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As the quadrille became even more popular in the 19th century, it evolved into forms that used elements of the waltz, including Caledonian, Lancer, Ländler, Deutscher, and so on. When the quadrille became known in Germany and Austria, the dance composers from that time (Josef Lanner and the Strauss Family) also took part in the hysteria of the quadrille.
Where the music was new with every quadrille composed, the names of the seven parts (or figures) remained the same. And if it were performed with dancers -- audiences also preferred to listen to the dance alone, and not dance to it -- the way of dancing to the parts remained (mostly) the same too. The parts were called:
 1.Le Pantalon (a pair of trousers)
 2.L'été (summer)
 3.La Po (hen)
 4.La Pastour (shepherd girl)

The bat quadrille by Johann Strauss
Performed by SHIRIN



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