Oliver Stone's Son Converts to Islam

Changes name from "Sean" to "Ali"

CNN -- The son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone converted to Islam in a ceremony in central Iran, a national news agency reported. Sean Stone became a Shiite Muslim in the city of Esfahan Tuesday and chose Ali as his new Islamic name, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported. "The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with," Stone told Fars News Agency. "It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets.">>>


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His father is galactically stupid

by fidelio5 on

So it runs in the family.

Remember he made the Alexander movie that conveniently kept the burning of Persepolis by Alexander out of the script.

And yes he is very pro Chavez, even made a movie about it that can be seen on Netflix.

Doost daaram pas hastam

Has anybody told him

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

what will happen to him if he leaves Islam? He would be Mortad and sentenced to death. You know what else is like that? Mafia 


excellent question

by Fesenjoon2 on

Doost daaram pas hastam

His Dad

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

Oliver Stone wants to make a film about Ahmadinejaad. Stone is pro IRI. He is pro Chavez and Castro too. But IRI does not trust him enough or maybe Khamenei is jealous. That could be an angle.


Thanks AO

by Souri on

I haven't read that news. I was wondering if anybody could give us an obljective analysis of "how/why this happened" rather than the usual mockeries.

There should be a reason behind this act, I am sure. But i don't have so much information on the realm of the movie industry.

Soemthing sounds too weird. Isn't it?




الله و اکبر! اسلام همه جا فراگیر شده!


پرچم اسلام یک قدم بسوی فتح هالیوود نزدیکتر شد.

برادران و خواهران صلوات ختم کنند. 



خریت نه تنها الف خوردن است



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anonymous Observer

Souri - this is real

by Anonymous Observer on


Is that a joke?

by Souri on

I can't believe this is real.

Does anyone know something about this?

What's the catch?