Afarin Arnold

by alimostofi

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said today he intends to sign a bill requiring the state's pension funds to divest from companies that do business with the energy and defense sectors of Iran

Estimates vary on how much money the state funds have invested in companies that do business with Iran, but it could run as high as $24 billion. Divesting that much stock could cost more than $120 million in
taxes, commissions and other expenses.

That is really good news. Better late than never.


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Iranian firms feel the heat as sanctions bite

by alimostofi on

This piece is quite pertinent to the discussion:


When a Western bank suddenly suspended the account of her family
freight firm, Nazila Noebashari revived a financial practice she
thought long gone: she sent staff to the Afghan border to collect
$50,000 by hand.


With foreign banks increasingly closing down business with Iranian
customers in the face of U.S.-led sanctions, such physical transactions
are the only way Traf Co Ltd and many other firms in Iran are staying in business.








Ali Mostofi



Re: anti-rajavi...

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Anti-Rajavi, pahlavi, ... You are a first rate idiot. I am surprised you can even read or write, let alone have an opinion on political affairs. Where do infections like you come from?


No more credit

by alimostofi on

Ironically the US and EU traders stand to lose most. Yes Iran did manage well during the war, but that was on the back of the momentun it had from the previous era. But now is different. Try getting a letter of credit. The normal Iranians are not getting any benefit anyway, so it is reaaly down to trying to stop Rafi & Co.

Ali Mostofi



Out of touch and ....

by zebra (not verified) on

...butt ugly.


So Out of Touch with reality

by no_name (not verified) on


I think you are out of touch with reality and it seems to me you know very little about Iran and its recent history.

The divesting is not going to do much, and any effect it may have is only going to be against the Iranian public. If you had lived through the war, you had known that IRI needs to blame external forces for their internal problems.

The last government overthrow in Iran happened when the Iranian public were enjoying the highest standard of living in their history. The more economical pressure there is on Iranians the more submissive they become.

There is no quick solution in Iran. The country needs to evolve out on its own time and terms. America, France, Germany, UK all have had their dark days, like we do today. It took them generations to get where they are today. But some how we want to cheat history and get there now.


Big Deal

by aaa (not verified) on

I am sure Iran is shaking in its boots because of this. NOT!
Your glee at such actions says a lot about you and not much else. You are pathetic.


You Are More Pitiful Than I Thought

by Haj Hossein (not verified) on

Man, your are more pitiful than I thought. Do you think this is going to hurt Iran? Hardly! Iran managed a country, fought war, and withstood sanctions on $8 a barrel oil and no industry to speak of. Now oil is $80 a barrel, Iran is a major exporter of machinery, is a major producer of petrochemicals, has a thriving private business, and is self sufficient in most of agricultural products. This must make you miserable, doesn’t it?