Abandoning Iran


by alimostofi

Oh thank goodness there was an Earthquake. At least some Iranians outside Iran, decided to remember Iran.

I remember when I was sent to British School in Tehran in preparation for a "proper" education, I was told by my parents, "this is the best education system in the world".

I was one of the few "chosen" token few Iranians, to be admitted to this very exclusive school in the British Embassy in Teheran in 1962. One day I would do so much for Iran. How naive.

I then went to a seriously toffy-nosed English boarding school, and like most Iranians would come back in holidays. I would meet a lot of Iranians, who had finished their degrees in the flight back. I would ask them "so are you returning for good?" Not one would give me a straight answer. I really wanted to return.

We had a brain drain in the seventies, and the Shah was trying to move Iran superfast. He failed. I remember my own relatives grumbling about how life was so backward in Iran. Madness, when you reflect on it now.

They all said to me, "Ali, now that you went to Princeton, you will really get a good job in US". I wanted to do serious archaeology and geology in Iran. It was embarrassing. I have never returned.

Who benefited from the mass exodus in 1979, after Air France flew that Trojan Horse into Iran, under the pretext of "democracy"? Some 50,000 MSc Iranians went to Canada in two years. They have done wonders for their economy. Canadians thanked Khomeini. Now you know who benefited.

Look at the massive immigration of Armenian-Iranians and Jewish-Iranians that went to California. Property prices rocketed in LA. Iran was bleeding badly. Khomeini had done a wonderful job for the American economies.

Yes, La Creme de la Creme of Iran, were abandoning Iran in droves. I was seen as odd wanting to go back. Khomeini was killing folks like me.

And this abandonment of Iran continues. No one cares. We have a human catastrophe of biblical proportions going on in Iran. The US does not want Iranians to build another Japan in West Asia. It is nonesense to them. They have to be productive for Uncle Sam. Let Iran rot. Ey pedar sookhteh!

Now you know why all the brains of Iran, and we have a lot of very smart Iranians, have abandoned Iran. They just don't care. They would rather leave their poor helpless weaker compatriots, be in harms way under those IRGC monsters. So it is a surprise to see some feeling for the Iran in Iran, as opposed to the Iran in LA.

Shame on you all.

That explains why Iranians can't be bothered to get rid of the mullahs. Enjoy your Kabab in LA. Kooft bekhori! And I won't apologise for coarse comments. I am mad as hell and I can't stand it anymore. Work for Americans. Iranian history will remember your irresponsible selfish attitude.



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FG: I refuse to take you

by alimostofi on

FG: I refuse to take you seriously. Lol

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What a nut case!

by FG on

You sound like Ayatoilet, Amir for Secular Monarchy, Khamenei and his propagandists and dozens of Sunni Arabs raised on similar conspiracy theories promoted by their regimes as a diversion.

re: Khomeini's return on an Air France plane as "proof" of anything

We are supposed to conclude from that "the French ousted the Shah."  Give me a break! Like it or not, the Revolution of 1979 was a popular broad front revolution later stolen by the mullahs.  The West had nothing to do with it nor could it prevent it.

The cheapest thing about nationalistic hypocrites like you is that you blame us not intervening in Iranian affairs to aid the Shah crush a popular revolution, yet had we done so and somehow accomplished the impossible (saving the Shah) you would immediately turn around and railed against the intervention yuou isisted on in the first place as "another example of western imperialism."  That's exactly how you types think and it is contemptible. 

re:  The US does not want Iranians to build another Japan in West Asia.

And the proof is
(as in all conspiracy theories)....your say so, solely and exclusively. 

That thesis also turns common strategic sense  on its head.  Since the USA would benefit immensely from a stable, democratic, secular and highly prosperous Iran why would we prefer an enemy regime which has targeted us how many times now?   The alternative we allegedly "don't wan't (via your screwy reasoning WOULD FULFILL THE CRITICAL ROLE ERDOGAN IS PLAYING NOW--as a counter model to the Al Queda-type Islam which attacked us on 9/11 and has continued such attacks were possible as in London and Madrid.

Your argument boils down to "the West wants to be attacked" which is "proven" by the fact that it prefers Al Queda and other radical Islamist regimes (like the IRI which has targeted Americans how many times?) rather than magnetic and democratic countermodels.  Is that screwy or not?

I'm amazed you don't join the mullahs in supporting their claims that all protests against mullah rule have no real popularity and are simple western conspiracies.  

Like the ruling mullahs, you treat Iranians as if they were idiots and puppets with no national pride of their own, so dumb and so easily manipulated by outsiders who--to pull it off--would have to possess superhuman omnipotence and agents by the tens of thousands with nothing else to do around the world but concentrate on Iran.


You make the best arguments against the USA or the West helping Iranians in even of an uprising and regardless of how often they appeal to us?  If such aid ended in victory, your type would find a way to charge of with conspiracy in having helped out the mullahs. 


Debatable issue

by alimostofi on

A: it is always nice to have a disagreement with you, because you know how to be civil.

Touche! I disagree on one point. How can you justify that people had a right to run away.

It is treason against your ancestors. They never abandoned Iran.

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2 things

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

1) Iran lost over 5 million to west over wests flithy plans and I don't blame those that left iran either, they had a right to.  As the people in Iran "false-democrats/ignoramuses" were the ones used, the ones who were easily deceived and chose to allow the wests strategy for them and wests aim to stop the progress and process towards democratization.  Had the shah been able to continue, likely Iranians would have done a far better job with democracy than the USA, lke japan and the UK and other monarchies have sufficiently proven now.

2) No One can really do anything, the USA, Uk, and France disagree on many issue but they are all united on iran staying under the hands of extremists and others too, shame is for those who opposed assad, ghadaffi in the name of democracy, while backing extremists.  Those being thrown out of the 5th story windows in aleppo and tripoli, don't deserve the stupidity of so many of the weak minded and spineless Iranians.  Hopefuly this experience, 79, will give us enough people that can make a difference and overcome the domination of the views and beliefs of Iranians.  Its tough to make progress against the odds when the masses within iran can be so pathetically against themselves.