An die Freude Piano version

by ahang1001

"Ode to Joy" (German: "Ode an die Freude", first line: "Freude, schöner Götterfunken") is an ode written in 1785 by the German poet, playwright and historian Friedrich Schiller, enthusiastically celebrating the brotherhood and unity of all mankind. Despite the lasting popularity of the ode, Schiller himself regarded it as a failure later in his life, going so far as calling it "detached from reality" and "of value maybe for us two, but not for the world, nor for the art of poetry" in a letter to his long-time friend and patron Körner (whose friendship had originally inspired him to write the ode) that he wrote in the year 1800.

The ode is best known for its musical setting in D major by Ludwig van Beethoven in the final movement of his Ninth Symphony (completed in 1824), a choral symphony for orchestra, four solo voices and choir.

Arranged for 3 Pianos by THOMAS & SHIRIN
SHIRIN     : Piano
THOMAS   : Piano
HERBERT  : Piano
KERSTIN  : Percussions


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by ahang1001 on

من هم انگلیسیم آنچنان نیست که بفهمم منظور شما چیست

یک پیشنهاد خوب

فاریسی یاد بگیرید قول میدهم که زیان بخش نباشد

من هم در خارج از ایران متولد شدم......فارسی یاد گرفتم و هیچگونه  زیانی ندیدم

شاد باشید 



Joyful music

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Although my knowledge of persian is very limitted (in particular if it is not "pringlish") a good friend of mine translated. I have to say your nervousness was not hearable. But I did not quite got the connection between Beethovens 9th symphonie and Layla (I guess you are not referring to eric Clapton, do you ?).

best regards   RotPC



by ahang1001 on

شعر شیلر که بر  پایه اون قسمت چهارم سمفونی بتهون ساخته شده

چقدر شبیه سعدی است که در چهار خط خلاصه شده است

بنی آدم اعضای....

ممنونم که مورد توجهت قرار گرفت....همکاران هم سلام دارند

راستش خیلی هم عرق ریختن تا اینجوری که شنیدی در اومد




Music and Poetry will overcome hate

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Thanks Shirin and Company for the beautiful music. It enlightened my evening. I hope that music and poetry one day will overcome hate and violence.