Jafar Kazemi. & Mohammad Ali Hajaghaei

Two activists held in post-vote demos hanged

AFP --  Iran on Monday reportedly carried out the first executions of activists detained in street protests after the disputed 2009 presidential poll, hanging two men it said were from an outlawed group. The executions of two activists from the Iranian exiled opposition group, People's Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI) came despite a plea by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that they be freed. The Tehran prosecutor's office named the executed pair as Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Hajaghaei. It did not say where they were hanged. "Two elements of the Monafeghin (hypocrites) group named Jafar Kazemi... and Mohammad Ali Hajaghaei ... were executed early today," the prosecutor's office said on its website, referring to PMOI, which once ran an armed group in Iran >>>


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by Mehdi on

I appreciate the suggestions. but please note that I said "practical" suggestion. By that I meant suggestions that could actually be put into effect. What do you think would happen if the Supreme Leader today announced what you have suggested here? My bet is that he would have the same fate as the "moderates." He would probably have the same fate as Mousavi, etc. The reason you come up with such suggestions is probably because you consider the power of the Supreme Leader to be absolute. This is what most people here advertise and claim. They consider that the "regime" has absolute power. This is actually not true at all. If you study a little you will see that even Khomeini did NOT have absolute power - despite what the Israeli lovers claim on this site. In fact Khomeini attempted reform at least at one point and his voice was immediately muffled by "mysterious" powers. I don't know if you are familiar with the "Farman-e 8 Maddeh-iee" that he declared. If you watch his TV speech and research it, you will see that it started as something and was immediately turned into something else by "mysterious" forces that were evidently FAR beyond Khomeini's power! You can also see "other influences" when he announced that he would "drink the hemlock." Does that mean anything other than some unknown force has muffled my voice? Now, I am not trying to portray Khomeini as a hero or anything, or justify his actions. But I want to make the point that he DID NOT have absolute power. In fact it can be said that he had no REAL power when it came to IMPORTANT decisions! I know, this is a WILD claim. But there is more than enough evidence for it if one is impartial enough to look at facts and not opinions.

So the overall point here, I am trying to make, is that an antagonistic person does not see the world as it is. To the level of antagonism or hate, he is actually hallucinating and sees a world that is not actually there. It is a "modified" version of what is actually there. The antagonistic person has conveniently hidden certain facts and exaggerated certain other facts in order to justify his desire for destruction. He has hidden it all very well under the sympathy-attracting veil of being an "innocent victim." Nobody is THAT innocent! Not even me! :) 

If you keep on correcting your suggestions until they are actually practical, you will be relieved to realize that there is no need for violence or extreme actions. One can easily bring about positive change in almost ANY environment. But you have to be VERY honest with YOURSELF!

Babak K.

اقایان میر حسین

Babak K.

اقایان میر حسین موسوی و کروبی در مقابل اعدام ها سکوت نکنید! نوشته‌شده در | 2 دیدگاه

اقای موسوی و کروبی که می فرمایید از اعدام هزاران جوان بیگناه در سال ۶۷ بی خبر بودید. ایا از اعدام زندانیان سیاسی امروز نیز بی خبر هستید؟ فراموش نکنید شهیدان اقایی و کاظمی جزوی از جنبش سبز بودند و در تظاهرات جنبش سبز دستگیر شده اند جنبش سبز و طرفداران ان از شما می خواهد که با نگاهی فرا جناحی این اقدام را محکوم کنید تا نه تنها اشتباه خود در سال ۶۷ جبران کنید بلکه مشت محکمی در دهن اقتدار گراها بزنید که متوجه بشوند که موج تهدیدها و سرکوب ها نمی تواند شما را از پاسداری از حقوق انسانی دل سرد کند. امروز در برابر این اعدام نه تنها اقایان موسوی و کروبی و خاتمی نباید سکوت کنند بلکه تمام مسولین نظام چه به دلیل همکاری در این جنایت و چه با سکوتشان مقصر هستند. به شما نصیحت می شود همانند مرجع عالیقدر ایت الله منتظری با مخالفت با موج اعدام ها خود را از این ننگ خارج کنید و در دل مردم وارد شوید.


@PArvis: your logic continues to amaze me

by Bavafa on

I believe you are the first Iranian that I have heard such non sense from

I think your information and logic is so far off from mine that I can't even see where to begin to close the gap.

Here is what you like me to believe and you think my information is based on regime propaganda, right?

"Mojahedin, in their thousands, were amongst the first volunteers to rush to the front line in order to defend the country against Saddam's aggression"

So what happened, did they get confused and switched sides?

Just a bit of information for you regarding my propaganda…. I served 21 months from the very beginning of the war and was there when Khoramshahr was freed. During that time, I saw many different faction of people, young and old civilian coming to help as well as army but no one had seen or heard of any body as MEK. Those who had seen them, must have been on the other side of the battle, since they were on the other side.

And While we think that Iran had recaptured all Iranian land… my younger brother served 11 months in the Western front which parts of it was still occupied by Iraq and he was injured there.

This bit of information is not meant to be in defense of murderous IRI, but to set the facts right at least how I saw and still see it.



@ Agha Mehdi:

by Bavafa on

If we were to go by your wisdom, "Even evil people can be talked to and their mind can change"

The fact that IRI does not try to change them and only resort to murdering them, goes to show that they are evil and not reform able.

"have asked people here to say what they would do if they were the Supreme Leader of Iran"

I don't want to answer for any one, but could guess that no one sees themselves as so arrogant and supreme, that is why they could not answer. I am not looking for a supreme leader, I wish for a great and wise leader who recognizes the best path for his/her people and puts his/her people first.

"If you think about it, you will see, revolutionaries are crazy"

By this account, the supreme leader I & II both are super crazy since they were the organizer of the past revolution.



Dear Parviz:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

First Ignore the paid agent(s) of islamist regime on this site (not sure about singular or plural as user ID's are for free on this site!), let these islamist lap poodles do their keyboard  howlings , from their hiding holes in london, toronto or LA! their frustration is quite obvious, yet telling!

2nd and most important. I really enjoyed reading your long and nicely written comment on this blog with repect to MKO. It was very informative . It deserved a blog of it's own. Looking forward to hearing and reading more from you my friend. Please Just focus on writing and informing and ignore the etelaati agents!

Stop Executions in Iran now!

Free ALL political prisoners in Iran now!

Down with the fascist islamist regime!


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

interesting comments by mehdi. even though they seem to disagree with each other, i agree with both mehdi and mehrdad in this case.

mehdi's point about positive change versus antagonistic acitvism is very true. you can see crazy activists in most societies. they cannot be taken that seriously. this includes the vast majority of revolutionaries.

on the other hand, political activism is a basic human right, especially when non-violent. but even the most misguided ones should not be executed.

capital punishment is a mistake.

the worst response to terror is terror.

and those who are so into 'condemning' this or that like a regular act of religious piety should remember that the most terror and executions are committed by usa and iran together with china. this makes iranian-americans among the biggest offenders!



by PArviz on

Did you know these two? Did you know their history? Do you know the crimes (if any) for which they were executed? Or are your comments and conclusion based entirely on the explanation given by the murderous Akhundi regime?

I have one conclusion of my own too: based on your comment, you and the criminals in Tehran are the only animals and bastards I can see in this story. It is because of animals like you that the barbaric regime dares commit the crimes it does and sees no need to answer to anyone.

Go and drop dead you filthy regime sympathizer!

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Very interesting commet. As for the Iraqis offering to negotiate a ceasefire, it came much earlier than '82. Former Iranian President Banisadr has also said that it came in the first six months of the war. When asked why IR did not accept the offer which included up to sixty billion dollars in war reparations, supporters of the regime would say Saddam couldn't be trusted to leave Iranian territories. This is a lame excuse knowing, as you have said, the regime was not interested in a ceasefire. Even after June 1982 when all Iranian territories were liberated, they rejected the UN brokered ceasefire. When MKO forces attacked Iran, the Iranian regime had already agreed to a ceasefire. MKO's attack lasted 3 days, from July 26, 1988 to July 29 1988 and they withdrew their forces when Saddam's regime stopped it's arial support. The number of casualties has been exaggerated on both sides.


The Bloody Monafeghin

by Khebedin on

These two bastards, and those who were paid by Sadam and supported Sadam, must have been executed 10 yeas ago. IRI made a big mistake forgiving them. They are unforgivable. I have spoken to mamy many Iranians, and almost everyone hates these animals.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I live in the USA most of the past 32 years. I did not get any IR propaganda. I saw how MKO supported Saddam. I saw how they sold Iran. I saw how they killed the Iranian soliders. 

This is not popaganda; it is reality. If you do not believe me go dig up some historical fact: they are there. Mehdrdad is right. MKO is another Islamist dictatorship and I will never stand for it.

We all need to thank Mehrdad and others who fought for Iran. If it were not for them Iran would be a puppet of Saddam now. Thank God MKO is nothing but a "would have been"; thank God.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mehdi II

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I think anybody who goes and stands against any government in an antagonistic way - meaning "essentially" wants the toppling of regime and has made up his mind about it, is effectively crazy.

So you say the fathers of American system were crazy. Those who stood up against communism in Russia  were crazy. Those who stood up against Hitler were crazy. I see your point of view and disagree.

By the way that means Khomeini was crazy. He went against the Shah. That part  I do agree with. He was crazy. But others like JM were not crazy just deluded.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I have asked people here to say what they would do if they were the
Supreme Leader of Iran. Not one person could come up with anything

Here are some practical steps:

  • I would put an immediate ban on executions.
  • I abolish the guardian concill temporarily.
  • I would hold real democratic elections and no one will be disqualified. Let anyone who is over age of 18 and Iranian citizen run. Regardless of religion or gender.
  • I would ask the new parliment to write propose a new secular constitution that will replace Sharia with civil law; formally abolish the guardian council and the office of VF. They may come up with several options: presidential; parlimentary and constitutional monarchy.
  • I would  put the consitution up for vote and put my own support behind it. One of the options will pass.
  • I would then hold new elections based on the new constutuion; then step down and hand power to the new system whether it be president or prime minister.



@Bavafa (2)

by PArviz on

Since your knowledge of Mojahedin seems to rely solely on the propaganda generated by the Iranian regime, a few things about the Iran-Iraq war and Mojahedin's role should be pointed out to you:

- Saddam started the war after numerous skirmishes at the borders between the armies of both countries and the threat by Khomeini to topple Saddam and establish Islamic Republic in Iraq. This of course does not justify Saddam's actions but in a real world to every action there is a reaction (albeit crazy and stupid)

- Mojahedin, in their thousands, were amongst the first volunteers to rush to the front line in order to defend the country against Saddam's aggression

- After the liberation of Khoramshahr, and retreat of Iraqi forces from almost the entire occupied territories, Saddam offered to stop the war and enter into negotiations. At that time the entire world would have been on Iran's side but Khomeini, one of the biggest criminals in our country's history, had other ideas. He called the war "a blessing from heavens" and vowed to continue the war until the liberation of Jerusalem. This was in a sense very ironic since they bought a lot of their weapons from Israel. Khomeini was facing a lot of internal problems and unrest and war was a very good excuse to deny people their rights, imprison them, torture them and kill them in the name of defending Islam (= Khomeini’s regime). So he was not ready to stop the war and as a result hundreds of thousands of mostly young people were sent to their death in a senseless and futile war that only Khomeini wanted.

-  If you are familiar with the journals and the events of the Iran-Iraq war (which I doubt very much) you would know that after Iraq was forced back from Iranian territories in June 1982, It was solely the Iranian regime who so stubbornly organized large scale attacks with disastrous results. During the next 6 years Iranian regime sent hundreds of thousands to their death using First World War tactics of human waves. The Iraqis were always informed well in advance of Iranian intentions by their western allies and were waiting for the Iranian human waves, well prepared.

- In the meantime the regime had jailed or killed a great majority of the opposition including Mojahedin and they mainly operated in the Kurdistan area and after a while they were forced to retreat to the Iraqi Kurdistan. The leadership of Mojahedin had fled the country and gone to Paris. They tried to lead the movement from Paris which was simply ridiculous since the regime monitored all of their calls to their cells inside Iran and many were arrested, tortured and executed. Mojahedin spent the next few years until 1985 in Iraqi Kurdistan and apart from a few small operations achieved nothing significant military wise.

- Mojahedin, in order to show peace is possible and it is only Khomeini who refuses to stop the war, started peace negotiations with the Iraqi regime and signed a peace treaty in 1983.

- In 1985, Rajavi was “expelled” from France since that was the biggest obstacle between Iran-France relationships. Rajavi had nowhere to go but Iraq.  Of course Mojahedin called this episode as a great victory against the Iranian regime and Rajavi’s flight from Paris to Baghdad was dubbed as “heroic”. In Mojahedin’s eyes whatever Rajavi did was either historical or heroic.

- After Rajavi’s relocation to Iraq, Mojahedin revised their tactics and as a result the National Liberation Army of Iran was founded. This army was mainly equipped by Iraqi weapons.  In the beginning they attacked small Iranian bases along the border and while these had no significant military value, they politically challenged the Iranian regime. With time these attacks got bigger in their scale and involved thousands of soldiers. Their operations got bigger and they managed to capture small towns, mainly abandoned by their occupants, and take hundreds of prisoners. Most of these prisoners later joined their ranks and fought against the regime. Some even claim that these military operations alarmed Khomeini to the danger they possessed and as a result he drank from the chalice of poison and accepted the ceasefire, since there were no other changes in the Iran-Iraq power balance.

- After the first US-Iraqi war and the mayhem that ensued in Iraq, Iranian regime decided to take advantage of this situation and as a result helped the Shia in the south to rebel against Saddam and also organized an attack by Iraqi Kurds lead by Pasdars against the Mojahedin in order to destroy them once and for all. The Mojahedin managed to repel this attack on Camp Ashraf and in the process killed many of the attackers. Because of this some Iraqis (amongst them president and prime minister of Iraq who for years where offered shelter in Iran by the Iranian regime and are simply Tehran’s puppets) on the orders of their masters in Tehran accuse the Mojahedin of helping Iraqis quell the uprising and taking part in killing Iraqis.

Since the Iraqis did not attack Iranian territory after their retreat in 1982, it is very unfair and ignorant to claim that Mojahedin fought alongside Iraqi forces and is not simply true. When attacking Iranian bases they surely received artillery or other material support from Iraqis but they never fought alongside Iraqis in order to capture Iranian territory or repel Iranian attacks. The Iranian regime ran a great propaganda war against the Mojahedin and most of the things they claimed were simply not true and were designed to create an atmosphere of mistrust amongst the Iranian people and Mojahedin. Mojahedin on the other hand, being forced away from the midst of their people, had become delusional and dreamt of a grandeur which was never befitting their ideology or leadership.

All of the text above was to shed some light on the nature of Mojahedin involvement in Iraq. You can choose to ignore all of it or do some research and come to the conclusion that the events mentioned here are in fact true.

On one thing I agree with you: as you put it “Mojahedin are yet another Islamist & dictatorship”. Mojahedin at their most successful implementation of their ideology can set up a regime like Ceausescu had in Romania. They too advocate a form of “Velayat Vaghih” with Rajavi at the top. Their Islamic ideology makes them irrelevant to Iran’s future. Mojahedin’s leadership has lost contact with the real world but most of their supporters are amongst the most honest and dedicated people I know.

By the sacrfice of so many brave soles (amongst them Mojahedin) nowadays true nature of Khomeini's regime and it's successors are exposed and majority of the Iranian people are well aware of this regime's barbaric and inhuman tendencies. Anybody who questions the dignity of these heros is nothing but a traitor and needs to be jailed and rehabilated.  

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


@ Bavafa

by Mehdi on

I think anybody who goes and stands against any government in an antagonistic way - meaning "essentially" wants the toppling of regime and has made up his mind about it, is effectively crazy. He may be very crazy like the MEK or less severe. I say this because I find that it is ALWAYS possible to make positive change without being antagonistic. When people fail, they simply decide that the other side (regime) is evil. This is not necessarily true. Besides, even if there were some truth to that, one has to ask what that means? Even evil people can be talked to and their mind can change. NOBODY is "pure" evil. There is simply no such a thing. Even Hitler was in his core a human being. Not everybody can be reached easily. It is not necessary to be nice to everyone. But majority of people in a government will listen to reason and if you show them a PRACTICAL way out, they will take it. The issue is that these "activists" usually live in a dream world and their "solutions" has NO connection to reality. For example, I have asked people here to say what they would do if they were the Supreme Leader of Iran. Not one person could come up with anything PRACTICAL. Yet they think that they know it all. They usually are under the delusion that "people" are good and "governments" are bad. Things are never that black-and-white. Governments are made of people. There is never that much distance. If you think about it, you will see, revolutionaries are crazy. Milder versions of revolutionaries are a little crazy. Those who are not crazy, are already making positive changes right this minute. It is possible.


True about IRI killing people in west.

by AlexInFlorida on

So far they have killed hundreds across uk,france and germanythat were politically active against them.

If alireza was killed by them it was with US knowledge and consent, he was certainly not depressed in the last few years from accounts of people that knew him.

So our leader will need great body guards and monetary funds to hire them for sure.



by shushtari on

we need an iran-loving patriot with cojones of steel, like reza shah....or amir kabir....

to come and solidify the support of the people, and exterminate these vultures....

that's what's missing......I don't know much about alireza pahlavi, but I firmly believe that he was assassinated by the mullahs.....

these animals are very very dangerous....they have spies all over the place.....california, new york, everywhere....

but when the bucket hits the fan, they will all get a shave and run for the lives 


The USA is not For Regime Change or the Freedom movement...

by AlexInFlorida on

What can we do about it?

How is justice going to be served and a stop brought to all these executions and mass slaughters?

What can Iranians really do, we have nothing to fight this regime except our bear hands.  Enough is enough.  There are literally millions of iranians that want to change this regime within Iran, but why does no one help them plan organize and overthrow.  Is engagement with the IRI supposed to mean than human rights no longer matter.  The USA will work with the regime no matter what.  Why don't we have any leaders guiding us to do something, somehow?

Obviously Shah can't make a noise, his life is in danger from the US side which is deeply scared of his popularity.

Let me know your thoughts, why don't we at least have some non usa backed group organizing an opposition in exile other than MEK which almost no one in iran wants to see in power after Iran/Iraq and siding with Saddam..  How come we in Freedom and exile can't unite behind a cause greater than ourselves in large enough numbers.

Does Iran have no leaders? no management? no funds? no knowhow?  We have every reason to unite... what is going on?



by statira on

If there is any God, this regime with all these crimes would not last for so long. The only thing that is cheap in Iran these days, is the human life.


@ Agha Mehdi : "Activists are crazy!"

by Bavafa on

Not so fast!

I certainly don't think nor agree with your statement that activists are crazy. They are the bravest we have and we owe them a lot, and I mean a lot of gratitude. So, don't go and sum all activist that are bravely fighting for a freedom that you and I have been enjoying and every human being deserves and for a better Iran.

Summing all activist with a minority group such as MEK/PMOI is the biggest disservice and lack of understanding and appreciation for the hell they have been true, courtesy of IRI.


G. Rahmanian

Death To IR

by G. Rahmanian on

These criminals believe in terrorizing Iranians who oppose them, so that they can stay in power a little longer!


Shame on IRI

by divaneh on

They want to create fear with murdering people and the victims pay the price. I think they are afraid of people's uprising due to economical pressures and are trying to create an atmosphere of fear.


Activists are crazy!

by Mehdi on

I tend to agree with "Bavafa" in the first comment - these people need rehabilitation. They need to be talked to and they need to be given a peaceful environment where they can relax a little and get back to reality. The "evil" world or regime that these guys "see", the way they see it, does not exist ANYWHERE! These people are delusional. They should not be killed - just isolated and rehabilitated, if possible.


The nightmer regime of

by vildemose on

The nightmer regime of Khamenie et al are desparate. They are like a wounded wild animal, cornered. So, they go on a  rampage killing  their weakest opposition in shackles and secret dungeons.



by AlexInFlorida on






Afarin, 100 afarin Afshin!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Well said my friend.

So long as we Iranains do not learn to condemn ALL executions by the islamist regime undonditionally, and start looking forward instead of backwards, the reign of terror will continue in Iran... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by afshinazad on

This is shameful for our country and the nation that over 97 people are killed by this regime in less than a month, it is not important who they are and what they have done but it is important that they are Iranian and there is no justice in our country and what a shame that we Iranian only could blame and judge each other for what we believe and who we are and it is great shame on our nation that our people are allowing and they are silent about all these crimes, never forget that who is next in line, might it would be you next time or me or our loved ones. It is not shame to die for freedom and justice but it is shame to keep silent and ignore the criminal action of Regime.


@PArvis: Based on your logic

by Bavafa on

Then we should have all sided with Saddam, since he opposed IRI.

Well, MEK/PMOI did side with Saddam in that illegal/barbaric war that killed many hindered of thousands of our young and innocent. This has been considered treason by vast majority of Iranians, not to mention that the group is yet another Islamist & dictatorship and that is why I think they should be rehabilitated as I value all human lives.



The best response to terror

by Simorgh5555 on

is counter terror.

Every ambassador of the IR, diplomat, offcicial and minister is an enemy of the Iranian people and I will condone their assassination where ever they be.

Death to the Islamic Republic.  



by PArviz on

Since when people who oppose this barbaric regime belong to jail and rehabilitation centers? Are you completely out of your mind?

These people (opponents of this murderous regime be it Mojahed, Fadaiee or whatever) quite literally put their lives on the line and oppose this savage regime. You on the other hand sitting on the other side of the world want them to be jailed or rehabilitated?

This is a crime by an illegitimate regime. And shame on you for giving them legitimacy just because you don't like Mojahedin. 

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


Regime leadership will have to answer back for this crime

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

One day. Dictatorships never last forever, let alone this kind of murderous islamist type.

H.G. I hear you but I am a bit cautious, even unsure on that. You know, i think Karoubi/mousavi due have been a two edged sword for both opposition and regime. They play both ways. (Karoubi's statements about kahrizak were particularly damaging to regime, both nationally and internationally). I rather see them stay where they are, causing further division and friction in the ranks of the regime, whilst being further marginalised. The key issue still is; lack of leadersship and clear vision for the opposition. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."