Israel's Gift to Iran

The flotilla disaster


Israel's Gift to Iran
by Shayan Ghajar & Arash Aramesh

The bloodshed resulting from a clash between Israeli Defense Forces and pro-Palestine activists in international waters is nothing short of a diplomatic miracle for Iran.

Iran, the sole beneficiary of the fiasco, has much to gain and little to lose by using the incident as diplomatic leverage for gaining even closer ties to Turkey. And Turkey clearly is heading East, toward Iran and other states, and away from the West. Tensions between Turkey and Western states -- not to mention Israel -- have intensified.

Turkey's position has been clear in numerous statements from government officials, including Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who expressed disappointment with the reactions from Israel and the United States. The Obama administration no doubt is treading cautiously in its response to Israeli violence. "Dry statements of condemnation are not enough [...] There should be results." Erdogan continued, saying Israel would not behave so rashly if it didn't have the protection of a powerful nation -- a thinly veiled reference to the United States.

Turkey's harsh reaction is no surprise given that the majority of activists killed in the flotilla violence, which left nine people dead, were Turks. But Turkey is using the disaster to cement its political alliance with Iran. And Iran is endorsing Turkey's position while also playing up the flotilla disaster to re-enforce its long-standing anti-Israel position at home and abroad.

Iran's enthusiasm over the great benefits it is reaping from the catastrophe is apparent in the Iranian media, especially pro-government sources, according to Fars news, a semi official news agency with intimate ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, dedicated fourteen of its sixteen homepage stories to the flotilla incident. Kayhan, a hardliner newspaper with ties to the Supreme Leader, dedicated its front page and its editorial to the convoy incident.

Playing up the flotilla incident has also allowed Iran to ignore a damaging report the International Atomic Energy Agency issued on Monday regarding Iran's nuclear activities. The IAEA report, which was issued on Monday, stated that Iran has been preparing extra equipment for enriching uranium to higher levels - which could lead to Iran becoming a nuclear-armed state. The report also stated that Iran has not been transparent with the IAEA regarding its nuclear program.

IRNA, the Islamic Republic's News Agency, ignored the IAEA report and instead published an interview with a lesser-known Iranian diplomat claiming the recent report "indicates IAEA's full supervision of Iran's enrichment activities." This Iranian diplomat also said that the IAEA has found Iran to be in full cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog.

Meanwhile, the Iranian government has dedicated all its broadcasting resources to air the message of Iran's Supreme Leader on every television and radio news program in Iran. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a statement June 1 condemning Israel's actions.

Iran also benefits because the flotilla incident has deepened the rift between the United States and Turkey, which have had a shaky relationship since the start of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. But both countries since then have tried to mend the relationship. Now, however, Turkey's NATO membership puts the United States in a very difficult position.

Under Article V of the NATO charter, any NATO member that is attacked in Europe or North America may call on all other NATO members to declare war on the attacking nation. At present, Turkey is threatening to provide naval escorts to any ships attempting to break through the Gaza blockade, an act that would likely lead to military confrontation between Turkey and Israel and potentially escalate the crisis into outright war. This would leave the United States in the unenviable position of either deciding to declare war on its longtime ally Israel, or essentially invalidating the practical purpose of NATO by refusing to heed the call of one of its members.

Either option will be a victory for Iran. If the United States tacitly supports Israel by refusing to condemn its actions, Turkey will be alienated and NATO's reputation will suffer. If the United States, unlikely though it is, were to condemn Israel, the recent tension between Israel and the Obama administration would become greater than ever.

An Israeli-American fallout would also serve Iran, as it would be an opportunity for Iran to tout its long anti-Israeli stance and actions, as well as provide momentum for greater pressure on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and distract world attention away from Iran's nuclear program. Pressuring Iran while shoring up Israel, the Middle East's sole nuclear-armed state, would prove extremely unpopular in the region. Todays Zaman, a Turkish daily with close ties to Turkey's ruling AKP, fully agrees with this assessment: "Obama must make one thing clear: if the US is to confront Iran with sanctions or a military threat, both which will require international cooperation, there must be significant progress, if not a full agreement, on the Arab-Israeli track."

Iran's political capital in the region for taking the hardest stance against Israel is soaring. And whether the United States reprimands Israel, or ignores Turkey's rage over the flotilla bloodshed, Iran will be celebrating.

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cyrous moradi


by cyrous moradi on

You Guys ! Kindly read my article FLOTILLA here in persian. Soon. Thanks.

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آقای محترم


 ابتدا برای آن کشوری که نقشهاش را آواتار خود قرار داده اید آزادی عقیده و بیان بیاورید، کُرکُری خواندن پیشکش.

یا دست‌کم آزادی عقیده و بیان را برای فلسطینیان به ارمغان بیاورید.


Yes, without US support of

by BehroozAzarin on

Yes, without US support of this criminal state, Israel wouldn't have become such a violent state.  Israel is a sore finger in US body and if not amputated it will infect the rest. United states cannot speak of human rights and yet support this ciminal state and genocide on Palestinians. It is that simple and world knows it. In fact, western governments and some non-western allies have been just as guilty.


On the surface yes, but...

by bughzan on

At first glance this seems like a reasonable analysis, but I think there is more to it than what meets the eyes. It's way to early to give a slice of the pie to IRI. Israel is a well-greased machine. Considering its record, it's probably safe to always assume that what you see is not the whole story.

Israel attacked a US naval vessel (USS Liberty) and GOT AWAY with it! Incidentally, one of the seamen on Liberty was also on this flotilla. He has now been attacked at sea twice by Israel. You have to watch "Loss of Liberty" and just spend a day going through the available information to see how blatant the Israeli attack was. They attacked the ship with US/French made weapons and tried their best to sank her with no survivors. It's only a credit to her bulk and captain's skill that the ship survived with about two third of her crew. The most logical hypothesis is that Israel wanted to pin the attack on Arabs or cover its war crimes in the Sinai. Israel broke maritime law and Geneva Conventions, attacked its number one ally and still got away!

Just two weeks ago, the Guardian published documents that show Israel, with Shimon Peres at the helm, agreed to sell nukes to Apartheid South Africa. US experts looked at the documents and concluded that Peres' denials were baseless and the documents were solid. Mind you, Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize! This is and incredible crime and shows Israel's attitude toward the rest of the world. Plus, Israel's dirty relationships with South Africa, including former Fascists and Nazis is much more extensive than this. Is it talked about at all!?

These are just two related, recent incidents. In addition, Israeli government enjoys amazing support from Israelis. They were dancing in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv after killing nine Turks!!! Remember the videos you saw on Western stations after 9/11/2001 of Palestinians celebrating? The difference being that a week later it was shown that the Palestinian videos were an old footage from a few years earlier! And, I don't know if you hang out with Israelis that have such a blind support for Israel. They are some of the nicest, most intelligent people in almost every aspect, and at the same time display the most overt characteristics of bigotry! I'm not saying that Jews are any different than others. I'm pretty sure that I'll get the usual anti-Semite accusation for this anyway. But, it's not a Jewish characteristic to be this extreme. It's the mechanism required to give a government/organization such unchallenged latitude in action. The very same process that is needed to allow Israel to behave the way it does, also has created a nation of very nice, capable, and smart sociopaths. You only have to look at Israeli public opinion polls to see this. Over 70% of Israelis support the most extreme acts of their government, including ethnic cleansing.

A bit of history here is relevant. The very commando unit that carried out the raid on Mavi Marmara was initially trained by Italian fascists. In fact, the first cadre of Israeli naval officers were trained in an Italian port under Fascist Italy. There is a amusing account of it describing how at their graduation these young Zionists are singing the Fascist anthem. One of the men who trained this unit wrote a book on it. He describes his feeling when he got to Israel, that although Fascism had failed in his homeland, it was thriving in Israel! Hell, Jabotinsky, one of the main Zionist leaders if not the main, wrote in defense of Mussolini's. He is a hero amongst certain Zionist circles and revered by many in Israel.

My point is that Israel will do what ever it wants whenever it's most beneficial to it. Nothing else matters. If and when Israel wants to attack Iran, it will do so without concern for anything else. This may not be such a terrible set back for what Israel wants to achieve, just like the Liberty incident was not. Israel likes to act like a mad dog and Israeli politicians frequently state that. Most people assume that the Israeli nukes are as deterrent for its neighbors. I think they are for deterrent against the Westerners, in case one day the Western population wakes and decides to take a stance.

Let's try to focus on what we have a chance at fixing. We can remove IRI, but that only depends on us. We are too distracted and US/Israel are taking full advantage of our cultural problems to distract us even more. I mean, after all that has happened, progressive Iranians actually look to American sources for support in bringing democracy to Iran!!! Foolish...


I really have bad news for

by Kooshan on

I really have bad news for IRI


Flotillia was the beginning of the transfer of custodianship of muslims from IRI to Turkey.



by Kooshan on


1. Turkish nationalism is as strong as Iranian;

2. Turkey is being humiliated by EU, US and Israel since 8 years ago (only on the surface)

3. Islamic forces are gaining ground in Turkey

4. Turkey is fiddling with the idea of another Ottoman Empireship (a comeback of pre WWI era)

6. Arabs actually bow to Turkey(take a look at alazhar recent fatwa)

7. There shall be a mutual gain between IRI/Turkey alliance (a  short-lived one to undermine IRI?)

8. This is all trouble for US in controlling middle east

9. US favors Turkey as the Gendarm of region to IRI

10. Israel will be safe if #9 happens (remember military alliance betweenTurkey/Israel and I think annimosity in Kurdistan is a phony one between them)

11. It is all calculated plan by EU and US to deter and anhillate IRI

12. If the plan goes right, next decade will be the reign of Turkey in middle east and prosperity will grow in middle east

13. The chance of success is Whole lot higher than other alternatives



What do you think?


it took them weeks to realize GOD loves IRI

by i_support_khamenie on

I have been saying that for the past week ev er since the incident...and now it takes two minds to reach my conclusion a week later.


We hope this is not the end.

We wish to see Israel pound on Palestinians and Arabs to pound on Israel...

Any other way is simply not in Iran's interest......

There is no humanity, emotions, love --only thing that matters is STRATEGIC NATIONAL INTERESTS......for that I can care less if they slaughter one another......but I'd have to say its getting kinda boring.....


Good article

by Hamed on

The US and its allies are a far greater coalition force than Iran and its ally-to-be Turkey and other rogue organizations/small nations. However, Iran may be up to something here but nothing in the near future, and I want to emphasize the word may. US and UK  will eventually find a way to weasel out of this, this is not a big crisis for them. They have seen more complicated situations than this. Iranian propaganda is more like hot air. But I have to reluctantly give  the mullahs the credit to be able to defy the Superpower for so long. One has to wait and see how this latest story will end and how the cat and mouse nuclear game will end.


piracy, murder and kidnapping, NOT a clash

by Darveesh on

""The bloodshed resulting from a clash between Israeli Defense Forces and
pro-Palestine activists in international waters""



so Somali pirate CLASH with their captives too?


This is piracy murder and kidnapping in the high seas and not a clash.



Chess Grand Masters ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Here's an all together different take on this "Flotilla Attack".

1)  Israel calculated the world reaction and the reaction of the "La Miserabe" inhabitents of Gaza very accurately.  They knew with the aid of their hidden and exposed allies in the "Mass Media Business" the world at large specially the general population of the United Satets will develop selective memory about the whole incident.  We are after all talking about people who let CNN do their thinking for them and draw their conclusions for them.  So, in a span of 1-2 weeks this event will be all but forgotten and old news if you like.  That takes care of the image damage which was predicted very closely on their part, and there was collateral or marginal damage done at worst.

2)  Now, as for the Gaza resients, Israel, is doing this and other strong arm tactics to drive the civilians to the point they will want to leave voluntarily.  I think we all saw indications of that when Egypt opened up the passage way.  There were people wanting ot leave with their families, kids, and whatever part of their belongings they could gather on short notice, they were trying to run on foot and in cars and trucks.  Hamas guards stopped many or all at the Gaza side of that crossing, why, because they know what's next.  If Israel is successful in driving out the majority of the civilians, then they will use the first excuse or even create an excuse and come after Hamas, and this time with the real heavy guns, with intent to exterminate, and they can do it when there are no civilian shields for Hamas, Hamas is no match for Israelis in a head on engagement in spite of the annual $400 million help from IRI.

3)  Israel would benefit from these events in many ways.  First, they will achieve the goal of consolidating the Palistinains to just one group (Mahmud Abbas and Co.), and a more manageable one at that.  Furthermore, the Palistinians no longer will have access to open waters.  And finally, there are rumors of massive natural gas reserve discoveries off the coast of Gaza. 

Just some thoughts and theories to share on IC.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


وارث جنگل شده


وارث جنگل شده چیتا... آای یا یا، آخه تا کی‌؟


you seem to be confusing the regime with Iran

by fozolie on

Iran will not benefit. The murderous regime may, but I doubt it. Americans have finally figured out this stinking mollafia regime is not to be trusted. 

Mr. Fozolie


PS: IRI who cares about Israel, in the long run Iran has lost thanks to your criminal paymasters.


ا سرائیل باخت.


ا سرائیل باخت. آمریکا هم باید فکر ترک این صهیونیستها را در سر بپرورانه. کم کم اوضاع در حال عوض شدنه.

خلفای راشدین

The best gift from our Jewish brothers, Mashaa Allah...

by خلفای راشدین on

Thanks to our Jewish brothers, still cousins to some, we have now learned the word "flotilla", which had no usage on the days of direct cargo flights from Tehran to Gaza.


Iran obsessed!

by Asghar_Massombagi on

Never mind the feeble characterization of the incident as a "clash between Israeli commandos and pro-Palestinian activists" (armed to teeth special forces lowered from helicopters attacking the ship in the dead of night in international waters), the writers seem to think this whole thing was staged for Iran's benefit.  The cunning invisible hand of the ayatollahs manipulating even the arch enemy, Israel, in their dastardly plan for world domination. How about this being a dress rehearsal for an invasion of Lebanon this summer?  Can anyone miss the usual Israeli hubris and bravado having reached an absurd high? They're already talking about giving a medal to the Israeli commando that shot 6 of the civilians single handedly, and the corpses are still warm.  I guess the US Israel coalition and those of their friends in the so-called Iranian Diaspora have to keep the focus on Iran at any cost or price.  It's Iran, Iran, Iran, stupid! 


Upgrading strategies

by Abarmard on

Thank you for your article it inspired me to think about this issue.

The Israelis made a big mistake to show another harsh face of Zionism. It's hard to defend this kinds of actions for even Hillary Clinton, who is on the AIPAC payroll.

She came to the podium and did the best that she could to say something without saying anything against Israel and left as quickly as she could. It was a comedy show portraying the US pro Zionist agenda. Not surprising, US left a message on Iranian voice mail that they are going to ignore this incident and focus on the newer and harsh "sanctions"! It is a clear message from Netanyahu to their servants that go on with "your" (Zionist) agenda. What a joke.

Seeing the five Western nations coming down to this low level of political smarts, it is not surprising to see that many countries pull away for their own long-term benefits. Turkey being one of these countries has made it clear that they will not be Arab-like "yes man" leaders.

The time that one-country orders and the rest follow has passed. Very small amount of credit for this new mentality can be given to Iran. Although Iran might have not planed to bring on board countries like Turkey, it is the lack of respect and recognition of change in the world order that has left These Western nations confused following their tiny "tool" to implement policies!

I would argue that Turkey is aligning with Iran by force. Arab puppet governments would have already if they had courage to stand with their own people for the sake of their own nations. Turkey is getting closer because of all the mistakes that the Western regimes are doing in the region. A point that yet not clear for the Russians! Russians are another case; they are politically very naive in the sense that they only focus on their current and short-term goals, as they do not care for their countries future. Otherwise Russia would have been a giant standing in front of the West in strategic and economic terms. Russia had a chance to be a superior economy than China, if they played their card right. But they want a little price here and some there for being a good dog!

Turkey will not be a hard core player, they know that at this point they can leverage more political gains from the Western nations because West wants to get Iran (and can't afford to have Turkey with their enemy). In any case Iran has become an important player that has shown many countries "you don't have to be a puppy". Turkey is doing just that, and will stop at the red light. They will not want to lose the funds from Israeli business or military know-how, but they do want to stand as an independent nation that will not just follow orders, because they can. For this, they greatly value Iran and know that Iran is vital for them to play that kind of a role.

In any case, Israel made a mistake and Iran will naturally benefit when the Western regimes support that unjust government with "no question asked" policy. These kinds of actions just make Iranian case to appear truthful and attractive.

Let me add one more point here. The plan to break Gaza's blockade was going to benefit Iran regardless of the outcome. Israel would have lost because their policies are unfair. Iran can be harsh to their citizens but they declare that they are a religious based system. West on the other hand takes Human Rights issues more seriously, being silent when the Human Rights plays against their interest indicates their true intentions. Iran is banking on this message that the West doesn't care for anything and anyone but their own interest. They have send the message that come and join us for the sake of regional independence. West is great, for them and not for us. Israelis and Arab governments advertise the opposite. As Persian saying goes: what could be seen doesn't need to be said.

If things continue the way that it has with Iran, Iran will be the winner in the long run. The reason is that more countries will come on board, openly or in their core policies with Iran. I was listening to the King of Jordan and many things that he was mentioning, indicated his "approval" of Iranian policies towards Israelis, or Palestinians. This is not something that you can pass easily. It speaks about where the ME is headed!


No country has true friends

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Just strategic and often temporary allies.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

is one useless "ally". They are neither IRI's ally nor Israel's. They want to milk the West and IRI. Sure they come up with some huffing and puffing but nothing more. Now lets see the usual gang call me racist for saying the obvious about Turkey the confused!



by fooladi on

1) Turkey will huff and puff, but no more. She desparately needs both EU and US tax payers money to keep their desparate economy moving, plus they have ambitions of becoming "europeans" one day. The $1.6bn back hander from Iran was instrumental in putting together that now universally riduculed and ignored "nuclear deal" together and of course financing and planning this so called "humanitarian aid boat" thing. Now back to US and EU begging for more money!

2) Sanctions against islamic regime of Iran will be finalised in less than three weeks. Just watch the space :)

But, Good try Islamic regime of Iran, desparate times call for  desparate actions!