Bethesda in bloom

Photo essay: Near Washington DC

by ebi amirhosseini
The cherry blossom festival has started in Washington D.C. I took these pictures in Bethesda, Maryland, not very far from the tidal basin in D.C.

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ebi amirhosseini

Dear sb, no I am not new to

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear sb, no I am not new to the area.It happened that this year I had a camera with me to take some pictures from the blossom.Please if you have more pictures,post them so we can enjoy.tnx


yes but

by Anonymousity (not verified) on

Iranians think Americans are as gracious and generous as Iranians are. That's not true.

The other day I snapped some pictures of a beautiful landscape/house in the center of Bethesda and a lady ran out of the house, clutching a baby and shaking her fist at me. I could not hear what she was screaming at me, but her body language was not communicating anything pleasant.

Your heart and your sense of beauty were in the right place, Ebi, but given the basically suspicious nature of Bethesda residents, many many of whom are lobbyists or think tankers who make the money to pay for those beautiful houses in Bethesda by advocating war on Iran or working for Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin, it doesn't seem like a good idea to have displayed pictures with street signs on a web site.

On the other hand, the azalea festival coming up soon in Bethesda will present another opportunity to view the awesome beauty of nature.


Sakura vs. Pahlavi street's trees

by sarekar (not verified) on

they are sooo beautiful here in Japan.wish you could see them specially when they bloom close to a Buddhist Temple or an old japanese garden with a red little bridge...but for me,those trees in Pahlavi street are more beautifu.really,I mean it.


if you are new to the area

by sb (not verified) on

Ebi jan this is nice but if you are new to the area you need to go back if few days (or so) when the tress are in full bloom – you will not believe your eyes. I have been in DC area for 30 year or so and I saw my first “Cherry Blossom” at Kenwood and I could not fit in my own skin. What I saw was truly out of this world – something that I had not seen and have not seen since then. Those pictures will sure will worth sharing (as well as these)