Christiane Amanpour: Colbert Report

Commenting on possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran


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by alimostofi on

What I have never understood was how she never saw it as her patriotic duty to be a true ambassador of Iran. A true ambassador would point out the difference between Hezbollahis and Iranian population. But no she calls the Hezbollahis Iranian.

Ali Mostofi




Oh boy, how soon do we forget!

by MM on

This is the same Amanpour that has reported on the deplorable conditions in Iran, and who bravely stood up in Ahmadinejad's phony press conference after the disputed elections and asked pointed questions from AN. 

This is also the same Amanpour whose interviews with Ahmadinejad were challenging, and when she thought that the interpretor was wrong, asked the question again, in Farsi.

Now that she said ONE thing that may brush against a faction, she is gang tackled w/o mercy.  Sorry, but Amanpour has worked too hard and for too long to be tarnished by the the arm-chair generals here.


She is as retarded as the rest of ...

by Midwesty on

political system in the west. Retard in this context means lack of proper timing or in her case the lag of it. This is because she runs on the media hype as the rest of the system. The subliminal fact in this interview was that the last chance of having a peaceful( if there was any intention of this sort to begin with) is lost. Ahmadinejad was the last chance. Now you have created a puddle of political mess that you are in up your eyeballs. However as I have said many times there's never been a peaceful intention. The bully wants to bully. As pope John Paul said before his passing, " I pray to god to find a face-saving solution for the both parties" referring to Iran nuclear hoopla.


What some folks are missing here...

by masoudA on

is the fact that Amanpour works for the so called "Leftist Liberals" in America.....and they have ZERO intentions to see IR collapse....not because they don't want wars.....but because IR does a ton of economic good for Europe Royals who are the true handlers of the American Liberals.   Also, don't you find it interesting that all Iranians who are staged by the American Liberals are the likes of Amanpour, TP, Houman Majd,......people who have not realy ever lived in Iran at all!!!  and illustrate zero cultural attachments to Iran and Iranians.   Amanpour is indeed against attacks or sanctions on Iran - but not to preserve the country or the people......just to keep IR intact.   That is what her bosses want. 

Meanwhile, all conservatives whom have been portrayed and sold as "Idiots" to most of you....all show to be more informed and more apt to side with the people of Iran against IR.   Just thais last Saturday night, all Republican candidates were asked about Iran...did any of your hear the responses?  Those whom you consider idiots and warmongers had the best answers......I liked Santorum response saying Iran is not a tribal country like Afghanistan and Iraq....these are well educated and sophisticated people ready for a modern democracy and USA must help them defeat IR.   Those are the words of a person American Liberals sell you as a stupid warmonger..... The bad news is - in the next elections, like the very nicely herded masses that you are - you will all vote for Obama again....making sure IR is well protected for another 4 years.....go figure


@Ferdowsi and Yolanda you should look up the word sarcasm

by choghok on

Maybe you do not understand sarcasm and the way Colbert "journalism" work. I have a news for you Colberts sketches are about sarcasm and playing ignorant. Unlike some conservative politicians in both sides he plays it like them to learn simple folk something important. He acts ignorant just like tea party and Gingrich and other Republicans so that the interviewee can give back answers that these peoples followers need to hear.

When he talks about using Atom bomb on Iran he wants to person that is interviwed to answer why not use the A bomb so that people who are going to vote what to think about. And I did not hear Amanpour saying yes lets do that.


And "Ferdowsi", on another topic, you know that Ferdowsi is not burried next to Hafez right? Because your picture is of Hafez Tomb.

Darius Kadivar

'Humor' to dismiss an in depth debate doesn't do it for me

by Darius Kadivar on

Anymore ...


Sorry Folks but Hitchens said it best :


The Dummies Guide to "Humor" for Idiots ... 


Hitchens flips off Maher's audience as morons


All the more that even the talented Hosts of these Shows seem to be fed up with their "fans" ...


Bill Maher finally sick of his stupid audience





Christopher Hitchens Slams Women's Comments on Islam & Freedom under IRI

Bill Maher - On Monarchy and State ;0)
BREAD & CIRCUS: It Ain't about Democracy or HR Stupid, It's About Show Business



Yolanada had the only neutral & non-bias comment, but it passed

by Ferdowsi on

everyone's eyes since they don't want to listen to logic. I guess, non-Iranians care more about Iran than some iranians here. Go figure loyalty!


At least she gave it a shot

by spatima on

 I really dont care about how she handled the interview.

she went on stage to defend her country (AND not the regime) against sanctions and a potential military strike.
good for her

she has my respect


In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran


2-1 Colbert

by masoudA on

I socred it as 2-1,......The anti war Ms. Amanpour did not have the answer to the question: Would you rather Sadam in power today?   His removal was only possible direct military intervension. 

She also lost a point on the subject of: IR has it's facilitiies under monutains...........she left no choice but for the leftist comedian to theath nukes.    But amanpour scored a power goal when she called on Colbert to be an un-serious voice.... 

Jeesh Daram

در پس پرده

Jeesh Daram

اسرائیل در مقابل ایران هیچ زردآلو انکی نمیتواند بخورد


Spot on Babak!

by fidelio5 on

I also think it repulsive to say you would want Saddam back: A man (if you could call him that) that made Iraq a mass grave under ground and a concentration camp above. As Imperfect as Iraq is today they at least have a shot at some semblance of descent government.

Anyone who would wish that back is a slave or at least in favor of slavery.



by yolanda on

So they talked about using nuclear weapons to stop IRI's nuclear program?!

So it is not ok for IRI to have nuclear weapons, but it is ok to use nuclear weapons on Iranians?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Meh ..

The Devil Wears Prada .


"Her Husband James Rubin

by Simorgh5555 on

"Her Husband James Rubin already discouraging Sanctions ..."



Darius Kadivar

She Say's Ahmadinejad comes across as a 'moderate' ?

by Darius Kadivar on

in Comparison to Khamenei ...

Really Mrs. Amanpour ?

How about asking that to those Ordinary folks back home ? 


Haloo: Man Digeh Ray Nemidam 

Darius Kadivar

Her Husband James Rubin already discouraging Sanctions ...

by Darius Kadivar on

TEHRAN: U.S. Efforts Towards a Nuclear Iran Might Not be working 


Hence Contradicting his stance just a few months earlier ....


CNN: Syria crucial interest for Iran 


How the devil do these "experts" and foreign policy advisors end up being taken seriously ?


And they are even paid for it ?  Might as well Pay Colbert for advice  For even He seems to have more credibility !


THE WEST & THE REST: Niall Ferguson on «Colbert Report» warns of America’s decline


Babak K.

Asadabad, I do not want

by Babak K. on


I do not want to to go over the topic in discussion, but you wrote:

"This is the problem with westerners. They don't respect anyones humanity/independence except their own."

And how about Easterners, do we do the otherwise?  Don't we tell to everybody how to think to dress and, what to read, and what to watch?  How about Imam Khomeini, Bashar-Assad, Khamanei, and Mohesen Ejaheee,.....?  Did or do they respect anybody's humanity?


colbert isn't funny and he's trash

by asadabad on

She made a good point comparing the iraqi wmd lies to the iranian "nuclear bomb program".  To me it doesn't seem like Colbert does a good job of discussing his political beliefs with humor (at least compared to Stewart).  Stewart is much more impartial when it comes to discussing American foreign policy.  When he asked her if she'd prefer to have Saddam in power, she should have said yes.  Who the **** is the US to go around toppling  governments?  This is the problem with westerners.  They don't respect anyones humanity/independence except their own.


A very smart Iranian women

by Sialashgar on

Way smarter then these westerners



She is simply awesome...

by Bavafa on

Very informed, professional and much higher integrity than average journalist in the West.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory