British Courts & Iranian Mojahedin


by alidc

It was on Thursday of last week that UK Courts heard the British government’s appeal against MKO case and ordered Her Majesty’s Foreign Office to declassify Mojahedin as a terror group. And do so swiftly and without further ado!

To me this was a huge international news break. Calling Mojahedin a terrorist group was the hallmark of Europe’s appeasement policy toward Iran. Now that MKO is no longer a terror organization, a new alternative has been added to West’s tool box in dealing with Iran. This is also a huge victory for Iranians. Never before an opposition had third world had political group dared challenge the supremacy of the great old colonial lion.

It was only Dr. Mosadegh who had once before won an epic international victory over the colonial greed of UK. Iran was awarded her sacred right of ownership of her natural resources. And now Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance won another epic international victory over the same old colonial powers, and over the same old issue, national independence. What goes on in Iran must be done for and be shaped by the Iranians.

In 2001, Jack Straw the Foreign Secretary, exploiting the pro 9/11geopolitical fallouts, enlisted MKO as a terrorist organization. Soon US and EU followed and this became a hallmarks of the European Solution to the burgeoning Iranian problem. Europeans, using their support among the reformists and other insider elements, were trying to calm and pacify the mullahs toward democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights. Chief among EU members, UK, with her many extended long arms in Iranian affairs, lead the way.

The Constructive Dialogue was the mother of all strategies used by Europeans diplomats to deal with a religioufascist regime that reigned Tehran. Of course and as usual, Brits had to blame it on two things; not having an accountable alternative and fighting the growing influence of Russia & China. All this while the mullahs were running the most barbaric rule on the earth.


Women were stoned to death, hundreds of minors executed, Islamic rules and ethics forced life out of the population, tens of thousands were tortured, over 5,000 political prisoners were massacred in less than a month in summer of 1987 and hence began the one history’s most vicious rules. In the war for freedom, more blood was spilled in Iran from 1979-1989 than after the first 10 years of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Mao’s victory in China in 1948, and the French revolution combined. But yet, the Europeans, treating all this as internal matters, decided to chat with the Iranians, sell them all kind of arms, help them suffocate their opposition (1,000 French paratroopers attacking Mojahedin HQ in France), while selling oil from Iran for the international market and retarding hundreds of billions. Post war Iran was a god given Christmas in desert for them.

Thus Shapour Bakhtiar, Dr. Rajavi, Mr. Broumand, Dr. Ghasemloo and tens of others were brutally attacked in 167 assassinations. The Jewish Community Center in Argentine, the barracks of American Military in Beirut and later in Khobar were blown up. Iran trained and armed terrorists in Lebanon and Palestine. As all of this was going on, Mr. Straw saw fit to tie the hands of Iranian opposition and rid the Mullahs of their only serious opposition group. Not only they did not see fit to fight the new fascists, but as in 1930’s they decided to appease it in order to calm it down.

It would be an interesting summer to watch in Iran. Things are all coming to a boil.




by Pouyan (not verified) on

None of any system with a name, background, bearded men and veiled women representt democracy and secularism.
It is ok to release MEK's members as humans but not promoting them to form another Islamist dictatorship.



by Anonymously (not verified) on

MKOs are a bunch of traitors who have killed many Iranian soldiers during Iraq-Iran War. They are worse than Mullahs and will never allow Iranians to choose thier own way of life. Wearing headscarfs, shows the real intention of these people who want to Arabize Iran more than it is. I saw the Rajavizes many times on TV sitting on a Arab's tomb(Hussain, Ali,...) crying for them who have killed millions of Persians when they invaded Iran 1400 years ago. Shame on Briton, shame on MKO.


MKO, POMI, any other Name are Vataforoush

by An Iranian (not verified) on

MKO, POMI, or any other names they have used are bunch of Vataforoush people.

These people are bunch of opportunistic murderers. Iranians will NOT forget their siding with Saddam Hussein. These bastards have received money from Russians, Americans, Iraqi, and lately from Israeli government (agents).

They sided with Mullah’s in the beginning, NOW, they do not like Mullah’s? What a joke!!

In my experience of following many Iranian organizations, I can say that MKO members have hurt Iran and Iranians MORE THAN any other organization.

I am happy to see that many Iranians hate MKO, POMI, and other names which they used to cover their coward acts.


How about the US court???

by Anonymousus (not verified) on

How about the US court??? Have they been taken off the list of terrorists in the US?


PMOI's Victory Is People's Victory!

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

This wonderful piece of news has scared the molahs and their supporters shitless.

The international community has eventually come to the realization that PMOI which boasts millions of members, supporters and sympathizers is the only force that can overthrow the regime of the killer molahs in Iran and will lend it all the support it needs.

The number of PMOI supporters will increase by millions more when people realize that molahs' days are numbered.


West should have learned...

by Anonymo (not verified) on

...from their mistake to support Ben Laden
in the 80s. Rajavi is worse than him.
Suicide bombing's patent is in his name!

This is one of the most dogmatic, deluded
cults in existance with a criminal past
that includes murders of American citizens in Iran!

They celebrated 9/11 attacks and congradulated each other over the phone as captured by US agencies.

Bware the danger..


Britsh Courts:Iranians inferior to European/North American

by StillAnonymous (not verified) on

So British Courts have ordered Her Majesty’s Foreign Office to declassify Mojahedin as a terror group swiftly and without further ado. Are they going to do the same to other TERRORISTS groups such as Al Quiada any time soon? Does this change of heart and definition about what is a terror group and what is not only applies to groups who have aimed at terrorizing non-Western people? One set of standards for value of human life for Iranians and another set for Western population. British Courts concludes: Terrorizing Iranians does not make you a 'Terrorist' thus, Iranian life inferior to European/North American life. MKO can go forward and continue their acts of terror against Iranians, as long as they are not harming European/North Americans they remain off the list as Terrorists.



by MKO = TRAITORS! (not verified) on

Whoever wrote this blog is a delusional MKO member. Iranians Despise MKO for siding with the criminal Saddam During the war. They are traitors that we will never forgive.

This is all I got to say:



Right ON!

by Anonymous 10 (not verified) on

It is about time that we have a victory over the fascist islamic regime in Tehran. May be this is the begining of the end for these criminals that took over our country.