A One Night Democracy

A film by Shervin Nikoo

What is true freedom? Daryoush dreams of freedom for himself and his country. But when something strange happens, he finds his dream come true. He is placed in power over those who stand in his way. Quickly, he realizes that true freedom is more elusive and difficult to achieve than he thought.

A One Night Democracy from Shervin Nikoo on Vimeo.


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Ali P.

Molla Loghatee

by Ali P. on

Who is Siavash Nikoo?

Is he related to Sherwin Nikoo?


Finally a wonderful movie is verbalizing my thoughts!


"Nothing is sacred!" Let's practice it! For too long, I had been trying to speak my mind, but too many times, I was kicked out of this site since my thoughts were not as liberal as those who are in control of this site and have forgotten their mission. Tonight is my first night back after many months of absence, and this time I'll try not to reveal my previous names, and I hope Yolanda my good old friend who probably would recognize me to keep it quiet.

The operators of this site should watch this clip many times with their hearts and souls. I have noticed many old timers don't write comments here due to the treatment they have received here, and the comments are with a handful of people such as Simorgh, and more sumorgh, and some VPK and handful of others. If you notice, there are those who should have been kicked out, if the same stadards were applied to them, but are still here (Simorgh who can insult anyone and anytime and has taken over this site with his Israeli propaganda, but nobody dares touching him!)

I truly miss the time that there was more democracy, and opposite opinions were allowed and those who were not pro shah and israel were not chastized. What happend to Tabriz balasi who out of frutration quit, and many others?

If you want the iranian.com to be real popular, you must respect ALL opinions not selected few who agree with your liberal views. We'll see how long I would last this time. After all, I joined the site more than 12 years ago. I don't know why I still come back like a  loyal person, may be I hate to see it falling into the hands of people like simorgh who is going on attack as soon as he reads this! After all, he is the one who flagged me last time and they obeyed his wishes when he was the rude and nasty one who is till here! may be he has shares here? who knows!

Jahanshah Javid

are we any better?

by Jahanshah Javid on

what will we do with those we hate, once we have power? will we be fair, just and compassionate or just as cruel?