The New World Order

Young people cleaning up corrupt, arrogant and wasteful autocracies


The New World Order
by Ardeshir Ommani

Following 18 days of a dramatic show of resolve of the mass movement of the people of Egypt and the foxy maneuver of the US-allied and torture-friendly regime of Hosni Mubarak, the outcome was not only the downfall of a Middle Eastern autocratic regime but also a strategic defeat for a long-term model of building U.S. hegemony through installing heavily armed dependent dictatorships.

The thirst for liberty, social justice, and self-determination felt by the people of Tunisia and nurtured with resolution, creativity and the blood of the country's youth was well-grasped by their Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters in the land of Gamel Adul Nasser and in Yemen, Jordan, Morocco and Bahrain.

Hence no national or ethnic authority or grouping can claim that the Muslim nations under the influence of their religious school of ideas have forever lost their ability to conquer the zenith of social order and harness the power of science, technology and social dynamism. 

The Arab and Muslim nations in a short span of time, less than a month proved that for self-governance and real democracy – and not just corporate money-dictated elections – they have no need for a bully like George W. Bush at the head of a group of militarists from Texas and Zionist thieves from Brooklyn, New York to come down seven thousand miles to force the sword of "democracy and civility" down their throat, using bullets, depleted uranium, bombs, drones and the terrorists of Black Water Xe.  After all, the Muslims, including Iranians, have had much longer civilizations than such individuals like arrogant Donald Rumsfeld, phony Hillary Clinton and immoral Tony Blair can claim to. But even now, after all the valiant struggles waged by the peoples in North Africa and the Middle East, nothing prevented the United States' establishments, official spokespersons or the private corporate media reporters from ignoring the on-going and recent protests of the people of Iraq.  Furthermore, for the purpose of hiding the empire's existential defeat, they inflate the setbacks or shortcomings of such governments as Libya, Syria and Iran.    

Campaign to Liberate Iraq

On February 19th, hundreds of protestors inspired by the uprising across the Arab world marched on the streets of the city of Sulaimaniya in northern Iraq when they began calling for eradication of corruption in the state apparatus and approached the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party where clashes two days earlier had killed two people and injured dozens, the state security forces began firing in the air. Even so, the "hospitals in Sulaimaniya received 48 wounded people, including 19 police and security forces," said a health official who did not reveal his identity.  He added, "There are 11 people wounded by gunshots."

To expedite the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, the protestors organizing mass rallies for Friday said they plan to make sure the challenge would remain peaceful but added that Baghdad's Green Zone would remain a target as long as the U.S. forces occupy the country.  In the country that has been ravaged by eight years of war,  occupation, plunder, mass murder, destruction and torture, protestors, following their brothers and sisters across the Muslim and Arab world, burst asunder in Baghdad, Kut, Kirkuk, Ramadi and ten other cities and towns to defy the U.S. imperialist order. Around the globe the peace movement now more than ever in conjunction with the current militant labor movement should declare their solidarity with the people of Iraq.  It is truly an irony to hear that those in the White House and the State Department whose regular profession has been to plan the killing of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by the hour, these days using the chaotic world situation, put on the mask of defense of "non-violence" and "human rights" to hijack the struggle of the people for social equality, the right to organize their own labor unions, political parties and honest elections.

U.S. Tries to Derail Liberation Struggles

It is needless to say that historical developments such as the ones in progress in North Africa and on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain and possibly frightened Saudi Arabia occur once in a century.  Its final outcome sets the ground for the destiny of those nations for decades to come.  The gravest blunder at this juncture for the progressive forces in the U.S. would be to take and act upon such positions that would result in creating chaos, helping the pro-imperialist forces in the region, parceling the countries involved into smaller real estate properties of the western hotels and construction corporations and ultimately prolonging the deteriorating life of the imperialist system.  Through a series of actions around the U.S., the social justice movement should be able to break the criminal silence of Washington’s media.

While the U.S. mainstream media toe-to-toe follows the formulated guidelines of the White House and the Department of State for undermining the legitimacy of a number of independent states in the Middle East, including Iran, Syria and Lebanon, when it comes to Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, it chooses to remain silent.  In Sulaimaniya where a local television station decided to broadcast the protests and the news of the violence routinely practiced by the homeland security forces, hired gunmen raided the station and set it on fire.  Simultaneously, similar rallies took place in Falluja and other towns and neighborhoods.  While for months the U.S. media practically had censored to death the vital news from the war zones, where the real crimes in wide dimensions are taking place every day, nowadays, the least significant news assembled together even in neighboring countries are dished out to the American public as a sign of U.S. desire for appreciating free development of human potentials.  On the contrary, the U.S. is scrambling to hijack the struggles for independence and re-direct them towards regeneration of center-periphery world relations.

But the U.S. Empire and its allies are not the only force that tends to take advantage of the situation in North Africa.  Among the peace and social democratic groups, one can find entities that lump together the countries that have been so far client states with those that are still engaged in the struggle for independence.  This political tendency creates the potentials that the U.S. imperial power can use to achieve its objectives – continued domination over the oil-rich region.  To unsophisticated Americans, these groups appear as humanitarian universalists who wish everyone well.  But in fact, deliberately or unconsciously, they further the U.S. objectives of domination by other means.

Which Class Would the New Order Serve?

The criterion for differentiating between different sets of countries must be the socio-economic conditions of each working class within the social structure, regardless of the subjective and metaphysical ideas in the minds of the broad masses or their leaders.  The second criterion is the position of the country with regards to the mode of production and the corresponding social relations within the world matrix.  A total and extreme dependency of a developing country on world monopoly capitalist and hegemonic countries would sink the popular masses, the working class and agricultural workers into socio-economic crisis, including poverty, debts, disease-stricken work force, drug addition, wars, hunger and homelessness.  The ultimate outcome of such configuration would be a society in total crisis. 

The widespread revolution across the Arab world is a historical necessity within the world scale and also is a reaction of the most oppressed classes in relation to neo-liberal economic policies dictated by the financial arms of the U.S., the International Monetary Fund (IMF), G7, G20, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Bank.  The war imposed by the U.S. militarist and Jingo-Zionist on the peoples of Iraq and Palestine caused consternation and humiliation for the people of the Muslim world.  The reaction of the masses of people is to overthrow and downsize the weak, irresponsible, parasitic and pathetic ruling classes who have become the main link for imperialist exploitation and semi-colonial mode of operandi.

The young people of the Muslim countries have embarked on a process of cleaning up the corrupt, arrogant and wasteful autocracies.

Thirdly, the exploited masses around the world are witness to the moribund nature of monopoly capitalist economy, decadence of its social relations and addiction to war and destruction.  For all the above reasons the youth in the oil-rich region of the world has grasped the responsibility of sweeping the old world into a dustbin.

Ardeshir Ommani is an Iranian-born writer, political economist and president of the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) in the USA. He can be reached at:


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Mr ommani you are part of autocracie

by rain bow movment on

Mr ommani when Iranian people having peacfull demonstration 2 years ago against your beloved murderous regim,you called them (borjuva).

such a short memory,we know western imperialism better than you.

western imerialism just robe you form all your possession and then they pay you to work for them next to nothing just servive and come back tomarrow to work for them.

eastern iperialism in other hand they robe you,tortuer you rape you put spay on you 24/7 and force you to acknowledg that  they did you a faver and memorize their doctrine.



First, fix your map.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

1) shift the flame from Bushehr to Iraq. (Nuke Rods were  moved in quite a rush out of the recator back to russia to prevent another chernobyl style f*** up, also there has been major uprising by Iraqis, shia, sunni and kurd, against the corrupt al maliki)

2) include china. there are talks of a "jasmine Revolution" over there :)

3) the Kurdish areas of turkey, most southern regions of russia have been aflame for years.

then watch the space  for Greece, Italy......

 Old Karl must be shaking with laughter in his grave, thinking "I told you didnt I"?? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Khebedin

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Would someone please tell me what it means? Also, please don't remove this post it is not an attack. People asked me what VPK meant and I told them; now I want to know what does Khebedin mean.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mr Ommani

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


As you see no one is falling for your "anti" imperialist stuff any more. This was tried long ago and we have been vaccinated against it now. The only people supporting you are the usual IRI supporters. Not one new "convert" do you have.

The left wing anti American stuff was good for the 60s. It has run its course and is not selling anymore. Maybe because the main sponsor Soviet Union fell and took the basic infrastructure with it. Of course the experience of East Europe, IR and many others are also helpful. With those people see beyond the "black and white": America bad; line. I have lived in America for over 30 years. I have been treated basically well; given the opportunity to live in safety and be respected. I just do not hate America no matter what you say.Sir if America is so bad why don't you move? No one is keeping you here against your will. Why not try living in the IR for a while. Try speaking out against the government there and we see what happens. 

Regarding your association with IR. Other people have brought it up. I suggest you respond clearly to the question. What is your association with IR. Do you defend their actions. And if you do please tell us why do you support a brutal Islamist regime.

Freemasons Exposed

Ommani is right on the money

by Freemasons Exposed on

I just like to remind the people that it is easy to critises a person from the fence when all of the information is not in hand.

Just because a person reveals the hypocrocy of the western system it does not make him/her an IRI goon. I'd go as far as saying the IRI system was essentially funded, supported & promoted by the ruling ellite in the US and Brittain, please check the history of the last two years of the shah including the interview with a NBC network where shah bluntly stated that the zionist lobby is contolling the total situation including media and were so over zealous that i quote " working against the intrest of the jewish people in Israel".

this statement essentially was the last nail in the coffin of the pahlavi dynesty.

when ever you want to predict the future you must look at the past

Mash Ghasem

New World Oder, A.O. & Kebedin

by Mash Ghasem on

Fred starts the readers comments by mentioning : "  this author is on the record, both written and on video, defending the Islamist Rapists who oppress Iranians...", what Fred forgets to add is  A.O.'s call for execution of all opponents of I.R. Such acts are considered HATE CRIMES and punishable by International and U.S. laws. As mentioned previously such case has begun in this instance.

Per Kebedin, as Prof. Feree would say : " KH bedeh."


Double standard

by Khebedin on

Dear Fred I think you are being rather hush on Mr Ommani. I totally agree with you on having problems in Iran. And as I also have indicated in my earlier notes on this article, I also agree on the corruption we have in Iran. But let us be fair and accept that the type of problem we have is not as a result of the Iranian government being puppet of other government, but a problem of individual as well as a government, but an independent government. Hence our way of dealing with the problem in Iran is not one like that in the countries where the rulers are appointed by outside powers. Our problem needs to be resolved by only Iranians and without and rioting or destructions. We have had that once and that is enough. I like Mr Ommani’s article and admire him for his love for Iran, but I hope we all sit down and think of a practical peaceful solution to our problems. Insulting and destructive criticism of  the government is not of any help


The New World Order

by Khebedin on

Thank you Mr Ommrani. I like your article and its content and the thoughts behind it. It is good to see that there are people in this website who can write more than just a couple of lines insulting the regime rather than being reasonable and constructive. I totally agree with what you say, but let us not forget the corruption we also have in Iran. It is this bad management and the very corruption which has made Tehran totally unliveable, polluted in many ways. Tehran never had the ability to sustain so many people . Tehran’s green sone was very much respected during the last regime and the very corrupt Karbaschi turned this beautiful city to a city very much like Hell.


Holy Jesus

by Doctor mohandes on

Mr. Ommani

Please consider having your essays editted  before having them Published.:)))



this ommani

by shushtari on

character is another paid mouthpiece for the akhoonds....

I always know what to expect from his 'blogs'

just more pathetic attempts at defending the mullahs and demonizing the west.....keep cashing the checks ommani....make sure to save up for your life in syria LOL 



by zuruz on

All the Arab dictators must go to hell as soon as possible. No mercy for these greedy blood suckers monsters. The United Nations must block their zillions of dollars banks accounts and global investments and trillions of hard currency, tons of gold& jewelry& diamonds are hidden inside the walls of their huge palaces just like Sadam, Bin Ali, Mubarak had done so far. In the future world will witness the same scenarios perhaps extremely larger amounts be revealed from Libya Gaddafi, Saudi king Abdullah and his royal family, United Arab Emirate Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan & family, Bahraini king Khalifa, Qatari Sheik Ahmad, Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah, Yemeni Ali Abdullah Saleh and more to come.  The tsunami of Arabs revolutions& changes from dictatorship to freedom &democracy topples the cruel dictators around the Persian Gulf, Middle East, Africa and many nations worldwide. These cruel dictators and their family have been stealing wealth & heritage from their nations and their hungry, oppressed and angry people for decades of dictatorship of these kings, Sheiks and rulers. They had vigorously abused their nation’s treasures; wealth, revenue and possessed them as their own inherited family assets. These dictators murdered, tortured, injured, rapped, oppressed, discriminated against, and imprisoned and slaved millions of their innocent citizens for decades as they wished. These kings, Sheiks and rulers were never elected by their own people to start with. Their people never experienced referendums and elections in their lifetime & generations. The game is over now for these dictators and they must pay for it now. The United Nations must assist in returning all their illegal assets & investments worldwide as quickly as possible back to their people and get the International Court of Justice ready to prosecute and hang these kings and Sheiks and blood thirsty rulers and their families for crimes against humanity. The sooner the better!



by afshinazad on

Is this guy is another Islamic mouthpiece and he think Mubarak just left the country because of peoples movement, or Tunisia just government changed because of people, how come didn't happened in Iran and how come we cannot do the same thing like others did, or best example of our change is 1979 and let's see who was the main factor of the change. Any change in our region is planned and people have not much to do with that, only we share part of the change and we help for faster change.Islam is used to brainwash our people to be better and obedient slave and rulers could do anything to us under name of religion and western powers could milk us till we dry.Turkey is the country with Islamic party which with using Islam in their party title to get the people to vote for them, but this goes beyond only getting votes and future is not great for turkey if it follows the same path and thanks to IRI and British, this Islamic party in turkey is getting more stronger and plan to create ottoman era again and this approves that Turkes after century still they are stupid.If in Iran we could have a regime change I would say there was no American or British involved in that change in some extend and so far my view is dark about our future and there would be no change in Iran, not because nation doesn't want it because the regime has all the backing of west, even if they support Iranian for regime change we will have another Islamic regime only with no cabbage head and peoples like Mousavi and cabbage head as a Islamic king.


Artificial Intelligence

You are a hypocrite Ardeshir

by Artificial Intelligence on

Keep on writing this garbage. It will only strengthen the opposition against the dirty mullahs. You are only reminding the young Iranians that they to will achieve freedom from the tyrannys you support in the name of anti imperialism.


Yes, young people everywhere want free election

by aynak on

They want jobs.   They want accountable government.

Iran included.

May we all have good dreams.


Just checked Mr. Ommani's website

by Reality-Bites on


I have to say, it looks, feels, reads just like the IRI mouthpiece, PressTV. In fact, that is probably what it is: an IRI mouthpiece (whether officially sanctioned or not).

And this article smacks of the typical shameless hypocricy and double standards of IRI and its supporters in apparently voicing their support for the popular anti-regime protests in Libya, Egypt, Tunis, Bahrain etc, while denying the Iranian people the same right of protest.


Double standard

by Fred on

Since this author is on the record, both written and on video, defending the Islamist Rapists who oppress Iranians yearning for freedom, would he mind try to explain his obvious desire for democracy and freedom for the Arab nations he mentions in this write up, and his adamant denying of the same to the Iranian people?

This double standard becomes even more puzzling since this person claims Iranian descent.