Get busy living

Or get busy dying

Get busy living
by gorgahoo

Briefly noted:

1. There is no agreement on the origin and nature of Life; but all agree that Life exists.

2. This Life phenomenon makes and uses living organisms as its vessel for existing.

3. The most essential, most pivotal, and the ultimate objective for all living things is propagation of Life.

4. Activities of living things, be it a single cell microbe or an advanced human society, are geared toward, and revolve around the achievement and satisfaction of this objective.

5. In the realm of humans, propagation of life can take delusional forms.

6. In evaluating actions and events, the criteria of their positive and / or negative effect on propagation of Life can be used.

7. It is reasonable to deduce that the root cause of human behavioral and mental maladies is real or imagined threats to, or deviation from one’s role in Life propagation.

8. Conversely, the remedy for many mental disorders can be found in meaningful participation in Life propagating activities.

Examples of “Propagation of Life”: Besides the obvious reproductive activities, propagation of Life is the main theme in myriad other activities such as raising another person’s child, working, creating life-promoting technologies (which include arts and medicine,) preserving resources via preventing overpopulation, and so on.

Examples of delusional Life propagation include Egyptian mummies, the elaborate palace / tombs of Chinese emperors, religious beliefs in eternal life for the Believer after death, wasteful use of resources evident in pointless possession of things, etc.


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