Oliver Stone's Son Converts to Islam

Changes name from "Sean" to "Ali"

CNN -- The son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone converted to Islam in a ceremony in central Iran, a national news agency reported. Sean Stone became a Shiite Muslim in the city of Esfahan Tuesday and chose Ali as his new Islamic name, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported. "The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with," Stone told Fars News Agency. "It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets.">>>


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oh yeah

by Fesenjoon2 on

Doost daaram pas hastam

As long as it is not a secret

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

do you mind sharing your "version of Islam" with others? Is it based on Koran or is it entirely made up by you?



by expat on

..I kinda have my own version of it :)

 Definitely not the IRI version though.. Maybe it's cos I never grew up in Iran under 'them'.  I guess if I did, I'd be a hater too...


Doost daaram pas hastam

Would it be too much trouble

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

if you took the time to explain to us what true Islam is? 


I don't actually think..

by expat on

..he knows what he's doing.


I just wish people would stop associating Islam with IRI.  They're not the only 'muslims' in the world.  In fact, I doubt most of them know what it means.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

merci for that.

Islam is like "HOTEL CALIFORNIA" for all the hidden goodies!

And you can enter as you want but never leave !!



Sean converted to Ali in Iran....

by ahvazi on

And lived to tell his story.....I hope Mr. Stone knows that no Ali can convert to Sean in Iran and live!!!!


Darius Kadivar

Just wondering if Stone endorses Stoning ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Do not understand names and religions

by choghok on

Why do you need to get islamic or christian name? Can't God pronounce your name if you come from another country?

Is Hassan to tough for a christian God? Or Sean difficult for Allah? 


interesting everything is business!

by alireza on

read the following link.



Apparently Sean(Ali) Stone and a few Iranians have started a joint production company in USA! I make no comment about why he turns to Islam or any religion, but I see money talks here!

Dr. Mohandes

Welcome to The faith

by Dr. Mohandes on

Sean - Ali Mirza stone...

Now. We will be in touch with you, to let you know When you will be taking your first Mecca trip to become a Haj Agha Stone.

And perhaps a bonus trip to Mashad to become Mashti Stone and what the heck... One to Karbo-bala to make you A karbalai stone too.'

It will be a nice sweep.


The new face of Ertejah Sorkh o sia !

by Shemirani on

"The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with," Stone told Fars News It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets."

Doesn't make sense at all ! all monoteist religion are accepting other prophets, you don't need to convert to accept them !!  when you convert in a religion  you abandon your previous one (specially when you become mosalmoon) its not like having few nationalities you can't accumulate ! he is "lost in translation" !! but good for him he can have Accumulate wives now !

I wonder how many DollarEs El Tio A.N gave him for that ?


Freedom of thought and

by Kooshan on

Freedom of thought and belief is preached by Western democracy. So, you hot-blooded Iranians who live in west and enjoy the freedom, DO NOT be the hotter pot than the soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be fair even if it is against your interest; 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

It will be official till it's on the record for all to see

His khateneh sooran

no zebbi no debbi.


Oon Yaroo

"...bearded guy with a ponytail?"

by Oon Yaroo on

Bekesh....!? I think!



by Raoul1955 on

I took a look at your link showing photos of Sean-Ali. Noticed couple of 'ninja' females there.  Do you know if those were his dates, or the bearded guy with a ponytail?


Ali Sangi is Missing a few Marbles!

by Faramarz on

Oon Yaroo,

Sean Penn is a smart guy.

Ali Sangi is not. He is missing a few marbles!

Check out these pictures, especially the ones with the chicks.

A world traveler once told me, "Travel the world and fall in love with the exotic cultures, but don't ever bring anything home!"

This man is breaking the cardinal rule.



Doost daaram pas hastam

I hear you fidelio

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

You have in the U.S. a right that does not accept evolution and a morally bankrupt left that thinks Islam is misunderstood. 

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz, Do you remember Sean Pen in Iran!?

by Oon Yaroo on


These are the left's gimmicks in prolonging IRR for ever!

He was Sean Pen before he entered Iran and when he left he was Sean Penned!? Boshkeh....!?

Doost daaram pas hastam

From the look in his eyes

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

it is obvious he really likes to get stoned and then he heard people get stoned in Iran so. . .  


Ali-ibn Oliver Stone is a Complicated Man!

by Faramarz on


علاقه استون برای تشرف به اسلام در راهپیمایی 22 بهمن به اوج خود رسید

نادر طالب زاده در گفتگو با خبرنگار مهر افزود: در واقع زمانی که در میدان امام مطرح شد که یک گروه آمریکایی در میدان هستند تمامی مردم در یک لحظه به نشانه احترام به این اشخاص پرچم‌های مرگ بر آمریکا را پایین آورده و یک سکوت خاصی در میدان ایجاد شد که این احترامی که مردم ایران گذاشتند در نهایت  سبب شد تا استون تحت تاثیر این حس مردم قرار گیرد.

تهیه کننده و مجری برنامه‌های تلویزیونی در ادامه یادآور شد: استون این یک انسان تاریخ شناس و صاحب فکر است و این زمینه‌ها را داشت و در واقع یک شناخت نسبت به اسلام، حزب الله و .. در وجود شان استون وجود داشت.



Technically speaking he is now "Sang ali"! :-)

by Disenchanted on

What I wanna know is how many Ali have become Sean as of late?! :-) Now he has to figure out:
  •     if he wants to be Sunni or Shia? 
  •     does he believe in Mahdaviat or not? 
  •     Does he believe in Velayate faghih 
  • ............Just remember buddy, w/o belief in velayat faghih you are going to hell no matter what!


Both the left and the right in this country

by fidelio5 on

Just disgust me.

The right is infected with religious fascism that we all escaped.
And the left is morally bankrupt with economic ideas that were fresh back in 1932! Not to mention their ranks are filled with people like stone and penn.

I became a US citizen in 2007 ... I abstained from voting for either party in 2008.
It was my first vote and I just didn't want to give it to either.

There was a period where I was actually sad I didn't vote for Obama.
Now I'm glad I didn't.

It doesn't look good in 2012 for me either. I may be sitting this one out too.

Oon Yaroo

Everytime the right in America wants to go after the mullahs the

by Oon Yaroo on

left pulls a trick out of its hat to neutralize that!

This time the left sends this idiot Sean Stone to IRR to become Ali Stoned!


Doost daaram pas hastam

This guy

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. Did you hear him talk? He thinks he can convert to Islam and still remain Jewish and Christian. 


An Idiot is born every minute

by عموجان on

And they don’t have to be Iranian.

When is his flight out of Iran or is he going to move there for good?

or he likes nine years old ones? 

Yadam Beh-Khair


Yadam Beh-Khair

ختنه سورون انشاالاه ما هم دعوت هستیم

Mash Ghasem

Is "Ali Stone" another John Walker Lindh?

by Mash Ghasem on

Unfortuantely this is not the firs time a (rather alienated) American youngster commits an act of sheer stupidity. Do we remember John Walker Lindh? For the life of me I just can't fathome what kind of illusions makes them take refuge in violent, prejudiced theocracies?

John Walker Lindh



Obeyd e Zakani

by Rebecca on

When I read Doost Daram's post "Has anyone told Him?", I remembered Obeyed e Zakani's comment: "Islam is a strange religion, when you enter it, they will cut your penis, when you get out of it, they will cut your head!"

Ali Stone should be careful of what he is doing. He may lose both his tool and his head. LOL.

Doost daaram pas hastam

Not just Chavez

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

Also one about Castro called "Comandante". He loves tyrants as long as they are anti-U.S.