Parazit: Khomeini & Revolution

By Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi

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Even in his first speech

by benross on

Even in his first speech presented here, which is supposedly pro-freedom, listen carefully: Islam will never allow anybody to take away [ommat's] freedom even in the name of freedom.

It's the same about 'human rights'. To him, it never meant anything but 'ommat rights' which he knew quite well what they were all about and how they were protected. 

He never changed his intention. He just rephrased it differently in different occasions.


Truth Hurts Iranians so Denial Makes sense

by AlexInFlorida on

Monarchy is the worst form of government for Iranians, except for all others. 

Since in Iran it has been proven that monarchy approaches both
freedom and the democratic ideal far better than democracies... as we
see in Iran under the shah vs islamic republic.

This is a Painful Truth for pro-democrats, to accept that the
islamic republic is a democratic reality that the majority wanted and
brought it about.

Democratic governments do not guarantee freedom, in fact it is a
false belief that democracy and freedom go hand in hand and can only
come about by looking at selective evidence and not the entirity of
data across the pages of history.

Islamic Republic as most people know is more democratic than even
the state of Israel.  Unlike Iran, Israel was brought about by only
considering the views of the jews and not all the people living in the

At least Islamic republic was created by the democratic principal of
majority rule while allowing all the various views to be represented. 
The democratic Islamic Republic is however a tyranny since it's
inception until today, unlike Israel which does provide Freedom for

What the Green movement does not address, because most Iranians are
not conscious of, is that Iranians want Freedom more than democracy,
the kind of freedom they enjoyed for the first time from the Shahs
era.  Iranians tell their children how much better life was in the
hands of the shah and his team and they miss this very much within

And in a perfect world Iranians would want both freedom and
democratic government, but at a gradual pace that is relavent to the
possiblities of the iranian people, while not sacrificing their
Freedom. Today they don't even have freedom to go to the next step.

And that is what they are lacking, Freedom, the ability to have
choices without coercion, manipulation and deceit.  Real choices
however unappealing that will enhance ones life, not undermine it.

To think that Iranians blew away the Shah that worked his entire
life to bring them Freedom that they had not enjoyed before, to the
point where unlike 95% of the world in 1983 Iranians would have enjoyed
guaranteed health care, education and employment or government
assistance if no work could be found is shocking.  I live in America
and we don't have Freedom that good.

I hope people learned that Revenge is not so delicious. And that
true success is learning to enjoy life and not feeling inadequate
because some people are becoming extremely rich and then being
vindictive, mean and nasty. 


truth to be told

by rainbow on

congradualtion on your program , it is great and i always watch your show. love the fact that you include khomanie ,s speech .


check out the last sentence if do a literal translation

by MM on

آمریکا هیچ غلطی نمیتواند بکند

 America can do no wrong



Drop of a hat.

by pedro on

Thanks guys, nice and meaningful show.

It is a known fact that akhond jamaaat reverse their word in adrop of a hat, depending which way the wind blows, and how it benifits their belly and their deep pockets.

Stop Execution of Iranians in Islamic Prisions

hamsade ghadimi

kambiz and saman

by hamsade ghadimi on

thanks for the comic relief.  dametoon gheyj. 


You Guys totally Rock! Oh Man!

by Monda on

mofassalan ta'azim be hardotoon.

Your shows should be archived at the Library of Congress, I swear, I don't trust youtube with your work.  I want my grandkids and their kids to catch your clips one day.

btw did you mention too where folks can catch your shows? If you did Great, I'll find out when I watch these clips again. 


Best one yet!

by Khar on

I'm addicted to Parazit!



by Morveln on

درود بر شما

Worcester Mo

Great great program. 

by Worcester Mo on

Great great program.  Wow.  very funny.



by Princess on

is getting better and better every week. Fantastic work!

Watching these clips, what I still don't understand is how a whole nation would allow the Peer-e Jamaran fool them so royally. I think, I understand the reasons and motivations for the revolution, but how was this "satan in the cleric garb" able to change his message so quickly after the revolution and get away with it. 

Another example, where our Iranian bot-parasti, has got us into deep trouble. 


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Kerm reekhtan haghe mosallameh maast :)

Great show guys. Khasteh nabashin.