Paris punch

Photo essay: Iranian Ambassador to France beaten by police as he tries to attack green protesters

Iran's ambassador to Paris Mehdi Mir Abu Talebi was punched [video], thrown to the ground and briefly handcuffed by French police Sunday as he tried to attack a group of green protesters across the street from where Ayatollah Khomeini made speeches against the Shah in Neauphle-le-Château 31 years ago. Photos from Also see report from an eyewitness on Facebook.


'79 Revolution: Technology War

by SAVAK_1 on

'79 Revolutionary regime biggest  secret weapon:  TECHNOLOGY. 

They co-opted thousands of Bazaari offices, student university labs, and travel agencies, and companies to let them use their teletype, telex, and cable machines to broadcast millions of messages at night, when their hardware/phones was not in use. 

In 1977-78, we couldnt figure out where all this traffic was comming from, as each node was very small.  We had engineers from Tehran U., E. E. Dept, Bell Labs, IBM, AT&T, ITT, EDS examine the baud transmission rates files from these connections and it was in the millions of messages per month.  I still have the 'answer back' confirmation inventory ASCII tapes; and EDS Perot engineers are quoted on this classified data.

In addition there were hundreds of new telex transmission hardware sets and support contracts that were listed as "Donated / Research" by the above vendors, with no name / payment on vendor invoices, yet, same unique monthly long distance payment account to the phone company, from same bank account.  You wonder why Ross Perot spent millions on a private mission to get his EDS people out in '79.  Free Technology for regime change?, yes.  Did it back fire, very much.

They also imported thousands of obsolete high speed cassette manufacturing machines from SONY and Philips with Khomeini's sermons pre-recorded, and were distrbuting 100,000 cassettes per month, with Googoosh covers. Factories were uncovered in villages in January of 1979.

The IRI regime used techonolgy to achieve its aim, not people. Thats why it is so terrified, as it knows technology is so deceiving and powerful.  On Feb 11, '79  they took over the TV / Radio transmission stations &  towers first; not the military bases !

Same as Nazi's who used IBM Hollerith Puch-card machines to catalogue/dispatch their victims. Just 100,000 SS controled a country of millions and killed 6 million in months.

Its like some bad Star Trek or Twilight Zone episode of a dictatorship playing computer war games...and asking citizen 'victims' to showup at Casuaties Completion centers....for hanging.

Well its not sci-fi...its IRI...and its been happening for 30 yrs. Technology was the IRI regime's Trojan Horse....however, the horse has a second belly.


Vive La France

by Arthimis on

French Gendarmerie truly protected Iranian women,men and children 
in France against the Islamic thugs representing Iran with bunch of
terrorists!!!! They gave the Islamic Terrorists a great lesson not to
ever attack people physically in a civilized country! That's how they
understand maybe! Getting beat up in their brainless heads!    Vive La

Sargord and his likes here and there, You are all very pathetic...

You all have to apply for a new job after 22 Bahman !

Iranian People will be VITORIOUS against Satan worshipers ...


Wrong guy

by Tugger on

It wasn't the embassador that was pinned to the ground and handcuffed. I didn't see him get a beating.

too bad.


Burn the house Please

by عموجان on

I like (and pray every night) to see that house burn to ground, why not. May by Bahman 22 that would be good. 


this is our country's

by Fatollah on

this is our country's ambassador ! in kojaa o aan kojaa!

 anyway, I enjoyed the clip much :)



by Fatollah on

suker khaljic ? what the hell is khaljic man? enlighten me please :)


POETIC JUSTICE ( je vous remerci beaucoup)

by jasonrobardas on

     Nice to see the thug beaten by the french police . This is what I call "poetic justice ".

      And to the French police " Je vous remerci beaucoup , C'etait tres gentil de vous " .


A joy to know and watch

by Cost-of-Progress on

These mofos can dish it out, but they can't take it? May be, just may be there's little justice in this world, after all. 




Anonymous Observer

I just watched the video

by Anonymous Observer on

and liked it so much that I sent a donation to the French police!!!  way to go guys.  Although I am a little disappointed that they didn't crack the IRR thug's skull open while he was eating asphalt, or "accidentally" fire a couple of rounds at the thugs gathered at the gate.  That would have been the icing of the cake. 

The funny thing is that these losers will get an ass whooping when they get back to Iran for not being more forceful and for not becoming martyrs for the cause of saving IRR's dignity.  They are as we say: "choob-e-har do sar be goh." 

Also, did I see a female police officer there as well?  That is just superb.  Seeing these woman oppressing thugs getting their asses kicked by a female.  I think I actually saw her throw a couple of punches in the left hand corner of the video at about minutes 9:03-9:06.  Way to go sister!!!  get those IRR scum.   

Sargord Pirouz

Make no mistake, the French

by Sargord Pirouz on

Make no mistake, the French police are known for their heavy-handed use of batons, shields, tear gas, armored water cannons, pepper spray, less-lethal firearm rounds, etc., as well as arrests in the thousands during widespread civil unrest which afflicts the country regularly.

Have to say: It doesn't look like this diplomatic staff is prone to resign and defect. They look pretty heated over those Green's desecrations to their political beliefs!



Darius Kadivar

FYI/NO BARGAIN POSSIBLE: Bakhtiar's Assassin for Clotild Reiss

by Darius Kadivar on

NO BARGAIN POSSIBLE: French Foreign Minister Kouchner On Clotilde Reisse (Interview):



Exactly sargord.

by پیام on

Unlike your buddies in IRGC and Basij, French police knows their rights and duties.


وارثان انقلاب ایران متشکلند از یه عده زورگیر و چماق به دست.


کتک نوش جان. بیشتر در راه است.



by Pahlevan on

Faramarz, I think you are right, the SOB on the ground is not the ambassador but rather the basiji thug who opened his filthy mouth and shouted "maadar ghahbeh". The ambassador himself, however, also received some beating earlier in the video at around 5:25.

P.S. "sargerd", suker khaljic ... did I say it right? ;) 



by cyclicforward on

Shut the F'up. No one asked for your clueless analysis. We all have eyes and we can see for ourselves. We don't need YOU to think for us.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

The person in question doesn't appear beaten.

French law enforcement appears to be deployed at a disturbance, maintaining a line separating the two opposing groups. There then appears to be a scuffle and person is subjected to a restraint procedure. 

That's really all there is to this.

Beaten? I don't see application of excessive force exhibited by the law enforcement officers. I also don't see any resistance exhibited by the person placed in temporary restraint.

Was restraint justified? I only have this small collection of photos and one video from which to interpret the incident (the link on this post is nonop). Unfortunately, the available evidence is insufficient to make a proper determination.


The aggressors are 'formal representatives of IRR' as visible

by Hovakhshatare on

from minute 5 on, where several commotions between police and IRR happen after the first is on the ground. Based on pictures, the first or third is abutalebi. Regardless, it is quite a contrast to see peaceful protesters & how calm they are against the 'formal representatives of IRR'  that behave like skinheads.


The SOB on the ground is not

by Faramarz_Fateh on

the Ambassador!!  Unfortunately.  Thats whats in the video.  I hope I am wrong, 


Fantastic- Now lets distribute this endlessly so everyone sees

by Hovakhshatare on

these chaghookesh that are acting as 'ambassadors for a criminal regime.

Thx Aliwood 


This the movie of the beating!

by Aliwood on


By beating up the IRI official thug...

by ahvazi on

the french police are going to accused of "animal rights abuse"!!

Anonymous Observer

They Should Close All IRI Embassies

by Anonymous Observer on

I think that the world should step up to the plate and close down all IRI's embassies around the world, and expel these "chagoo kesh" hoodlums from their countries.  It worked with South Africa. There is no reason for these animals to walk around in other countries with a diplomatic passport.


Good job

by MRX1 on

hope he got a good beating. These roaches think they are still in IRR and they can push, kick, kill with no consequnce.


:-) :-) :-)

by Khar on