A lot has changed

Photo essay

by ebi amirhosseini
I took these pictures on my trip to Tehran in February. A lot has changed since my last trip seven years ago.

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Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Happy Nawrouz to you and your loved ones. (Poem by Muhammad Sarir)

Regards,Mona :)

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

thanks for the lovely poem.

happy Nowruz

Mona 19

ای شهرِ خوبِ من

Mona 19

شب های تهران زیباست زیباست
زیباترین شبهای دنیاست
در آسمانش هر شب هرشب ،
نور امید و عشق و رویاست

در کوچه هایت خانه ها خوابند ،
یادِ نسیم و یادِ مهتابند
در کوچه هایت خانه ها خوابند ،
یادِ نسیم و یادِ مهتابند
در کوچه هایت خانه ها خوابند ،
یادِ نسیم و یادِ مهتابند

امّا تو بیداری ای شهرِ بی خواب
در خلوتِ شب ها در نورِ مهتاب
شهرِ من هر شب چون آسمان است
غرق پولک ، ستارگان است
شهرِ من هر شب چون آسمان است
غرق پولک ، ستارگان است

در گوشه ی هر قلبی ، عشقی
در هر نگاهی مهرِ یاران
در رنگِ مهتابِ پاییزی ،
صد خاطره از روزگاران

از کهکشان ها پرسی نشانم
رویای شب های تهرانم
از کهکشان ها پرسی نشانم
رویای شب های تهرانم
از کهکشان ها پرسی نشانم
رویای شب های تهرانم

ای شهرِ خوبِ من ، ای شهر زیبا
من با تو می مانم ، ای شهرِ رویا
شهرِ من هر شب چون آسمان است
غرق پولک ، ستارگان است
شهرِ من هر شب چون آسمان است


 Shabhaye Tehran #8.....Enjoy

Listening to it, Always Bring back so many good memories.

Have a " Wonderful " weekend






Frind To Friend

by Hamfekr (not verified) on

Dear friend

We should be mindful of the fact that a superficial change in the landscape is not the proper criterion for measuring the progress in the social structure.

We can boast a real positive change whenever people are able to exercise their much revered rights without any draconian restrictions.

High-rise buildings, fast food restaurants and financial institutions which are owned and/or governed by the oligarchy should not force us to forget the shameful truths about our society.

Erecting traffic signs is one thing, managing people's daily commute where people don't have to needlessly jeopardize their health and safety is something else.

Assuming that you are not part of a propaganda machinery for the regime, I wish your memories of a short trip to motherland were unbiased.

Thank you.


Do you sell banners?

by puzzled not (not verified) on

All your pictures were from the signs of the stores or from different commercial banners, not from Tehran...The few pictures from the city, didn't display any change. The same people, the same shit. Nothing had changed, besides of course, the banners! They're doing pretty good imitating us....lol


A lot has changed.........and:

by lucifercus (not verified) on

سازمان گردشگري ايران : امسال شمار سفرهاي نوروزي ۲۹‬درصدفزايش يافت
1. I used to sell Pofak-namaki
* and I used to make some kind of envelopes with newspaper and sell to Milkand cheese shop.
2.when we no longer see picture of Imam khomeini(r) or khamenei
*well, we will have to wait for the time after reappearing Mahdi(s).
3.one day we can kick out the savages.
+ I think "WE" can not be hopefull. "We" did not even try to stop the "occupation". However the country is now reoccupeid by the real Owners, the honourable Iranian Nation. Before 1978 it was KONAM DADDAN VA KHUKAN.
......and so on and so on.......


Thousand times more beuatiful!

by Kamangir on

Theran is a beautiful city and would be 1000 times more beuatiful and attractive, without the IRI's nasty and stinking presence.

We'll see that city much more beutiful, hopefuly soon!



by So Sad (not verified) on

I hope that Iran can shed this dirty Arab occupation of Iran, one day we can kick out the savages.


666... Peace...

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

...Without the doubt Allah has been keep changing quite a lot in Iran since 1979 and we will continue monitoring his continuous transformation until we no longer would be able to either recognize him or to detect him on the radar of political consciousness...



With oil being at $100+ per barrell...

by Internets on

OK, I am going to get on my political soap box a bit in here:

With the price of oil rising on a dramatic level and currently being at $100+ per barrel, even a chimpanzee would be able to put some of that loot back into the "economy" to enable the " rich become richer" as evident by all these fancier and taller buildings.

I remember the same trend in the early 80s with the Iraqis being the "privilged" ones at the expense of the hapless Iranians. Back then, the Iraqis were rolling in the $$$ because of unimpeded oil revenues and were making a mockery of the Iranians and their BADBAKHT ways. In the early 80s, Baghdad was a sprawling and dynamic metropolis, where as Tehran was a sad and miserable "war depleted" dump. Oh my, how have things changed!.

The moral of the story is this: Never be too desperate when you think that are staring into the abyss and never be so complacent as to thinking that you have got it "made" (strong hint to the Mollahs and the leadership hiarachy). Either Iran will have to align itself with the new world order by "behaving" itself, or else the U.S. will ultimately unleash the same kind of hell on Iran, just like they did in Iraq. If so, Iran will inevitably have to pay back the money that they have been raking in the past few years, plus some hefty "interest".


Shria Law of 7th century, yes a lot changed in backwardness

by Mehran (not verified) on

We Iranians used to compare ourselves with Europe, but now, comparison is made with Saudia Arbia and Iraq!

For reality check, read here



what has changed?

by MRX1 (not verified) on

beside building bunch of more high rises that make the town more crowded and more poluted.... Real change would be when we no longer see picture of khomein or khamenei and the rest of these low life life gangs running the show over there..


I used to sell Pofak-namaki

by AnonymousStreetSeller (not verified) on

I used to sell Pofak-namaki and Adams khoroos neshan when I was 11 during Shah too.

Yep, Alot has changed;


Great people

by Alborzi (not verified) on

God be with them.


Picture 61

by Anonymouse on

Children young as 13 selling gums.