Dokhtarhaye Irani

by aghayeFarsi

After spending Christmas in Las Vegas and going to the Iranian concerts, I spent some time the other day thinking about a few things... and please learn from my mistake..

I've met a lot of the type of Iranian girls that I hate. You know, the self-centered type who think "I'm too good for you or for anyone", and who want the bad-boy player type with a lot of money and no self-respect. Whatever floats your boat...

Anyways, I saw a lot of them in Vegas, but when I was going back to my room I met a girl in the elevator who crushed the stereotype like a mosquito on a windshield. She was down-to-earth, funny, and really made me realize something... I have so much family and friends just like her, how come I'm always judging this generation based on the drunk ones out late at night or the frequent club-hoppers? What about all of my respectable cousins and friends or all the Iranian names on the Deans/Honors Lists at top schools?

I'm never going to generalize again. So this is going out to all you fellow Iranian guys and girls alike, next time you think that Iranians are a certain way, just look at yourself and your family see how well you've been brought up and realize that those stupid club-hopping pigs are just a minority... we run this joint! ;)




by AnonymousRUs (not verified) on

There are plenty of kind, good-hearted Iranian women. The problem I've noticed is that the most beautiful end up being the most rotten inside. It's natural, they don't feel the need to develop any type of intellectual personality, and they don't have core principals and values that they believe in thus change themselves once sweet talked by an attractive man. The Asshole Iranian men, of which we have many, know this and say whatever romantic BS they can to get what they want.

What I've always hoped is that the most beautiful of Iranian women realize their own worth and not ever allow themselves to interact with these type of men. Alas, the best of them do, and us good Iranian men are forced into creating that asshole facade we so despise. And away we rot into the corruption we call adulthood....


Thank you

by AnonymousJPN (not verified) on

Thank you for realizing this fact that not all Iranian girls are alike. You have to keep in mind they are mostly nice and decent, but do not know how to handle themselves in public especially when in contact with boys; that's why they start acting strange and as you've said "self centered"! Iranian girls are extremely competitive too; they sometimes like showing off their personal achievements, their beauty, smartness or financial status in a way that's just unacceptable or show off.

As weird as it sounds keep this fact in mind the next time you see a a hard to play Iranian girl, and see how nice and mellow she starts to be when she feels comfortable with you or her surrounding.


From one sterotype to another

by Anti-stereotype (not verified) on

So, are you going to wait until ... you meet an intelligent and sensitive club-hopper to rid yourself of the "stupid club-hopping pigs" cliché? You need to stop puting people into boxes! That's the Big Challenge for the Iranians. Don't pigeon-hole people. One could be an A+ student AND hop from one club to another. It all depends on one's VERSATILITY!


Thank you for your post.

by Anon (not verified) on

Thank you for your post. Initially, when I saw the title, I thought to myself, "ok, brace yourself for some Irani girl bashing", but I when I read it, I was pleasantly surprised by your honest, and refreshingly succinct piece.

Mort Gilani

Just for Laugh

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Did you get her phone #? :=)