Never Sleep, Cyrus

Manoto TV documentary on 2,500-year Persian Empire celebration

برنامه ی "هرگز نخواب کوروش" مستندی است در مورد جشن‌های ۲۵۰۰ ساله که در روز "کوروش بزرگ" از شبکه ی من و تو پخش شد.


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Payandeh our Aryan Land IRAN

by Siavash300 on

Thanks for posting such a wonderful video on this site. Very informative. As the video indicates Jebhe Meli, tudeh and Mojahedin and followers of Ali Shariati were thinking about disturbing our celebration. These are enemies of Iran and followers of these monsters should come forward and apologize from Pahlavi's family and Iranian people for betraying their country. They are the ones who leaded Iran to current state of misery and poverty.

                          GOAL: RESTORING MONARCHY 



by AryamehrNYC on

Please refrain from spewing your rubbish on this site...


Terreh jan!

by anglophile on

Here is a reading suggestion to raise your education up to an acceptable level: Leftovers: // Happy reading  LOL 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

آینده از آنِ ایرانیان است و دیگر به عقب باز نخواهیم گشت،زنده باد ملتِ ایران و حکومتِ ایرانیان بر ایرانیان.


دست مریزاد


دست مریزاد به به دستندرکاران این جشن زیبا که بزرگ نظری و سلیقه و شعور عالی آنان بدرستی تاریخ ایران را به جهانیان نشان دادند. دریغ از سه چیز که پیش بینی نکردند: کوته نظری، تنگ نظری، و بی لیاقتی ایرانیان...



You just don't get it. You're UNFIT to make any judgment or

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

make recommendation, based on your long history of carrying water and being a 'water boy' for your English masters. Do you get that? Do you understand the point?


Correction: Gunga Din NOT Gungadin

by anglophile on

Please don't misquote Kipling - LOL


Gungadin, what good is all that 'learning' and correct spelling

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

when its used in the service and defence of the enemies of the Iranian people.

And exactly how many Persian texts have you translated and published. All you know of Iranian literature and culture is some old opium smoking poems and such.

Name me one new Iranian novel you've read in the last year? You're close to uttely ignorant of modern Iranian literature and culture.

All your 'learning' is 'good' for putting down Iranian people and in service of their sworn enemies. Nothing to be proud of. As a matter of fact if you were a decent Gungadin, you would have "exeunted" this site a while ago.But you're a BAD GUNGADIN.



by anglophile on

"betrayle [your spelling] to the people that raised you and taught you the Persian language and its culture. "      At least I learned the Persian language and its culture - unlike you mate.   And as for the  "querry" - I am glad to have educated you old chap LOL


Angali, you ,as a proud 'facilitator" of the Brits, are in no

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

position to determine who betrayed who. Suffice it to say; practically your enitre presence in here 24/7 is one dreadful continuing saga of betrayle to the people that raised you and taught you the Persian language and its culture. BTW, query was for Aryo and not you. Haven't you masters taught you any manners? Other than using your handkercheif?


Areyo, name me one Student group you're in contact with.

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Name us one Workers' group you've sent money to in the last decade.

Name me a single individuale Refugee or a family of Regugees  you have relocated from Turkey of Pakistan to another country.

Have a feeling your answer ot all the queries above is: none, none, none.

You still haven't read that poem have you?

My face in the mirror just keep getting more and more handsome, with my hair getting thin and white. 

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اینجا صحبت از سیاست و دیگر مغلطه‌هایِ اضافه نیست،به اندازه کافی‌ محمد رضا تقاصِ اشتباهاتش را داد،اینجا صحبت فقط نحوه ساختِ این مستند است که به بدترین وجهی ساخته شده است.این درسِ عبرتی باشد برایِ مسئولانِ این شبکه که بارِ دگر بدین نحوِ احمقانه اندیشه و هوشِ ایرانیان را به زیرِ سوال نبرند.دنیا به جلو رفته و مردمِ ایران از این قاعده مستثنی نبوده و هیچ کس نیست که حاضر به عقب روی باشد.مسائلِ فنی‌ و تکنیکی‌ را باید افرادِ متخصص انجام دهند،سواد ندارید...تشریف ببرید.

از دوستانی که به نحوِ احسن مسائل را بازبینی فرموده و نظراتِ کارساز دادند،کمالِ تشکر را داریم،ایرانِ آینده از آنِ شماست.


What any of us thinks of the celebrations really does not matter

by Mehrban on

any longer.   What matters howerever, is that our PRESS still does not understand the difference between a Documentary and Promotional material.   


Nafici's peom is evidence of betrayal

by anglophile on

betrayal of a nation by its so called thinkers. By the way, he deliberately missed to add that Tahereh Saffar-zadeh (of shab-e she'r) turned out to suck up to Khomeini!!

areyo barzan

Oh my God!

by areyo barzan on

Here we go again. The same old empty slogan “sher-ro verr”. I must admit though, I have not heard such “k**s e Sher” for such long time now.


Please mate believe me when I say no one is buying this BS any more especially not here inside Iran.

Why is this so difficult for you to face yourself in the mirror and admit your mistake?

What do you think you gain by denying your cock-up? More credibility? (heh heh heh he)?


Listen mate, at the end of the day everyone is responsible for his/her own mistake Mohammad Reza Shah was responsible for his and the history plus the current generation is holding you responsible for your cock-ups.

Now I do not know who are these phantom activists that are supposed to be in touch with you and your cult from inside Iran. My bet is that they are the remainder of the 1979 fossils whom no one else is take seriously inside Iran.

But do yourself a favour and believe you me mate, when I say this as I am writing from inside Iran and I have friends and family in every walk of life, from student to factory worker to homemaker to businessman to government worker and they all hate the guts of MKO, Communists and Jebhe Meli idiots and no one is even willing to spit on their corpses let alone following them into another cock up.


To be honest with you mate the fact that you and your like are not man enough to admit to your error apologise for it or change your way makes you another dictator in our eyes just like Khoneini, Khamane-e or if you like Shah


You my advice to you is to go back and have a long hard look at the mirrir and think hard set aside your taassob and be honest and critical of yourself. Ask yourself “Chi shod keh hamchee Shod”. Only comeback when you are ready to accept you error and then you need to let us knowhow you have changed and get us know what assurance have that the next time you will think with your head and not your ass when it comes to making critical decisions and then and only then there might be a hope for you and your like and we might give a chance and listen to your policies and proposals


Otherwise don’t even bother to reply as I would like to leave you with your imaginary supporters in Iran (ha ha ha ha)


This was not meant to be the people's show

by anglophile on

I don't understand when some complain why the people were not involved in the events. The whole spectacle was meant to show the world and their leaders the Persia's monarchical heritage otherwise the people were already "aware" of their great royal heritage - no thanks to their ultra savage qajar kings.   // 



by عموجان on

Dear red wine for millions of professional Iranian who are forced to live out side Iran and by whatever means they can afford they are trying to document their past, they did okay on this. I agree with you some of them are very bad, but I am the kind who likes to encourage people whom trying to show good side of Iranian to the world.

To me the show didn’t have any political direction except to show how the 2500 celebration came together and to my surprise I didn’t know how long ago this concept started before actual event. I know many don’t like any thing about Pahlavies including one of my very close friends, whom his background comes from Ghajars; he is still Iranian to me.


بازگشت به باغ گوته

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

Areyo jan, as arrogant as it might sound ( and my advance apologies to you, if it comes across as such), unlike you we're in daily, constant, practical contacts with the students and workers in Iran, aiding them in their struggles in any way we can: media, financial, connecting them to students' or labor organizations throughout the world,...

For all these years they know exactly who we are, and have always appreciated our assistance, and respected our solidarity with them.

As far as "the intellectuals' being responsible for shah mistakes and how shah's rule brought the Iranian society to a violent confrontation, I just reffer you to this poem by Majid Naficy. Please let me know what you think about it. Thank you,


بازگشت به باغ گوته مجید نفیسی

 اگر پسرت از تو بپرسد

  که بهترین روزِ انقلاب کدام بود

 به او چه خواهی گفت؟

 آیا بی درنگ می گویی: 22 بهمن 57؟

 روزی که همراه با مردم دروازه ی زندان اوین را گشودی


و در آشپزخانه، آبکش های بزرگ برنج را دیدی


که زندانبانان کهنه برای ناهار پالوده بودند


و زندانبانان تازه برای شام خود پختند،


و تو همراه با عزت طبائیان


به نُه توی بندها پا گذاشتی


و در بندِ سلول های انفرادی


برای چند دقیقه ی بی پایان


پشت دری خودکار، به دام افتادی


جایی که عزت سه زمستان دیگر از آن


به میدان تیر برده شد.



 شاید بگویی: 26 دی 57


روزی که شاه برای بار دوم از ایران گریخت


و شورشیانِ تندیس شکن در میدان شهر


پدر او را از اسب پایین کشیدند


و تو در تاریکی تکه ای از کلاه او را


برای یادگاری از زمین برداشتی


و به عزت که در کنارت ایستاده بود گفتی


که نمی دانی خواب می بینی یا بیداری


مانند شبی که نخستین بار عشق بازی کردید


و تو ناباورانه چشم هایت را می مالیدی.




نه! نه!


دیگر دلت برای هیچیک از آن دو روز تنگ نمی شود


زیرا زندان تازه از زندان کهنه مخوف تر است


و خودکامه ی امروز ستمکارتر از خودکامه ی دیروز.


تنها دلت برای یک شب تنگ شده


وقتی که در 22 مهر 56


در پنجمین شب از ده شب شعر


همراه با هوشنگ گلشیری زیر باران


قدم زنان به باغ گوته رفتی


تا به “آوازهای دربند” سعید سلطانپور گوش کنی


که تازه از زندان درآمده بود


و چون پلنگی زخمی می غرید.




در آن ده شب درخشان


شصت گوینده و نویسنده ی “کانون”


از چهار سوی میهن گرد آمدند


تا از زیبایی و حقیقت


با چند آوایی سخن بگویند:


عمران صلاحی شعری به زبان ترکی خواند


و طاهره صفارزاده سلام نامه ای به اسلام.


نه اولی خشم فارسی زبانان را برانگیخت


و نه دومی قهر چپ گرایان را.


هزاران هزار خواهنده ی شعر


از سراسر کشور به آنجا آمدند


تا گواهی دهند که نیاز شعر


آزادی در سخن گفتن است.




آیا در آن شبهای روشن


اسلام کاظمیه می دانست که تا دو دهه ی دیگر


در پاریس، راه هوا را بر خود خواهد بست؟


آیا مصطفی رحیمی پیش بینی می کرد


که پس از تحمل شکنجه و زندان


خود را از بام خانه پایین خواهد انداخت؟


آیا به آذین حدس می زد که پس از بازداشت


در “صدا و سیما” علیه خود شهادت خواهد داد؟


آیا سعید سلطانپور می دانست که در شب عروسی اش


دستگیر شده و سپس تیرباران خواهد شد؟


آیا سیاوش کسرائی خبر داشت که سرانجام


بی کمان در کابل … نه … در وین خواهد افسرد؟


در شب های شعر، صحبت از آزادی و برابری بود


و کسی از قانون الهی سنگسار سخن نمی گفت.


هیچکس نمی دانست که در 17 دی


درفش حسینی در قم بالا می رود


و آرام آرام به جای “مسکن” و “آزادی”


“حکومت اسلامی” شعار روز می شود.




بیا به باغ شعر گوته برگرد


دوباره زیر درختان باران خورده بنشین


و بی اعتنا به گاردی ها


که از پشت دیوارهای باغ


با بی سیم هایشان حرف می زنند


به مریم، دختر محمد قاضی گوش کن


که پیام پدر را برای تو می خواند.


دریغ که تیغه ی جراح، تارهای صوتی پدر را گسسته


ولی خوشا که گوهر سخن را از او نگرفته است.



بیا به خانه ی دانش و هنر برگرد


و تنها قلب افراد را


بیتِ ایمان بدان


بیا از باغ دلگشای گوته

به بهترین روزهای دوران انقلاب بازگرد.

شاید در این سفر

پسرت همراه تو گردد.

areyo barzan

Hooshang Jaan!

by areyo barzan on

First of all he is not my Shah. If you only had the courtesy of reading my previous articles (// ) you see that I have been far from a blind supporter.But let’s not get diverted the main issue here. Let’s not forget the so called intellectuals who were and still are not man enough to admit their error and accept the responsibility for this disaster and the current mess. I wish you people paid half the attention that you did in pointing the to errors made by the interviewee, on reflecting back upon your own cock ups and for once be man enough to admit after 32 years that you were wrong to follow Khomeini and ignore Dr Bakhtiars warning.Shah has made many mistakes. No doubt about it one only needs to read his memoirs to see his acknowledgments of those mistakes and I like everyone else hold him accountable for those mistakes but I am fair enough not to turn a blind eye to and dismiss his services However if you think Shahs mistakes will excuse your and your generations reckless actions and covers up the mess that you so called intellectual have created, you have got another thing coming mate. At the end of the day it is not me that you need to worry about pal. The fact of the matter is that in today’s Iran the majority of under30 years olds hate the guts of those who participated in the collective suicide of 1979 and destroyed their future. That is why they not only don’t even listen to your like anymore but also and referring to your generation as betrayers and bad losers, and believe  you me mate when I say that they hate the guts of MKO communists and Todeh Party, Jebhe Melli and the rest as mush as if not more than they hated mullahs. Now you try and deal with that matey 


Manoto TV Productions.

by Haleh on

Of all the Ex-pat channels that are out there, I think Manoto TV, is doing quite well with their own "home-produced" documentary productions. Here is a link for a self-produced programme by Manoto TV, which was to be a series about Pre-Islamic Iran...however it seems now as they have now taken a break, as they are producing something else for the Norooz.


The first episode was aired on the "Cyrus Day", it was intresting collaborating with the team, I hope the reamining episodes will be produced too. I think the quality of this episode bearing in mind,it had a very small budget, was amazing. I think we did quite well. ;o)



Areyo Barzan , your shah was the one who put the suck in it,

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

When he came to national TV to say he had 'heard' the voice of people's revolution,

When he published that stupid letter attacking Khomeini, single hanedly making him an overnight star

When his SAVAK was working hand in gloves with Hojatieh, undermining everyone else in Iran,


Have had enough or you need more?

These people after 32 years still can't even do a simple arithmetic (since they're so used to stealing and theiving people's monies) of adding up 60,000,000 toman plus 60,000,000. Why don't you do the math see what yopu get? Unless you are like them and still have those BAD HABITS!

Darius Kadivar

Couldn't have said it better areyo barzan Jan may I also quote

by Darius Kadivar on

another great Iranian artist's observation:


Footage of Fardin’s last Public Appearance: “Ma Dareem Har Rooz Meemeereem” (1992)


But well maybe that's what they want after all ... 

"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow.


Karesh nameesheh Kard ...


BROKEN RECORD: Woman on IRI TV “We're Only good at shouting slogans since Shah Left”


Like the French would say "Dans le Royaume des Aveugles Les Borgnes sont Rois"

aka " In a Kingdom of Blind subjects the One Eyed Jack is King" 

So no wonder we ended up with a turbaned one ! 

Khomeiny’s Hichi


Darius Kadivar

hirre Jan your Right I wish we were like Thailand indeed ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

I guess it Would have definitively benefited not Only Iran but Humanity if the Pahlavis had similarly kept some you folks home for good and Shut Silent [sic]


LESE-MAJESTY: Thailand jails US Citizen Joe Gordon for royal insult 




Instead of giving you the possibility to travel worldwide and be exposed to the democratic freedoms with governmental pension only to come back and complain on how 'opressed' a nation we were ...


COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)



But do send my warm regards to your surrogate king nevertheless  ...


ROYAL FORUM: Unauthorized Bio Tarnishes King of Sweden's Reputation With Wild Sex Allegations 


But do avoid taking the Midnight Express on your next 'vacation' tour to the 'Great" and 'Democratic' Republic of Turkey ...

 Midnight Express 1978 - Hayes Judgement

If not then Just make sure to stay awake at nights  ;0) 


areyo barzan

put a suck in it

by areyo barzan on

Dear IRI cronies, MKO zombies and communist coo coos

I am afraid to inform you that after 30 years unfortunately it seems you do not still know any thing bout the Iran that was in those days.
You are talking about showing this in TV as if every Iranian house had a TV in it. May I let you know that in those days less that one in ten home had a TV and that was not because they could not afford one, but because it was declared as Haraam by mullahs in those days. I remember that when our relatives came to our house they were refusing to sit in the same room where there was a TV, even if it was off. Because they sincerely believed that they would commit a sin by doing so.
Furthermore those who participated in 1979 mayhem did not know sh**t about the country its problems and how far it has come. You are talking about these idiots as if this was the French revolution.. Just remember pal, I was there when it was all happening. Those who participated and poured into the street either did it for $10 per day on oil money or because they wanted to go to heaven and serve with Imam Husain. But they did not know the first thing about this country, its problems or even their own history, far or near.
As far as the people’s life standard, countries economy, infra structure development and governance was concerned I can assure you as I was there, it was the best time for the past 100 years at least.
Of course it was not like Europe or U.S and we are not foolish enough to make that comparison any way as again a logical and sane person need to see where we started from and how far we came in such short period. Was it enough? By no mean. Was it perfect? Far from it. Did hi make mistakes? You can bet you bottom dollar.
But the most unforgivable mistakes was committed by those who decided to follow Khomeini without knowing who he was, what he was standing for or even listening to what he was saying. And in case you or anybody else are trying to deny that responsibility or push it of your shoulders I must warn you mate that you have another thing coming.
After 30 years of this BS I am so sick and tired of reading the same empty slogan by the same arrogant uninformed crowd. I have had enough of the arrogant individuals who are still refusing to accept their responsibility for the current mess

Those who participated in the mayhem of 1979 were a noting but a group of idiots who knew and cared about a bunch of Arabs and their idols (Allah) more than they ever did about their whole history and identity or knew more about “Asbe Hazrat e Abbas” than they did about the economy and the state country’s affairs. So my friend, please keep your pretences, your uninformed prejudice and erroneous comments for your American bimboo of friends who do not know enough about you and your like.

It is so frustrating to see that even today after 32 years of BS after they destroyed everything these so called “roosh ann Fekraan” are still full of it with their stupid comments and arrogant behaviour.
Just reading through these comments one can see the idiocy of those who protest the restoration of Persian calendar because deep down they see themselves more as Arabs than Iranians. Reading the comments of those who have no problem with their Iranian sisters (“naamoos”) being auctioned in Dubai, have no problem with their own stupid fatal mistake of 1979 when they followed one Khomeini to hell, who refuse to remember how stupendously they ignored the warning of one Shahpour Bakhtiar and instead foolishly dreamed of the socialist Islamist Soviet republic of Iran, and still are pretending to be a “Roosh ann fekr” asking why no one asked for their comments on this film. As if they have not already done enough damage

But I have news for you. Today the young people in Iran hate your guts more than they ever hated Mullahs (and they hate mullahs a lot)
They hold you responsible for the disaster of 1979 and what followed, even for the crimes committed by the murderer mullahs today

You please mates do yourselves a favour and put a suck in it


I wish

by hirre on

I wish the shah had the brains and included a part of the ~30 million iranians in the actual ceremony and not through TV... One wonders how the mind of a megalomaniac really works... The reason the shah didn't include any masses was because he was against iranian people (through his actions) and knew that if thousands of iranians would gather, the people would focus on the current problems and crash the party... Now, when you have this knowledge, why do you even throw a party if the main guests are to be excluded...

Finally if the maniac would have any brains he would not become a dictator, but instead embrace the military role of Khamenei and let a free parlament rule. If any party in the parlament would try to overthrow another, he would step in... And voila, after ~30 years we would be in Turkeys position but with the benefit of an even stronger economy and the crazy now constitutional monarchists would also be happy... But no, he had to join the western paranoid game and chase a bunch of low-life communists on USSR's payroll...

...and yes Reza Shah, his father, was right about him, he would not become a good strong king when times call, as proven...

Khak to saresh & IR that I have to travel to turkey or thailand or any other country when I want to go on a vacation and not to my own home country...

"Stupid is what stupid does..."


کوروش آسوده بخواب،


کوروش آسوده بخواب، که سربازان گمنام امام بیدارند ۲۴ ساعت در

Siamack Baniameri


by Siamack Baniameri on

کورش آسوده بخواب هچ خبری نیست.


Thanks for sharing

by omeedvar on

I watched it on TV, and this video brought back old memories. A friend of mine, who was there at the time, told me that she was among a group of collage students, who were selected to help the foreign gests and heads of states, as hostess. On the second day, one of the supervisors called her to his office, gave her a memorial gold coin special for the occasion, and tried to be cozy with her.

She ran out of the room, and reported him to the authorities. Within a few hours, the guy was dismissed, and sent back to Tehran. 


Thanks for sharing

by omeedvar on

I watched it on TV, and this video brought back old memories. A friend of mine, who was there at the time, told me that she was among a group of collage students, who were selected to help the foreign gests and heads of states, as hostess. On the second day, one of the supervisors called her to his office, gave her a memorial gold coin special for the occasion, and tried to be cozy with her.

She ran out of the room, and reported him to the authorities. Within a few hours, the guy was dismissed, and sent back to Tehran. 


Why they were all a bunch of theives and still are

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

@ 15:00 the  person mentions how they asked two different groups to each donate 60,000,000 Tomans, yet when headds up the two sum he comes up with 110,000,000 Tomans; what happened to the other 10,000,000.

After that he adds another 60,000,000 Tomans from another rsource, but he puts the total amount under 150,000,000!!!

Even after 32 years they still have a hard time just honestly adding up the numbers. Somethings never change.

Tarke Adat Mojeb Maraz Ast.