Mrs. Robinson Piano version

by ahang1001

"Mrs. Robinson" is a song written by

Paul Simon, it is also the Soundtrack for "The Graduate"

Mrs. Robinson
Piano version
played by SHIRIN


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آناهید عزیز


داشتم میرفتم که بخوابم...یک بار اینجا را نگاه کردم و نوشته خوب و مفصلت را دیدم

این آهنگ را من میشناختم...اما فیلم را چند ماه پیش دیدم...بنظر من این داستین هوفمن...حالت   یک جوان نپخته را داره که به این نقش خیلی میخوره...و خانم رابینسن...درست بر عکس...یعنی حالت یک زن کامل  را نشون میده...و اما موسیقی این فیلم...برای گیتار و خواننده نوشته شده...و من سعی کردم جای ساز و خواننده را با پیانو پر کنم...نمیدونم تا چه حد موفق شدم.

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Anahid Hojjati

Thanks dear Ahang, great job playing the song

by Anahid Hojjati on

You chose excellent pictures from the movie too. Paul Simon and Dustin Hoffman are very talented in their crafts so a song that Paul Simon has done for Dustin, that is pleasure times two. Now I feel like guys on Erika Hosseini's blog, wanting to go on about how great these two are. But Dustin is too old now, Paul Simon is still sexy. I posted a video of one of his new songs on my facebook and Simon was so sexy in his playing that I could see why a singer much younger than him would marry him.


Thanks Ahang for finally posting something that involves men. Sometimes on IC, there is so much talk about beautiful women that we straight women just feel left out. Thanks, we need more of this on IC.