Democracy in Iran

by Abarmard

Imagine that:

-Your mother is a Capitalist
-Your father is a Monarchist
-Your sister is a MKO
-Your brother is a Hezbollahi
-Your uncle is a socialist
-Your aunt is a Merchant
-Your grandparents are religious
-Your cousins are atheists

You disagree with many of your family members but won’t want them killed or hurt. Think of the Iranian nationals similar to those above who are part of your family. Realize that we live in a diverse world and society.

Treat all Iranians with respect and allow them to exist. It is more important for us to have these voices than what these voices are actually saying.

If we build it, the government shall come.


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by Sarzamine man (not verified) on

we should not mix everything together, joloye bazy az tafakorat bayad estad hata besorate mosalahane, remember once slavery was not a bad thing, some believes are sick, dirty and dark and we must not respect them under any circumstances.


If I may

by Parhoo21 (not verified) on

I like the whole family except the sister. If the "sister is MKO", may I say Khahareto...!!!


How do we build it?

by G. Rahmanian (not verified) on

The biggest issue that has divided Iranians, in the first place, is people's diverse approaches to running the affairs of the country and building a democracy.

As Bijan AM has put it correctly, "Only a democratic society under a democratic government can live up to the message of that statement."

It is under a democratic government that a legal system promoting and protecting the rights of all citizens can be introduced.

Indeed, people bring about such demoracies and legal systems through their struggles.

Incorporation of the universal human rights into the constitutions of some of the more advanced democracies was made possible through people's struggles which were not always peaceful, tolerant or respectful.

Let's review Iran's history of the past thirty years and remember people's demands for freedom and democracy and what has been done to those demands and those who advocate them.

Today in Iran, it is not the majority of Iranians who are intolerant and disrespectful of each other, it is the laws of the land that enforce and promote intolerance, division and hatred.


Re: Abarmard

by jamshid on

I don't think the problem is our diverse and sometimes opposite political points of views. The main problem is that most of the groups you mentioned want to impose their belief on the rest. This is worst than even "lack of tolerance", as it goes one step farther.

Also, Iran was in the dark ages for centuries. It is only in the last century (about four generations) that enlightenment had begun.

ebi amirhosseini

Abarmard Aziz !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

You Said it all :

"If we build it, the government shall come".

Best Wishes


Bijan jan

by Souri on

You are absolutely right this time !

The main objective is "Respect & Tolerance" and not the reverse,

as "Tolerance & Respect" will change the meaning of our purpouse , a 180 degree.


Bijan A M

If we build it, the government shall come....

by Bijan A M on

I am probably the only dumb and stupid reader to miss the point of your post that promotes peace and love for other Iranians.


Would I be totally out of line to conclude from your post that we have not had a true democracy for over 1400 years because we are less tolerant of others than we are tolerant of our own family members?


I whole heartedly agree with your statement:

 Treat all Iranians with respect and allow them to exist. “

I only replace the word “Iranian” with “other human being”. 

 But, I don’t believe that, this in itself will bring about a democratic government. Only a democratic society under a democratic government can live up to the message of that statement.A submissive nation with blind tolerance of oppression will never see the light of democracy.

History has shown that you have to fight to bring democracy to your land and you have to be willing to give your life to protect it (the democracy).By building tolerance and respect for your oppressor (even if he is your family), democracy shall never come……


Well said Abarmard,but I like to take it a step furthur to ....

by Tahirih on

Peace on earth!

World order can be founded only on an unshakable consciousness of the oneness of mankind, a spiritual truth which all the human sciences confirm. Anthropology, physiology, psychology, recognize only one human species, albeit infinitely varied in the secondary aspects of life. Recognition of this truth requires abandonment of prejudice—prejudice of every kind—race, class, colour, creed, nation, sex, degree of material civilization, everything which enables people to consider themselves superior to others. Acceptance of the oneness of mankind is the first fundamental prerequisite for reorganization and administration of the world as one country, the home of humankind. Universal acceptance of this spiritual principle is essential to any successful attempt to establish world peace…. Respectfully, Tahirih


The missing dysfunctional family

by Fred on

Except the Islamist Marxist Mujahedeen who are on this motley crew list, the absence of Tudeh and assortment of other lefty organizations that initially were in total cahoots and participated with the Islamist Regime in all the bloody purges is striking. The given dysfunctional family will never get along knowing the Toudehee uncle is the one who turned in the Nationalist brother-in-law which culminated in his torture by Islamist cousin and then executed.  Justice and accountability are integral part of any Democracy.  One can not on one hand call Islamist republic “a Democracy” and then expect civil discourse from the victims of this phantom democracy. Ant-Americanism is not a get out of jail card. 

Ben Madadi

Iranian society and democracy

by Ben Madadi on

Iranian society is indeed one of the most fractured ones I have ever experienced. That is the main reason it is so hard for Iran to achieve democracy in its true sense. The most powerful block in Iran is, and has been for at least 5 centuries, religion, Shia Islam. The society is changing though, mostly thanks to the media and more schooling, education, and there will be lots of upheavals ahead while the Iranian idealogies become more and more assertive. This will not necessarily bring democracy any time soon, but the change is going to be for the better in the long run.

kaleh dar

democracy in Iran

by kaleh dar on

The very fundation of a Democratic society is Justice , and its Noble and fine to be of tolorent of others , but future  democratic goverment in Iran should Deal justly with murderers and thugs of this regime, even if they are our brothers and sisters.

Niloufar Parsi

what is democracy?

by Niloufar Parsi on

Manoucher jan,

Here is a humble attempt at delving into what democracy is, what is wrong with democracy today and a proposed solution (not about Iran specifically):

Reclaiming Democracy


Manoucher Avaznia


by Manoucher Avaznia on


Honestly, I do not know what democracy is, and I don't think there is a conclusive definition of the subject either; however what you have put forward is a wonderful concept that we must adhere to in order to create a social network within whose frameworks we can live in peace, with dignity, and respect. Beauty of existence is in its diversity.  Imagine; if you have a world painted all green.  Then, the green color will go unnoticed.

Darius Kadivar

Kakoo How did you find my Family ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

How did you guess my family affiliations Abarmand Jan ;0)

Good points I agree with you on this.

Niloufar Parsi

Live and let live

by Niloufar Parsi on

Abarmard aqa

Well put - that is the key indeed. We will have democracy when we adopt a more tolerant attitude toward the views of others. More democracy at home makes more democracy in government.



well said Abarmard

by IRANdokht on

Unfortunately even some of our smartest intellectuals are not tolerant enough to hear a different point of view and they quickly shove people into different categories and dismiss the ones who might have once disagreed with them, as "the enemy".

we've got long ways to go...


PS: don't remember who said it, but I like the quote: if you keep your mind open, great ideas might fall into it! and this blog was a great idea :0)