Shahriar Zahedi
04-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
Buena Vista Social Club >>>
Sayeh Hassan
As you may be aware this festival is funded and organized by the Iranian Young Cinema Society attaché of cinema department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran>>>
Darius Kadivar
A Canadian TV Series Iran: Days of Crisis about 60 American hostages in Iran in 1979, Focusing on hostage John Limbert and his Iranian-born wife, this drama provides a look at the personal side of this international event. >>>
M. Saadat Noury
04-Nov-2009 (5 comments)
آن سا ق خوش تراش که ویژه به گیتی است/آ تش فکنده بردل ما نقش ظاهرش >>>
Sahameddin Ghiassi
Thousands of Laleh and her sisters are destroying every year, and the newspaper write about them, but with the time the news will be cold and the people look at these type of news indifferently>>>
Darius Kadivar
From a Nobel Prize nomination to inspiring lyrics in rock songs, the 82-year old Simin Behbahani’s work has made a significant impact on the world’s cultural landscape. Now she’s mtvU’s Poet Laureate for 2009. >>>
04-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
Following the recent letter of Hassan Derakhshan to Iran's judiciary officials regarding the year-long detention of his son, I have drafted a diagram that thoroughly sums up Hoder's journey >>>
چند دعای خواندنی و جالب از زبان کودکان ایرانی
از کتاب سومین جشنواره بین‌المللی دستهای کوچک دعا >>>
Maryam Hojjat
04-Nov-2009 (7 comments)
NIAC is a very contraversial organization.  I have not been convienced that they work and struggle for IRAN & IRANIANS to free themselved from Tyranni of IRI. I have received this e-mail from Trita Parsi,  I would like your feedback: >>>
04-Nov-2009 (one comment)
برخلاف نظر عده ای که فکر می کنند «حکومت اسلامی هر عيبی دارد اما مستقل است»، اين روزها به راحتی می توان دريافت که ايران، دوباره و همچنان، گرفتار استعمار، با معنای کلاسيک آن، است>>>
04-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
What produces death culture?>>>
Manoucher Avaznia
04-Nov-2009 (one comment)
پاسخش دادم که آنرا خوانده ام
در شگفتیها من از آن مانده ام >>>
Noosh Afarin
04-Nov-2009 (8 comments)
شمال میدان هفت تیر- 13 آبان-ساعت 10 بعد از شلیک آشک آور >>>
04-Nov-2009 (50 comments)
It is time to dust off plan B >>>
04-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
??? >>>