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خدا شاهد است (رضا پهلوی جان را کفن کرده باشیم اگر دروغ گوئیم!!) که اصلا قصد مزاحمت نداشتیم ولی‌ از محلی رد میشدیم و چشم بر گذر دخترکان مو طلائی بود که به یکبار این شخص را مشاهده کردیم (عکس ضمیمه نامه هست و میتوانید آن را مشاهده بفرمایید!)، دیدیم که آقای سروش است که سر به جاده نهاده و به همراه اهل و عیال مشغول به کوچ است و باقی‌ قضایا...

05/26/2010 - 15:02

hamsade ghadimi

nice one red wine

by hamsade ghadimi on

must be result of inter-marriage.



by masoudA on

Great Job GS - 

One of the problems with our culture is that only the idiots dare to talk and the intelligent have been advised to keep quiet and leave the atage open for idiots like Soroush......

Remember stupid expressions such as: Zaban Sorkh sare sabz midahad ba bad...? 


Very funny Redwine

by ramintork on

The same man that ruined the lives of many in Iranian Universities getting a taste of diaspora, like we have.

Now he is critical of the regime, Ok, I believe in redemption but I'm hoping that we would see the last of the clergy class in Iran and that exile is not used as a bouncing board back to Iran in a post IRI world. If there is an Iran left after they have ruined and left it.



شراب سرخ عزیز.....




وقتی آب سربالا میره  بزرگ سفسطه گرانِ شومبولیِ اسهالی هم عزم سفر میکنه!

این از قدیم شناخته شده بود که بهائم قبل از همه زلزله رو احساس میکنند.

پایدار  باشی


A picture worth a thousand words, great work RW jaan!

by Khar on

it must be the Red Wine ;-)

Azadeh Azad

Great collage, RW jan

by Azadeh Azad on

Is his "ayaal!!!" la copie conforme de Monsieur? She must be of the same age as Aisha, Mammad's child-wife! Although she has moustache at such young age instead of red-hair. And where are they heading? To an Islamic democracy such as Saudi Arabia?? Bon voyage to them!