Mojahedin's Moment

MEK has shown capacity to rectify US policy on Iran


Mojahedin's Moment
by Firouz Mahvi

The annual congress of the Iranian resistance in Paris on June 23 was a spectacular event and described as a turning point by policy makers and Iranian affairs pundits. It confirmed several points.

The unprecedented, massive turnout of 100,000-plus participants made it abundantly clear that the opposition the People's Mujahedin of Iran – also known as MEK, and the political coalition of National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) led by Maryam Rajavi, enjoys widespread support among the Iranian Diaspora.

The contribution of the PMOI to help organize such a huge and diverse event, by far larger than most Western party congresses or presidential conventions, undercuts the U.S. State Department’s assertion that the group is "marginalized" and "irrelevant." It also served to rebut similar allegations fabricated by the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence, which the State Department continues to rehash that this is a "sect" suffering from a "cult of personality" and "lacking popular support".

To my knowledge, never before in history has an opposition movement been able to organize such a convention outside of its homeland. The very diverse composition of the participants, representing different religious denominations, secularists, liberals, conservatives, young, the elderly and women, was striking.

Since no government provides material support to the PMOI, this huge event was only made possible after months of fundraising by Iranian volunteers and support committees throughout the world. I know of people who took bank loans or even mortgaged their houses to sponsor this convention.

Former U.S. Home Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge recently described the movement as "the strongest and most resilient advocates in the history of the world."

Despite its decades of efforts to establish freedom and democracy in Iran, western states have only cracked down on it in the framework of appeasement policies towards Tehran coupled with an ongoing fear of the mullahs' terrorism.

In fact, the support that this medieval regime has received from the West goes far beyond any other dictatorships in recent Iranian history. One might be astonished to know that the U.S. policy during the past decade has actually strengthened the ayatollahs and hampered their opposition. A few examples:

    * The invasion of Iraq, which brought to power the pro-Tehran government of Nouri al-Maliki;*
    * Enchaining the only remaining organised opposition to the mullahs through its inclusion on different blacklists and confining their members in a de facto house arrest in Camp Ashraf, Iraq;*
    * Ignoring the NCRI’s repeated warnings about the mullahs’ nuclear ambitions and talking for the sake of talking with Tehran;*
    * Breaching the U.S. forces signed agreement, which guaranteed the protection of Ashraf residents in return for their voluntarily disarmament, which led to two massacres in 2009 and 2011 by the Iraqi forces while U.S. troops simply watched.*

The blacklisting of PMOI hamstrung nearly all the energy and resources of the democratic opposition in lengthy and exhausting legal battles in Europe and the US instead of allowing them to focus on bringing about a democratic change in Iran.

During the past decade, the Iranian resistance has filed no less than 36 lawsuits in Europe and America confronting various blacklists. And guess what? It has won in all 36. The latest ruling came last month in Washington when a three-judge panel nanimously ordered Secretary Clinton to make up her mind about the PMOI status or the court will remove it from the State Department's list of terrorist organizations by October 1.

As the historical leader of the resistance, Massoud Rajavi, once said: “Wherever there is still a drop of freedom and justice left, we can prove the righteousness of our movement."

The mullahs tried hard to prevent the June rally by sending numerous letters to French authorities as well as organising anti-PMOI pickets to frighten the participants.

No less than 55 distinguished political figures and personalities including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Democratic Party Chairman Gov. Ed Rendell, former US Ambassador to UN Gov. Bill Richardson, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip J. Crowley were among the US dignitaries who addressed the event.

This week, a decade after the resistance exposed the mullahs’ twenty-year clandestine nuclear weapons program for the first time in August 2002, Europe has finally imposed oil sanctions on Iran. These latest sanctions had been demanded by the NCRI for the past three decades. Thus the Iranian resistance has shown its ability to change a world policy while swimming against the tide.

Now if the U.S. genuinely does not want to hand over a nuclear bomb to the mullahs, it should stand with the democratic opposition to overthrow this regime and recognize their demands. As Mrs Rajavi said in the Paris gathering, "Our demand is simple: an Iran free of suppression, a non-nuclear Iran, and a non-theocratic Iran."

Time has finally come for that.




by deev on

Number of "sundis" paid to the dignitaries and siaahi-lashgar: 110K

Number of dollars wasted on a useless show that could have fed the poor or helped Iranian refugees around the world: a whole lot

Number of Iranians who give a flying rat's behind about a terrorist organization: 0

now brag about how great the party was and how delicious the sundis tasted, traitors!

Milad N

Short Summary of the Rally

by Milad N on




Number of Buses that entered the Villepinte parking: 1320

Number of people who passed the Security detectors: 110.000

Number of Elected Parliamentarians, Mayors etc. who
participated in the event 538



The video and "100,000+ Iranians" is priceless...

by Bavafa on

Only an organization as shameless as MEK would do such thing.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



100,000+ Iranians?...

by Piyalechi on


unprecedented, massive turnout of 100,000-plus participants

by deev on

از اینگونه تظاهرات «خودجوش» در ایران هم فراوان است و فقط به یک کامیون ساندیس و قاقالیلی احتیاج دارید - شما که به چنین جمعیتی چشمگیری فخر میفروشید بگویید چرا صفحه خانم مریم رجوی در فیسبوک حتی هزار طرفدار ناقابل هم ندارد؟


Terrorists? Us? - Owen Bennett-Jones on MEK and more...

by Piyalechi on

A very eye-opening piece that explains a lot about the MEK and their desperate effort to get out of the US terrorist list is presented here:


and its translation to Farsi by yours truly, here:




On Hamid Bistooni's Comment

by Demo on



"Mek should be in a great and strong position that can afford to buy such top ranking officials, although it is absolutely clear that this is not
the case. These personalities shall not sell their image and their past
histories for some few thousand dollars

Are you serious about this? Do you really believe that the known US rascals like Newt Gingrich & Rudy Giuliani won't sell their souls for a buck each? Must be kidding, right?



And only GOD knows how many people in the crowd are Iranians & how many are invited for a free lunch & a free French Sunkist on the side!!

Ashk Dovom

What they offer Iranians is a fate worse than death!

by Ashk Dovom on

MEK and also Reza Pahlavi are the bogeyman that defuse chances of Iranians ever generating enough will power to get rid of the Islamic Republic. What they offer Iranians is a fate worse than death and they make the present regime look less hellish than other alternative hells!


Answered with substantive link

by CIM on

"by Milad N on Why attacking the Mojahedin?"

We don't care who you support.  But we do believe in nondiscriminatory access to the mechanisms of free speech, and accurate content.   

Supporting this group is your choice.  But it is our responsibility to point out that this website ( has featured a recruiting article by the MEK filled with verifiable falsehoods on the front page while hiding the results of our investigation on the back-page.  

You should not read this article, without reading this one.  


Hamid Bistooni Kermanshahi

Ear Deafening, Sky Scratching Noises in Out of Tunes Choirs

by Hamid Bistooni Kermanshahi on


As an Iranian human rights defender, I am shocked to see the amount of hatred and disgusting propaganda echoed against this enlightening article. I am afraid that almost all the anti MeK comments smell the same boggy and they carry similar content. I was heavily impressed that 30 years after the inception of the current religious dictatorship in Iran, there exists a group that persists on overthrowing the Mullahs’ regime. No matter what our political tendency is. It is highly crucial to see that the  Mek’s supporters despite various obstacles facing their political activities- due to designation- have indeed been able to build up such a spectacular support for themselves across the globe that congealed and manifested itself in that huge gathering in Paris.

We can vividly see that in the very harsh reaction of the regime and its paid and non paid agents! against them. It is widely held that MeK has always been considered as the main threat and the greatest enemy to the mullahs’ regime. They have been incredibly suppressed over the past three decades. Tens of thousands of their members and supporters have been executed and yet they insist on the regime change thru a democratic mechanism. In my view that is quite acceptable, no matter if I share different political spectrum. As for the nature of this group, one can only say that they are the number one most sworn in enemies of the Ayatollahs. So the propaganda machinery of the regime in order to demonize them has been very active during all these years. Therefore, one should not take any of such Mullahs cooked accusations that are reflected in so called comments on this article seriously. 

By the same token I would like to tell all those who tried their best to minimize or to disgrace the event of 23 July in Paris: Why on Earth are you so embarrassed? Why do you PANIC and tremble in light of an event against the Mullahs? Why all these ear deafening, sky scratching noises in this out of tunes choirs repeat the same melody and same lyrics as the mullahs ministry of intelligent service? You can also roll your sleeves up and try to show your integrity and power by organizing similar event. 

If you can’t make it Hundred thousand strong -hold, try to bring hundred individuals around and get your message across!  What are all these cries for? You say that the speakers have been well paid. I rather say well-done! Mek should be in a great and strong position that can afford to buy such top ranking officials, although it is absolutely clear that this is not the case. These personalities shall not sell their image and their past histories for some few thousand dollars! This is a self projection that the paid agents of the mullahs classify every behavior in terms of bribery and graft transaction! If it was for money, it is pretty obvious that the Mullahs rule over a very wealthy country and can afford to pay millions of petro dollars revenues to purchase some so called advocates and spin doctors in order to bring them some face, fame and credit!!??

Last but not least, I should like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to for providing us the opportunity to bring some discussions and exchange our views. But, what a pity that such window of opportunity for having a constructive and positive dialogues is turned to a utmost and unprecedented degraded, shallow and absurd felonies that are spread by some bunch of ignorant hooligans whose only manner and logic is to reflect the same nonsense  accusations fabricated by the Mullahs regime and its agents  everywhere!


Milad N

Why attacking the Mojahedin?

by Milad N on

It is obvious that this clear-headed article would have touched a sensitive nerve in Tehran. But I wonder about the comments below who claim to be opposed to the mullahs, why would they bother if 100.000 or even more would have gathered to stand up against the ruling tyranny in their country?

I am not suggesting that everyone should necessarily support the Mojahedin, but these hysterical attacks are truly counterproductive for the cause of bringing down the mullahs in Tehran. As you may have noticed article does not attack any other Iranian groups. This has always been a clear line of the mojahedin, no matter their disagreement on many issues with others be it monarchists, leftists, liberals etc, they never lose the focus on the main enemy and never attack anyone but the bloodthirsty Ayatollahs in Tehran and their agents. This should be an example to be followed by others.

To those who claim the hall had not the capacity of that number, I suggest you talk to someone who was there and watch the clips instead of searching up maps on internet. The French President Sarkozy held his party congress in the same hall earlier this year with 60.000+ attendees and the hall was then half-filled.


Here is someone who has decided not to take your stinking money

by acopier101 on

"Late last month,  syndicated columnist Clarence Page appeared at a rally in Paris in support of the Mujahadin-e Khalq (MEK), an Iranian group that has been lobbying Washington to be removed from the U.S. government’s list of designated foreign terrorist organizations.

Before a huge crowd waving portraits of MEK leaders Maryam and Massoud Rajavi as well as Iranian flags, Page called for the MEK to be removed from the official terrorist organization list.

Contacted about the appearance by ProPublica, Page said he has decided to give back his speaking fee for the event, as well as reimburse the cost of travel to and from France, which was paid for by a group called the Organizing Committee for Convention for Democracy in Iran.

'I thought they were simply a group of Iranian exiles who were opposed to the regime in Tehran,' Page said. 'I later found out they can be construed as a MEK front group, and I don’t think it’s worth it to my reputation to be perceived as a paid spokesman for any political cause.'

Page said he was paid a fee of $20,000 and travel expenses and that he attended the June 23 event during vacation time. He said he just arrived back at work from vacation and has not yet given back the money. He did not have the text of the speech he delivered, but he told ProPublica he spoke in favor of the MEK being removed from the list of  terrorist organizations, a move he expects to occur shortly.'"

Read more here >>>


Now we know why your followers had to take out bank loans and mortgage their homes.

massoud khodabandeh

Did Madam Rajavi shake hands with the guests?

by massoud khodabandeh on

Massoud Khodabandeh

Did Madam Rajavi shake hands with the guests?
Did the Speakers  charge more for not shaking hands or did they become Muslims?
Paid English Speakers  for a paid African audience in France asking the govt of Iraq not to deport them. 
Interesting but what has it got to do with Iran?
All these aside, why did you have to attack Iranians in Paris just because they did not accept to work for you and the remains of Saddam? 16 Saddamist / Rajavists were arrested by the French Police for a planned attack on a picket. French and English tourists have filmed the scene and the attackers have been charged. Nader Naderi has just come out of hospital. He said: more than 15 members of the MEK attacked us like they wanted to kill us. I say directly to Maryam Rajavi that these violent offences will not stop me or my friends from telling the world about what the MEK have done to us


What can I say that others have not said...

by Bavafa on

About this disgrace, called MEK.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



MEK a Patriotic Iranian Organization

by Ahura on

It is about time that USA removes MEK from the terrorist list. The world community in general, including the European nations, has long ago made that realistic and fair decision. The MEK organization has in turn denounced terrorism and has engaged in legitimate political activities in opposition to the religious dictatorship of mullahs and the violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although many Iranians in Diaspora may not share the religious stand of MEK, the men and women of this group have made many sacrifices during the past thirty plus years to free Iran from the present archaic and regressive theocracy.  The USA must realize that MEK is the most effective organization dedicated to overthrowing the criminal mullah regime in Iran. No other Iranian group can compare to MEK in this vein, nor can any individual Iranian match the sacrifices of an MEK foot soldier.  Regardless of the religious convictions of the group and the past tactical mistakes by their leadership, the members have put their lives on the line and have suffered tremendous hardships fighting the mullah dictatorship. I salute these patriotic men and women. They deserve much gratitude from Iranians and must be welcomed by the USA as a legitimate political group that strives to replace the outlaw terrorist IRI theocracy with a secular democratic regime committed to the security and stability of the tumultuous Middle East region.

The following excerpts from the US Declaration of Independence can aptly attest to Iranian Peoples struggle in removing IRI. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


One hundred thousand plus my ass

by acopier101 on

Some people had "to take bank loans or even mortgaged their houses to sponsor [read participate in] this convention"!  Ain't that the truth!  Crowd gathering in MEK events is their expertise now, by paying people off to participate; and another one of their experiences is to generate false count the number of participants in these events.  They pay some unknown media publisher to report what they tell them to report, and then dissipate the false news in other prominent papers, and then the falsehood becomes fact.

How much the former USA government officials were paid to participate in this and other events?

"A federal investigation of an Iranian dissident group that has targeted a number of former government officials seems to have bypassed K Street.

Lobby firms and clients who have been working to remove the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) — otherwise known as the People’s Mujahedin of Iran — from the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations told The Hill they have not been subpoenaed by federal authorities.

Former government officials such as Ed Rendell, the Democratic ex-governor of Pennsylvania, and Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have come under scrutiny from federal investigators over the speaking fees they were paid to deliver speeches supporting MEK, according to press reports.

Subpoenas have reportedly been issued for Rendell, Shelton and others."

Read more >>>


Lies and exaggerations as usual

by gorgahoo on

This article is written by a MEK professional functionary; and in true Mojahedin tradition, is full of lies and exaggerations. "100,000 participants" according to who? Why don't they show a helicopter shot that proves this claim? The photo posted shows a maximum of five to six thousand people that are bussed in and flown in to participate in the show. But then again, this calim is made by the same Rajavi bean counter who hilariously claims that this group is not supported by any government! Apparently the Saudi Arabia and Saddam's regimes have all along been phillanthropist NGOs that have provided this group with only spiritual and non-material support. This group must think we still live in early twentieth century when "the bigger the lie, the easier beleived" ruled. And by the way, every time the types of Rudy Giuliani declare their support for democracy in Iran thru this group, every freedomm loving Iranian should feel warm and fuzzy inside.


MEK! are you kidding me ?!

by Gerdoo on

What absolute nonsense. These folks fought alongside the Iraqi forces against their own brethren in the Iran Iraq war for no other reason but to ascend to power.   I call that being traitors of the highest order.   Nobody has forgotten the crimes they committed and the only reason the likes of Guliani and Gingrich are courting them is that they are looking for a Chalabi figure to supplant the mullahs.   

But you are right in thinking that the MEK would have a chance with the americans.  these folks have memories of 3-year olds and have forgotten that the Taliban are of their own making, rose up from the ashes of the Mujjahedin of Afghanisten who they armed and supported against the soviets.



Maryam! Take off the Hejab and we can talk!

by bahmani on

How ANYONE can justify a resistance while wearing the most demeaning symbol of oppression and violation of a basic woman's right, is stunningly amazing to me.

Shouting about Iranian freedom while wearing the Hejab, is like a blind man defending the person who poked out his eyes.

Wake up!

You're not going to save Iran by continuing to wear the hejab. It's bad form, makes you look like a maid, and no one will ever believe you.

We've been lied to repeatedly we need a leader who is not a liar. Stop lying to us.

Maryam jan.

Other wise, great job.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //


Worth reading if you read this article

by CIM on



by rationaliranian on

When I read nonsense like this, I take solace in the fact that a new generation of Iranians won't make the same mistakes as Iranians from 30-40 years ago.  That being said, how about we go back to reality - a place that you have clearly no idea about, because you are clearly insane.


The Rats Moment?!

by Demo on

Comparing to the estimated world rats populaion of 5 billions plus, the 100,000 plus gathering of them in Paris gives a 0.000000002 ratio or 0.0% mathematically! Notice Maryam's newst picture on the below link:




There is nothing democratic about the Rajavi's or the MEK

by ayatoilet1 on

For God's sake, why is it that that good people like Guiliani, Rendell etc. succumb to the MEK/MKO/NCRI/PMOI/MONKEYs?

How can an organization be democratic or support democracy if it (a) doesn't hold elections and (b) has leaders for life. And above all, there is so much information about torture and entrappement at Camp Ashraf by the MEK/MKO/NCRI/PMOI/MONKEYS...why does anyone take them seriously?

It really undermines US values, and the political standing of these has been politicians. (I think I know the answer, Money. They got paid to show up). It makes Guiliani, Rendell etc. whores.!! No?

As for the 100,000 or so claimed to be there. If it was a few thousand everyone in the world would be surprised. Lies, damn lies.