President Johnson's Conversation with Shah

May 18, 1965

Location: Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi calling from New York City. Topics: Johnson Welcomes Shah Of Iran, Expresses Relief On His Escaping Assassination Attempt; Shah's Trip To Argentina, Brazil; Latin American Reaction To Dominican Crisis, Vietnam; Johnson Asks For Support At Afro-Asian Conference In Algiers; Johnson's Visit To Iran As VP.


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FA jan that was a brilliant number by the late Pooran

by anglophile on

She was, arguably, Timsar Bakhtiar's only real romantic love of course before "Ghodrat" khanom appeared on the scene.   I am really impressed by your knowledge of the Tehran gossip society of the Shah's era.   Darius Jaan   I think we have to give our friend FA an honorary fellowship of our exclusive monarchist club. Why do you think :-)) 

Darius Kadivar

First Amendment Jan Only if you pass the politburo test first

by Darius Kadivar on

Bo casts long shadow over case (bbc)

With Gu Kailai jailed, what happens to Bo Xilai? 

China's Bo Xilai implicated in wife's crime - state media (bbc)



China's state-run news agency has linked fallen politician Bo Xilai to a criminal act for the first time, alleging he knew his wife was suspected…


First Amendment

"An Opium distributor of lies"

by First Amendment on

Are we on speaking terms again?...........can I come to your blogs? without any buts or ifs, any Rastakhiz Party preconditions........? Peeeeeeleeeeeeeeez?


It is good to be a King, or a Prince!

by Faramarz on

Dr. Mohandes

Maryam ali joon

by Dr. Mohandes on


You did it again! What happened to you? did the cat got your tongue yet again?

Please finish the sentence and do let me know what is in your golden and iran - loving heart and why do you see everyone here as a bahai?

Did you put too much juice in your mexican abgoosht again?

So what is your dealio julio? 

Darius Kadivar

What are You then? An Opium distributor of lies to the Masses ?

by Darius Kadivar on

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

I knew it'd be coming.............Our Majesty was de Gaulle of the ME, or something............but seriously, did the French lanky guy like anyone at all?

In the memory of sepahbod Bakhtiar, one of the few if not the only soldier with nads in His Majesty's Army........

Darius Kadivar

Ha Ha Anglophile Jan ... It must have been a Freudian slip

by Darius Kadivar on

on my part ...


Indeed prior to my comment I had just watched his latest interview echoing the same sketicism ... 


Oliver Stone: US on 'treadmill' of war (bbc, video) 


Thank you for the interesting info Darius jaan

by anglophile on

I didn't know about De Gaulle and Adenauer's dislike and distrust of JFK.


Did I notice a pun in your comment? :-) 

 "Those who think History is written in Stone are Dead Wrong" 


Oliver Stone's JFK:



Oliver Stone: US on 'treadmill' of war


Darius Kadivar

Well said anglophile Jan (De Gaulle & Adenauer disliked Kennedy)

by Darius Kadivar on

As a matter of fact many Major western leaders were at odds with Kennedy and Not just the Shah ...


To Name a Few :


General De Gaulle : They disagreed on many issues notably on Indochina where the Kennedy administration planted the seeds of what would become their crippling nightmare in the decade that followed: The Vietnam War



De Gaulle's Peace Program for Vietnam: The Kennedy Years






Jackie Kennedy n'aimait ni de Gaulle ni les Français - L'EXPRESS


AFP: Jackie Kennedy disliked de Gaulle, Indira Gandhi




Chancellor Adenauer:
Who distrusted Kennedy's style in handling the Berlin Wall Crisis.

Adenauer and Kennedy: An Era of Distrust In German American Relations

Kennedy Note Apparently Fails To Calm Adenauer .Distrust ...



Very Much like Obama ... Kennedy's good Looks and Charisma (added to his tragic assassination) have overshadowed his disastrous Foreign Policy which have only become apparent with the passage of time.


Those who think History is written in Stone are Dead Wrong ... the passage of time and documents available only 30 years later offer a very different picture on the pros and cons of a given personality and his or her political and historical legacy.


I'm glad to see that in the case of the Shah, history is actually doing him justice with the passage of Time.


I couldn't say the same for all those ideological demagogues particularly on the Left Wing side of our political spectrum who continue to criticize him blindly and unobjectively to this day ...   


Kennedys were loose canons

by anglophile on

The Shah was not the only one who was relieved to learn of their demise, the American establishment was relieved too.


But moreover, they were not friends of Iran. JFK tried, and failed, to replace the Shah by Teymour Bakhtiar (don't believe me? Ask Alinaghi Alikhani :-)) and when that didn't work exerted influence on Iranian politics by pushing the unapologetic American lackey, Ali Amini, into premiership.


Just a little lesson in contemporary historty :-) 



Yeah right, Bahais are "all over it"!

by Reality-Bites on

Babais are unable to do anything to stop the destruction of their livelihoods, prevention of their children's education, their daily intimidation, harassment, imprisonment, torture and murder at the hands of the Islamic Republic, but apparently they have enough resources to dedicate time and effort to be "all over IC", because somehow this is so much more important.

You sad individual. How desperate you must be to continually make up such rubbish as an outlet for your hatred.


Doubt the IRI looks at IC, but Haifan Baihais are all over it

by MaryamJoon on

"by Dr. Mohandes on would that be  the same the Psych-ops team that repeats the same bullshit day in and day out[?]"

Dr. Mohandes

Our national Sentiment LOL

by Dr. Mohandes on

that is right.

Be a di...head and Bark all you can about how mighty you have become and put pne entire nation's future and livelihood in danger, rest -assured that so long as you are barking no one will ever suspect that you are "humiliating" your nation's national sentiments.

LOL. that is all i have got to say to that one.

boro kenar bezar bad biad amoo samad. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

would that be  the same the Psych-ops team that repeats the same bullshit day in and day out,  albeit with more vengeance and vigor on the iranian TV with regards to the israel regime as the main occupier?

Could you give me a ballpark figure on how many times these damn reeshoes and stinky assbackwards tweet that around, gee i don't know, maybe in a span of One hour?



Of cors, MaryamJ, of cors

by Rea on

It's all Israeli and Bahai propaganda ops, what else.

I knew it, lol. 


Yes, FA, no, excuse me, not, no eye-ran, whatever

by Rea on

"1971. Les fastes du Shah d’Iran à Persépolis" (unfortunately, the video is no longer available).

Tito was there, too. 

Tito and the late Shah, two people I appreciate. Controversial, both. Either you love them or you hate them.

First Amendment

"At the time of Shah"

by First Amendment on



Why do I have this freaky feeling that we had this before?......."Excuse me, but I am not from, we don't live with a camel in our tent, Sir.........No, don't have to dial for me, I know what a phone my friends......we no longer use pigeons to carry our letters..............."     things like that......they knew about I ran back, and kicked His Majesty out...........simple.


Because of psychological ops by Israel & Haifan-Bahais, right?

by MaryamJoon on

"by Rea on Nowadays, they know about Khamenei, hijab, women barred from university courses, imprisoned journalists, public hangings, etc."  

  • Let's be honest, that's why these things are in the news day in and day out.  How many times a day do Tel Aviv & Haifa Tweet the word "Iran"? 


At the time of Shah

by Rea on

.... non-Iranians knew about Iran and Iranians.

Nowadays, they know about Khamenei, hijab, women barred from university courses, imprisoned journalists, public hangings, etc.


If my aunt had two testicles, she would be my uncle!


2 seekh koobideh and 1 seekh gojeh on lavash with rayhoon and doogh are coming!

Kabobi Shlomo Haghighat!


Reza Pahlavi for President ...

by MaryamJoon on

... of Israel.  

I give my blessing to the people there to replace Netanyahu with Reza Pahlavi (he gets paid by pieces of kabab - you can afford him).  

Immortal Guard

If Kennedy was not assassinated....

by Immortal Guard on

If Kennedy was not assassinated there would have been a revolution in Iran in Mid-Sixties!

First Amendment

"shokre khoda chi fayedeh"

by First Amendment on

این پهلوی‌چیا مارو جمختند...


May Lord Moses bless Shah of Iran, a great friend of Israel!


Shah M. R. Pahlavi brought Iran out of the dark ages into a modern time. Iranians were free, prosperous, and respected all over the world. They could travel to US, Europe, and Israel without needing any visa. 

Today, the only countries they can afford going to is Turkey and Afghanistan and even then they need to acquire visa for.

Iranians must get themselves rid of the muzzles and leashes IRR and mullahs have controlling them with.

Shlomo loves the Shah!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

shokre khoda chi fayedeh

seer nashodin be ghayedeh.

* gilaki sher from an old Teacher.


Babak K.

I wish Shah was close to

by Babak K. on

I wish Shah was close to his people and counted on his people instead of outside powers, and could have a similar conversation with an Iranian statesman or anybody who disagreed with him.  Unfortunately, dictators never get it and when they get it, it is too late.  Eastern Mostabeds like evrything about the West, except free press and freedom of expressions.  

To First Amendment:

Your short analysis is correct.  In fact, I read in a book that the late Bobby Kennedy wanted the Shah to start democratic process in Iran before it gets too late or esle.  Shah was truely relieved when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.  Shah later on expressed his satisfaction about Bobby Kennedy's death in an interview with a British magazine.

First Amendment

"Shah made Iran proud"

by First Amendment on

Yup............indeed      :))



by Elham57 on

Humiliated should be those who viewed him, and called him, as submissive.

Shah made Iran proud.

He was respected, as Iran was.

I miss him.

Oon Yaroo

The era when Iranians used aftabeh to wash their @$$ instead of

by Oon Yaroo on

drink from it which is what IRR has brought upon them!

God bless the Shah and president Johnson!