Is Rafsanjani Up To Something?

Could he sell out his own children?

Is Rafsanjani Up To Something?
by Meir Javedanfar

The Iranian government has arrested Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s daughter Faezeh. And after her arrest, instead of staying put in the UK, his son Mehdi who is wanted in Iran went back there!

Why would he want to do that?

Surely his father Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani would have told him not to come back and to stay put in the UK instead.

It seems that he didn’t.

And why have we not heard a strong reaction from Rafsanjani condemning the arrest of his daughter?

Judging by these developments, we are looking at two possibilities:

1 – Rafsanjani has decided to sell his children out.

2- He has cut a deal with Khamenei according to which his children are quickly arrested and then released, and in return Rafsanjani is given part of his power and influence back by Khamenei.

The second one is a possibility that can’t be ignored. The arrest of Rafsanjani’s children, even if they are temporary could be used as a tool by Khamenei to please those within the regime who have been calling for the arrests of Rafsanjani’s son and daughter.

Faezeh Rafsanjani had gone to London to visit her brother Mehdi during the Olympics. Did she tell him about these upcoming events and coordinate this whole saga with him? Did her father send her there for this purpose after consulting with Khamenei? Maybe.

Once this story is over and Rafsanjani has “paid his fine” his return to the fold could be easier, so goes this theory.

The thing with Iranian politics is that you never quite know. There is always another surprise around the corner.

But could Rafsanjani be so weak and cowardly to sell his own children out?

Meir Javedanfar is the Tel Aviv-based director of The Middle East Economic and Political Analysis Company (meepas).


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You are all a bunch of FOOLS

by elmcoint on

This is politics, the game must go on FOOLS. Players should use every possible tactics to win the game. United States and its allies started this game, and IRI and its people trying to go around it. Be honest, you guys can not even send a single Dollar to your love ones in Iran without the permission of the MASTER(USA). Ha Ha, you guys living in the land of freedom and Master is running the show for you. Tell me FOOLS, how can you breath when USA has one hand on your balls and the other on your mouth???? from your ass? This is what US is doing to Iranians.

The Iranians for the past 30 some years are trying to cushion the pressures from top and so far they have been successful enough diverting every possible scenario to eliminate Iran becomes like Iraq or Afghanistan. For those of you who are the FOOLS of FOOLS, never wish for regime change. Regime change is equal to a CIVIL WAR.

Rafsanjani and his family are part this game. He started this game long time ago with his circle within. For Rafsanjani, to bail out his children is equal to lose the game. He knows that IRAN is not at any position to lose this game with United States. Iran has to win at any cost. The best scenario is the USA and its allies respect Iran's sovereignty and leave their hands off Iran.

As you all know, the nuclear game has nothing to do with realities and WEST sooner or later should accept the fact of Nuclear Iran, as they accepted Pakistanis and Israelis.

 THE GAME MUST GO ON, otherwise Iran will shift totally toward EAST. To me this is far dangerous than having Nuclear Iran. So in order Iran win the game, every person on this IRI body should get united even people who are at odds within the system.  "Call it regrouping." Members of IRI are regrouping to do the final act; To release IRAN from the hands of WEST.

Are you guys with the Iranian people or NOT? The time is ticking and the other side is deciding whether or not to make Iran like Iraq or Afghanistan.


Rafsanjani is done

by vatan-dost on

He is done. He has no place in Iran and Mullah must prosecute for what he has done.


Vanaki: You are spot on.

by vildemose on

Vanaki: You are spot on. Rafsanjani and Mousavi have been thrown under the bus by the US as evident by removing MEK from the terror list. The logical thing for Raf et al is to repair the damage he has done to Khameni and in return Khameni will let the Reformers back into his filthy terayaki bossom. All is well among khodis...


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Nader Vanaki

هموطنان گرامی همه خوب فهمیدن

Nader Vanaki

که همه اش ننه من غریبم بازی رفسنجانیه که با شیخ علی هم توافق کرده که برای انتخابات آینده بیاد معرکه گیری راه بیندازه که تنور انتخابات را گرم کنه. چند ماه زندان خیلی براشون هزینه نیست وقتی جنتی، حسنی و گیلانی برای گرفتن همون سمتشون در نظام از جون بچّه هاشون ناچار شدن هزینه کنن.

Mardom Mazloom

شباهت به جان هم افتادن کفتاران اسلامی صدر اسلام و جمهوری اسلامی

Mardom Mazloom


who cares

by MRX on

seriously who cares? This is internal politics and relation among looters. I am sure as soon as dady gives up money to some one, the kids will be relaesed and if you folks are lukcy, soon they will join the green movement and  lecture every one about virtues of progressive secular deomcracy!

areyo barzan

Rats & a sinking Ship

by areyo barzan on

But of course the THIRD possibility is that even Rafsanjani and his family have heard the final bells announcing the Death of IRI and they realised that sooner rather than later they will face the mob justice from an angry Iranian people, let alone those political groups whose followers fell victim to this regimes brutal onslaught when he was in power.

So what he is doing is to swiftly separate his camp from the main stream of the regime’s current murderers (AN & Co) and becoming a rebel.

In this way he can first and foremost buy some much needed sympathy from the ordinary Iranians it the street by being the latest victim of this brutal killing machine, not to mention the fact that seeing him and his family being as another victim to this regime makes many people happy and will satisfy their rage and ease their anger.

Hence in case of a regime change there would be less of a chance of him and his family being thorn to peaces by angry mobs in the middle of the streets of Tehran.

Not only that but I also believe that this plan has been in making for a long time coming. As a shroud politician he has came to know very well when is the time for him to leave the building and put all the blame on some one else’s (in this case AN and Ali Khamene-ee) shoulders.

If he has half the brain that I take him for, he would not make a comeback for any price, post or reward. But instead he and his family will swiftly melt into the background by leaving the IRI political arena before it is too late. Not only they will do that but they will also make it look as if they were also the last victims of this brutal killing machine in order to please the ordinary man in the streets of Iran and stop people from going after them.

In a few years from now after the fall of this regime you might find him and his sons in suits and ties or his daughter in a dress or skirt running a London based private company ran from South America, Australia or Singapore, enjoying a lavish life of luxury boats and mansion and sport cars, bought by the money they stole from these poor people, denying their ever involvement in the monstrosity that was The IRI.

Now! The responsibility for not letting such plan to succeed rests upon the shoulders of opposition groups outside, the brave journalists who will go after them and web sites like this that always stand for the truth the whole truth and noting but the truth


No surprise

by omeedvar on

the islamists who took power in 1979, have demonstrated, in three decades, they can give up their children or other loved ones to save their regime and themselves. Ayatollah Gilani and Montazeri are among them. On the other hand, Rafsanjani may have other hidden plans for this, for people to think he is not with the regime, so he and his family may have a better chance when current authorities are gome.



by Bavafa on

I was expecting a much better analysis from Mr. Javendafar based on his previous work.  While I agree the Iranian politics is rather sheer-to-sheer, I would expect more to come then a simple slap and return to power.  The whole notion of sheer-to-sheer in Iranian politics means no one need a slap in order to return to power.

 Be interesting what comes out of this, my bet is nothing at least for the public to know.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory