16-Jan-2009 (12 comments)

US Marines to deploy to Israel.

Jewish MP says Israel is acting like Nazis >>>
16-Jan-2009 (15 comments)
آمارگیری‏های جالب بی‏بی‏سی از مردم ایران، پاکستان، مصر، انگلیس و امریکا>>>
Arash Monzavi-Kia
16-Jan-2009 (24 comments)
During the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam’s regime used to take some of the captured Iranian soldiers to the radio and have them give “interviews”, broadcast in Farsi>>>
rosie is roxy is roshan
16-Jan-2009 (32 comments)
One great big human family. >>>
16-Jan-2009 (2 comments)
This satire is not posted in relation to any international or national event or any special discussion on the forum>>>
Lets be one soil, one soul, one humanity. Let there be no differences, segregation or racism. Let there be one earth, one people, one heart. >>>
Azadeh Azad
16-Jan-2009 (4 comments)
A peace poem by Jean Shinoda Bolen >>>
News Goffer
16-Jan-2009 (144 comments)
A comment which became a blog. >>>