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Photo essay: Khorramshahr, Abadan, Mashad

by Azam Nemati
When I came back from my trip to Iran in October 2009, I was not sure if I could go there for Iranian New year but late in December my dad suffered a stroke. He was in ICU for a week and I was not told until he was released. I was devastated at first because he could only repeat the same few words with heavy stuttering and I knew he was being told I was his daughter without recognizing who I really was. I decided I had to go to Iran so seeing me would help my dad since I was his favorite child ... more

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Anahid Hojjati

Rosie: you are so funny about yolanda

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Rosie, calling Yolanda the Florence Nightengale of IC was hilarious.



by yolanda on

Hi! IRI,

    I agree with bajenaghe naghi....he wrote:


    You are also a very frank person who says things that are quite provocative and can hurt people. Most people have strong points of view on some matters, but a lot less people get hurt or offended if we are more selective with the words we use to convey our points of view. Being a little humble and showing a little humility go a long way. :-)



Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

I'm not confused. I'm still waiting for you to answer my questions on the other two threads about why you sadistically tormented that poor guy and to prove in the face of your virulent statements to him, then me, that you are not flagrantly anti-Semitic. And as regards this 'we', do you really think you are loved and welcomed here as the mouthpiece of the hardliner Regmie? Ask the others if they relish being lumped into 'we' with the likes of you. Go ahead, take a poll.  God, you're dense. No wonder you're attracted to the Regime. Cruel and dumb. Water seeks its own level.The dumb part's why they're doomed.


Look, Azam, this is what you get when you write an article about your poor father and all those touching experiences you just had with him and then you say the objectionable things you said in the first part about the Isfahanis and others. You get garbage on your threads. And I'm sure some of the things people said about you hurt you a lot. But you asked for it. You did. You look like a really nice person. Please don't do that to yourself again. This is so disrespectful to your father. God, it's awful. 


hardy har har

by Iraniandudeee on

LOl, funny read. Btw, in the future please don't stereotype about other Iranians/Persians, remember that we're all Iranians and should respect one another.


Peace and beautiful pics.


So what is going up with Yolanda?

by IRI on

Yolanda, tell us what it is that you 1000 percent agree with?

Was Rosie is confused and trying to take the rest of us with her.



by Elham57 on

What a miserable human being, this Azam Nemati, the author is !

Was Rosie

Honey chile, you are SOMEBODY

by Was Rosie on

and you are reeeally something!




by yolanda on

Hi! Rosie,

    You gave me too much credit, but I am nobody here!

I hope everyone is happy!

Thank you, Rosie!

Was Rosie

Just visiting /Yolanda, Three Blind Mice, and The Eye of God:

by Was Rosie on

Having decided to extend my own visit back home til the end of the weekend due to all the excitement going on what with sale of all IP's to the CIA at handsome profit and other events of seismic dimensions, thought I'd throw in:

1) To the author: you're clearly very compassionate about the downtrodden. In the second half of your article, you even say you want to devote your life to them. While the first half is...odd.  I doubt it's intended to be offensive, but many people took it that way, and so...it is. So I agree with Ben and Yo: please work on a better way of expressing yourself. Your article sounds almost like a split personality, but I know that the real you is in the second half. Thank you for the lovely photos and best wishes for your dad. You're a great daughter and all this must be very hard on you.

2) Had it not been for the ministerings of the good and ever-vigilant Yolanda, two or three 'deletees' would've had cardiac arrest. And it's bad enough that the lady's father is so sick.  So I think, dear The Moderator, that comments should be in one section only for these types of submissions. 

Good work, Yolanda, the Florence Nightengale of iranian.com.  You saved them!  No more martyrs in the Iranian struggle for Freedom!



by Spear on

Let me tell you, the "merit and substance" standard is a very slippery slope, because it's a very subjective standard. Why don't we just stick to the tried and true standard already in constitutional practice, and limit language and articles that are "profane, written for prurient interests, or to incite violence," specially when thinking about extremely serious topics like censorship and freedom of speech.

These issues, as tangential as you may deem them to be with respect to Ms. Nemati's article, are not to be toyed with lightly, as it could one day lead to your words and thoughts being restrained, even censored, based on someone else's subjective "merit and substance" standard.

Not everything in Ms. Nemati's article was trash -- her love of country, city of birth and biological father were actually commendable. Her shallow attitude and opinions toward other Iranians, were regrettably, rather unfortunate. But, in-and-of-itself, that's not enough to warrant censorship.

IRI represents political Islam, not Iran


Spear - Nobody is advocating censorship

by reader1 on


Nobody is advocating censorship. Articles taking prominent position on this website must have some merit and substance. I think neg_mod is spot on.


the saddest part

by capt_ayhab on

The saddest part, asides from the fact that this honorable lady of the Traveler, representing what is the most ugly trait about any human being is that fact that her[safar nameh] is on the front page of this publication for everyone to see and to read,  as to how shallow and superficial a human being can be.

I suppose there is more to it than meets the eyes. 


i.e................ Don't be like her! Be more human!


Ghormeh Chick


by Ghormeh Chick on

Azam Khanoum,

Az ghadeem goftand derakht har chee por baar tar oftaadeh tar. Khahar jaan, piadeh sho ba ham bereem. een hameh efaadeh vasseh cheeh.  Too daloon panjah harf zadan mesle javoon jeghelehay teenager zeshteh naneh.

aks haat khooband. dastet dard nakoneh



by yolanda on

Hi! jasonrobardas,

    Your 2 posts are still there, you posted them with the essay page, not with the photo page, just scroll down to the bottom, you will see your 2 posts:



Nemati gets prefrential treatment

by jasonrobardas on

     Why does she get the oppotunity to insult and degrade everyone, but when I make a comment about her , it gets delleted ?????????????????

     This web site is a microcosm in a macrocosm . Just like Iran . Those favored , get prefrential treatment .

   Two of my comments were deleted . Shame on Iranian .com . I did not expect that .



neg mod

by Spear on

"Bad, very bad of Iranian.com for letting material like this to be published."

You are dead wrong on this point, neg mod, 100% wrong! This woman may be off her rocker, I'm trying to be kind, but we cannot promote censorship in any shape or form. She has a right to be shallow. And IC should publish this sort of nonsense, so that we can all discuss it and maybe help this woman correct her artificial perspective on life. This is the promise and benefit of FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So long as it's not inciting violence (i.e., yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre) or profane, it should be allowed to be disseminated.

There are far more incidiary articles that are published on Iranian.com which promote the existence of the IRI, and even in those instances, we should not engage in censorship. Freedom of speech helps us get this sort of ignorance in the public light of discourse and debate. It promotes awareness. And it may even help educate those you may deem beyond hope. In short, we cannot hide this sort of mentality under the rug of decency -- we must air it out so that we can hopefully marginalize, educate and enlighten even the most reactionary characters in our society.

Covering it up (i.e., censorship) will only allow this sort of ignorance to metastisize and further infect and graft onto our culture. Just look at all the negative responses this woman has received due to publishing this article. I'm hopeful that Ms. Nemati will be open-minded and read them thoroughly and re-assess her way of thinking with some serious introspective analysis and reconsideration. That will only benefit our culture, thanks to freedom of speech on Iranian.com.

IRI represents political Islam, not Iran


Bad Bad Bad!!

by neg_mod on

1- Bad english, bad writing and lots of typos: At least read your article once before posting

2-Bad, very bad attitude!! I won't say more as others did a great job! You really talk about class??? take a look at yourself in the mirror!

3-Bad, very bad of Iranian.com for letting material like this to be published.


Rahaii In another thought,

by Rahaii on


In another thought, I hope she goes back where she comes from!!!


This Woman is really......

by Rahaii on


I feel sorry for this woman. It is shame that she representing Iranian women. It is a time that she should look at herself deeply and purifies herself both physically and mentally. If there is a need, I am a therapist and can help her in that area.


Ungracious and pompous

by reader1 on


I could not agree more with Obama. I cannot believe this lady’s rant was
allowed to be published. Iranians living in the west have unfairly been
subject to all sorts of  stereotyping and cliché .  I am surprised that
this lady has not learned a lesson and remains content in her ignorance
of the value of modesty and dignity with respect for people from all
walks of life. 

Attention webmaster:  double posting due to technical problem with this website. Postings in page two are not reflected in page one!


How dare you deleted my comment?

by onlyinamrica on

She should be told what she is. Why is she constantly insults our Isfahani folks. If it wasn't for our Isfahani comrades, her Khoramshahr and Abadan would be part of Iraq today.Khejalat ham khob chizieh khahar.



by yolanda on

Hi! Obama,

    Nobody deleted your post....you forgot where you posted your comment....I read your post at work.....your post is still standing and intact.....you posted your comment with the essay, not with the photos....here is your post....please scroll down all the way to the bottom:


 I hope you feel better and chill out, please!!!

P.S. I agree with your post!


You deleted my comment because I said she has stinky attitude?

by obama on

I posted the first comment saying that she was insulting other iranians for lack of education or belonging to different caste -saying she is judgemental, full of ego and shame on her for having such attitude! Then you deleted my posting for being insulting! If mine is, then you should delete her entire posting for being insulting to most iranians! IS she getting a free pass for being your HAMSHAHRI? That's not fair! Probably you'll delte this one too! So much for fighting for democracy for Iran!!! 

Yadam Beh-Khair

Nemati, whatever you do

by Yadam Beh-Khair on

Do not join Boobquake, Please!



by yolanda on


Your post is great! I agree with you 1000%! Great job!

Thank you!!!


azam joon !!! are you for real?

by curly on

your so rude, judgemental and full of yourself and prejudice how can you openly write this "arajif" about isfahanis.i am not isfahani and i am offended i can see that your dad spoiled you so much that you did not learn "tavazoee" and kindness such a shame.

bajenaghe naghi

Azam jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Thank you for posting all these very nice photos. One thing I noticed is that the streets in Khoramshahr are quite empty. Where are all the people?

You seem to be a very caring lady who wants to help. You are also a very frank person who says things that are quite provocative and can hurt people. Most people have strong points of view on some matters, but a lot less people get hurt or offended if we are more selective with the words we use to convey our points of view. Being a little humble and showing a little humility go a long way. :-)

Anonymous Observer

I'm an Esfahani too!

by Anonymous Observer on

In spirit...and in solidarity.  

This is nonsense.  Why do you insult other Iranians?  Who are you?  God's gift to Iran?!!!

To follow up on what the Captain said about your personal 737, I suggest that you put it on your credit card...specifically, your black American Express! 



by cyclicforward on

Read your article and you are really full of yourself.



by capt_ayhab on

You should stand in front of mirror at least 5 times a day and thank God for creating such one of a kind as yourself.

Next time you travel to Iran, take your private 737, so you would not have to deal with common people, with ethnic accents or mechanic shops.

You are a jewel indeed


P/S don't forget ESPAND at least 6 times a day, khoda nakardeh cheshm mikhori.