Lake Parade '07

This is how we do it y'all

by Parham
As part of the series showing where Iranian diaspora live and what happens there, this is my first contribution to show you what happens in Geneva, where I live, at different periods of the year.

Every year during summer time, Geneva is host to the "Lake Parade", an event during which people dress up and dance on trucks that are paraded around Lake Geneva (or "Lac Léman" for close friends). The music they dance to is plain dance music, although some processions still do play house and techno.

I got interested in street photography after I saw pictures taken by an online friend, whom I consider a master of the style, and tried my hand at it. I hope you'll enjoy the sense of freedom conveyed by these photos.

As you watch the pictures, please ask yourself the following: Will this ever be possible in Iran? Would you like it to? If you have an answer for these questions, you could post it below.

All images copyrighted. Photo critiques welcome.


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