Hossein Derakhshan

On trial after 19-month news blackout since arrest

Radio Zamaneh: Tehran Revolutionary Court held Hossein Derakhshan’s first trial Wednesday, Fars News Agency reports. Derakhshan, who is known as the father of Persian blogging, is accused of “cooperation with enemy states, propaganda against the Islamic regime, promoting anti-Revolutionary groups, insulting sanctities, launching and managing vulgar and obscene sites.” Derakhshan is one of the first Iranian bloggers with his blog “Editor: Myself.” ... After 19 months of complete news blackout about their son, Derakhshan family has recently started a blog posting information about his situation >>>


more from Shifteh Ansari

A good ambassador of Iranian culture incarcerated by a

by reader1 on

.. bunch of  culturally deficient thugs who are determined to crush anything that is good about Iranian culture except those passed on by a horde of 7th century desert dwellers.

Hossein’s warmth and charming manners together with his media savvy acumen often  helped to turn upside down  the stereotypes and misconceptions about Iranians.

A regime so paranoid and insecure that cannot even tolrate political neutrality of its citizens is doomed for eventual destruction.


Thanks for sharing Shifteh

by divaneh on

What is it with IRI and intellect?


I rather think IRI is

by Bavafa on

I rather think IRI is putting themselves on trail by such shameful actions

Of course just like Guantanamo Bay, past SA apartheid prisons or in China or Israel, no regime can indefinably keep people in jail for political dissident and IRI is no exception to that rule.

With the hopes that one day [soon] there are no political prisoners any where in the world and lets start that hope/wish with Iran.

And thank you Miss Shifteh Ansari for bringing this to every one's attention.



this thread

by humanbeing on

has been very informative for me, who is naive as to the nuances. not that i would take anything literally, but thanks for the details of background, to both of you.

whatever derakhshan's views, and his vacillations, we must remember that he is human, and some manipulation was done here by the iri and by the media. and there are surely many things we do not and will not know.


Darius Kadivar

OK Rosie Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Right !


I was not talking about you Darius

by Rosie. on

I wanted to remind people in general that the Radio Zamaneh article is sleazy and we should not use the same tactics as those we are against. Otherwise we are no different from them.

The omissions are glaringly obvious and they were doubtless edited out to make the article a propaganda piece. I have seen this so many times with Press TV articles during the Uprising. You could tell which articles had been written by the Reformists and what got amputated in the editing room.


Darius Kadivar

Rosie Jaan Who said the contrary ?

by Darius Kadivar on

"Don't forget he was a regular blogger here. He is one of us. "

That does not change the fact that the Regime's accusations against him are simply contradictory.

Derakhshans visit to Israel Served the IRI's interests from an ideological perspective. He was No Spy for the Regime just a naive blogger who was discovering the world and noticing contradictions in Western or Israeli Societies so as to draw parrallels with "Iran's thriving Democracy".

His observations, charismatic good looks and playing the Islamic Homosapiens Reformist Intellectual was the thing the regime was looking for to lure foreign medias into his anti Israel, anti West Stance under the disguise of political openmindedness ...

Very much like another of our fellow bloggers I mentioned in my thread below who also happens to see the IRI through rosy ( sorry that's a simple coincidence and nothing to do with your avatar name) lens and distorted nationalistic sentiments  ...

That is why the fact that the hardline IRI are putting him to trial appears in contradiction to their very interests.

To understand how an enemy thinks one has to put oneself in their mind.

In the case of the IRI stooges that consists of stopping to think ...

As a matter of fact at some point precisely because Hossein was constantly attacking everyone in the Diaspora Intelligenstia as well as the West as Neo Con WarMongers, even his arrest was at one point judged as suspicious.

So again his arrest and Trial are simply ILLOGICAL and counterproductive even for a Pro IRI propaganda.

This baffles me ...

At Least the Nazi's were Masters in the Art of Propaganda and Counter Propaganda ...


These Fellows on the contrary are Merely Amateur OLAGHS ...

SATIRE: The Olagh has Landed ;0)

They should have hired me ...

I could teach them one or two things about Mass Communication, the Kulechov Effect and Propaganda ...







Radio Zamaneh article is intentionally incomplete

by Rosie. on

and they are using Hoder for their own propaganda purposes. They make it sound like he was having a love affair with Ahmadinejad for years before he went back to Iran and went back all foot loose and fancy free and suddenly out of the blue he was in jail for no 'reason'.

It is not true. From the Regime's perspective they had plenty of 'reasons'. He had said plenty of things against the current Regime. My god, this stupid article doesn't even mention his trip to Israel as a self-appointed peace embassador. Sound familiar? How many times have you read a Fars News or Press TV article with big chunks missing? This is an amputated article.

It was so clearly obvious that he was in danger by going back to Iran that some people thought he must be insane (and maybe he was...). So much so that someone here had the following theory:


The article is structured as propaganda to make the current Regime sound even worse than it is. As if it were necessary. Isn't it enough they threw him in jail and gave his family no news of his whereabouts for 19 months? Just look at the photo. He is so cute you hsve to care about him even though he must wear a Gaza tee shirt 24/7.  Hoder the lovable hardliner. 

Radio Zamaneh is using him just like IRI does only on a much smaller scale. They should not do that and neither should we. Don't forget he was a regular blogger here. He is one of us.

It doesn't get any closer than this.


Darius Kadivar

humanbeing Jaan Indeed

by Darius Kadivar on

It seems so ... particularly in the IRI ...


dk, self-contradiction

by humanbeing on

goes well with nihilism.

Darius Kadivar

The accusations are ridiculous given that he was Pro Regime

by Darius Kadivar on

This shows how much this regime is in contradiction with itself and even those who were it's staunchest supporters like Hossein Derakhshan.

I hope he will not get a heavy sentence.  

This is ridiculously tragic to say the least ...

Abarmard Jaan Movazeb khodet bash vaghti bar meegardi Iroon. Writing for the Iranian.com has it's risks ...



by humanbeing on

for this update. you always focus on the important issues, and keep them in the limelight, where they should be.