precise notes, free paintbrush

by ahang1001

Franz Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
Paintings by
vincent van gogh
Played by



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Music and Paintings

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Shirin, I agree that Liszt's compositions are very "sophisticated" and precise. But you don't play them like a automaton, you fill them with your own spirit, and this is what makes music so unique and so vivid. You can hear the same piece played by 20 musicians, and each time it is different. And for my feeling: It always has its own value, even without a visual decoration. Sometimes while hearing good music at a concert, there are paintings appearing in the phantasy of the audience, but this comes from the music itself, and the memories or dreams that are ignited.

All the best and many thanks for the nice interludes.




by ahang1001 on

ممنون از لطف و توجه شما

علت تزیین  موسیقی فرانتس لیست با نقاشی های وان گوگ

این که وان گوگ  معاصر با لیست هستش

و اینکه لیست آهنگساز  بسیار دقیقی ست...و وان گوگ قلمش را آزاد میگذارد

من خودم را صاحب نظر نمیدانم ولی میدانم موسیقی لیست با همه سختی که در نواختنش هست...قابل تقلید است

نقاشی های وان گوگ چنین نیستند.

شاد باشید




wonderful piece of music

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Shirin, Thank you one more time for your beautiful piano-music. I think Franz Liszt compositions are concidered the masterpieces for any musician. Hearing it in conjunction with van Goghs paintings, however, I must say that I always prefer the music, for it leaves so much room for imagination, whereas the paintings are down-to-earth.

If you are going to give a concert, please announce it here at IC.

 best regards  Michael