Multiple Personality Disorder
22-Dec-2009 (6 comments)
a war time poem >>>
22-Dec-2009 (11 comments)
مصاحبه گر: سلام، خوش آمدید. لطفاً خودتون رو برای تماشاچیان معرفی کنید.
احمدی نژاد: چرا من خودم رو معرفی کنم؟ چرا شما خودت رو معرفی نمیکنی؟ >>>
Multiple Personality Disorder
22-Dec-2009 (14 comments)
My own version of English translation of Ahmadinejad’s speech. >>>
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از خوانندگان ارجمند درخواست می شود تا کمی به این موضوع پرداخته و در مورد ویژگی های حکومت آینده مطا لبی فهرست واربنویسند و در اینجا، با دیگران در میان نهند>>>
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I got this e-mailed to me >>>
22-Dec-2009 (one comment)
I don't agree with the so-called Green movement. Part of my viewpoint has been expressed in this video. >>>
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I was thinking last night, if there is such a thing as the proverbial hell, what would be the topic of conversation between the Shah, Khomeini and Montazeri. >>>
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Many people, Baha'i's and non Baha'i's alike think this is what we call the internet today. But...>>>
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Sorry if it has been posted already. >>>
Temporary Bride
22-Dec-2009 (2 comments)
I believe that I have mastered demure yet stylish hijab with duly painted eyelashes, painstakingly breezily draped scarf and perfectly placed wisps of face-framing hair>>>
22-Dec-2009 (2 comments)
Khamenei needs to wake up and save Iran so much trouble.  This regime is clearly unsalvageable and its prospects hopeless. 
22-Dec-2009 (one comment)
A story of a "popular uprising">>>
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گفتگوي ديدني با يکي از حاميان احمدي نژاد

اگر خدا عادله
ضد یه مشت قاتله >>>
Darius Kadivar
22-Dec-2009 (3 comments)
Ramesh Sings "Asmar Yaaram" with Nozar Azadi (Ghaatebeh)  as Audience join them on stage to dance. (Circa 1977/78) >>>