once messenger of Mohammad approached our king to accept the laws of nomadic tribe of be-draggled arabs from Arabian Peninsula. Our king torn the letter and send deligation to arrest the guy. You can call it "racist" but it doesn't change the fact in our history. I am sure if you're genuine about Arabs you shouldn't get offended if I say go and live in south of Lebanon and continue your everlasting war with jews. That is what you like, so no offensive.

onlyiran is a great person who is really patriotic and has good feel and intention for our fellow county men and women.. I advise you to listen onlyiran if you choose not to go to Lebanon.

Niloufar Parsi

OI et al

by Niloufar Parsi on

listen to yourself! you are vehemently and proudly ignorant of one side of the story. you are so lost in western propaganda that it makes you scream to talk about what iranians are actually publishing and saying. are we still in kindergarten here?


and don't latch on to every tired piece of propaganda that tickl

by Souri on

How funny :)

Loved that one!

Only Iran: Right on!  Your sharp observation here, was excellent!


LOL NP, heed your own advice

by Onlyiran on

"here's a hint: show some intelligent scepticism and don't latch on to every tired piece of propaganda that tickles your fancy as the gospel truth"

LOL!!!!  Look who's talking.  The person who writes blogs about every piece of propaganda that is broadcast on PressTV.  Yeah,....right, NP, the IRI is building S-300's and Iraqis and Afghanis are waiting to welcome Basijis and Pasdaars into their countries...LOL!!!!

roo keh roo neest, sangeh payeh ghazvineh! 

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

it's ok. as you know i respect everyone's views no matter what the difference. i was just putting this idiot with the stinking attitude in his place.

my reference to the revolution is not about its morality, but its reality, and the reality that it still has many iranian supporters.

i have never denied that it also has millions against it or dissatisfied with it. myself included. i just can't stand it when the losing side tries to portray the whole country as in their camp. it flies in the face of reality. instead they (we) should concentrate on the cause that we wish iranians to follow today within iran's current context (rather than the 70s or worse still, 500 BC). this is very different from pretending that they already follow. they certainly do not. in fact, they would be asking us why they should follow us at all. it is this side of reality that i wish to bring into the debate.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am going to keep out of the war of words but like to respond to one thing:

btw, in case you missed it: we had a major revolution in iran about 30 years ago, and what you see today is a direct result of it.

You are right. The revolution was a total disaster and many people I know regret it deeply. I know of very few people who think it was a good idea. Most I know would gladly get back to the days of the Shah if they could. 

One sign of maturity is the ability to admit a mistake. Anyone with "ensaf" will admit we as a nation were infinitely better off before the revolution. Millions of Iranians some 10% of the population voted with their feet and left. There are many more who would leave if they could. I am not talking about a few thousand "westernized" people. This is 10% of the population with many times more wanting to go. If the revolution had good results why do so many people leave the first chance they get?


Niloufar Parsi

siavash koochooloo

by Niloufar Parsi on

you can call me what you like. it only shows what an imbecile you are. your tired old anti-arab racism is clear for all to see, as is your ignorance of the fact that we have to live and let live with our neighbours. i mean OUR neighbours, not canadians or mexicans. your boring references to 'Great Cyrus' speak for themselves. you are 2500 years out of date!

fact is, such outlandish anti-iranian claims such as yours are music to the ears of aipac and uncle sam apologists like yourself.

btw, in case you missed it: we had a major revolution in iran about 30 years ago, and what you see today is a direct result of it. get out of disney land and start seeing the real world. only then might you actually make any difference. right now, you sound like a disturbed oghde'i trying to find someone to blame for the fact that your childish fantasies don't rule the world.

here's a hint: show some intelligent scepticism and don't latch on to every tired piece of propaganda that tickles your fancy as the gospel truth. why should iranians follow the likes of you when they spent so much energy getting rid of your ilk through a bloody revolution?


Onlyiran, don't forget mullahs are master of deceive

by siavash1000 on

Only iran, I am fairly new to this site, but I learned quickly how these Islamic bastards who occupied our beloved homeland for last 31 years are active and they try their best to stay in power. They do whatever necessary to continue to suck the blood from our nation. One mullah had 16 seghe not long ago.  These are the same people who set a fire in Cinema Rex in Abadan and killed 500 innocent children and families and blamed it on shah and Savak. That was major terrorist attack before 9/11. They do whatever necessary to stay in power. That is very sad that this lady N.P (or I call her Fatima Arabi because it is better match for her profile)  employed by these monsters and trying to cover their crimes. She has no sympathy toward Iranian women whom their right had been violated during last 31 years. Iranian women who resisted barbaric laws of lizard eater Arabs such as forceful hejab and stonning to death.  Fatima Arabi has no mecry or consideration. Now, they are using another trick saying that the Iran will lose sovereignty if stinky mullahs collepse. Iranians, the offspring of Great Cyrus, are in need of bunch of the stinky mullahs for their sovereignty. One should cry for that nation who are in need of stinky muallahs for their sovereignty.


for Q who hesitate they were Arabs

by siavash1000 on


My niece was eye witness that Arabs were beaten up Iranians. The reason that IRI prefered to hire Arabs over Iranians for this dirty task related to the fact that the possibility of Iranians join the crowd of demonstrators are much higher than Arabs. Lizard eater Arabs don't join the crowd and don't care as long as they receive money from IRI. Unlike N.P who has no heart for her own kind of people, majority of Iranians are more sympathetic toward other Iranians and once the demonstration gets deeper and continues Iranians will joined their own people  against oppressive Islamic regime.  So present of Arabs to perform that dirty task make more sense and IRI prefered them.

marhoum Kharmagas

There you go Prophet!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

"Sorry, dude you are delusional. I am no fan of Israel but got to put the blame where it belongs: POLITICAL ISLAM."

When did I say you are a "fan of Israel" (heheheh!!?), on the contrary in many places I have said among the Shahis you are a decent (and perhaps the only decent) person. As for your other irrelevant comment, no I don't think if Israel disappears, everything in the  ME is going to be peachy (I said the exact same thing last week to my Jewish hamshari, AI). 

As for "POLITICAL ISLAM", I could care less if it disappears tomorrow, ..., but that does not fix things either, Mexicans don't have political Islam, they even have Democracy, but that country is a $H!+ hole way much worse than Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Sure Marhoum

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If it was just not for big bad Israel:

  • Iran would be paradise!
  • We would all hold hands and sing "allaho-akbar"! (Islamic version of Cum ba ya) 
  • Women will all throw themselves to the Islamic mullahs at the age of 6 begging to be f***ed!

Sorry, dude you are delusional. I am no fan of Israel but got to put the blame where it belongs: POLITICAL ISLAM.

marhoum Kharmagas

Zendeh baad Q!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

My delusional friend says "Q: the lead Arab apologist...."

Q, despite our disagreements, I must say zendeh baad Q. My delusional friend is getting funnier in attacking you, ......,at the cost of substance.


AIPAC, AIPAC, AIPAC, blah, blah, blah

by Onlyiran on

31 years of oppression, 31 years of torture, 31 years of murder, 31 years of reducing Iranian women to second class citizens, 31 years of barbarism, 31 years of taking our nation to the brink of war over causes that have nothing to do with us, 31 years of belligerence, 31 years of a backward theocracy. And all you clown can say is AIPAC and Israel.  

How much longer are you going to beat that dead horse and blame all your f**k ups on "AIPAC?"  Give it up. It's getting old.  It doesn't work in Iran either where they had a whole "exhibit" featuring Mousavi's pictures with stars of David drawn over it.  This is old propaganda.  Come up with something new.

Plus, you morons are God's gift to AIPAC. You have been for the past 31 years.  NP-every time you write one of your preposterous propaganda "bolgs" (more like an IRI communique) claiming that the IRI is manufacturing S-300's, AIPAC collects thousands of dollars in donation.  Heck, I wouldn't even be surprised if they use your blogs in their donation solicitations.  You're such a tool! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Interesting hodgpodge

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


So we have Arabs attacking Iranians on orders of IRI.


  • One person keeps quoting Quoran as if it means something. Sir, I could go dig up some ancient book and randomly quote it. What is the meaning or point?
  • The usual suspects deny that Arabs have any hand in repressing Iranians. Q: the lead Arab apologist will call us racist if we dare open our mouths. 
  • We blame USA for IRI atrocities. Not that USA is blameless but it is not going around killing Iranians.

To each their pet peeve!


All facts are crystal clear

by siavash1000 on

I read what you referred in the link about N.P. I am amazed and regret about this lady. I am amazed how a bunch of the Islamic criminals were able to use this woman for their dirty work and justification of all their crime.  In fact, women's right has been violated more than anthing else in Iran and this cold hearted woman has no clue and no mercy about her own kind of people. Women had been tortured, raped and executed in a cold blood by Islamic thugs in prisons and this woman has no regard about them. Iranian women resisted lizard eater Arab barbaric laws as forceful Hejab and stoning to death and this woman has no heart for her own kind of people. I am amazed and at the same time I feel sad. My suggestion to Niloofar is as follow:

A. Niloofar is Persian name and she should change her name to something Arabic like Fatima. That appies to her last name as well . It shoud be changed to something like Arabi.  Fatima Arabi match her profile on this site much better than Niloofar Parsi.

B. Iran don't need people like her, she needs to move to Southern Lebanon where she belong to and continue her endless war with Jews over there. That war has nothing to do with Persians.

I am sure she feels more comfortable living among bunch of the stinky, bearded lizard eater Arabs than being among Persian with our great history of civilazation.

I am sure Persianism or Nationalism will previal and soon we will

get rid of these Arab lovers.


It all depends on what people want to believe

by Simorgh5555 on

If there were eye witness accounts of Israeli attrocities in Gaza and IDF using Palestinians as human shields then Q and the other apologists of  IR terror would accept it at face value. Apart from eye witness accounts of ARABIC speaking malitia men on the streets of Tehran and pictures and reports of Lebanese pals of the IR being dispatched to Iran, Q and his sack of Islamist terrorist followers refuse to accept it.

The natural instinct of Q and others is to side with terror of the IR. They will remain the ardent cyber footsoldiers of Islamic State Terror. 

Niloufar Parsi

dear Q

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks for that. you know in my time on i.com i have seen SO much meaningless propaganda from the american/aipac lobby that i believe the truth of Nothing posted here can be taken for granted.

the ingredients for this cocktail of stupidity seems to be:

1. a gullible cyber revolutionary with a brain full of empty aipac propaganda

2.  a wide distance from iranian culture and politics

3.  a total american-style lack of proportion and perspective, and

4. a propensity to racism, particularly against anything middle eastern and/or islamic

put these together, and you get your typical american cyber reovlutionary pretending to be an iranian patriot with plenty of foul language to pour scorn on anyone with a non-american or non-israeli view of the world :)


Detraction Ploys

by Demo on

The real question is who ordered the killings not that who did. Not to worry though since both are to face GOD on the soon to come "Judgement Day."

"truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away. lo! falsehood is ever bound to vanish (Verse 81, Chapter 17 of Quran)"


Dear NP,

by Q on

for the record, I also haven't seen evidence of "lebanese hezbollah" being hired to do police work in Tehran. I don't believe for a second there is any shortage of hardline government supporters willing to do anything for their supreme leader.

People who don't understand Iran, or suffer from serious ignorance, of course can dream up anything, but most people know better.

All previous claims (for example recording of bassijis supposedly speaking Arabic to each other)  turned out to be just flimsy excuses, unsupported by facts, just used to give voice to racist and Islamophobic fantasies. So, I share with you serious skepticism for these latest claims.

I wouldn't even bother spending any mental energy on them. If there was actual proof, it would have been public at least in the semi-respected media a long time ago.

Just thought you should know.


Siavash Jaan - NP is waiting for "proof" and confirmation

by Onlyiran on

that the people in the photos are not Lebanese Hezbollah operatives.  She wants a signed affidavit from the IRI to that effect.  It's kind of like waiting for Stalin to confirm his atrocities.

Now, if this was a video from PressTV claiming that the IRI had put a man on Mars, she would be eating it up with a spoon and writing blogs about it, like here, where she's quoting PressTV and Ahamdinejad:


Or here, we she wrote a whole blog about some diarrhea that spewed out of Ahmadinejad's mouth:


But, in this instance, when two of her favorite crime syndicates, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the IRI, are involved, she needs absolute, court produced proof before she condemns crimes against the Iranian people.   



Demo: Interesting view but what is the value

by Kooshan on


"The real "threat" to peace in ME began 10 years ago when...."


I do not know what to make of this. on the surface, it makessense but let's not ignore the real pressing facts:

1. The war in middle east is NOT sectarian war. Sectarian war is ONLY used as an element ONLY by Israel.

2. The war in middle east is mainly:

A. Who should control World energy;

B. Islam must be suppressed as an alternative idealogy in modern world;

3. Middle east is going thru an era of Rennaissance - Masses are awakening!


So, naturally, Iran is a major power in the middle east. Whether we want it or not it is a resilient system and will survive in this war. I doubt that it will go thru dis-integration rather many factors are pointing towards some union in not too far distant future (couple of decades?)...something like EU as a minimum.


My problem is how terribly and deceitfully Israel has geared US future to middle east conflict. I sadly think we are missing major threat that BRICs are posing to US empire.




Onlyiran, Great pictures. Still waiting N.P condemation

by siavash1000 on

Thanks to Onlyiran pictures posted on this site. It says a lot about  lizard eater Arab lovers.


You nailed it Demo!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Nothing to add.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

But Demo, you don't realize that the people of those countries

by Anonymous Observer on

REALLY want the IR to be their master and overlord!!!  According to Niloufar and "Immortal Guard", they can't wait for the U.S. to leave and for the IR to come in and occupy them.  :-))))

Here, read their comments here:


Really, there is no limit to these IR propagandists' silliness and delusions.   


The Motherland’s “Security” 4 Sale

by Demo on

The real "threat" to peace in ME began 10 years ago when the Shias Most Ever Dignified??? “Valley of Vagheeh” blessed both Iraq & Afghanistan occupation by the foreign forces to get rid of his two the most dangerous known enemies, i.e. the Sunni Bathis of Iraq & the Sunni Taliban of Afghanistan. Such “treacherous” union of course had foolishly underestimated the people resistances in those two countries & the internal "awakening" of Iranian masses!!!

PS: Having one or two eyes on one's avatar will not help with his/her sight to see the reality!!


Logical article

by Abarmard on

Thanks for posting this.

Hoshang Targol

40,000,000 million Iranians living below poverty line

by Hoshang Targol on

according to IR's own Center for Statestics.

The rate of inflation brought on by the elimination of subsidies beyond means of any working class Iranian with their minimum wages a 3rd, that is one/third of povert line. 

Add to this highest rates of addiction, prostitution, unemployment,...


Now, wipe  the blood off your lips, and go back to those toes, cheers


NP- Still waiting for you to condemn foreign terrorism

by Onlyiran on

Still waiting for you to condemn foreign terrorism against Iranians.  Don't change the subject.  Do you, or do you not condemn Lebanese Hezbollah terrorism and attacks against Iranian civilians inside Iran?  Do you, or do you not, condemn IRI's importation of foreign terrorists to attack Iranians?   

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i will condemn it when i know it to be true. not saying you would lie. am just not convinced with you being an american and so far away from the truth and totally immersed in american and aipac propaganda from head to toe. actually iranians and lebanese have great respect for each other, both inside the countries and outside. did you see the welcome they gave ahmadinejad recently? oh wait, your reaction would be through israeli eyes, wouldn't it? you would say something like 'terrorist' and 'hezbollah' and that piece of propagandist gibberish would actually constitute a 'rational' and 'meaningful' dialogue for you! you make it so hard to have a useful conversation.


NP- Just because you love the Lebanese Hezbollah

by Onlyiran on

NP- Just because you love the Lebanese Hezbollah doesn't mean that you have to justify their atrocities against the Iranian people.  The pictures prove a lot of things.  They are photos of known Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists shooting and beating Iranians.  Just come out and condemn it.  I condemn the U.S. attack on the Iranian airliner.  Now, come out and have the decency and say that you condemn the Lebanese Hezbollah attack against Iranians.  If you don't, then kindly stop your propaganda and stop shedding crocodile tears for Iranians.  The only thing you care about---like the rest of your colleagues--are the survival of the IRI, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.