Come back to Sorrento

by ahang1001

Come back to Sorrento

Torno a Surriento
composed by Ernesto De Curtis

Played by Shirin

آهنگی که به شهر کوچک ۱۶۰۰۰ نفری سورنتو...شهرت جهانی بخشید


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رسیدن بخیر سوری گل


باز غیبت داشتی ها.....

بهار دل انگیزی را برایت آرزو دارم 



Literary Critic

by ahang1001 on

متاسفانه این لوچیانو...البته با عذر موجه

حاضر نشد تا همراه من بخونه

شاد باشید 



Just loved your music Shirin jon

by Souri on

Slendide !

Truly beautiful music....I love Italy and i love Sorento so much.

dear LC: Thanks also for the beautiful song by Pavarotti

Literary Critic

Thank you

by Literary Critic on


Dear Shirin

Thank you for bringing back some of most beautiful memories of my life from the time when, on several occassions, I went to Sorrento for holiday. If my memory serves me right this song, written by De Curtis,  was first performed in the presence of the Italian prime minister  who was visiting Sorrento in early 1900s and was supposed to inspire him to return to Sorrento for more promotional visits. You may also know that the Great Caruso spent the last few months of his life in Sorrento.


Please accept this performance by Pavarotti as a token of my appreciation.