Yellow Donkey

Yellow Donkey
by Abbas Mehran

I like those paintings which their ideas come to me when I am not thinking about art or planning to paint something to make a statement. One of these paintings, and my favourite, is called “Palestinian Graffiti Takes a Flight”, and I would like to share it with you.

It is my habit to sing, while I am working. Sometimes, my songs are made of words that have no reference to any particular song; rather, they are unconsciously and haphazardly improvised.

In 2008, while I was painting and singing, I caught myself mumbling the phrase “donkey on a wall”. Puzzled with this out of blue intonation and its possible meanings or psychological implications, I visualized and seized the image.

Few months later, I decided to make a painting out of it. The task of retrieving an image of a wall from my subconscious mind was not so difficult. My fingers on the computer keyboard easily traced the Internet to bring it to may face. There it was: the Separation Wall with myriads of graffiti on it, from which, I chose the image of a little girl with balloons, painted in black by the British graffiti artist Banksy. The rest of the contents came to being in the painting process without much of intellectual and analytical reasoning.

It is up to the viewer to make his/her own story and interpretation. This painting has been exhibited at Celeste Prize in Berlin, and the Animamix Biennial - Visual Attract and Attack, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan.


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Abbas Mehran

Glad to hear

by Abbas Mehran on

Thank you Monda for your reading of love, light, and hope; and for your kind commendation. As an artist, I am pleased to hear that my work is uplifting, which is what I strive for.


why Not yellow?

by Monda on

... Happy enough a color, to a child or a grown-up, nah? The shadows of the past in black and grey, are gone but her moment is in (courageous, decisive) red dress, lifted by the green baloons (referring to Freedom, Iranian-style, kiddin'... hmm maybe not).

Banksy's art is uplifting, as is yours Abbas, judging by your avatar and featured album. Hope to read and see more by you.


Abbas Mehran


by Abbas Mehran on


Thanks Jahanshah, I like your interpretation. Interesting! I haven’t thought of absurdity. The whole scenario seems absurd, specially the wall, even the curiosity of the little girl who wants to see what is on the other side of the wall, and her mission changes as soon as she sees a donkey on the wall. The question I would like to find an answer for is why she sees the donkey yellow, why she changes the colours of her dress/herself and her balloons.

Jahanshah Javid

love it :)

by Jahanshah Javid on

magical absurdity :)

great painting