President Johnson's Conversation with Shah

May 18, 1965

Location: Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi calling from New York City. Topics: Johnson Welcomes Shah Of Iran, Expresses Relief On His Escaping Assassination Attempt; Shah's Trip To Argentina, Brazil; Latin American Reaction To Dominican Crisis, Vietnam; Johnson Asks For Support At Afro-Asian Conference In Algiers; Johnson's Visit To Iran As VP.


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Good Old Days

by hafez on

Shah's incredible vision from the outset was allying Iran with another great nation, the United States.   Iran's alliance with China and Russia has brought nothing but war, destruction and alienation for every Iranian citizen.  Not to mention Iran's total economical collapse.   I am happy that the vast majority of Iranians realize this now.  Take a trip to Iran and talk to the common person in the cities and you will find out who much they envy the old days when we were friends with all nations of the world.


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Shah was truly relieved by the untimely death of Kennedy.......Jonson never trusted Him.............His megalomaniac attitude during the Nixon presidency, and after the Watergate scandal cost Him the peacock throne........
I also find our Shah's submissive tone very humiliating to our national sentiment.