Dream machines

Vintage car show, Victoria, Canada

by Azadeh Azad

The year was 1932. War loomed in Europe and famine ravaged Russia, but the USA was recovering from the Great Depression. Confidence and novelty were on the horizon. FDR was elected President and uttered the famous words, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." The same year, Edsel B. Ford, son of Henry Ford, designed the 1932 Ford Coupe and Roadster, commonly called the "Deuce."

On July 29, 2007, the City of Victoria (British Columbia) witnessed the 75th Northwest Deuce Days Celebration. Over 750 vintage cars were on display, including more than 400 versions of the car immortalized in the movie "American Graffiti", in the Beach Boys’ "Little Deuce Coupe" and by thousands of hot-rodders over the years. These copyrighted photos are of some of the Deuce cars that have been restored, modified and beautified. Enjoy!


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Victoria is sucks and is racism city

by hajiagha on

I,live here over 4 years , first years I moved fro Toronto to Victoria , I had hard times to land job so small city I did only 2 days late on my rent and my landlord she bring some one and he attack me and collect my items on raining day and bring out , police show up my face in blood but stupid racist police also did not do any things...most of the population of the Victoria are blond and they are so selfish and they are not friendly to new comers , thy thinks this city is a own private ....I never saw such stupid selfish in any place....also so many poor and homeless and drugs dealers , on are street, so many single women and lesbian and not friendly to get date with man,the city of the Victoria trying to bring more people here to sale native land to the high as possible...and why cost of living in Victoria from 100.000 for house jumping to over 600.000 in 2007 , sucks government of Iran respect more to human right as this Canadian just rub the poor and low income to support rich


former Iranian journalist and cartoonist