Damascus & Tehran: A Separation

The victory of Iran & Co. in Syria would be catastrophic for the region


Damascus & Tehran: A Separation
by Alon Ben-Meir

Seldom has the dividing line between the forces of moderation and the forces of extremism been so clear in the Middle East. The extremist anti-West, Iran-led Shiite Crescent, consisting of Iraq (largely operating at Iran's behest), Syria, and Lebanon, heavily subsidized by Tehran with political capital and financial resources for the past three decades, is now under serious threat of collapse thanks to the crack in its most critical link: Syria's Assad regime. On the other hand, the human tragedy in Syria has created a rare common interest between the old and the new Arab regimes, Turkey, the US, and the EU for the potential emergence of a representative government in Damascus.

Nonetheless, while Iran, Russia and China are doing their utmost to prevent the fall of Assad, the international and regional forces of moderation have yet to rise up to the challenge. Unless this loose alliance of moderate forces closes ranks and embarks on a decisive effort to break the Shiite Crescent, the Syrian people will be left alone to face a continuing massacre and will miss a historic opportunity to join a new, peaceful and potentially more democratically-oriented Middle East. Turkey especially stands to affect and gain from a more vigorous involvement of the forces of moderation.

On February 16th 2012, the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for a resolution backing the Arab League's (AL) plan calling for Bashar Assad to step down and strongly condemned the widespread and systematic human rights violations by his forces, further demanding that the government immediately cease all acts of violence. Although the UNGA resolution is not binding, it offers powerful moral support to the Syrian opposition, especially after the Russian-Chinese veto earlier this month of a UNSC resolution to the same effect. Equally, the UNGA resolution strongly fortifies the moral standing that enables the AL, Turkey and the West to venture beyond their current tentative positions, given the apparent failure of all other initiatives thus far.

The AL initiative, calling for a transfer of power to Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Shara'a, the formation of a unity government, and the referral of this initiative to the UNSC to assist in its implementation, has been dysfunctional from the beginning. A power transfer to the Syrian VP, even if the initiative had passed in the UNSC, would deliver zero change in Syria given that al-Shara'a himself has been a prominent member of Syria's ruling apparatus for almost thirty years. A similar "VP scenario" proposed by the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council, managed (though by no means perfectly) to defuse an explosion in Yemen. But whereas the removal of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh has persuaded the Yemeni public, the problem in Syria is not with Bashar Assad per se but with the entire government apparatus within which he is encased. That is why the AL needs to avoid symbolic actions and face the reality on the ground, however bitter and unsettling it may be.

The other AL initiative calling for the UNSC to create a joint UN-Arab peacekeeping force for Syria, even in the unlikely event that it passes in the UN veto-controlled body, amounts to nothing more than another exercise of futility. For starters, there is no peace to keep in Syria. Suffice it to recall the failures of UN peacekeepers in Rwanda, Bosnia and Congo, to point to the UN's inability to fill such a role in the absence of both peace and cooperation between the conflicting parties on the ground. Sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Syria at this time would only help the Assad regime stay in power even longer. Also, such a UN mission would most likely meet the same fate as the recently-withdrawn AL observers whose activities were controlled by the Syrian authorities and ended up playing into the hands of the regime. The observers basically stood idle while the massacres continued before the AL decided to suspend their mission. The UN peacekeeping force would have to be under the control of the UNSC rather than under that of the Syrian government mandated by the UNSC to move freely throughout Syria and report with no restrictions on the unfolding events. But then again the Syrian government is not likely to allow such a force to enter Syria, which could only further embolden the resistance to Assad's rule while restricting the governments' retaliations.

Finally, the reforms introduced by the Assad government such as holding a referendum on a new constitution as well as parliamentary elections, are merely a ploy aimed at buying more time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these bogus reforms have been supported by Russia and more recently by China. Being introduced by the very government whose removal the Syrian people demands, these reforms will not be accepted by the Syrian people who have sacrificed so much only to settle for the scraps exacted under duress from a government, which has lost its bearings and credibility. Assad and his cohorts refused to make a solid commitment, they were engaged in protracted negotiations to dilute any meaningful reforms, and subsequently, were involved in systematic prevarication – all the while persisting in violent crackdowns. Syria's problem lies not in the wording of its laws, but in the very regime that drafts and implements these laws.

The forthcoming AL meeting in Tunisia on February 24 should capitalize on the powerful message sent by the 137 nations at the UNGA condemning the Syrian security forces' onslaught on its people while providing moral support that goes beyond polemics and opens the door for real action on the ground. The members of the moderate camp should implement such bold measures as the establishment of a "Freedom Corridor" by carving out a portion of Syrian territory in the north bordering Turkey. As in Libya, a no-fly zone air-patrolled by willing NATO and AL member states should be established immediately over this corridor, but without engaging in combat with the government forces, except in defense of the corridor.

This corridor would provide a humanitarian safe haven for civilian refugees escaping the violence and would receive military defectors while serving as a base for arming the Syrian Free Army as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both of whom serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee, have recently advocated. Moreover, the corridor will allow the Syrian National Council (SNC) to place a foot on Syrian ground, thereby paving the way for its recognition by the AL, Western and other Muslim powers. In addition, the SNC should establish a shadow government composed of non-ideological professionals and technocrats to begin planning for a post-Assad era. NATO members, particularly France (which already advanced the idea of a humanitarian air corridor last November) as well as the AL are likely to support such a proposal.

Israel can quietly contribute by opening and monitoring closely its Syrian border for refugees from southern Syria for whom the advocated northern safety zone is beyond their reach. This Israeli action can be done in coordination with Jordan, which shares borders with both Syria and Israel. But the largest responsibility lies with Turkey with the full support of the Arab League.

Of all the moderate camp members, Turkey is the largest stakeholder in Syria. Short of an intervention by the international community, the current conflict in Syria will soon turn into a full-scale civil war that will flood Turkey with refugees, empower the PKK base in northern Syria, and secure an enlarged Iranian influence on its immediate proximity, all to Turkey's disadvantage. At the same time, Turkey is best located geographically and politically to allow and support the establishment of this corridor along its southeastern border. A Turkey that takes the initiative would not only demonstrate true leadership in the Middle East and further strengthen its alliance with the West, but it would also bridge its relations with an Arab world that has become increasingly worried about a neo-Ottoman foreign policy in the region. For Ankara, it is time to reconcile with the bitter reality that there is no middle ground: either stop Iran in Syria and end the killing fields or surrender Syria to Iranian domain, thereby further encouraging Iran to pursue its ambition of becoming the region's hegemon potentially equipped with nuclear capabilities.

For all intents and purposes, Syria has turned into the battleground between the forces of moderation and the forces of extremism in the Middle East. Feeble attempts by the international community will lead nowhere as long as they ignore the realities of the Baathist regime in Syria. At the same time, any prospect of reaching some kind of an arrangement agreed upon by Assad that is meant to empower the Syrian people is an illusion. Removing Syria from Iran's grasp, however, while freeing the Syrian people from Assad's shackles will have dramatic geopolitical implications as it will also change the power equation throughout the Middle East. To be sure, decoupling Syria from Iran's hold would further underline the regional and international isolation of Tehran and might avert military action against Iran by either Israel or the U.S., the aim of which would be to end its nuclear ambitions.

The victory of Iran & Co. in Syria would be catastrophic for the region and should be stopped given the opportunity currently available. By ensuring a regime change supportive of the Syrian people's yearning for freedom, the Shiite Crescent would be broken and place insurmountable pressure on Iran to end its meddling within the affairs of its Arab neighbors.

A noted journalist and author, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir is professor of international relations and Middle East studies at the Center for Global Affairs at New York University. Ben-Meir holds a masters degree in philosophy and a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University.


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I'm going to start charging Antellectuals tuition using paypal?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If you wish to redeem yourselves, though not a guarantee, ten 45minute sessions, $1200 per person, limit of 8 people allowed.  The onus of the work will be on each of you & your own willingness to work through your problems and achieve a level of clarity.


Niavite is an unlimited hole through a body of Ignorance... FG

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You said, "Assad’s wife has been buying property in London: Make her use it and make the Syrian people free." Very Antellectual of you No? Are the people of Iran Free FG, Are the People of Algeria Free FG?  How about the People of Libya?  If Freedom was the aim FG then extremists would not be supported, do you need help with this?



I wonder why the articles in the main stream media?????????

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

are using the same words they did during the libya campaign? Like Rebels?  The correct word would be extremists, on both sides of the proxy battle, extremists from afghastan, libya, egypt on the suni side and on the Irani Iraqi shia side.  They couldn't possibly be intentionally trying to deceive Antellectuals so the mass of people, can not see that the Real Goal of the USA is not Human Rights and Democracy, but supporting extremists in order to Afticanize the middle east.  Unless you feel that the torture chambers in Iran and Libya are the fault of the people in those countries & not those in the USA who helped bring the criminals to power.



by FG on

Roger Cohen (NY Times): ARMY SYRIA'S REBELS

//www.nytimes.com/2012/02/28/opinion/cohen-arm-syrias-rebels.html?_r=1&ref=world  EXCERPTS: Nobody can put this genie back in a bottle. This is the mother of all proxy fights. The remorseless Assad regime is finished, when it dies being the only question.  ...If Assad falls, Iran is critically weakened. Tehran’s established conduit to Hezbollah disappears. Choosing between engineering the downfall of Assad and bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities is really a no-brainer: The former is smart and doable, the latter is folly. Assad’s wife has been buying property in London: Make her use it and make the Syrian people free.

Soosan Khanoom

Commie !! who? Rozbeh? oh couldn't be ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

I think Rozbeh stands by his avatar ... the sweet capitalism  

 Rozbeh's Avatar - YouTube


Speaking of which ... I've got to go to Macy's today .. everything is on sale .... I want those Gucci bags so badly ... damn this capitalism ..

: ) 





amirparvissecular says: "Roozbeh, commie guy....."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Roozbeh the "commie guy" says: At least I, unlike you stand by my avatar. You, are neither secular nor a monarchist. You are here for one reason only: to defend the murdering, terrorist islamist regime, and have been making a laughing stock of yourself by your double talk.

p.s. dont expect any more responses from me, but you and your entire ilk's increased level of anger, frustration and personal attacks on other site members opposing the islamist regime is well noted....


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Libya was a joke, the worlds most advanced military forces under

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

NATO, uniting to bomb a society with a population of less than 6 million from peace to the stone age, now being run by extremists carrying out mass tortures today, Democracy? Human Rights? They manipulated many of the long eared, 4 legged people on ic behind NATO. The West Should Leave Syria Alone, They have No Oil!

Despite all the extremists west has on its payroll at the muslim brotherhood, the West actually can't win in Syria, unless they use military force to occupy Syria, which with Russian, Chinese, Iranian backing it won't happen, so one has to ask the question knowing this, what is the real agenda behind Syria, since winning is not it. Here's why they won't leave Syria Alone 1) Contains the IRI's Reach (bonus) but won't happen since the west can't win 2) Strenthens Extremism in the Region (bonus) but won't happen since the west can't win and moderate secular govt will likely stay in some form unlike Iran, so freedom of religion will stay and separation of church and state will stay 3) Highly Profitable for the West in helping them get out of their own stagnation by increasing manufacturing of weapons which they will supply paid for by Qattar and Saudi Arabia (Most Pressing Political & economic Issue of the Day & Likely the Real though undiscussed Reason).  Whether the muslim botherhood, libyan, afghani and other extremist fighters win or not doesn't matter, war is profitable if you are the USA & starting it, you are not fighting (using your extremists), all the fighters are ordering from you and the GCC is paying for the weapons at full price (ca-ching).  Then the profits of this Morally Bankrupt Alliance lead by the USA, can cotinue producing a nation of people pursuing materialism not happiness (unless you consider prozac happiness) & doing what it does best, producing a mass media to convince & lecturing the world of how it has so much good to teach the world and what dictators other leaders are because they don't have this kind of democracy (that is out to spread extremism), well with results like the USA can produce who dare debate them.


Syria much tougher then Libya

by Madison on

We cannot expect the jews stop dreaming about a recognized jewish state. We cannot expect the arab league not burning in jealousy of more successful arab leaders. We cannot expect the colonial powers not to mobilize the darkest elements in the region against none client states. So, everything is in order!     


Roozbeh, commie guy, you're a victim of not having real info

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and the info you have being coloured by manipulation known as psy-ops.  Your mistake is a common one.  You believe the USA/west are opposed to extremism, yet they have funded and supported extremists from day one.  Seeing the extremists the western allies are bank rolling should give it away that human rights and democracy are not the true aim of the west, but to contain iri in order to be able to prolonge iri's shelf life, if they at some point can't contain iri they will have to remove it, but alas they love extremists in iran as iri serves their vital interests for iranians.  As for Russia/China they are pursuing opposition to the usa for their own economic ends, which diminish if the usa brings in new extremists like they have done in libya, iraq, afghanstan and iran.  Maybe you think that since the west has amnesty international, they must reflect a desire to serve human rights?  That's naive.  Mind you being a commie in this day and age doesn't exactly show you have a decent capability for thinking.  I guess if you were to just keep reading the main stream media and hope you come upon honest analysis to do the thinking for you, you could be a source of good entertainment for us at least. 

Vildemose, not necessarily, fall of IRI is easy if any one had a true intention of doing that, by supporting the secular moderate opposition to it. And that is where the west has a problem, since its main goal is to suppress and Africanize Iran.  In yours and roozbehs case I know this just doesn't make sense to either of you.  Some things are just over too many heads, which is why politics exists, because it works.  As they used to say in Washington DC back in the golden days, why walk when you can ride a donkey.


A must read article. Excellent.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I personally find the manner by which the syrian people are abandoned by the international community to defend themselves against the armed to teeth forces of the butcher Assad, being assisted by Islamist regime's quds force sharp shooter, deplorable.

As for russia and china, they need to know that their shamefull defence of Assad and khamenei would only buy these corrupt murdering puppets a few more years of miserable existance, and lots of enemies in middle east... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Fall of Syria=Fall of

by vildemose on

Fall of Syria=Fall of IRI

some people know that all too well and understandably not a happy camper because it affects their entire livlihood or even their lives.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Siamak Asadian

Koshan, it's quite simple. It's the end of Minority Rule in ME

by Siamak Asadian on

What you have in Syria is a minority Alavieh ruling class imposing  a harsh, corrupt rule on its people for the past four decades.

But the way out is a lot mor ecomplex than it seems. See the short piece by Emmanule Wallerstein on this blog. Cheers

Sadegh Bozorgmehr


by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

You ever heard of interests? You ever heard the expression 'siasat pedar madar nadare'?


I have yet to rationalize Syria alliance

by Kooshan on

Now Taliban and Al-Qaedeh formed alliance with US and Israel against Syria!!!! Seems like nothing makes sense in politics these days? Is it a matter of survival? It's a strong animal instinct! 

Siamak Asadian


by Siamak Asadian on

Amir parviz , I am referring to the article I posted on Syria, on this blog from Prof. Emmanul Wallerstein. His last name is jewish sounding, but that's not a good reason to confue the two authors!

JL: once an uncouth IR aplogist thug, you'll always be an uncouth IR apologist thug. If there was any 'fire' in you, you wouldn't have turned out to be such a sell out.


Siamak, US Policy & her actions are well known.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

why is it when faced with what you don't like to hear, you resort to name calling on conspiracy theories, know-it-all etc. without critiquing any of my points?????????  Hypocritical considering your request of me to critique the specifics of the authors work. 

Religous Extremism in power is the USA's goal for Iran and the region.  Sending Iran to the stone age, has and will continue to be the US aim.  I explained exactly why I labelled this authors work as propaganda, exactly as you asked of me.  His article is infact aimed at concealing the truth.

The author starts, "Seldom has the dividing line between the forces of moderation and the forces of extremism been so clear in the Middle East."  He goes on, " the international and regional forces of moderation have yet to rise up
to the challenge. Unless this loose alliance of moderate forces closes
ranks and embarks on a decisive effort to break the Shiite Crescent, the
Syrian people will be left alone to face a continuing massacre and will
miss a historic opportunity to join a new, peaceful and potentially
more democratically-oriented Middle East."  Are you kidding me, the USA, Israel, UK, France & the regional players are Forces for Moderation????????? 

The West is the biggest enemy and offender of human rights by bringing and supporting extremism into power, comprendo genius.

Helping create a more free and democratic middle east is disingenuous by this author.  Lets forget who brought knomeini for a minute and who wants IRI in power and contained for the harm they do to Iranians.  Lets look at the thousands of tortured people, who were recently treated in Libya by aid agencies before the had to flee Libya, and who paid and support these extremists rise to power, while wiping out the Libyan Army and killing Gadhafi??????????? These Extremists dear 4 legged proffessor now in control of libya were brought by the west, so how can the F%$@g West be the force of moderation, democracy and freedom if they are backing Extremists?????????  Remember the thousands of basiji's the USA was paying to get trained for Emam Kholmeini in Libya by known terrorists the PLO?????????  Well are you today aware that 1000's of foreign fighters of "Libyan extremist backgrounds" are being paid to train in turkey and jordon and are streaming into Syria, with training by US/French/UK commando's and salaries by Saudi Arabia.  Lets look at the final Pillar or your argument against my views, " that professor is a world famous historian, and respected for many of
his accurate prediction in international politics for the past four
decades. Not to mention tons of articles and books he has produced, and
schools of thought and theories he has initiated."  I'd advise him to go back to school versus a sell out in favor of neocolonialism and to read fact based news  the main stream media does its best to not cover once in a while as it prints his intentional deceit. 


think genius, read the facts of who is doing what and use your own wisdom to decide who supports extremism and wishes to contain it, not destroy it.





This entire article is garbage

by Abarmard on

This is pure propaganda and it is worth less than garbage.

Hopefully it's not garabage in but only out! You never know.

Joe L.


by Joe L. on

So freedom fighter 1 is a commie.
"outstanding comrade"!!!
You are here in America, communism is dead.

I don’t belong to any groups, maybe a bit liberal. if you are not smart enough to recognize what's happening around your country then it's your ignorance. dumbest thing that Iranians can do is to support Syrian uprising. That's absolutely the dumbest thing, what Iran's enemies want. The start is the "Syrian Uprising" until your turn and believe me, you don't want your turn to come. It's not about humanity, right, or wrong, it's politics. Welcome aboard. It all starts from there. Support your own nation's death by supporting the rebels. Naive and gullible.
You think it's a joke? You think this author is writing on his own free will? Don't be too naive. The plan is to wipe Iran off the map, making a nice parking lot then give you "THE freedom" that you "deserve". Plan is to push Iran decades back so Israel and Saudi Arabia have easier access in controlling the region. It's not your fight and it's not centered on you! It's about politics and money dude. Are all Iranians so naive?
You are nothing and Mullahs or whoever means nothing. Iran must go down. Get it? Doubt it.
If you allow the plan to take place, kiss Iran goodbye now. Freedom means nothing in a parking lot. You are fighting a wrong fight. Reality is that No one is on your side. Get it now?
Still doubt it. Any ways, got to go get my coffee, you kids make me fired up sometimes.

Siamak Asadian


by Siamak Asadian on

Vildemose, Siamak Asadian was an outstanding comrade that lost his life at the young age of 26, thirty years ago in an armed battle against agents of IR. He will always live in our hearts.


فدايي خلق سيامك اسديان ( اسكندر )


Siamak Asadian

Amir Parviz, Khejalat Ham Khob Chizieh

by Siamak Asadian on

Unlike you, and your long winded, conspiracy theory, repetitive, monotnous, know-it-all commentaries, that professor is a world famous historian, and respected for many of his accurate prediction in international politics for the past four decades. Not to mention tons of articles and books he has produced, and schools of thought and theories he has initiated. 

What he does in his short article is to break down the regional and international players and point out why none of them are really for a down fall of Assad's regime.

For once in your life instead of a long winded, conspiracy theory, I-know-it-all comment, write down EXACTLY WHAT PART of his analysis you don't agree with.

As a matter of fact Wallestien is underestimating the power of Assad's regime. The kind of dysfunctional opposition he is facing this thing could go on for ever.

And even if there's a miracle out of the blue sky, and the regime does fall by this ridiculous opposition, what kind of a future awaits them? Would it be any better than the total mayhem Lybians are facing now?

American philosopher Fredrick Jameson calls conspiracy theory "the cognitive mapping of the poor man,"  but even a poor man needs to snap out of it, once in a while!

Siamak Asadian

JL, your paymasters been 'sticking it' to Iranian people for 32

by Siamak Asadian on

years now.

On a substantial level what is the difference bewteen him and you?

Not a damn thing.

As a matter of fact, extreme right-wing Israeli have an 'existential' need for their extreme right-wing Iranian counterparts.

The camps of both you losers indeed have an "existential" need for each other to further militarize and drive the entire region to brinks of war and destruction.

Joe L.

Alon Ben-Meir wants to stick it to Iran

by Joe L. on

on the lighter sides of things (by G.I.Joe)

Scene One:
Announcer happily reads this news:
-“Alon Ben-Meir wants to stick it to Iran and Iranian freedom fighters are in agreement.”
(during commercial break)
-Why? The freedom fighters must have a plan.
-Plan you say? Yes they do.
-According the Eyran opposition headquarters, the plan is as follows:
-Agree to all anti Iranian broadcast and support Israel. Once the public opinion realizes that war is good the Israeli attack will fill the iranian mullah sky. Notice that their plan is to attack Iranian mullah skies and not Iran. So the mullah skies will be bombed to dust.
-Then these brave men and women take first flight back to Iran and arm themselves. They run and kill all mullahs. People will rejoice and bring flowers to greet them. They free Iran.
-Who frees iran?
-The freedom fighters.
-I thought we were bombing them.
-No idiot. We were bombing Mullahs not Iran. They also fight the mullahs not Iran. Not even one bullet will fire in Iran.
-Beautiful plan.
-Yes indeed.
-Well, Freedom fighters are waiting. They are currently in the process of supporting the Israeli propagandists. The sooner the public understand Israeli concerns, the sooner Iran will be freed.
-So Iran and Israel are very inter-related. If Iran needs to be freed, Israel needs to bomb it.
-NO. Israel never bombs Iran, Israel bombs Mullas. Like right now rebels are not fighting in Syria, they are fighting Assad. Assad is fighting Syrians.
-I am confused.
-Well see, Assad is bad. Rebels are good. They are poor and moderate Sunni who just want to be free.
-Like Iranians.
-Exactly. So we give them rights to bear arms and fight Assad.
-Who gives them arms?
-Well our proxies do. Saudi Arabia.
-Are they Syrians who take Arms against their own people?
-Not their own people idiot, against Assad. Assad fights against their own people
-But Homs is only 500,000 people with minority of Sunni Muslims.
-There was a time that Israel had minority Jewish, look at it now. We import.
-Saudi Arabia, of course. There are many Wahhabis and Al Qaeda members who are waiting to get some action.
-just like Iran?
-So Al Qaeda and Wahhabis are good?
-No, they are terrorist. Syrians are good, assad is bad.
-don’t worry about it. Freedom fighters don’t give a damn about this stuff, they are just waiting to go and free Iran.
-Will they go?
-hahaha, of course not. These are fat immigrants who won’t lift a finger for no body
-then the plan
-what plan?
-plan to free iran
-idiot, Iranians will free iran. Mullah will fight against the people of Iran. No Iranian will fight back, only those mullahs will take arm and Iranians will kill them all!
-how will Iranians do that?
-just like Syria
-so we will bomb them?
-no, we will bomb the mullahs
-but we are not bombing Syria
-we never bomb Syria, we are working a deal to bomb Assad
-and we will go to war with Iran?
-no, Iranians will fight the mullahs and mullahs will fight Iranians
-and Iranian freedom fighters here
-Wahabbis and al qaedeh.
-just like Syria.
-exactly. Beautiful democracy.
-just like Syria?
-Just like Iraq and Afghanistan, and yes Syria.
Part 2.
Freedom fighter 1(ff1)- bad IRR supporter, I will kill you
Freedom fighter2(ff2)- me too, I will kill them all to free Iran
Simple user(su)- Iran needs to solve its own problem
Ff1- shut up you IRR agent. We will free Iran. Iran number one enemy is mullah
Ff2- yeah mullahs kill Iranians
Ff1- free Syria
Ff2-yeah, free Syria.
Ff1- Israel our friend
Ff2-everyone our friend just mullahs bad
Su-Be careful how you speak, you are helping warmongers
Ff1-shut up irr. Warmongers are Mullahs who warmonger
Ff2- yeah, they are warmongering for 30 years
Ff1- damn mullahs. We will be democratic
Ff2- we will kill all and put all of irr bastards in prison so we can have no political prisoners
Ff1- yeah free them all
Su- I used to be a political prisoner
Ff1- you irr lacky. You got a deal with irr so you are free now ha? Damn you, you deserve to die.
The Israeli propaganda continues.
Final Scene:
Freedom fighters are in their 7/11 stores cursing mullahs on IC:
-Ammad (ff1) get back to work. Says his mullah boss.
Ff1- yes sir
To be continued


: The Tunis Conference:

by vildemose on

The Tunis Conference: A Practical Step towards Toppling the Syrian Regime


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Alon Ben Meir, your article is Propaganda, lies, manipulation &

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

deceit and being aware of this Alon is all we Iranians need know to realize that the cause and interests you are pursuing are the worst ones for humanity, human rights, freedom and justice.  Not to mention your views give aid and comfort to those who are pursuing the worst for the people of Iran, by not addressing the supporters of extremism for iran, the corporate facists that run the congress of America today and every US President since and including Carter.  What your article covers up Alon, is that extremism is the USA/UK/France and Israels main weapon against the children of the middle east and North Africa, Iranians included.  Just because the IRI extremists are anti-west, you seem to forget that most iranians know which countries play to the tune of corporate fascism and therefore who brought extremists to power, the west, and whose policies wish to keep them in power, the west ,and why the west supports them, to spread poverty, corrupton, torture, economic collapse in support of neocolonialistic policies the corporate fascist require to create ill gotten gains, so the west can thwart freedom for iranians and be able to dominate backward, arrested development societies they inflict these crimes upon.  Alon your approach is known.  The Africanization of Iran by the west is dispicable in the eyes of patriotic Iranians who seek iranian freedom and human rights. The issue with syria is the west today is trying to contain iran, i.e keep IRI extremists in power to achieve the #1 goal of the USA in suppressing Iranian freedom, human rights and justice.

The uk, french, and turkish special forces are actively fighting in syria, saudi arabia is paying over 10,000 libyan fighters to get training in Jordan and fighters for hire are being trained in turkey also.  Iranians realize that all this talk of supporting freedom and democracy by the west is a hoax because the very people the west is training and supporting are their own extremists to take over.  Libya in ruins today and Iran today, both with mass ongoing tortures are prime examples of the wests true agenda.  However ths impasse will not work out for the west and will be a strategc failure i its extremist expantion policies, as we can all see.  The IRI mullahs have plenty of donkey power and extremists, they are being trained and sent to syria by their tens of thousands at this moment from iran, so regime change of Assad is not realistic.  If A hot war were to happen, either a US proxy like israel, usa, uk, france were to attack syria and take out the Iranian extremists that would create an open war and since the USA is aiming to do everything in its power to keep IRI in power it will not make any actions that are likely to lead to war with Iran.  In a nut shell this is the reason for the impasse in syria.  IRI support, inability to over come IRI support without war, no real desire to go to war with Syria as that defeats the entire object of the mission, to keep IRI in power harming iranians and contained.  Human Rights, Freedom and Justice is being proactively opposed by the west and their corporate fascism system of goverment and their support of extremists is proof of that.  


 Nations want 'tsunami

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 Nations want 'tsunami wave' of pressure on al-Assad


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Siamak Asadian, These articles Are Institutionally Supported

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and Spread Manipulation intended to harm and cause maximum hurt of Innocent people.

Yes there is an impasse, but the reasons listed are wrong in your article, the USA, EU, Arab league all actively want assad out, so IRI is contained. This article written above is intended to keep people blind and mislead regarding the truth.  It is highly unacademic and totally deceitful.


SA: That was an interesting

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SA: That was an interesting article from Binghamton.edu. Many vailid points. However, I think this time, Bashar has overplayed his hand. Even Hugo Chavez is sending arms to Syria.  The situation is in flux and calculations might change depending on unknown variables. BTW, I like your user name. Is that his real picture in your avatar? 

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Arash Kamangir

All out war against IR

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IR is clearly following a hegemonial path in Middle East and with its nuclear capabilities would bring the whole region in a nuclear race ( Turkey and saudis are next powers) . While IR is not a nuclear power, the free world should rage an all-out war against IR with all its means to destroy IR and its allies!


Damascus -Tehran : Leader

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Both human killer must pay for their crime and have to go.One way ticket